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: Doom Bots of Doom give very little rewards
: "Trump wants to ban all Mexicans from the USA"
tbh a wall isn't a bad idea at all. I believe they built a wall somewhere in israel because they had problems will islamic terrorists coming in and blowing stuff up. so they built a wall which reduced the numbers drastically
Jewkong (NA)
: Harrowing? not sure why these game modes have to be so taboo. they put all the time and effort into making them, and we only get to play it for a few days. there's not even that many game modes. and the co-op games are pointlessly easy
Jewkong (NA)
: Harrowing?
I thought they said the harrowing was supposed to be today?
monissa (NA)
: Is the patch tomorrow?
anyone know what time this is supposed to be live? I assumed it would have been up and ready by now. there's nothing new yet
monissa (NA)
: Is the patch tomorrow?
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: SHOCKING Interview with Riot Lyte about Dynamic Queue
Mydk666 (NA)
: It has been four years since they have put the winter skin on, I highly doubt they will do it anytime soon. They are probably working on an updated version, at least that is what I like to think.
well they sure are taking their time with it. if they are, I wish they'd just say so
: Look out! It’s Snowdown!
the skins are really nice, but I would rather have a festive summoner's rift than skins and discounts. we go thru this every year though
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: Whats new shit people irl shit people in the gaming world. Grow a pair and deal with it.
> [{quoted}](name=Demonsolder21,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=XEst35FK,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2015-08-01T14:29:12.548+0000) > > Whats new shit people irl shit people in the gaming world. what lol. and I am dealing with it. I'm still playing the game..
Keppa (NA)
: you're probably just a horrible player and can't handle the heat. stop making excuses
> [{quoted}](name=Whilst,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=XEst35FK,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-08-01T04:21:57.302+0000) > > you're probably just a horrible player and can't handle the heat. stop making excuses I've been playing mobas for awhile now, and no not just a couple of months. I've played league for a couple years and other similar games. I think I'm pretty good and I rlly wouldn't go as far as to call myself horrible.. maybe if u didn't have the same mentality as these kinds of people you'd see what I mean :')
: People act in LoL like they act in real life. Ppl are shitty and you'll just have to deal with it lmfao.
> [{quoted}](name=Tahm Brokench,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=XEst35FK,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-08-01T04:21:45.804+0000) > > People act in LoL like they act in real life. > > Ppl are shitty and you'll just have to deal with it lmfao. I thought they put the ban system in so we didn't have to deal with it? and I've never met anyone in real life that acts that way. but if they wear the same face in real life as they do in-game then I'd say they need to go to a rehab and relearn how to function in society
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: How do you miss an ulting Zed? You know exactly where he's landing and if he returns right when he lands, his mark did no damage. It's fine to not like Ashe, but if you're going to make silly arguments against her you can do it for every ADC. Why pick Graves, many other ADCs have better range. Why pick Kalista, many other ADCs have steroids. Why pick Corki, many other ADCs scale better. Why pick Jinx, many other ADCs have escapes. And so on.
> [{quoted}](name=Solaire,realm=NA,application-id=WEuoGbmp,discussion-id=QfJEo8dY,comment-id=00020000000000010000,timestamp=2015-03-22T17:38:13.431+0000) > > How do you miss an ulting Zed? You know exactly where he's landing and if he returns right when he lands, his mark did no damage. It's fine to not like Ashe, but if you're going to make silly arguments against her you can do it for every ADC. > > Why pick Graves, many other ADCs have better range. > > Why pick Kalista, many other ADCs have steroids. > > Why pick Corki, many other ADCs scale better. > > Why pick Jinx, many other ADCs have escapes. > > And so on. And yet all of them have damage over ashe.
: Rammus is freelo
Montag (NA)
: Should we continue the whole Rammus ok thing?
: You know what's better than great damage? Great utility. Oh look, the enemy is stunned so they can't do any damage.
