: To be fair, Ionia isn't a single place - it's an entire region of Runeterra and it's an incredibly diverse place in terms of races and factions. You've got Shen and Zed's Ninja Orders, you've got a plethora of Vastaya species, you have a few Darkin. And that's before you even start to consider the general (human) population of Ionia. I'm pretty sure there are multiple Villages/Nations in Ionia (probably similar to how there are several nations in Naruto if we're comparing Ionia to Japanese culture here). Then you've got independent champions such as Yi and Syndra that don't necessarily represent a faction or race but are too powerful to be left out.
^Pretty much this. Going forward, I could see Riot breaking off one or more of those subgroups into their own faction someday. Maybe the Vastayans, if we get a few more of them.
Pinkaj (NA)
: Which champ's lore do you relate most to?
{{champion:13}} Because I feel like I should be looking for something, and I never seem to be getting anywhere.
: kayle is outdated and will most likely get a full rework in the future. taric is heavily telegraphed. I have no idea what you're talking about with sion. also it might have something to do with the fact that kindred is a shit champ.
Bit off topic. What do you mean by 'telegraphed'? I'm not familiar with this use.
GlobB3R (EUW)
: Your favorite champion voice line?
{{champion:203}} "La, l-la, l-laaaa" Lamb humming. So foreboding, yet comforting. Also, Wolf - "Words! Words! Lalala! Pew-twang-pew!"
: I dunno if you guys know this, but I've been making custom wallpapers of splash arts for years.
Weensw (NA)
: If the gender of all champions where reversed for a month, which champion would you like to try out?
Kindred would be interesting to try with Male Lamb and Female Wolf. (Holo?) Male Annie would basically be Dennis the Menace. I guess same goes for Zoe as well.
nojosho (NA)
: Does anyone want to play a few games of cards against humanity ????
Kinda wish there was a Runeterra version....
: Year In Review Champion Quotes
{{champion:43}} “You know what they say: Karma always catches up to you.” Then Janna and Arhi have already been mentioned.
: Happy birthday Ahri !
What's that you say? Time for a new Ahri skin?
Ralanr (NA)
: The current metaplots and my problem with the lore.
I for one don't mind all these loose ends, as long as they had some substance before being let loose. Your point about characters interacting is right on. It's not enough for these champions to have background that merely places them in Runeterra. They also need to be placed in context with at least a few other Champions so we have a general idea of what their way forward will be. Your example of Burning Tides is exactly the kind of treatment that should be expanded to all champions. In contrast, Ahri's new background, while interesting, could be in an entirely different universe - her existence actions seemingly have no impact on anyone else in any of Runeterra's plot lines. But I'm not sure we need the kind of mega-plot progression you are suggesting. The 'current situation' that Riot is developing for Runeterra is supposed to be full of loose ends. I was into 40k a long time ago, and the setting for that had numerous in-progress conflicts and several just-over-the-horizon threats that could possibly wipe out everything else. So, I don't think it's so much 'progression' that we need, as it is more 'background development'. Like, the situation with Noxus and Ionia is not something that needs to move closer to a resolution (whatever it actually is at the moment). Rather, we need a better picture of the history and interaction of the Champions involved in that conflict. We don't need to see Riven's story progress so much as we need to see more details and interactions on the way to where she is now. And, I kind of think that is exactly the direction Riot is moving with this. In some instances, they found it better to have Champions move ahead with their story, such as Graves and TF patching things up, or MF overthrowing Gangplank. But in other cases, as with Lux, we learned a lot more about the world she lives in, her interactions with a few other champions, and the challenges she faces - which all add interesting conflict to her story - without moving Demacia's story arc towards anything new.
: Net Neutrality, RIOT whats the plan?
I know it would take a lot of work and definitely won't happen, but it would be awesome to see a series of Riot infomercials with champions explaining the importance of NN. Champions that would otherwise be enemies, standing together for this cause. Garen and Darius, Cat and Jinx, Riven and Singed, etc.
: Can we choose an unlocked skin for our recently played champion on our profile?
It would be great if we could have some of the lore art from the Universe page available as background art, too. Maybe it could be something you unlock or buy.
A Nunu (NA)
: [VERY DETAILED] League of Legends complete champion guide for new players
Now I want to know what there was originally for Ahri.
: I strongly dislike the changes to Nautilus' lore.
Where are you getting this new lore from? His page in the Universe section still has the story about being abandoned by his shipmates.
