Saevum (NA)
: Do they float?
Manxxom (NA)
: Which champion has the best accent.
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: **Jhin thread:** _exists_ **4 Step Cadence:**
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: Pentakill Olaf is Rob Zombie
: RISE but it's a shitty paint animation
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: A Jarjar
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: It always hurts to realize that no matter how fed you are...
{{champion:89}} even if your fed, youll die from old age before shes done with you.
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: Rest In Peace
Chuckling carp, rest in piece
: "you can't just spam the boards with prequel memes!"
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nami tf (NA)
: The next three children you'll have are named after your highest mastery champs
darius soraka nasus, oh boy i have a bad feeling about this, wait, this threads dea-*runs away*
: Looking for Wardens - Volunteer Moderation
: Watching the video about Runes Reforged
: When you farm under tower and get dived 3 times and someone tells you to play safe i know that feel
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: {{champion:238}} also wrong boards xd
: Game 1 LikeMyBird: yep LikeMyBird: xayah no mobility now LikeMyBird: early gank this %%%% LikeMyBird: ok lee LikeMyBird: renek stop building ad LikeMyBird: u are behind LikeMyBird: report renek LikeMyBird: k LikeMyBird: k LikeMyBird: report renek plz tho LikeMyBird: no building ad into jax and stilll fighting him LikeMyBird: k LikeMyBird: aram LikeMyBird: dominion LikeMyBird: 2 kill vs bots LikeMyBird: lol tf LikeMyBird: u suk LikeMyBird: lee and renek fuking heavy LikeMyBird: lol 400 ping ez LikeMyBird: ez LikeMyBird: renek is nor fighting or running LikeMyBird: i dont undestand LikeMyBird: heavy LikeMyBird: 400 ping op LikeMyBird: renek and lee way too heavy PS: no other games, if i can put the pic i'll show you PS#2 : me and the 2 others were saying they were too heavy so....
: Nocturne i remember thinking he was super cool and spooky now i think he's lame
FormationX (EUNE)
: How to search for bugs in LoL
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: The new champions are like my family.
: Attention Support Mains
: Riot thoughts on malz
{{item:3070}} {{champion:90}}
: But the squishy assassin sends him on a Benny Hill-style chase: And despite killing the enemy adc, he can't get along with his own:
And is hit by all the cc in the world and the entire enemy team
: When you play {{champion:223}} and you find out your adc sucks so hard that you have to carry them. Don't worry all us thresh players can relate to this.
: When Hecarim is fed
And sees the adc
: {{champion:44}} "How DARE you intrude on MY territory!"
: Awww, I wanted to be famas. Need to post more memes, I guess.
: The Theme of Dying Late Game when you don't exit immediately and you are bombarded with a wave of stuff from your adc, who never clicked your lantern once
: All aboard the Rakan/Xayah hype train!!!!
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: Meet Memes And Games (final part)
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: The song that goes like this? "Happy Biiiirthdaaaaaay. Happy Biiiirthdaaaaaay. One year closer to your grave - think of all the food well save. Happy Biiiirthdaaaaaay. Happy Biiiirthdaaaaaay."
: When you are playing with people far outside your league, but you don't give a shit
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