Oh look, you missed. Oh look, they have {{item:3111}} Oh look, you did no damage anyway
: honestly in the right hands Ashe could be considered one of the best ad carries. that perma slow is just devastating and that ulti,,dayum. zed ults you? no problem just ult him and run away
: if you were as good as you think you are, you'd pick a support that fits ashes play style. Maybe an annie? play passive till level 6, she ults, you aoe tibbers stun...ggwp double kill, snowball from there. you have to recognize she is a utility adc. she isnt gonna jump in someones face and burst them down from your hook...She isn't graves. pick a support that fits your ad carries kit, and you'll find great success.
I am not playing in ranked, but good on you for assuming I was. great success.. yes. I'll bet that's what all of the professional ashe supporters do.. oh wait, none exist. I wonder why
: She has great utility and a very easy AA animation. I'm guessing you already know this and are trying to get circle jerky trolls to flock with you, though. Sure, she is a bit weak at the moment, and her passive sucks, but there are plenty of ADCs like that. You play what you are good with. You don't have to be a meta-dick-hugger and play the same champs the LCS players play to win lanes.
you know whats better than great utility? great damage. and yes she is very weak at the moment because there are more adcs that outclass her now.
: there are also more effective players to support, and yet you are her support. she has to deal with your poor supporting skills. :)
don't try to be passive aggressive trying to call me bad when you don't even know how I play. she's not a champion that can dish out as much damage from what I have seen. if I hook, grab, charge or whatever, she can't really follow up as good as adcs like.. pretty much anyone
: why not
because there are more effective adcs
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: If you're banning Lee Sin
Destaice (NA)
: If you main Nidalee
don't pretend like you don't like my big huge spear impaling ur squishy butt
: Excellent Rito!
I know right? What are we suppose to do now? Go *outside?* Hang out with our *friends?*
Gahaha (NA)
: looking FOR A GIRL TO PLay with AND VOICE CHAT on skype
: Bards ult is way different than Sona's stun, range, area of effect and what it can stun are much more. ANd it's not a stun, it's effectively an Area of Effect {{item:3157}} . Using magical journey for flat mobility i think isn't that effective. It's an engage/disengage tool that can help divide up the enemy team in the right circumstances or allow your team to survive an otherwise messy engage. He's heals aren't like Sona's heals I agree but I can drop off shrines at Mid-lane, top lane, in the jungle, where ever i might be at the time and this extra health might just be the thing that saves someone or saves a tower or whatever. Plus he has a basic stun that can do some serious work. I agree collecting the chimes to the detriment of the lane is a terrible idea because they aren't going to give you that much exp or dmg. Pick them up when you are moving around for other reasons. He is tricky, but I don't think he is so far off base as to be unplayable. He does different stuff than Sona, just like Nami does different stuff, or Braum. I think he needs more time out there until we can make a strong call. But he is so much fun to play!
I don't see what's fun about him.. every game I've played against bard he has done terribly and ended up having several deaths. same goes for me when I play him. I die and I can't figure out how I can be just as supportive as other top supports. I personally dislike his ult in the way that it works exactly like zigg's ult, the way it is cast. if you want to cast it from a range, you can bet on something not going the way you'd like it to. enemies might get out of position of it, allies might get into it, etc.. and I would rather a stun. at least then you could hit things. ult just seems too tricky and risky to be reliable.. why would you want to drop health packs at any other place other than your own lane? that would mean you're going out of your lane to drop off a heal pack. you are leaving your AD, losing exp and gold just to do that. it just seems like a 'what if' heal
