: I have to ask: why does Star Guardian Rakan exist?
I think that's just since they wanted to make a {{champion:498}} Star Guardian skin and being a couple and doing stuff together is sort of their sthick together.
: There are issues with teemo. I've mained him since s3. This is not one of them. Teemo is not supposed to be a champ for everyone either. Also none of the damage values were changed, either, so why would they mention them in the patch notes?
Well the damage values would be interesting for everyone who wants to look into playing him and is also way into statistics, just would be more convenient for players to see said damage in for example the practice tool. Also, I am talking about it in game. The patch notes shouldn't say damage if it's not changed but the in-game champion ability descriptor should.
Keiaga (NA)
: Damage types are color coded in-game
His ult is the only thing color coded currently but for example, it says his ult will bounce 0 Teemos, deal 0 (+0) damage, has 0 charges and will slow them by 0%. The Q and E don't even have that currently.
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