Jamaree (NA)
: Stop buying every skin, you won't even play half of them, please stop.
I feel like Riot can only profit off of some of these more abusive skin-related business practices, because League of Legends has borderline obsessive whales that enable them. Everytime I see a thread complaining about Prestige skins I kinda just chuckle. The skins are so gaudy and aren't even wholly unique Riot could ask me for a quarter or my first born child either way I don't even want them. This I kind of understand, but cmon they're still just pixels on a screen. Just disengage with the systems you don't like and if Riot as a business is functioning they will adapt. I feel like most players who complain just suck it up still buy skins which completely invalidates the point of complaining
: Odyssey doesn't have a Star Wars feel to me. I believe they would be part of their own universe, as well as Forsaken Olaf, should he ever get VGU'd and retain that name for his red skin.
I dunno Space Theme Expansionist Empire Psuedo Religious Order Scoundrels, Smugglers and other such personalities Mysterious force in the universe that people can use to augment their powers is it really not like Star Wars at all?
: Right. But now your trying to pretend to know what happened in a scenario that isnt described at all. You could say Thresh did it for no reason other than because that strange man in a rabbit suit told him to do it, and it would be no more plausible than anything else you've suggested so far.
It's far less plausible. Doing it for no reason at all is a much worse character motivation than doing it out of spite for your homeland (Thresh was an outsider) or because doing it because he was forced to (which is the most obvious reason). Gotta read between the lines.
: Lore Musings: Ionia Event?
They probably should have just kept Karmas lore changed if we're gonna have a faction that is like "TRADITION.... but not really" and have them oppose Irelia The backgrounds of the green and blue icons look eerily like the backgrounds in the Resolve and Sorcery Rune pages. The Red one looks like Hail of Blades. Could be a Runes Reforged update?
Rodsquad (EUW)
: There's no "but actually!" , Zoe is a child.
The two sides of this is A.) The point everyone takes in consideration: Zoe has existed for thousands of years so chronologically she isn't underaged. B.) The one nobody does.... Zoe isn't just Zoe anymore. Becoming an Aspect means becoming more than human. It means becoming something else entirely
: I don't think they're alternate scenarios. I'm pretty sure a Rioter recently confirmed they are happening now in the timeline.
The exact terminology they used was "could appear in stories we tell this year"
: Important
How much fatter is he gonna have to get before you feel like you're ready to grill him up and serve with a nice side of grits and collard greens?
: I want a Demacian Ionian. We have Ionians that live in Demacia, but what about Demacians that live in Ionia? After all, what better place for a magically inclined person to hide than a land that pulses with magic? Come on in, mages! We have dumplings and free Noxian invasions!
All culminating in Noxus rigging the Ionian election and planting a radical head of state that proceeds to bar all Demacians from their borders "When Demacia sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They're sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us. They're bringing JUSTICE. They're bringing petricite. They're Mageseekers. And some, I assume, are good people..." "We're gonna conjure a barrier AND DEMACIA IS GONNA SPEND THEIR MANA ON IT"
Defiants (NA)
: As an ex Zac main, his current ult makes him a balancing nightmare. Having such a impacting ult while making it very safe to use due to unstoppable (which is completely necessary for it to actually work) makes it to where the rest of his kit needs to be weaker, such as his Q.
B-b-but muh Zac support....
: > [{quoted}](name=Lord Apex,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=qOU7ihdW,comment-id=00020000000000000000,timestamp=2019-04-12T17:52:10.932+0000) > > yes I guess.. But not really
What are you a flat earther?! The man showed you his credentials and you still doubt him?
: 1 - 4 armed character with some kind of kind. don't care what it is, so long as it has 4 arms and that aspect is somehow worked into his gameplay. 2 - elephant champ. Personally I'd like to see it as an Ascended, trying to get a bit away from the heavy Egyptian influence, but not to the point where it would be unrecognizable. 3 - guy with hook swords. Love those weapons and the things you can do with them could almost make an entire kit on it's own.
Been pushing for Setaka to be an elephant Ascended since she was described as "ivory skin". There is something majestic about those animals and it suits her I think Sadly Riot put her in a lion helmet so we may just get a juiced up Rengar with tits -_-
: What champs would u want to see this year?
I like all the cross regional champs {{champion:77}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:10}} So I want a Demacia-Noxus champ
Arakadia (NA)
: The next champion is almost certainly a yordle so your in luck!
Hey all I'm saying is that's what people universally thought Neeko was going to be and look how that turned out. All these cat hints and teases in the roadmap video have me siked out and I have a feeling I'm gonna be disappointed.