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: While I agree he is not a normal support, I think people are being a bit harsh. He is definitely a tricky champion, who is going to take practice to get proficient with. I however think people are writing him off to quickly. The shrines can do some serious work, especially in laning phase, make sure that you are putting them under your tower and just give your ADC a quick Idea about how they work. Make sure you are putting out as many as you can, this will give your ADC serious sustain. Not to mention you can cast the heal directly onto champions, which is not as efficient but I've saved lives. I always take this ability first! Intuitively you would think to take the stun first but I think that's a big mistake because bard himself is a bit squishy and the range on the stun is short. The stun, is great if it lands. Short range and the fact that sometimes it seems to hit minions who are side by side, as opposed to going through the first minion and into the enemy champ behind him. I find that it's way more effective lining shots up against walls/structures. When you do land them, they can turn fights around big time! Especially if you have two champs who are chasing you in a line, a quick turn and throw and you can save yourself and hopefully your teammates. Don't underestimate this move, but also don't think you are throwing out Morgana's dark bindings. Bard's E is the trickiest of the skills so far for me. I've used it at least once in laning phase to go through the wall into the tri-bush when enemy was on red side to secure a kill. I've also taken that same journey hoping to repeat my success and was met with an enemy jungler who stabbed my face in. I've taken the journey many times to escape death to great effect as long as I'm not panicking. I've had people chase me through the portal (remember enemies move slower through the portal than you or your teammates) and once they pop out the other side i'm waiting on the other end with stun into the wall. I've thrown just as many shitty portals into the nothingness of uselessness. It's a tool, and once more people understand it (like Thresh's lantern) it's value will increase. **TIP!** Don't click on the entrance to the portal to go into the portal, right click on the tunnel itself! Bard's ult is so bonkers versatile! About to get into a team fight? Try to isolate 2-3 of the enemy team with it and have the rest of your crew go in and mop up the remaining members, while you keep blasting heals. Oh no your adc was split pushing bottom and now are being chased by a chunk of the enemy team? Don't worry Magical journey to get a bit closer, then time that ult to freeze the pursuers, because the range on this ability is crazy! Enemy team is getting dragon? We are to far away to contest or steal... let me just pause that real quick ahhh there we go and dragon is ours. I have had all of these things happen in game and it felt great! This is just a taste, you sometimes have to get creative or think differently about how to use it. Also to be fair I've had some really underwhelming Ult tosses that I'm sure left my team scratching their heads. It's a skill shot, try to be skillful with it. Meeps and chimes... The allure of the chimes is real, do not be a burden on your team to get these chimes. Do not travel to the other side of the map to pick two or three chimes, it is a bad idea. Do travel back to lane through the jungle to pick chimes after recalling. Do pick up that chime that is close by to get that mana back to then cast the health shrines. Do not attack minions when there are enemy champs around and blow your meep load on them, unless you're alone under a tower. Try to hit the enemy champs with them. They do splash damage, fun. This is where bard falls down hard... he does not do much DMG, but I'm sure that can be mitigated with the right build. With the chimes just grab them when it's prudent when you would be moving to a spot anyway, like to ward or to help out mid, or if the enemy support is out of lane anyway (the caveat being if the enemy support is Bard, in that case stay in lane and harass the adc). The big thing is to think of them more in terms of getting back mana and getting a speed boost to get to where you are going. The Meeps+DMG should be thought of as an after thought. The two things I would think about building early on this guy, is Mana Regen (he's greedy at the start of the game) and Cool down. The faster you can get those shrines down, the faster you can throw more stuns and the faster you can throw more ults will make him seem more valuable to your team. You're not there to do DMG, you're there to support. After that... well I'm not to sure, but building a decent amount of AP seems to work, but attack damage is an interesting thought. Hope this helps, and just give the big goofy bastard a chance, you might be surprised.
stuns and healing, yeah, great. but what can he do that, say, sona can't? she has a better heal + shield, an ult that actually stuns when you want it to, poke and and some mobility. I do realize he has mobility because of his e, but it's not like you're outrunning them. you need to outjuke them. his passive is my biggest problem. you are taking yourself away from lane to collect these things that increase your damage by a measly amount when they should be giving him defensive boosts. you are losing exp and gold to get these things. and the experience you get from them does not at all compensate for the lost exp you could have gotten in lane. I mean, yeah, you could make him work with a team that is on teamspeak or something. but why play him instead of someone who can directly support?
