: What do you guys miss most from league?
: Just tuning in to draw attention on the fact that...
2 Patches before the buff Riot said she was weak, which is why she's getting buffed.
: Again, stop buffing Lee Sin everytime before Worlds
His ult dmg going up by 25 will barely make a differnce. Stop treating this like it's a massive buff that will make him broken. It's actually so dumb how the lolboards and reddit lose their shit when a champion they don't like gets buffed. The bias on here and reddit is actually so huge I'm in disbelief. Then when Kai'sa only gets nerfed by 20% attack speed people lose their shit and say the nerf is barely anything.
Neriticc (EUW)
: Why doesn’t Yasuo shield flow reset if he takes damage from enemy champions?
Because Malz shield is a lot stronger because he gets a 90% dmg reduction buff and is immune to cc, which is a lot stronger than simply health for a shield.
Rioter Comments
: I agree, the cdr issue has gotten way out of hand. So many items grant cdr, so if I had to be honest Transcendence should only give stats if you overcap on CDR and not do that and give 10%. Does that mean you need to buff the stats on that specific rune? Maybe. And some of the items need to have their cdr adjusted. Spear is one, BC is on the fence, Tri was originally 10% (issue is what AS component could replace stinger?). There are a bunch of others but you get the point. The excess cdr tossed in the game allows champions like Riven to hit their powerspikes faster (it took her what, 3 items before to get full cdr for her kit? Now she gets it in a item and a half practically)
It didn’t take Riven 3 items back in the day. All she had to do was buy brutalizer and ionian boots plus runes and masteries. In total it only took her 2,337 gold to get 40% cdr compared to the 4,100 gold (cleaver 3 k, caul 1,100k) she needs to cap out on cdr and the 10 cdr transendence only kicks in at lvl 10.
: > [{quoted}](name=nargnargnarg,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=prfBmEt6,comment-id=00000000000000000002,timestamp=2019-04-01T05:26:03.421+0000) > > One game isn’t a good argument to lower dmg across the board anyone that is that fed can one shot people. Maybe not a literal oneshot, but still kill you really quickly. > > All b/c you lost one game vs. a champion doesn’t mean she should be nerfed. All b/c you got destroyed by one champion doesn’t mean it was the champion’s fault. The argument isn't to nerf one champ or another, but rather nerf damage or buff tank stats. We lost Old Runes, and the lower resists and higher damages offered by Runes Reforged are a consequence of that choice. This effectively induces snowball. If you have a large damage-to-mitigation ratio, if you can conceptualize it, then you will see it grow when people get kills and get fed. It can grow to unacceptable numbers in the current meta, where fed people can 2 and 3 tap people, or kill someone in 1 hit with an ability. In the past, during the tank meta, we had a low damage-to-mitigation ratio, and people complained the games were drawn out and some champs were just walking meat shields. If you want to fix this game, you literally just have to increase available armor and magic resist on RUNES, NOT ITEMS, or IN THE BACKGROUND ON ALL CHAMP PAGES. That alone will put the armor and magic resist equations and assumptive values where they need to be to fell more like old LoL. You can also look at these equations. You can use them to show how much 15 to 25 armor difference between old runes and new runes can mean on a champ who builds no armor or magic resist items. Ezreal at level 18 with 6 armor minor shard is 87.5 armor, so his damage taken would be (100/187.5 = 53.3% physical damage intake rate). Imagine him with the 27 armor from before (100/208.5 = 50.0% damage intake rate). Comparing the two, then 53.3%/50.0% means 6.6% increased damage just from being limited to Minor Shards compared to full fledged old runes. If you're taking 6.6% more damage than you used to baseline, then when a champ is doing 2 times the dps because they got fed, they're really doing 2.12 times the dps now. If they're doing 3 times the dps you expect before the runes changes, then they are really doing 3.18% more dps than you expect. The effect of decreasing resists will display compounding effects when people get fed compared to before. Damage disparities compound when the safety net damage resistances aren't there like they used to be. The assumed damage mitigation is gone. The only way I can mock my old rune pages is taking Conditioning Rune on every champion I play. I haven't decided to do that because it's very restrictive, while the old runes were more free. I don't want to be in the poor resolve tree for one thing (although I do make that one thing sound very valuable). Also, Here is their armor and magic resist calculators. https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Armor https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Magic_resistance
Mb I misinterpreted OP’s post. But it doesn’t mattet too much. Whether he wants better drfensive stats or wants to hit Neeko’s dmg (and other champs he mentioned)to be lowered, he wants to not be one shot by Neeko or other champions in the game. In the example he mentioned, he’s refusing to take into account that Neeko is SUPER fed (b/c he and his team fed her) which is the reason she does so much dmg, instead he decides to blame the game for not having enough tanky stats. If you’re behind u deserve to be losing. If I’m 0/2 vs. someone in lane I sjouldn’t be able to fight him.