: Fiora putting her hand behind her back while fencing is a major inaccuracy to fencing.
I hate when people pose reality complaints in any video game ....but cmon. League of Legends?? It's not exactly striving for authenticity.... There's already a massive disconnect between how goofy the game is (and is meant to be) and the lore which takes itself a bit too seriously at times. In game champions meme at 100 mph but then we get stories depicting the brutality of war and lovers locked in hellish purgatory. THAT is more jarring than an indescrepency in a fighting pose which never existed to be realistic but to call to mind a stereotype that the masses can ALL RELATE TOO AND ASSOCIATE WITH FENCING. Riot artists probably even knew that to begin with, but they still include it because it serves its' purpose.
SirEnds (NA)
: what im saying is that there isnt enough lore on the darkin and nearly every other race and kingdom/area has more lore put into it
Uh.... what are Yordles? What is the Spirit Realm? Darkin got two updates in the space of a year with Kayn and Aatrox VGU. ?I think it can go on the backburner for awhile
: What champs would u want to see this year?
A Yordle for the love of god please
The Iceborn (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=mrmeddyman,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=WXeAfsgQ,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-04-10T20:33:41.205+0000) > > Aren't Yordles basically immortal though. Poppy has been alive since the founding of Demacia for example I do not know maybe they are immortal but that seems crazy to me it may very well be .... The surrounding probably affect yordles and their life expectancy and if they live in bandle city or runeterra probably also affects their age i would assume... yordles may get another update soon so we will see.
Bandle City has a "timeless quality" to it according to the Universe. I know it's probably just a saying but imagine if Bandle City was literally the Hyperbolic Time Chamber but in reverse as in time runs faster than in Runeterra allowing for Yordles to jump back in whenever they want to "fast- forward".
The Iceborn (EUNE)
: Altough Gnar is a young primitive yordle I do not think that his life expectancy is great enough for him to truly evolve and develop his speech... He really is like a cave man. Well I think Gnar is doomed to be lonely since nobody can understand him (except Willump maybe?) since his family is dead probably and no ancient yordles are left.
Aren't Yordles basically immortal though. Poppy has been alive since the founding of Demacia for example
Eedat (NA)
: We're talking in circles. Trap is not an offensive term when used correctly. It is only offensive when maliciously misused, like most words Here is a video going into way more detail than I can https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gG9EFWMi7NY
Amen, we're all out here eating the shit sandwich. Being offended is a personal problem. Anyone who takes themselves so seriously as they can't take a bit of teasing can honestly go fuck themselves. This of course is to be distinguished from actually having intent to hurt people (which makes you an asshole obviously) which OP and the OP of this comment string didn't try to do. Whats' even worse is the people who aren't even in the demographic of people who could potentially be offended, but still can't resist the urge to be politically correct and virtue signal. Have no words for these individuals.
Terozu (NA)
: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/Q5Rti3k0-champion-qa-taliyah-the-stoneweaver?comment=001a0001 Uhh no Taliyah's is pretty well defined, though I did get it off by a year, mb.
Again. Lux and Taliyah were established as teenagers when they launched but recent lore updates have placed those ages into question
: Pentakill 3 album PLS
I think Riot usually tries to trend towards doing something new and unique every other year when it comes to music related skins rather than add on what we already have
Fasmodey (EUW)
: She was a white lioness headed Ascended with skin as smooth as ivory. A white lioness with gaze so terrifying that made Axamuk almost puke.
So a bigger female Rengar... booooring
Neurose (EUW)
: Sylas/Lux in the new comic?
I think the cover art is very suggestive of what the comic is going to be about. Garen and Sylas are juxtaposed on Luxs' left and right shoulders... in the same way that a persons conscious would be positioned (angel and devil on the shoulders). They represent the duality of Demacia: it's high minded principles and its' taboos around magic. That duality is the core of Luxs' character, as she is from one Demacias' most prestigious families and yet she is also a mage, but she cannot reconcile one with the other. The story will be about Lux at a crossroads, why she had to turn to Sylas in the first place, her strained relationship with Garen and her country and hopefully will go into detail about how Sylas starts the mage rebellion and what Demacias response will be
Terozu (NA)
: Uhhh no. Lux is a minor in canon. She is according to an old Ask Riot, 16-17. In comparison Ezreal is 17-18(specifically hes around a year older than lux). ~~Ekko is is chronologically 14-15 but biologically 16-17 due to time travel(he is 2 years younger than Lux but biologically the same age).~~ ~~Taliyah is 14-15, same age as Ekko.~~*Correction, Taliyah and Ekko are around 16 and 17(bio18-19). That's mb. Jinx is Lux's age.(Vi might be around here but could be older) Akali is 17, maybe 18 if you want to stretch(before her rework she was only like 14, and she aged a few years, which means if she is 18, she just had her birthday recently). Beyond that Annie is like 8, Nunu is like 9. The 8 of them make up LoL's minors. (Though Ezreal and Akali can be interpretted as adults if you want to, they most likely arent) On top of that, Talon and Kayn cant purchase alcohol legally. Garen and Lux were children at the same time. That makes their maximum age difference be around 6 years, which means He is only 22-23, with Kat within say 2 years of him either direction. Cassie is between Talon and Kat. Sylas is mid 20's.
