: If you're 1/8 but but your team is 15/8, do yourself a favor and stop trying to ff at every opportunity. Let your ego take the hit and try your best to support your allies, even if that means sacrificing yourself in situations so that the enemy team gets a trivial amount of gold from you instead of a shutdown bounty from your better performing allies. At least splitpush and try to catch up on xp and gold instead of sitting in the base and demanding a surrender... ~ A support & jungle player who rarely surrenders
when your entire team is losing, its best to ff at that point
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: I rate it as: Really, REALLY bad. Utility items like Redemption is much more affordable and provides much more to your team then just selfish AP. And you typically want Q E W (though a lot of people actually alternate Q and E every level). Why the hell would you intentionally not level up her healing ability? It's like you're trying to be the most useless support ever
everyone is entitled to their opinion. I will let these screenshots speak for themselves Average champion stats based on champion.gg https://i.gyazo.com/06b25a4171623932ba76eccbf8cefa01.png Average win ratio based off of the build based off of Champion.gg https://i.gyazo.com/dc95d3588506001bc60e1473e175991e.png My win rate with my build based off of op.gg https://i.gyazo.com/a349d6f7693b7134f7bdd51a87fc90f3.png
: > [{quoted}](name=mephisto9466,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=oUNKe3n1,comment-id=0005000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-08T00:47:20.730+0000) > > try it when you can. its actually not bad, ive started to take sorc shoes when i can trust my team to get me out of there. Sorc shoes make more sense to me. If I do play Yuumi again, which I don't necessarily see happening, I'll try mobis.
dont say that you wont, because i promise you, its hilarious to have an ezeral say to you "im perma banning yuumi" after you literally half healthed him with 2 ludens ladend empowered q's while your sitting on a 45 min stacked veigar XD
: > [{quoted}](name=mephisto9466,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=oUNKe3n1,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2019-07-08T00:43:46.217+0000) > > you right mobies dont apply during combat, but the silliest thing is that if you dont hit anyone or get hit, it doesnt count you as in combat, therefore if your stupid teammate dies, then you can run away at high speed due to mobies and 25 stack mejis. I swear there have been numerous times where that saved me from certain death. Yeah, I considered that, and I knew that while attached Yuumi would have the passive up. It still doesn't seem like an optimal buy to me, but I also haven't tried it and I've only played Yuumi once, so what do I know.
try it when you can. its actually not bad, ive started to take sorc shoes when i can trust my team to get me out of there.
: Yeah I would cut out the boots. Mobis in particular I wouldn't think would be optimal, because most cases I would think you would even need boots are during combat, and the mobi boots passive doesn't apply during combat.
you right mobies dont apply during combat, but the silliest thing is that if you dont hit anyone or get hit, it doesnt count you as in combat, therefore if your stupid teammate dies, then you can run away at high speed due to mobies and 25 stack mejis. I swear there have been numerous times where that saved me from certain death.
nm1010 (NA)
: Just as a heads up, boots are pretty optional on Yummi. Like, once every couple dozen games optional.
mobies have saved my ass on numerous occasions in the game, they are active when i hop off the dead adc, and i can run away with my 25 stacks of mejis and not die XD
fire263 (NA)
: First of all, this build seems a bit excessive in price, and you aren't a burst mage either so the ap really is not all that useful. Skill max seems fine, but perhaps the healing max second would be better if you're behind as increasing stats on a behind carry isn't that useful. however, I don't think rabadons or mobility boots really have much purpose in your build. It's better to get an Ardents over rabadons for the increased healing and shielding, as well as buffing up your ADC or other hypercarry more. Mobility boots aren't really necessary either considering you're attached to someone throughout most of the game meaning you don't actually do much or any walking at all. It would be better to pick up some other item instead, such as redemption in order to support better.
heres the thing, that build that your saying its on champion.gg its the most common build yet https://i.gyazo.com/1cacfdfe6c7133a82b46841c759b1810.png it has a 40% overall win ratio out of over 2k games. I may not have nearly that many games, but i do have a smooth 100+ games on yuumi and the build i use is getting me to 50% win ratio. Not to mention ive also tried those items on her as well. I have not found as much success as when im using mine. I'll give it another chance considering its possible that im just really good at yuumi, and if that is the case then putting on the most used and copied build for yuumi might wind up netting me better results.
: If you do most damage AS YUUMI SUPPORT something is wrong with your team my man
dude thats most of my games XD
: Why would you max w and not e
maxing her w inherently enhances everything else she does based off of who she is attached to.
: first glaring problem is affordability. how do you plan to pay for this on a supports income?
student loan debt/futures market op XD also Ive done it on multiple occasions. Most of the time though it ends before i hit rabadons. But most of my games i also have the highest damage output.
