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I see both sides of the argument. It's definitely 50/50. As some people don't want the challenge, they just want to face people their own skill level which is fine. While I personally don't mind the challenge, and trying to learn... But the problem is, I playing with Diamonds, you can only learn on the spot so much. Firstly because part of it is practice, practice, practice. The other part is, things are happening so fast it's hard to absorb everything there is to learn. Everyone knows you need to CS, but obviously, knowing it is not enough. It takes practice, and playing against much better players doesn't accelerate the process. Other than that, you can learn, strategy, map movement, awareness, general aggressive, passive, etc, macro stuff. But when it comes to micro executions and micro plays, playing against better players doesn't teach you much in that respect. That just comes with practice... But having said that, there is a difference between 100 games for fun, and 100 games purposely trying to practice mechanics.
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: January Early Sales!
Every "navy" theme skin from the set is on sale besides the Malphite one? (rogue admiral garen, corsair quinn, sea hunter aatrox, 3 out of 4, missing ironside malphite? is this an error? It's not going on sale in Feb, wasn't on sale in Jan...
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: Do to Illaoi what you did to Azir
Are you kidding me? Illaoi has nothing but early damage, she has no responsive slow or CC. Her spells ARE so SLOW that you can dodge every ability unless you're diving in and going all in, if that is the case then you have already decided you can win or feed. In which case don't pick a even fight with her with her already having 1 tentacle up??? She is so susceptible to ganking since she has no escape either. Even the tentacle falling on you is so avoidable.
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