Those ages are heavily up in the air especially Lux and Taliyahs
: Deciding standalones from group lore?
Nunu was Frostguard for quite some time meaning he was connected with Lissandra indirectly. For the most part champions with more impact on Runeterra as a whole will have more connections. Nunu and Annie used to be just random children on the Rift, but now Nunu could represent the future of The Freljord based on how Riot is writing him whereas Annie is still just a random little girl
: Oh thank god. Alright thanks for the clarification :)
The Region is just referred to as "Eastern Shurima" or "The Jungles" Kumungu and Kumangra are parts of that region as you can see on the map
: I would love that too, and they did some(slight ability changes mostly) to other champs, ivern, mundo, maokai etc. some of the older champs are failing in terms of popularity as theyve fallen out of the meta, at least theyve tried with some of the champs, and even though it failed at least its the effort that counts. Bard just hasnt been tried.
I play a ton of Bard. His main problem is that he lacks a core item or a universally strong build. I like this about him though because it will teach most Bronze/Silver players who just build items based on websites how to itemize for the game they're actually playing. Sometimes you have to build pure utility ({{item:3109}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3107}} ), sometimes you have to build AP and wreck face ({{item:3115}} {{item:3905}} ) HE's a blast to play because he doesn't have clear identity imo. Only support where you dont babysit your ADC all game, roam mid blast their carry with Electrocute and then run back to 1v2 under tower. I love this champ the way he is {{champion:432}} <3 Lore wise yeah he needs attention
: Can we get a Bard lore update?
I feel like dispelling the mystery around Bard is gonna make him one dimensional so any Bio update should remain somewhat mysterious. The besT way to get content for Bard is to put him in a story and have him actually effect Runeterra in some way
AlienMV (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=radetari,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=sMTNJiBq,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2019-04-05T21:13:21.325+0000) > > anyone here know what {{champion:77}} is? He's listed as a champion that will get a VGU. They said in the past that they put it off due to Spirit Guard Udyr, but they said now the level of outdatedness of Udyr is outweighing the effort required to rework Spirit Guard Udyr.
SSmotzer (NA)
: Yeah, but her passive and W do the same thing.... Wouldn't it be better for her character to have more flavor in her kit? Like how Riot has been going through every champion with a passive active ability and making them... you know, actually abilities?
Flavor is one thing, needless complications is another and leads to balance frustrations like {{champion:268}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:429}} because these champions can NEVER be in a strong position or the meta warps around them
SSmotzer (NA)
: @Riot: Any Plans for Zyra?
Her kit is like really solid though. Champions can have more expressive powers in the lore because that lends itself to that medium. A story needs to engage the imagination, the game if anything needs to be simpler because there is already so much stimulus on screen. Zyra in game is better than fine. Other champs need work more desperately ({{champion:43}}{{champion:43}}{{champion:43}}{{champion:43}}{{champion:43}}{{champion:43}}{{champion:43}}{{champion:43}}{{champion:43}}{{champion:43}}{{champion:43}}{{champion:43}}{{champion:43}}{{champion:43}}{{champion:43}}{{champion:43}}{{champion:43}}{{champion:43}}{{champion:43}}{{champion:43}}{{champion:43}}{{champion:43}}{{champion:43}}{{champion:43}} )
: Nunu, Shaco, Zilean, and "many others" are getting skins this year. Patience.
wuthappen (EUW)
: real men like extra thicc
I'm one of those "real men". Xtra T H I C C need not also mean old as hell though.
Monlyth (NA)
: What goes on at Riot HQ, probably
CAreful balance has to be struck so that farming isn't the ideal thing for junglers to do at any time because it makes games static and boring when they do. Ganking should always be the most valuable thing which is facilitated by farming camps
: Why isnt Thresh Gutted and completely removed?