: Jungle has far too much impact on the game
Not in ARAM it isn't! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: League of Legends Update Ideas!
: @Riot Are we gonna see more expanded art galleries for the rest of regions?
I'd like to see more ruins from previous eras, like Icathia and Urtistan (sp - the place where Zilean is from). Also, more things from Valoran before Noxus and Demacia came to power. IIRC, the region was ruled a fierce warlord (Mordekaiser, I think) centuries back. I imagine there would be all kinds of ruins left over from that period which have since been incorporated into more recent towns and cities, like Roman architecture in Medieval Europe.
: Lord I hope so and maybe the remaining regions will get this much detail But from the ones done so far I’d hope to see From demacia * the antimagic wall * The attire of nobles ,merchants, farmers etc: the people of demacia * more on the different army sects: griffin riders, vanguard , trackers etc * more on landscape outside human habitation Shurima * the vast desert landscapes * ancient tombs * more glimpses into the past of ancient shurima and how the land and people were like before it’s fall * more on the ascended Bilgewater: * the other islands of the archipelago * the native tribes that make their home on the other islands * the terrifying sea beasts that inhabit the waters * detail on the bearded lady Piltover and Zaun: I do them both together cause both show the same amount of content and with counterparts on each aspect * a contrast of hextech and chemtech technology and their uses and effects to the people * the various clans of Piltover and chem barons of Zaun * more look at architecture from the pristine buildings in Piltover and heavily chocking allleys of Zaun * the faith of the grey lady and the glorious revolution * the police departments in Piltover and the gangs in Zaun * how each deal with trade by their means ‘above’ and ‘below’ the law and reason Shadow isles * a look at the isles before the ruination and where the ruination happened * the lair of the spider god * detail on black mist itself and what drives it * detail of the various ‘inhabitants’ of the isles; your specters, revenants, ghosts , ghouls, phantoms, zombies etc
Zaun and Piltover already have some good pics of their cityscape. https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/region/zaun/ The Piltover ones aren't showing up for some reason (at least for me), but I saved them earlier to use for backgrouns. https://imgur.com/a/X9Vk2
Rioter Comments
Hrbrt (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=mkyner,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=tnQtRA41,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-11-19T15:21:32.892+0000) > > Does it allow you to look at what skins someone else owns? I'm thinking of gifting a skin to someone for Christmas, but am not sure what skins they have already. No it does not however the game does not allow you to gift someone something they have so if you cant gift it they most likely have it.
> [{quoted}](name=Hrbrt,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=tnQtRA41,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-19T15:23:27.305+0000) > > No it does not however the game does not allow you to gift someone something they have so if you cant gift it they most likely have it. Good to know. Thanks!
Hrbrt (NA)
: That feature is currently in testing on the pbe and is on its way.
> [{quoted}](name=Hrbrt,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=tnQtRA41,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-19T15:15:43.876+0000) > > That feature is currently in testing on the pbe and is on its way. Does it allow you to look at what skins someone else owns? I'm thinking of gifting a skin to someone for Christmas, but am not sure what skins they have already.
: I just stumbled across a conversation about it on Reddit, and wondered why there was no discussion on the boards lol
Uggg.... I really wish they would have a 'latest updates' section of the Universe pages to show what has been changed, instead of having people just stumble across it.