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: I bought that skin first too, and I regret it. It needs an update
> [{quoted}](name=TrikzterzArma,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=1vltHelg,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-02T06:55:24.495+0000) > > I bought that skin first too, and I regret it. It needs an update it really does
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: of course you'd be playing that weeb music while playing with the weeb skins. i'm onto you, buddy always fun when the music syncs happen, though. i once had a song called "suji" start playing right after getting oneshotted by a kayn who i hadn't seen all game. not gonna link it here because it's too edgy but if you listen to the first 10 seconds you should understand why that was so funny
IDC about the weebness it was too hyper. Little by little people like me are proving yuumi isn't a bad champ
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: I agree. Building damage over and over with someone who can boost their own ap and has a q you can weave around. Do that over and over again youโ€™re going to get damage going.
Building full damage on yuumi actually makes sense since everything on her kit scales off of ap including her heals, not to mention she buffs the person she's on based off of a percentage of her ap. So it actually makes complete sense to build ap on her. The reason this champ is a monster is because of the fact she can deal THAT MUCH DAMAGE while taking very VERY little damage. When people finally learn this champ and learn how to play with her, meaning the adc learning how to play the game with a yuumi supporting them, she'll become a real terror on the rift and riot does NOT need to buff the damage of this champ any further.
: 1) You were riding a Veigar (Tons of extra AP) 2) You lost. 3) Your team lost almost all objectives. 4) You built full AP. 5) You built a Luden's which poorly portrays mage actual power via splash damage. 6) Your heals were LOW. 7) Other team built no Resist at all, except for Riven. 8) You used Ignite 8 times.
1) Never really rode the veigar, though that would have been a great idea that i should have done. 2) Too bad you couldn't see the replay, key mistakes made by the team including myself lost the game 3) We lost game, thats obvious??? 4) Was trying to build full ap with an unholy grail 5) Ludens echo gives cdr, mana, and damage. Why wouldnt i build that on a champ where i can literally take the least amount of damage in game consistently? 6) Actually my heals were the third best out of both teams https://i.gyazo.com/25665313e9c5b6f6fe789267d8dac380.png still trying to wrap my head around how on earth shyvanna healed so much when she was going full ap with no healing items O.o 7) Annie built banshees, nami built a makiels with null magic mantle building into a locket of the iron solari, Riven had deaths dance and a spirit visage with merc treads. And your telling me no resistances?? 8) Im pretty positive that i used ignite more than that?? At least i tried to.
Anchobi (EUNE)
: omg there is no counterplay
the worst part is that ive been consistently topping damage charts while taking the least amount of damage on the team for the past few days. its actually not fair lol.
Kenbo10 (NA)
: A Possible Change to Yuumi
yuumi is fine https://i.gyazo.com/3a38ca56f3a0b265fe82aa4729b62f2e.png riot created a monster fam.
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Kai Guy (NA)
: Situational mobility into un-targatabibility does not make for the most forgiving champion in the support role. I don't treat the ability like god mode, I treat it like my teammates HP bar gets added to mine, only as helpful as your Teammates current effective health. A lot of enchanters are safer then an attached Yummi by virtue of controlling their own positioning and that their abilitys make a more dramatic impact consistently. {{champion:40}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:117}} all bring far more disengage then Yuumi and do not need to sacrifice good positioning to compensate a badly placed ADC in lane. Your pretty limited in options unattached, Throwing Q or R to try to help is about it... W into the enemy to help your ADC with E can be lethal as afterwards your left with needing to burn SS. Much less options then a lot of enchanters. Situations your caught out as support are usually Warding, ganks, and getting overzealous for poke/trades. All of which there are champions with kits far more forgiving if something goes south then Yuumi. Just because its a low skill floor, easy to use, does not make it the most forgiving. I mean, the main risk of some of the highly mobile supports comes from their engage patterns {{champion:497}} {{champion:555}}. But A Pyke or Rakkan Wiffing a Q are far safer then a Yuumi looking to cash in her passive. So. I disagree with 1. The impact of W is not consistently reliable. Positioning only matters on Yuumi when her kit is weakest. Just because its simpler to hit W then learn how to position does not make it forgiving. This is my viewpoint. Your welcome to have your own opinion. Feel I have expressed where I come from adequately in this post.
Get caught by a zed? W to a tank. Get caught by pyke? W to adc. Get caught by *insert assassin here* w to nearest tank if possible. She's the most forgiving support. No other support can go inulnerable and STAY invulnerable. Because of that she's super easy to play and to play with. Yuumi is a silly champ and if played right *which most people don't* and played correctly with, she's a terror on the rift
Kai Guy (NA)
: I disagree with 1.
I dont, because if your near a friendly champ, she literally goes invulnerable and cannot be killed unless she hits you under tower.
