Simurgh (NA)
: GG<3 Some cool ideas for rewards there, some of which we've definitely discussed. Nothing pinned down yet unfortunately, but I hope you'll be delightfully surprised when we get to end of season :)
Speaking of "GG<3" that's actually the only thing I don't particularly like about the new honor system...that name. I get that you probably didn't want a negative connotation associated with it (i.e. GG can be negative, GG:) in EUW can be negative, etc.), but this just feels cheesy for me. If I'm being honest, I'm prob defaulting to the tilt-proof honor option while it's called that because while I'm all for being honorable, the cheesy variant of being honorable turns me off a bit
: can you get demoted from honor?? i know u can get demoted if u are toxic and receive punishments//but, if u take a break from league, does your honor decay???
I'm pretty sure it doesn't.
: NA & LMS are gping to advance. They're too good not to against IWC teams in BO5s. In the loser brackets is where things will heat up.
helps that CLG got eliminated in playoffs.
: says who? we can make a model out of his mistake GIVE HIM ALL THE DOWN VOTES ... till he gets to -4 cause perfection
fixed. Now I see them all at 4 except the guy with -4 (not including the Rioter). Edit: welp it's ruined
: Wow *someone* is salty
More salt than reddit. Who would have known it was possible.
: > [{quoted}](name=NightmareAmazoX,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IKYi2qd7,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2016-08-18T19:13:47.284+0000) > > His Q is an empowered basic attack, A simple, Empowered Basic attack. Geez. Thing is Fervor stacks twice as fast for Melee Champs. Each basic attack gives you 2 stacks. While ranged champions get one stack per hit Again, yasuo isn't the only one abusing this
And you certainly don't need a map to find another champion with a Q as an empowered basic attack.
Beoridas (NA)
: i know they said that. I know aswell that RIot scratches ideas quite a lot and shelves things and that very very very rarely an idea in the pitch phase end up being the same at release. So thats where I do wonder a bit about it. sure, it didnt directly influenced them. But knowing how no champ is even 20% of what they were at pitch much of an ''indirect'' influence did it have. But originally, i was just making the case that Lee was pretty much fan made.
All the same, I heavily doubt the thread influenced it. The concept in general has many variations in itself, so it's not much of a stretch to consider that Riot thought of the general idea already at the time and figured out the direction on their own. They would have mentioned it here if the thread did influence the process (seeing as it's the article that details how Kindred came together): And yes, I know you mentioned Lee. But you also mentioned Kindred. My points are regarding Kindred.
Beoridas (NA)
: they did say that, but i do remember them also saying that they forwarded the whole thread to the champ design team. Something tells me they read it either way.
They did read it, but the direct quote regarding it is: " I wanted to quickly dispel the notion that this was a direct inspiration, however - in fact, the first concept for our next champion was created January 26 of this year." So effectively, the thread had no influence in that case.
Beoridas (NA)
: actually lee sin is 100% fan made (while only part of his kit was taken) and half of kindred's fantasy is also from a fan
actually, I recall kindred being more of a coincidence if anything. It was something they were already working on at the time.
Porocles (NA)
: Twisted Fate is currently disabled due to an in-game issue. Unfortunately, I don't have more visibility than that, but we will continue to provide updates on our[ service status]( page. For now, let's just consider that our friend is on a much deserved vacation and relaxing by the pool with Graves.
Twisted Fate is from EU?
Rioter Comments
: Mastery Point system
My mouse does not have a scroll wheel, so this is actually frustrating for me if that's the intended approach. At least it's usually optimal to do all 5 in one anyway.
: > [{quoted}](name=Astrophel,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=VEWeMePk,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2016-07-21T17:14:47.458+0000) > > unbench the ~~kledch~~ oh wait that doesn&#x27;t sound right. You'll have to settle for: "Who's Kled?" "Kled's dead, baby. Kled's dead."
Siyther (NA)
: sure dont feel any easier to me . i was excited for the w change and can live with the e damage nerf( was prob deserved) but then i played her while the w seemed fine at first glance, half way through a custom game i realised that now i cant even hit a fuckin bot with it wtf riot change it back keep the lockout off
Oh don't worry, I didn't like the change either. I preferred the old scheme significantly, but I guess I got an okay compromise using quick cast with indicator.