: So Many Champions, So Little Space
Lore-wise, I think Fiddlesticks has some potential for carrying the story about peasant folklore in Runeterra. That could be an interesting niche to explore. I can see him being something like Janna, brought into existence by people's prayers, but it would be more based on childhood legends and fairy tales. I do predominantly ARAM games, so I can't speak for the Rift, but on Abyss, his E and R are kind of nice to have around on your side/a pain in the rear to go up against. For Corki, it's too early to say about his lore. We really need a more updated view of Bandle City overall. He could still have a place there. As for his kit... We already have other bomb throwers (Ziggs, Zilean), so his Q could be replaced with something more unique. I think some version of Corki's R could replace his Q. Missile attacks seem more appropriate for a helicopter anyway. The new R could toggle the 'package' on and off, rather than waiting for it to be available (it might need to be nerfed a bit then). He would be somewhere between Nidelee and Karma in that his R 'transforms' him to enhance/modify his other attacks (though all would remain range-based, of course). Personal gripe: for his E, it would be really nice if you could lock on to an enemy or at least a direction and then have the bullets keep firing in that direction, even if you turn. I feel that I waste a lot of that ability as I try to maneuver during fights. Nunu is probably my least favorite champion. His kit is underwhelming, and visually/vocally, he comes across as a character lost from Dorra the Explorer. I get that Runeterra has its 'whimsical' aspects so it's not a totally grim-dark setting, but Nunu kind of pushes that for me. Like dropping Aang from Avatar into Middle Earth. Freljord especially seems like a more serious-than-normal region in this world. Lore-wise, I think this is an occasion where it would be appropriate to go a little darker with the character. Maybe have the kid riding the yeti be Annie's lost brother, or perhaps a yordle who ended up in Freljord (we have yordles for Piltover, Ionia, Demacia and Noxus already). Or, the kid could be Braum's son, which would give us the first parent-child relationship in the game. For story, I could see Nunu having found some key or object related to the Watchers, and trying to bring it to Braum before things get out of hand. So back to your original point, I don't think getting rid of champions is the way to go. If they already have established characters, it's probably easier to do reworks and updates than to create something new from scratch. And besides, even though it would be years away, Riot will probably run into a point of 'champion saturation' someday. At that point, they would have so many champions that it's no longer economically feasible to release new ones and maintain the old ones. Plus, if they cannot grow the player base fast enough, the amount of time that players spend on each champion will decline if the number of champions increases. It becomes a choice of pouring resources into something new that will shrink how much use everything else gets, or of modifying and updating things that already have an established place in the game and story and that at least some people are already using. But if I had to vote, I'd pick Garen. Just... freak'in Demacia. Hope the whole country gets swallowed up by the sea.
Altered (EUW)
: First win of the day
I thought it reset every 21 or 22 hours?
Fleance (NA)
: Hoping everyone has a swell Thanksgiving!
If I could draw, I would love to do a crossover fan piece of Quinn and Mordecai discovering a Thanksgiving dinner gathering of various LoL champions and Borderlands characters, in the middle of their meal, horrified to realize the entrees are Valor and Bloodwing.
ADC Bard (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=L Psy Congroo,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=squTwfu0,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-18T02:17:51.715+0000) > > STEINS > > GATE > > FUCKING > > ZERO > > https://admin.mashable.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Elf.gif stein's gate is overrated, only good thing about it was the trap. Then the trap stopped being a trap... {{champion:432}}
> [{quoted}](name=I Play Rats Only,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=squTwfu0,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-11-18T15:15:13.560+0000) > > stein's gate is overrated, only good thing about it was the trap. Then the trap stopped being a trap... > > {{champion:432}} Exactly what an agent of SERN would say!
: I just ruined my boyfriends proposal 0.0
Well, if you want to maintain at least some kind of surprise, you should say no.
: Aram timer
If we could have more rune pages so we could have more combinations of runes all ready to go, we couldn't need to have the countdown be so long.
Kythers (NA)
: I play sona with only my mouse {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
> [{quoted}](name=Kythers,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=iOP0y0Ek,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2017-11-14T02:24:08.368+0000) > > I play sona with only my mouse > {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} ....Ahri, where's your other hand?
: I remember we had a conversation about this and explicitly didn't touch Catchup XP on ARAM, I'll check tomorrow to make sure it didn't.
A meeting where everyone reached a consensus about a wise and appropriate course of action, but then someone else did the opposite anyway? Are you sure you don't work at my company?
YHWH Adonai (EUNE)
: How about gender bender skins?
This would be so cool for Kindred; male Lamb (Ram?) and female Wolf (Holo?).
