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Tikoo (EUNE)
: I never post on these boards, but after seeing this troll post i have decided to make a post, Your complains are all useless, you are bashing a skin because of the BEST FEATURES, the level 11 and level 16 transformations are epic! and i will buy the skin for sure and many of my friends will too, drastically changing the appearance will remove the uniqueness and epicness the skin has to offer. I repeat, the skin is perfect, the only thing i was disappointed with was the level 1-6 look with the old aether kayle look, i didnt wait for a rework over 5 years to get same kayle skin that i stopped playing before. The NEW KAYLE ROCKS and the aether wing kayle ROCKS!
Can you understand the point I was trying to make better? I am not saying the skin looks ugly, I am saying there are A LOT of OTHER people that thinks it is bad and I also presented my viewpoint on why it shouldn't be changed based on the reasoning that it looks DIFFERENT but not UGLY. If they want to make a skin like this and sell it separately its totally fine, but they replaced something that was very different in terms of design that people paid money for previously but now it got changed to something most of them previous buyers dislike. It is like you ordered an apple and it got changed to an orange. It is not about the orange being good or not but an orange is very different from an apple even if they are both fruits. It would be much more acceptable if let say you ordered a Fujisan apple and it got changed to a Hokkaido apple, because the core thing about it is still the same. It has nothing to do with the orange being good or not but it is to do with it being very different. BUT On the side not I also wanted Riot to know that a lot of people also dislike the skin not only because it was different, but also because they think it looks bad. It is like your apple already got turned into an orange, and the orange even tastes sour.
Rinzy (NA)
: Besides this saying "regardless of if people thinking its good or bad it should be changed" it very clearly turned into a "this is ugly please change it," sigh. Alright, let's get this over with, I'll play devil's advocate and give my opinion on the skin, starting with the negatives, because that's what this thread addressed. I don't like how bulky her final two transformations are, and I don't like the recall. But that's where my dislikes stop. What I do like about the skin, however, is the color. First of all, I'm happy Kayle isn't tiny as all hell with this skin like she used to be. Secondly, I actually reeeaaally like the final transformation's colors. I think the black main color and copper accents, with the cyan looks fantastic, but obviously that part is subjective. Yes the skin is really bulky, but to me it still doesn't look out of place. I'd rather it be sleeker and more agile looking, but that's about it. Blows my mind that of all things people are annoyed it turns black lmao.
Look, I never personally said it looks nice or not. I presented the views on why I think it should be changed. However I also showed that people that is not myself, clearly dislike the skin and the numbers are very high, which is probably something they should at least have a look in case they didn't notice, and I also summarized the points other people think about the skin.
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Sambers (NA)
: I wish you guys do more American related events, cuz I'm getting tired of celebrating stuff that aren't American...
I logged in just to tell you that the Chinese company - Tencent Holdings Limited (騰訊控股有限公司), owns 100% of Riot Games' shares since the 17th December 2015, and before that already owns 92.78% from February 2011, and even before that they own 22.34% of their shares. It is very normal for them to create a Chinese event given the above information, and even if Riot is 100% American it is still very normal for them to create a Chinese event because there are a ton of Chinese people around the world and in America and China is one of the strongest countries and the Chinese civilization is over 4000 years old with over 50 ethnic Chinese groups. The Chinese culture can provide a lot for Riot to create deep, unique events. There are definitely American cultures that Riot can use to create events, but the story behind it is just not strong and attractive enough, and also small in numbers compared to many other civilization's. **AND...** the lunar revel event is even more important because that's almost the biggest event you can ever have in China. **AND...** the Lunar New Year is a very accurate calendar, the seasons actually changes accordingly to what the calendar says with only like one day difference. **AND...** there are already a ton of American related stuff in LOL so stop being a kid
: Worlds Video Feature: Eefje "Sjokz" Depoortere
If you ever watched LPL you will know how bad their female casters are... Sjokz is so much better, well she's not a caster but I'm just saying that she does her job well, the female casters in LPL are really just because they're a "half-decent girl". They kept being off topic and have bad game knowledge.
: Update to Summoner’s Rift headed to PBE
RIP the new big ghost replaced with a frog and the little lizards replaced with a stone and grass camo thing...
: ***
when we gonna draft?
: Update: Fantasy LCS Beta Status
I made an 8 man league, with 5 teams in China, 2 teams in UK and 1 team in Canada. It is a nightmare to start drafting in 3 time zones each separated by over 7 hours... RITO DO YOU FEEL MY PAIN!?!?!?!? (not blaming rito tho)
: Karthus, the Deathsinger
This epic Q animation looks really nice, but it is also MUCH EASIER for the enemy to dodge...
: Upgrading the Tribunal
The purpose of the tribunal system is to punish players without gamesmanship, n the purpose of punishing them is to give them a lesson and not do it again to further "harm" the other good players. It does work, but it will be even better if we can spread a message that can make the toxic players nontoxic before they even get reported. Rito could make some videos like the "Teamwork OP" one before, using convincing stats as well as "good moral sentences (My English is so bad I don't know how to describe this)". Spreading the message of forgiveness, kindness, positive attitude etc. I've seen so many people just go rage because of stupid reasons. I mean, quoting from a video that I forgot the name: "I already have 5 enemies, why do I need to have another 4?(Or something like that)"
: Update: Fantasy LCS Beta Status
Although some of our favourite players may not gave the best fantasy LCS scores but I think all this fantasy LCS thing is for fun anyway, so I will still prioritize some favourite players over stats... ackerman, Diamond, (Mid), Vasilii, (sup). I am considering Meteos, NoName, Mor, XiaoWeiXiao, Voyboy, Xpecial for the spots leftover. Well, I won't get them all anyway {{item:3070}} ...
: No, its because korea and china don't do LCS. They do OGN


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