: I'm pretty sure only his Q & W remained the same since both work as similar as the last Ryze rework did. One throws a blue ball, and the other roots.
I mean, even if they're the same, they could have still intended to update the icons. It was a Visual Update too, after all.
: Apparently these changes were intentional. Taliyah was overperforming... I always found her to be pure garbage, shrug.
No, they were compensation nerfs for the "usability" changes they made.
: Well, it's not like you can just say "let's do this" and snap your fingers. It takes a giant amount of time to do it right. And "right" isn't always right the first time.
Exhibit A: Ryze Exhibit B: Skarner
: shame Rylai's sucks on him after they made slows no longer stack, but does Rylai's apply on his E?
It's just a matter of whichever slow is stronger takes precedence.
Fowus (NA)
: > i think its a great missed opportunity that makes too much sense like blood moon diana
> [{quoted}](name=Fowus,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=c70ae3Wm,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2016-07-07T22:40:49.700+0000) > > like blood moon LEONA FTFY
: Riot "The_Cactopus" opinion on the new Ranked 5s and Solo Q
Honestly, the Overwatch argument is overrated. Overwatch being popular has little to do with Dynamic Queue. The game has a ton of hype since it's relatively new and it's a lot more relaxed so losing doesn't feel as bad (games are much quicker than like 40 minutes, so losing doesn't feel as much of wasted time.). More on this in this video Sky made: Overwatch being popular has more to do with completely different core components of the game compared to League rather than this whole Dynamic Queue situation. Correlation does not imply causation. Just because Overwatch was released when Dynamic Queue was a thing doesn't mean the same thing wouldn't have been possible if Overwatch was released last year. For what it's worth, Cactopus is actually among the better Rioters in terms of community interaction (at least, in terms of reddit. Much like how one might think of Riot Repertoir on the Boards at one point or another.). Like it or not, Cactopus isn't exactly entirely wrong with what he's saying. Expecting to be downvoted into oblivion for not agreeing with the vocal side of the matter, but w/e.
: > [{quoted}](name=SithesisLord,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=82mGdTeF,comment-id=000400000001,timestamp=2016-06-29T17:56:50.908+0000) > > Doesn´t have one. His ult gets just 2 ranks. > > His Q gets 6 ranks to compensate. whaaaa
RiotRepertoir's reasoning was basically he wanted to change the convention on that and thought it'd make more sense to have just two versions of the ult: one for early game, one for mid-late game.
: You're not my real dad Riot, I should be able to ult on top of myself if I want I'm a big boy now.
Makes this play literally unplayable with the ult: Guess it makes sense though, it'd be ridiculously OP.
: {{champion:33}} All praise Shaman Rammus.
: 2 hours.
woah now, you sure it'll take THAT long?
: Finally. I don't play her enough, so when I got her in ARAM last night, I kept trying to vector cast W and everything kept going in weird directions. So glad you're thinking about changing it to vector.
Unpopular opinion: For me, the current paradigm Taliyah W has feels so much better than vector cast with Viktor E or w/e. I hope they go with option 2.
Rioter Comments
Astrad (NA)
: But the UK is part of Europe..
UK vs European Union (EU)
: You sound way to much like a yasuo player trying to make it so you don't get "nerfed" or in a much better word clarified the Annie issue wasn't really prevelant as you state. You act as if it's so hard to know how many stacks she had. Literally click on her it tells you under her hp mana bar thing in the top left. I'm not sure if it still does now that the bar is under her actual health bar but I'm positive it used to be. There's no reason why yasuo shouldn't have that changed about him and I overall believe it's a solid idea for a change.
The difference between Annie and Yasuo is that Annie could instantly stun without warning by casting two spells simultaneously while Yasuo is always going to be gated by the cooldown on his Q and the visuals would be playing during this cooldown if his empowered Q was ready. The comparison isn't valid and it doesn't take a Yasuo main to realize that.
: ITT: A Yas player doesn't want an idea to counterplay him shipped into the game.