: ##Edit: Even if you disagree with the reasoning below, don't downvote me too much! I want more people to see our honest response to this question. This orange essence thing is a spicy one but I'll take my best shot at addressing it. The most honest answer it comes down to is that we wanna be able to spread out orange essence type loot and rewards across multiple systems without having to take an additional huge revenue hit at the same time that we're making runes free. I'll explain what I mean. Basically, when we first started giving out skins and stuff through the loot system, the only way you could get it was by 1) paying for it or 2) earning it through the mastery chests. Going into 2018 you're also gonna get skin content through things like events and honor (lets call them "orange shards" since we're really talking about anything that can be disenchanted into orange essence). We lowered the disenchant rate on shards, and we're giving out more shards. So that's what I mean by spreading it across multiple systems. I think we'll actually have to wait and see whether players feel that the additional shards from the other systems make up for the disenchant rate changes. Preseason shipped with some other upgrades to loot like bad luck protection and chances for double drops in chests, and I think we'll have to wait and see how that feels for players before we'll know. Now, there's another question implied here, which I think also bears addressing: **"Why can't Riot just give us more orange essence and more shards?"** The answer is that we make money on League through RP sales, and we want to be really responsible about how much we cut into RP sales when giving away stuff. Giving away skins and cosmetics through our in-games systems is something we have to manage really carefully—if it becomes to easy to earn orange essence and shards, RP sales would go down a lot (why pay for it when you can just get skins for free?). Even though League is free to play, we do need to make money and manage it responsibly so we can reinvest it back into the game. That's why making cosmetics too easy to get for free would be irresponsible for us, as a business. I know it's hard to get excited about an explanation like this, but I hope it makes sense! ##ONE MORE LONGISH EDIT TO CLARIFY A POINT: **I don't want to make the promise that the orange essence amounts you get will “even out” or be the same as before.** There’s way too much variance in the rates that people get OE from mastery and all the other systems for us to say that with a straight face. And the truth is the nerf to OE disenchant rates was significant. It’s more than we reigned it in to give ourselves wiggle room with these other systems. And honestly, the revenue hit from making runes free was a factor we considered as part of that. The goal is to make rewards systems that feel meaningful, rather than just constantly increasing the amount of stuff we give out every year because player expectations keep rising. It feels icky when we start talking about protecting revenue and budgets and shit, but we’re open to feedback on this stuff. I see basically no one talking about the double drops or bad luck protection that we already added to the system, so I wanna wait for a while for people to get used to the changes.
Just to add one more voice to the chorus to emphasize the point, how come we didn't get notice about this in advance to allow us to convert skin shards we were sitting on before they were devalued? We received notice about converting champion shards to BE, but unless I overlooked it, nothing similar was announced to encourage changing skin shards to Orange Essence. I follow your logic behind the change, and am fine with seeing how the new system will work, but reducing the value of shards we already had without a fair chance to convert them first seems kind of underhanded.
RAWblazer (EUW)
: There is definitely a psychological element at play, I know a couple people who _only_ play ranked to better their mechanics, Rank in their division or climb in their elo overall. But not everyone wants to be in a competitive toxic environment all the time and since this new BE system we completely lose the feeling of accomplishment after playing a normal draft or blind pick. Perhaps Riot expects us to ease into a grind for levels but we're far too used to simply receiving points and not worrying about level. But in that case where are my 30 boxes and why do 450 champion shards cost _90_ blue essence?? It's like Riot actually wants us spend even more money and forget trying to grind altogether. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
> [{quoted}](name=RAWblazer,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=m2qjmMG6,comment-id=001400000000,timestamp=2017-11-10T06:31:33.673+0000) > > It's like Riot actually wants us spend even more money. > Bingo. {{sticker:cass-cry}}
: One of the thing that I (and many other) enjoy about LoL is that getting reward right after a game system. I LOVE the feeling of getting a reward for my effort right after I finish the game, not the level up to get stuff system. The reason It work for some of those other game out there because either that is the core mechanic of the game, or that their game is easy to level up/have short matches, and/or the reward is worth getting and you feel like you actually earned it. It just wont work well for LoL, It just doesn't seem like a reward but a force grind. Disgusting. And for those of you who don't know A Leveling Capsule can contains champ shards with a BE value of either 810, 900, 960, or 1,240. The fact that how much BE you get is base on RANDOM CHANCES or luck is just disgusting to me, how is that fair or feel good if you are unlucky? Sure some people will say you will not get unlucky forever and eventually will get a good Capsule and it will balance out, to that I say: Yes but why don't just give a fixed amount of BE per level then. It is more fair that way, right? Oh yeah, as the more you level up the harder it get too, which I honestly don't know why it even a thing Riot did speak about it very clearly, or at all to be honest. (Insert because Riot like money joke here). I am fine with changes, it is a way to make the game feel fresh how ever I don't think Leveling reward id the way to go. Either it need to be fixed to feel more rewarding, fix it so level up is a faster process, or just keep the old system. And if you are wondering. Yes I will still play the game, just maybe less, I am not Rage quiting, I'm just here to state my point and give feed back.
I second the 'rewards after every game is important' notion. Getting xp that will at some point in the future become some unspecified amount of BE is too indirect, and overall, makes games less meaningful. Under the previous system, even if it was just a small amount, it felt kind of nice to see IP go up after every game. Even if you lost, you still felt like you got something tangible for your time.
Antenora (EUW)
: Kleptomancy
Shhhhh! Don't ruin this for us.