Lrn to dodge hooks GG Thresh is now useless
Ηolo (EUNE)
: This is so fucking bullshit for all of us who allready spent 100euro on a skin, man. I atleast hope for some compensation for all of us.
Well.... maybe don't spend 100 euros on a digital asset if other people having access to it would devalue it for you
: Will ALL the Prestige skins be available again for Prestige Points? Because many people like me grinded hard for Prestige K/DA Kai'sa and/or Akali and worked for a skin that costs about $200 if paid upfront. If they return to shop, all that time invested into LoL during those event periods will be worth nothing. I do not really like the Prestige Points idea as a whole, but at least PLEASE can you not make the mistake of bringing back Prestige K/DA Kai'sa and Akali so you can respect the time that many players invested to get those skins?
Retroactive value isn't worth Is your experience devalued by the fact that you were willing to do something that arguably wasn't worth it while the majority of the player base relented? This is how the system should ALWAYS have beenw
: Well, Camille was league's best shot at it, and it missed due to, well, "sex sells". That's also why an "old" female champion will never happen, in my opinion. Unless you consider legitimate Swain's peculiar notion of eldership: looking 35 with white hair pretending to be 55.
You think Camille is sexy? To each their own I guess.
: Annual Reminder: There is STILL no old-ass grandma champion
GreenLore (EUW)
: Its still nothing out of the ordinary as there are several champions each year who get a new skin even though the last one is roughly a year old. Just because the time between skins is below average, doesn't automatically mean it is unusual.
Unusual - not habitually or commonly occurring or done. Average - a number expressing the central or typical value in a set of data That's exactly what it means...
: This is riot. Outside Illaoi and Jinx their MO has been to make a bunch of youthful curvy waifus for every single female in the game while only the males can be monstrous and unsightly. Asian market and male gamer money trump their fake ass wokeness pretense any day.
Even if they did actually believe there was something wrong with that and didn't do it could the gesture even be perceived as genuine? Riot is a business, every move has to have a logical motivation behind it. If sex sells then they will sell sex, so that the business can maximize profits and growth (which btw isn't wrong). If a vocal minority demands accountability due to a current political social climate and Riot folds, then its' to curry favor or reduce potentially damaging blowback, not because they actually care about a cause. A business isn't a human being that you can expect forward facing ideals from.Nobody starts a business to do that. They start a business to make money. That's what they will always try to do. A business is made up of a multitude of human beings, each of those people have varying levels of influence within it, but ultimately the culture is a result of all of them mixing together. I think most of the anti-corporation stuff stems from both unrealistic expectations on the part of consumers and ALSO is the fault of corporations who lean into those unrealistic expectations to try to gain favor and mask the fact that profit is the core motivation at the end of the day. You shouldn't expect your cause to be championed by an entity whose goal it is to make money, even if they do it isn't genuine. (P.S. Would also like to add that all the characters in this skinline feature the same hair color and obviously this was done to remain consistent with that color scheme and push the "team color" aesthetic but OP conveniently made no mention of that.)
GreenLore (EUW)
: Getting a new skin after over a year isn't really that special either.
There's 141 champions in the game, if about 50 - 60 skins get made every year then that's not even half the roster. Getting picked two years in a row IS special from a mathematical point of view
: uhhh dark star j4 was released last year...
In LoL champion terms that's pretty soon
Mortdog (NA)
: Summoner's Rift balance changes coming Patch 9.8
So basically Balance Team just doing what they always do
: > [{quoted}](name=Jerry SeinfeId,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Ej1E92rE,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2019-03-29T17:28:56.066+0000) > > {{champion:86}} > Boi you got one hell of a JUSTICE coming your way. dude is trash. literally some pixels i can delete off my pc and be with my kat. simple as that :) also there is tragedy in romeo and juliet. romeo dying :^)
Doesn't that mean Kat is also just a bunch of pixels?
: My main issue with Ionia
Which is why I'm glad they introduced the Navori Brotherhood.... Less pleased that they've done fuck all with it, but hey.
: Xano561 transcends mere shitposting. They are a primordial force you cannot begin to fathom; I was there for their first post, before the Boards, in that mindless chaos that was the League of Legends forums.
Like the linking and fading of the First Flame, his ships are truly eternal
Rioter Comments
: When shall we expect a new yordle?
I'm expecting a reveal by the end of Cats v Dogs
: Does Swain die in Irelia's lore?
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