ITT: Players who think they understand the concept of counterplay but actually don't and would rather just have useless clutter.
: As others have stated Yas's particles are easy to see, as for trynd just keep track in your head about when his ult is up and then his dives are easy to read and so when he ults (Not to mention him screaming)
Also, Trynd's on fire during his ult. lol OP's argument is weak.
: Theres pretty big swirly wind around Yasuo.
Blind people might not be able to see it though. Literally unplayable.
: When you have all the {{champion:154}} skins and chromas, then you realize they all chromas {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
well, Pool Party Zac isn't completely just a chroma. They added some unique stuff there.
: It just takes hella long, like 6 hours
My icon hasn't been accurate for over a month, let alone 6 hours.
Rioter Comments
: Well, I mean it's fixed now, since last week I think
Is it actually? I've been commenting a lot lately and my icon's yet to match the one in my client (or even one I've used recently)
: Icons on boards not changing
Months after I changed from Draven Icon and I still have it on the Boards. Constantly reminds me of how relatively disappointing Draven Day was... (fact that this post was originally posted 2 months ago speaks to how bad the updating is in some cases....)
Meddler (NA)
: That was pretty much our thinking. Lash had some good associations. Slam captured the raw strength and power vibe appropriate for Illaoi better though, versus the more whip like connotations of Lash.
Why not "Body"? Then we'd see C9 play Illaoi Mid
: Last split, TSM was the 6th seed in playoffs and immortals got cocky and fucked up the series against TSM in the semifinal match. NRG is one of the bottom of the teams. As a result, This is a chance to see if immortals will make the same mistake as last time and underestimate NRG whereas NRG has a chance to make a statement that they can play with the top teams in NA. It's more of a statement match for the both of these teams. Damn you guys are stupidly dunb.
Seems like the Rioters that run this are stupidly dumb then because they agreed this was a straight up miss on their part and were even considering pulling it for this week as such ( ). That kind of statement match logic could realistically be made for just about any match, it doesn't necessarily make it special. There were so many other more interesting matchups like TSM vs IMT, CLG vs C9, heck even APEX vs NV given both of them were at the top of the standings despite being new teams.
Ariamis (NA)
: Or you could just, you know, turn off your monitor.
Did someone order the CertainlyT special? That's a solid idea for a passive for a Lee Sin rework. We'll also be sure to add some % health true damage to his kit as well.
Rioter Comments
kile147 (NA)
: Sure they have a lot of experience with league in general which means they aren't going to feed no matter what, but in all those cases they started at one role and with practice switched to another. What I'm describing is more along the lines of what happens if Doublelift doesn't get adc and instead gets jungle? I imagine it would at least be comparable to that happening to me (jungle is my worst role) because the enemy jungler is going to be able to better capitalize on his every mistake.
Not necessarily true. In fact, here's what happened when Doublelift played jungle in ranked about a week ago:
kile147 (NA)
: I feel like this isn't the case. The pros are of course a lot better than normal players but I feel like they'd also be much more specialized, meaning that someone who normally goes top lane would be out of his depth as an adc not because they are bad at the role, but because the pro who mains adc that they are against is that much better at that particular role. I could be wrong here, but it makes more sense to me that there would be more skill variation between roles at higher elos.
That's somewhat debatable. Granted, they may not be like 1v5 carry material with a different role at first, but I'd imagine they'd be capable of doing at least somewhat decent given previous game knowledge and whatnot. For example, in LCS you've got Hai who went from being a midlaner to jungling (they benched Meteos in favor of him) to playing support. Granted, he wasn't the best (particularly with support), but he was certainly capable of not just feeding and doing decently well. Granted, that was an LCS example, so perhaps not the best comparison. So, how about Aphromoo? He was an ADC main originally, but now we know him for being a godly support. How was he able to pull this off? Because when he started playing support, he was able to use his ADC experience to figure out what can do to make life easier for his ADC. I'm pretty sure there are plenty of examples of pros being capable in more than just their main role.
: "Sounds a lot less like a problem with Dynamic Queue and more a problem with the rest of us being noobs" this what they are down voting. Everything that he said makes sense, but they also hate DQ. They have all said it.