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: To put it another way, you're asking for his ultimate to be a blockable and missable thing that gives him ANOTHER skillshot he has to make? That'd mean say for Lux ult, he first has to hit Lux, then has to hit Lux's ultimate for example, which I don't think they'll do. It's a powerful and game changing ability for sure, but I don't think they'll make it a skillshot because of how stealing is as an ability.
they need to make it a skill shot, its not ok for the sylas to steal a sej ult when sej is miles away behind 4 members of her team, and using it against them. its one thing if it was a skill shot, but its not.
: If he were able to repeat steal every time his ult is up I would agree but since he can only steal an ult then has a cool down on that ult it would make his ult so niche.
for something like his ult, it should either be a skill shot or on a long cd, the cd is too short.
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Napoleon3 (EUNE)
: as a main kayle i have to say that after the rework i guess that i will never play her again she sucks so hard as reworked riot ruined another main champion feels bad man.
> [{quoted}](name=Napoleon3,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1fu5eKa3,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-02-22T15:49:17.398+0000) > > as a main kayle i have to say that after the rework i guess that i will never play her again she sucks so hard as reworked riot ruined another main champion feels bad man. this^^
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: Its a nice idea, however as it is right now it will sometimes take 4 or more tries of waiting in que and doing champ select before finally getting into a game. People already have been dodging like crazy lately even with the penalty. I just worry what it would be like if the penalty wasn't there. The penalty time is also there to ensure that you don't get matched up with the same people you just dodged from. What I would like to see is a way to report in champ select before you dodge so you can avoid having to play with the toxic team and perhaps they get a punishment out of it instead of nothing.
To be honest, punishments dont really work all that much. Sometimes they do for minor offences, but not all the time. Giving people actual tangible rewards and incentives is far better than punishing them. What i would like to see is like every 40 games you dont dodge, you get x amount of RP. Or if you can manage to get and maintain honor level 4 or higher then you get x amount of rp in random skins, or 1 or 2 skins of your choosing, or x amount of rp itself as a chosen reward.
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: He was 4 lvls above you with a maxed out ult, tons of Magic Pen, probably a well stacked Mejais so a lot of AP and you had a Negatron Cloak as a squishy ADC. That's pretty fair, tbh
i know why, but what i dont know is WHY DOES THIS EXSIST?! One shots like that are NOT ok
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KagenoOu (NA)
: I dont see an issue i love playing pyke and have only ever lost one game as him D:
: >Allow him to actually build healthy and get tanky but change the passive to be something along the lines of empowered auto exiting stealth scaling off of AD (similar to zix passive). If you did that, he'd just be tank ekko 2.0
so, you know they can make the base damage on it really low right?
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: Support diversity with the Rainbow Fluft Icon
I do not support riot doing this. The reason is that they are a gaming company, not a political activist group. Stay out of the toxic political atmosphere as best you can. If you reply to this in a negative fasion such as protrayed on youtube with screeching that can be compared to an angry moneky, your only proving my point that its toxic.
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: Really? no one knows how to fight her? I play someone like annie/zed/brand and annie gets chunked hard for obvious reasons, she has issues with ranged champions. I took a liberty at looking at scaling factors, zoe is probably one of the fastest scaling AP mages due to her ridiculous damage on her Q dealing ~half hp @ level 2-3 (in her Q not zoe overall). Again, specific champions she counters hard. Katarina for example gets dunked in lane by most zoe's, not even good ones. Press E and it counters katarina to the point it hurts my brain to think about it. I could probably write a book about why i personally hate zoe but i use her if she isn't banned for freelo for when i play on some silver-gold account for funsies to just boost it til i get tired of it and go back to another account (i have ~20 in rotation from the previous seasons 6 and 7 that are basically bronze/silver/gold and my highest is gold 2). I digress. That being said she did get cucked hard in the balance changes but the problem is her Q E combo. Her Q deals too much for a non-capped ability for damage. Just infinite scaling damage as much as you can move back for more range. End rant
Yeah SPECIFIC champions. NOT ALL champions. No her q doesnt do too much damage and her e is NEEDED to help her land a q. That crap gets stopped by the slightest thing getting in front of it and guess what, in lane all you have to do is stand behind minions and you good! People keep saying "shes op" when she is not AND WASNT! The only people actually complaining about her were people that didnt know how to beat her. Screw all of them. Riot buff her back.
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: yea but then everyone below plat 1 would die to ganks because people dont listen to pings and u need to indicate with caps lock
with 5 messages, you can easily convey what you need to convey, if i can do it, and im very talkitive, then you can do it
: toxic and dumb what a combinations xD
to be honest, if everyone was restricted to just 5 messages every few minutes in the beginning, the community wouldnt be nearly this toxic.
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