: > [{quoted}](name=nanade,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vPqeRgzM,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-05-30T09:24:26.235+0000) > > -Reworks a champ- ...Na waste of time let's change it back well it was an attempt to make her more fair to play against but just like rengars rework it brought more problems they practically traded some damage for wave clear and it meant that she auto won every lane due to her insane wave clear and having an assassin that doesn't lose lane wasn't really a good thing
They nerfed her Q ratio at one point so that her healing and or AOE from Q, i can't remember which; were nerfed. She was viable, now not really.
: she got reverted
-Reworks a champ- ...Na waste of time let's change it back
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: I would love to play mordekaiser one more time on Nexus blitz before he gets reworked,
Yeah when I imagine how it works to make the game I just think of the Sims games where you just click and drag and poof, magically the game is. Of course when you start adding champs and abilities and stuff it all has to be "coded" or something like that, but idk how any of that works. T_t
Kattzy (NA)
: I love nexus blitz so much. It's such a great mode to play when ranked is too depressing lol
Sukishoo (NA)
: Odyssey was great. Maybe it will return if they expand on that skin line. Dark star was a 3v3, not a 5v5 cause they made the map much smaller. I think we will see the return of Star guardian invasion and the Project mode since both of those skin themes are returning later this year.
Star guardian was fun as well, good times.
: We need Odyssey back too, I loved it. So much that I wrote that guide after tons of playing and testing.
I never got to play Odyssey :c the skins look good though, another good one was a few years back called dark star. 10 Thresh's with cross map hooks trying to flay them into the center of the map which was like a black hole. Very fun.
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