Their main complaint with Dynamic Queue is the matchmaking though (Challengers being matched against low Master/Diamond players, for example), which is mainly valid for just the high elo players (i.e. likely not the majority of the Boards and reddit complaining about Dynamic Queue). Believe it or not, there are even pros that are actually relatively indifferent about all this, like CLG.
: What are your thoughts on pros making their own soloQ in protest of the DynamicQ system?
sounds like a skill that belongs on streams like Twitch instead of exclusively the tournament realm
: You're allowed to create your own leagues. Any info that is on the website, or other websites through Riot's API is fair game.
Riot API application guidelines specifically say not to "Create a substitution for skill ranking (commonly referred to as MMR or ELO)"
: Most of the legendary skins have highly refined splash arts, with the exception of: Blood Lord Vladimir Demonblade Tryndamere Brolaf These all look like they were drawn up in Microsoft Paint, cause these skins are old, and should probably have their splashes fixed to fit the look of the other legendary quality skins that Riot charges the same RP for.
There exists a world where those splashes don't get updated.
Reav3 (NA)
: LoL, maybe one day but I think the splashes that don't match the models are still higher priority. Good try though :P
: > [{quoted}](name=VladimirSnakeyes,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=BLbi9TTB,comment-id=00060001,timestamp=2016-06-02T00:13:59.697+0000) 1.) I can tell you're passionate about what you're saying, so I'm not going to badmouth you. 2.) I just want to give you a bit of perspective. Since this is the meme and games board, any rioter that posts here shouldn't really be required to answer certain questions that isn't M&G related. Especially if their job description has nothing to do with the boards or M&G in general (and if it did have M&G in the details, then I'd be damned. Anyways, keep in mind that you are speaking with humans, and most of them would possibly feel overwhelmed by what you just typed right after they posted in a thread for fun. That fun most likely being during their off time or break before having to dive right back into work. (After all, his job isn't 24/7 answer questions on the board.) Right now, this kind of response would make me--as a rioter--hesitant to post within the boards, purely because they would get assaulted or blind-sighted from posts/questions/concerns that they probably can't directly answer themselves, or, even worse, answer the question incorrectly and cause mayhem (RIP Riot Opeli) But all-in-all, I think your best shot with getting a rioter response with what you typed is making your own thread for it. I know that not every thread gets a red response, but reading your post seems like one they can and will (apologetically) respond to. Your post doesn't outright attack anyone. You're voicing a concern in a detailed way, and it can be built upon in a not-so-negative discussion. I know that, if your post was lore related, you would definitely pull the attention of Riot Jaredan since he is a jovial person who doesn't mind speaking with folks from time to time. Bioluminescence is also a good example of one (though he often give disclaimers that he lacks the ability or full knowledge of most concerns people have on the board). Just try to post your concern as a thread in one of the forums you think it might be relevant. Just be careful of directly quoting rioters because not all of them can do an immediate, rapid-fire response to detailed questions. (I can only respond like this purely because it wasn't directed towards me from out of left field, or else I would be taking 2-3 days to figure out the best way to say "Oh..." in order to not offend you.)
fyi Bioluminescence is a she :P
: > [{quoted}](name=SadisticOrphan,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=9ElUNAig,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-05-24T16:34:32.246+0000) > > He has unbenched himself in a good situation he just doesnt want to admit it in front of lissandra. Bench the kench, load the toad, unstick the lick, unclog the frog, uninhibit the ribbit, unroll the tadpole, unimprison the amphibian, unmute the newt, defog the polliwog
I feel exhibit the ribbit and unload the toad works better.
: To be fair, people assumed that there would be an URF, when Riot said they weren't planning to. They assumed, they inconvenienced themselves. Riot didn't do that.
While they assumed, it was a somewhat fair assumption based on how Riot previously handled URF. Also, now that "League of Draven" has been disabled, it makes me wonder if they were trolling by saying it won't show up April 1 but rather it'll show up not too long after April 1. If this proves to be the case, it actually would only defend that Rito trollling assumption tbh
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