Zena (EUW)
: I already have every champion but I still agree with this. After finishing a game it was always nice to see your IP go up up and up feeling like you get something. But now it really doesn't feel that rewarding at all. I also saved my IP for changing my username. (Ofc. this is just some random thing not really what IP is really focused for, it's more for champions) but still had something to do with the IP I got after each game I played. The infinite lvl. cap is really nice for sure, but it doesn't feel that rewarding. Also it'll be so hard for new players to get champions now because first win of the day is now just XP instead of IP (BE now obv.) Definitely think we should get SOME amount of BE after each game so new players have it a lil. bit easier to get new champs and so it feels more rewarding.. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
^ This. Maybe it was just me, but there was a big psychological element in being able to see my IP go up after every game, even a little.
: >We've adjusted how voting works, including masking the votes on a recently posted thread or comment, and removing the downvote button No.
> [{quoted}](name=Lord Dusteon,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=aKeBstj6,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-11-08T00:43:04.154+0000) > > No. We should comment 'downvote' for comments and posts we don't like until they give us the button back.
: > [{quoted}](name=Fairyfleur,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=aNPLqMEZ,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2017-11-07T19:13:49.816+0000) > > {{champion:37}} ,{{champion:136}} ,{{champion:143}} ,{{champion:163}} , and {{champion:103}} also have very nice classics how on earth did i forget sol?
It's ok. Everyone overlooks a cosmic space dragon at some point in their life.
: Why another red jhin skin?
Maybe he's a communist.
: which champions should get project skins next?
Someone big. Braum, Gragas or Sion would be cool.
patmax17 (EUW)
: Now that we finally have an Aspect of Twilight...
{{sticker:sg-janna}} {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}} {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
: 2 and half minutes of ~~fuckboy~~ Ezreal quotes were more important then ones for Taric, Leona, Diana, Pantheon, Lulu, Ivern, etc.
This. Did they even consider how much air time those Ezreal quotes end up getting in game once she is released? It's a lot of resources devoted to a very low-probability occurrence. They would have been so much better spread with a few interactions for way more Champions.
darkdill (NA)
: Why'd you make Zoe so MEAN toward Lux?!
Because Lux is one of those self-righteous Demacians and she deserved it. THAT'S RIGHT. NOXUS FOREVER.{{sticker:darius-angry}}
RosyMiz (NA)
: Change Zoe's Interactions
Overall I think she's alright, but I do question the excessive amount of time devoted to her Ezreal lines. Did they ever calculate how much of the overall player base would ever be in a position to hear those lines? Like, work out a cost-per-minute that they pay the voice actress and compare it to how often those Ezreal lines will actually be heard in-game? Given their stat records, they could probably determine how often other burst mages kill Ezreal, and then extrapolate from there. I'm not saying that Zoe's jealously as conveyed in the dialogue is bad, just that focusing on it so much comes at the expense of other, more interesting options. Like, I would have preferred to have more champion-specific quotes for the other Targonian champions, or for other 'unique' entities like Bard, Kindred, or Kayle. It would have given us more lore insights and more dialogue variety. Or, if they want to go the comical route, comment on other in-game relationships (suggested or otherwise). Garen/Kat, Ashe/Tryndamere, Rumble/Tris. Unless of course, the Ezreal/Lux thing is central to a future lore expansion.
Rockman (NA)
: does it look like Zoe cares about her job
In the longer video, she says something about, "this world is so pretty, I'm sorry it's all about to change", something like that. But she also says she has a message but she forgot it.
GenoXx (NA)
: Zoe's champion interactions are underwhelming......
I'm about 2/3 of the way through the 27 minute video of her dialogue. A lot of things she's saying - things not in the Interaction video - sound like they could be matched with certain champions or champions of certain factions - end of the world stuff, big picture things, etc. I'm wondering if some champion-specific interactions just didn't make it into the Interaction video... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r26GIj3nH6g Aaaaand she literally just said, "these interactions are pretty weird".
This. I feel that there should be a section in the Universe part of the website that has all the available skins grouped by their theme: PROJECT, Mecha, Battlecast, Star Guardian, Mafia, eSports, Pool Party, Winter Holidays, etc. Maybe give some info about backstory or inspiration for each group, too.
: Basically you just want a safe space so you can be a jerk.
: The scary fact about Zoe being an aspect is that........
It would be awesome to see all the champions coming together to fight a common enemy. Maybe they can form some sort of _Legendary League_ to combat this menace.
Engelin (NA)
: You will never, ever catch me in a game with a Lux support on my team
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