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: Losing doesn't result in a chat restriction. Being abusive to other players does. Your matchmaking isn't changed by chat restrictions either. Just think twice before you hit enter to send that message. Is it rude? Press Escape instead. Is it trolling? Press Escape instead. Is it anything except kind and helpful? Press Escape.
You are right, i will try to enforce this type ofn attitude. tahnk you.
Twëek (NA)
: Just stop talking in-game. Seriously. You won't get chat restrictions for try-hard play. You get them for flaming your team, which is the opposite of what you want to do if you really want to win games.
i have tried and currently use pings to communicate. thanks
EffectFX (NA)
: Just play and have fun. Seriously a 6 loss streak is not that bad. I've seen much worse then that.
Yes, but it just soo happens that the cause is afks/ and poor matching. thank u tho.
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