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hey guys, i live near chicago suburbs (about 80 miles out) in rockford area. i have charter communications. doing a tracert reveals my connection hops from here to madison to eau claire then to chicago. i sent a report with the log gathering tool under my username. i.. hate to be complainign because having 35 ping is nice, but it's very inefficient and costs me a fair amount. i'm worried there might be others suffering similar issue.
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scrub video recorder levelled up w at 4, afk report
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: We're testing out a couple of changes to Essence Reaver at the moment that might help her out a bit there . We're considering giving it a subcomponent that's a mini version with a bit of AD, lifesteal, mana restore on hit. Might also up the CDR it gives (and then up the cost a bit if needed). No guarantees those changes will make it through testing yet though of course. Goal is to help out ADC casters, need to investigate some possible abuse cases on AD assassins however and ensure it's actually helping as intended.
I think ER currently is without purpose. Mana is only hard to sustain in the first 10 mins or so (unless it is a heavy mana consuming champion such as kass or karthus) OR for heavy pokers that require high AD (which is very few champions). At around 15 minutes, ER is purchased. That means that the mana sustain component becomes effectively useless, for nearly every champion. Players buying it are sacrificing TF, IE, or BORK damage for 10% CDR only ... I really don't see the point of the item in its current state. It has an awkward build path along with an awkward mixture of stats. Personally I think it needs an active component for it to be worthwhile. What that is, I don't know.


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