: Prestige in the first half of 2020
A ZYRA SKIN???????? I'm... I'm... just... {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: Downvote me at your leisure but it's stupid that this change won't apply retroactively. I worked a full time job during the arcade event and now I have anywher from 6-12+ hours of college a day and 5 hours of work per day. I don't have the time to physically play the game so I couldn't get prestige Caitlyn, but I would have gladly paid for the skin. If she was in the prestige shop I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I understand others worked for the skin, but some of us who wanted the skin would have gladly worked for it, but had an actual life that kept us away from it.
Actually, you could pay for it. I know I did. I bought the event pass but I didn't have a lot of time to play. At the end of the event I was still almost half-point short (I think I was at 1200 or 1300, don't know the exact number). I ended up playing I think around $50 - $60 extra to get the skin.
: Tooltips Update
I like using "this ability" to refer the ability better than directly using the name of the ability. It gets worst when the abilities are all nested.. Reading Ryze's ability description is such a nightmare. Suggestion, could add [Q][W][E][R] or whatever keys the player binds the ability to when referring to them?
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: **Tl;dr** - The strategy of banning/building team comps should not be removed in favor of giving everyone a ban or reducing pick/ban phase time. - Solo Queue banning should not be separated from competitive, it leads to confusion. - This defeats the whole purpose of drafting if you can't plan around what the enemy team wants to do vs what you want to do. - This will lead to an overall lesser amount of strategic growth where the only "new" professional players are the ones that get to high MMR based on mechanics/game knowledge rather than how to build a teamcomp and then having to relearn pick/banning. - This creates a delay in average skill growth rate that hampers the ability of the game to improve. So. Let me understand this. You (Riot) are introducing 5 bans for everyone. But giving no ban strategy because it doesn't matter? This defeats the whole purpose of drafting. Just let it be teambuilder ranked now. You say solo queue vs competitive has different needs but ban strategy is a very real thing for having insight into what the enemy team wants to ban. If we go through this then let us have mirror matchs. I feel like this is Riot wanting to push it because they said they would instead of pushing something that is balanced/strategic. Sure at low ELO it doesn't matter, people will ban who they don't want to play against. Once you start climbing strategy is obviously more important. Why would we agree to that? Say we go into a game: - Everyone decides we want to play a protect the Kog'maw comp - Team A (Protect) bans divers/assassin - Team B on the other hand someone just dislikes Kog'Maw - Team B bans whatever + Kog'maw - Team A is now at a disadvantage because the comp they wanted to play is now absolutely worthless and their bans don't matter anymore. This is a huge step backwards for the game in terms of strategy. Also would like to point out that the difference in competitive vs regular could be confusing/throw people off from wanting to get into League. Example: League of Legends is presented that this is the way it is played/drafted. Hey cool I like the way they do it and play, maybe I will try it out. Sign-up/Download League and the drafting is nothing like I saw. A) Stick it out and make do until I finally realize I don't like the way I was misinformed/lead to believe the game was. B) Immediately go back to what I was playing or find something else because it is not what I thought it would be. Of course you could always have the casters preface every pick/ban phase for new players: "This is a different ban phase than what you will normally have because competitive gameplay has different needs than you scrubs."
Your statement is probably valid for very-high elo, or ranked 5s. But for the vast of majority and solo queue player, teams hardly coordinate a strategy before they are in game. It is even more unlikely that teams will target ban based on team strategies. So for 99% of people this is a good start. This also made sure that we don't spend 10 min just on p/b phase.
: Dev Blog: Updates and Splash Art
Secretly hopping they don't touch Taric's model and splash. It is way too awkward it becomes awesome. Was afraid there'd be one less thing {{champion:44}} to make fun of in the future
: Thank you for looking into it! That may be it mumuyy, as I had recently added this particular friend
> [{quoted}](name=yhsalF,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=Ab5wyuns,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-12-15T22:59:19.828+0000) > > Thank you for looking into it! That may be it mumuyy, as I had recently added this particular friend I think so! I was able to gift a friend I added yesterday. So just be patient for one more day :)
: Your friend_ may_ have reached their gifting limit for the day - we'll look into it!
> [{quoted}](name=DontHassleDaHoff,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=Ab5wyuns,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-12-15T17:52:40.272+0000) > > Your friend_ may_ have reached their gifting limit for the day - we'll look into it! Just added my other account today and received this message. Is there window before we gifting after adding friends?
: If data science is your thing, we're always looking for more help - http://www.riotgames.com/careers/13287
One suggestion, Because the data is not filled the y axis, (-100% to 100% is a huge range). Plotting it in a smaller y-range might better illustrating the data. But well done!
: Looking to make Bronze/Silver Team 5v5
Hi I haven't finished my placement but got 4W/1L so far and is likely to be placed silver 3 - silver 1. Please state your position: Mid / ADC / Sup Are you toxic: Not at all. Very chill. Enjoy games either win or lose. Champions you main(Optional): {{champion:103}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:143}} Hope to take to you soon.
: What if Raptors killed the Champion, Ziggs just landed a blind Q? :P
that counts as a kill :)
Thiend (NA)
: This looks good, but I feel I should point out that Ziggs can't have an assist if his team has 0 kills.
Report Ziggs for assisting enemy team gg
KKilroy (NA)
: Santa Baron - Only Baron
I'm ready to {{item:2050}} how weird this thread look in a week
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RedBeard (NA)
: League of Legends Store Beta
Nice job, but why is poro blue instead of white? Why Rito why. Also I wish there were more descriptions about the items, height, weight, etc.
RedBeard (NA)
: Riot Games Merch Store Incoming [COMPLETED]
Can we have white Poro plushies instead of light blue? Poro needs to be white..... so FRUFFY....... so soft.......{{item:2010}}
: Loading screen bug
[http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/AHhL5QHv-cant-log-in-because-my-client-is-huge](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/AHhL5QHv-cant-log-in-because-my-client-is-huge) Hope this helps
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: Arcade Miss Fortune joins the game
: Debonair Vi and Ezreal have arrived
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: Match History Beta Now Live
{{champion:17}} Teemo's shrooms are displayed as {{item:2044}} wards in Howling Abyss map..
: Dragonslayer Pantheon and Braum available now
This video is so awkwardly funny. I like how they just start to do the dragon lol.


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