: It's not even been that long and people are calling him trash.
doesn't change the fact that he's crap
: I have yet to play him, but have watched a few games and talked with others during streams. The one thing we all agreed on is that Bard is NOT a team fighting champ. If you want a champ that can make impacts when a fight breaks out, there are far better options. Really, we hadn't even found what Bard can do that does make him a really nice pick. The only time we could really talk about him in a serious fashion was if there was communication between the team to allow smooth ganks, when Bard will make a tunnel, when he is going to ult and how to follow up or know when to run. He has 'potential' to be good, but is very gimmicky like you stated. The best times to use him are most likely only when you're with a team that can communicate and an ADC that can hold their own when Bard roams. Picking up chimes to boost his meeps are really his ONLY damage output. Building AP really just doesn't change anything on him except boost the Q and W numbers very slightly. E is a really good skill in general(just be careful with how you use it), but needs tweaks since quite a few people have trouble walking into it. R is pretty much the main "if" factor. Just need the communication so your team knows if you're using it to go in or to disengage. Probly the best thing about it currently is freezing towers for a bit safer dives. Also one mistake I've been seeing from pretty much all but one of the Bards I watched.. He is far more squishy than people think. That's something me and a few people agreed on as well. We also talked about building Bard AD along with tanky/utility items to least be a bit more useful to his team. The AD being to boost your own auto attacks since meeps get stronger with the amount of chimes you pick up. You can get more out of them by boosting your AAs instead of trying to use that 30% of your AP add on. In general, he just doesn't bring anything truly good to warrant picking him over most other common supports like Thresh, Leona, Morgana, Blitz, etc. He's just gimmicky and feels lacking except for what gimmicks he brings. That's just how I feel about it and what I had discussed with others already. Still waiting to try him for myself to see if I can make him work decently well.
that's kind of sad. I bought bard thinking he would be a neat and different supportive champion. but from what I've seen, you leave your adc to build upon your useless passive, make show-off worm holes that can also help enemy team, a stun that will only sometimes stun, a health pack thing that did seem decent and a very dangerously tricky ult. I figured he would just take some figuring out, but I cannot figure out how to make this guy decent at all. I've spent games collecting over 100 chimes just to see my damage is still pathetic, I've tried to roam and help other lanes just for my adc to get shat on. I mean, like.. I don't get it. If this guy is communication and/or troll pick exclusive, then that's sad. I really hope they do something with him. understanding him or not, I do think something needs to be done
: This is how. First you lay useless heals with the lowest base in the game on the longest heal cooldown in the game with the lowest ap ratio in the game down. Then you hit the enemy with the lowest damage skill shot in the game and if there is someone behind them, you stun that person. Then you auto once. (no need to auto more then once, because once you have no meeps, you will literally be healing the enemy with your pathetic damage.) Use portal to look cool. Using it to chase will allow the enemy to basically free flash away (meaning they will simply turn the other way while you are locked on the magic voyage) Use it to escape (because no one will follow you through right?) Then finally, use your ult to exclusively save the enemy team. Why exclusively? Because it has a long cast time and every single big ult you want to dodge would have been done landed and killed your team and bards ult would be a free zhonyas for them to get their cooldowns back. Make sure to pick him every game and blame your allies for not knowing how to carry a cannon minion to victory. Happy hunting summoner
are you for real? this guy has to have some uses that we're just not seeing...
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: Skins not working (Gameplay)
they sure are taking their time fixing this. I mean it's not like we paid for the skins or anything..
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: that means that the support did a good fking job at warding, keep pesky fkers like you away you either grow a pair and walk past the wards or you come in for a lane gank
lol y so srs? sorry for asking stupid questions, I forgot there's no such thing as a new player help board where everyone actually helped instead of being a typical league prick
monissa (NA)
: how to jungle
well when you're jungling you only have a couple ways to go about sneaking up on them, and if all routs have eyes(wards) then..? and Idk why, but you seem knowledgeable so maybe you could tell me what you'd do if you're jungling and the enemy team has a hard on for wards?
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: Rek’Sai, the Void Burrower, revealed
wow another new champion already? do we have to release new champs before getting around to out dated champions?
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Preeti (NA)
: Big Plays Spotlight: Raid boss Renekton
unimpressive if he's korean.
: Champion Spotlight: Karthus, the Deathsinger
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