: > [{quoted}](name=ZephyrDrake,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=prfBmEt6,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-03-31T16:22:32.092+0000) > > this is an isolated problem. You should not be hit by an Neeko R unless that Neeko flashed onto you. There is a reason why AP Neeko has such an atrocious winrate. She is not reliable in the slightest. Seems to me you misplay and then complain when you die as a result of your misplay https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/3010342779/36483041?tab=overview I will post a video later tonight shadowing her plays for 38 minutes. You will see the unjustifiable snowball tied to the high damage in the game. The Neeko started 20/0, then started getting sloppy, but still finished 29/3/7. She would have gone 29/0 if she really wanted.
One game isn’t a good argument to lower dmg across the board anyone that is that fed can one shot people. Maybe not a literal oneshot, but still kill you really quickly. All b/c you lost one game vs. a champion doesn’t mean she should be nerfed. All b/c you got destroyed by one champion doesn’t mean it was the champion’s fault.
: Is Lowering Damage Even Under Consideration?
Please show the scoreboard in the youtube vid so we know what items she has etc., so we have more context to what’s going on.
DeusVult (NA)
: Poppy W does not stop dashes if they do not move at least 75 units
It blocks Riven Q’s fine so idk if it’s a big or not.
Vulkus I (NA)
: Why Do People On Here Refuse to Admit Kayle is Broken?
I stomp her in lane every time I play against her. She's useless if you shut her down early game.
: You probably never played Riven into a not so braindead Jax. You pick E first, trade with her at lvl 1 and when Riven attempts to fight back you pop your E --> trade won. No possible way for Riven to do something at all. Her Q damage early game is insanely low. Also while Riven uses her Qs Jax can literally just AA her, block her AAs with his E AND stun her to get another AA on her. Riven can't win against Jax unless Jax is dumb enough to fail his E. In fact, Jax can also beat renetkon on lane simply because his E blocks Renes W. Riven isn't as strong on lane as people think. Ofc, the Riv can decide not to fight at all, which would throw her back hard because Jax spikes insane at lvl 6 while Riven still is depended on her animation cancelling with her AAs which are blocked by Jax E. There is no possible way for a Riven to win lane against Jax unless the Jax player wastes his E. Riven depends highly on enemy mistakes which is hard to make on champs like Jax (also why Fiora is a skill matchup, if Fiora misses W or any vitals Riven WILL abuse it. If not Riven will lose most likely.)
No dude. All u have to do is hit lvl 3 on Riven then jax is free. Also Renekton can just bait out jax's counter strike if he's good.
: Vayne's ability to kite needs a nerf
Gramps69 (NA)
: I think an underlying issue with all of this is the overabundance of CDR in the game today. Why does Shojin's Spear need 20% CDR with the Essence Flare passive? Why does every lethality item need to give 10% CDR? The only item classes that don't have good access to CDR are hypercarry items (mainly crit builds), and tank items for the most part (more exceptions, but it is a broader range of items). I mean, look at the issues with Karthus now-- he can get Presence of Mind, Ultimate Hunter, and then his jungle build gives 10% CDR on the blue enchantment. Remember when you actually had to think about whether or not to use your ult instead of just spamming it with a Blitz-Q cooldown? Max-CDR Zed can have his level 3 ult up like every 36 seconds or something gross like that, same with Rengar, and guess what? Both champs buy Lethality items (that give CDR for some reason).
Back in the day she could hit 40% with just brutalizer and ionian boots that gave 10 and 15 cdr. The remaining 15 cdr was obtained at level 1 from runes and masteries
: A Renekton/Jax/Fiora master would beat every Riven simply because Rivens biggest early game counter is DPS. She can't win against those champs unless they play really really bad.
Riven beats Jax in lane and Fiors is a skill matchup, but she definitly loses to Renekton
: Riven Maxes E in any difficult match-up to reduce the CD for fights. She rushes CDR in her build. Whether spear, cleaver, or deaths dance, she's going to have 20-40%cdr by mid-game, meaning that by minute 15 she's E'ing every 4 seconds. Spacing out about a second between each Q (perfect amount of time for an auto and attack-like move) and her E she can hop infinitely. That IS spam. The Idea that you can play around the cooldowns of a champion whose longest non-ultimate cooldown is going to be around 7-8 seconds by this point (her W, and Q if she wastes all three charges up front) is kind of ridiculous. Most top laners aren't going to have the cooldowns themselves to abuse that window. Darius and Fiora can but surprise surprise they are some of the few matchups that are considered 'tough' by most riven guides and even they come down to skill. This also kind of throws a wrench into your "Trades mobility for damage/durability". Especially given that she builds pretty much raw AD with some HP thrown in and her shield having an AD scaling along with its low cooldown Riven can become extremely durable especially when ahead. If she's spacing her cooldowns out and getting her auto attacks in between spells like she should be, she's not going to be left without tools very often. Now, a Riven that blows all of her CD's just getting to the opponent isn't going to live very long once she gets there but that's the players fault for wasting CD's. Not to mention that most champions that can outpoke her are absolutely bursted by her combo. Gnar absolutely detonates long before he can transform if she manages to jump on him. Jayce can ult her away the first time but there's a strong possibility of him being dove pre-level six. And let's talk about late game. Let's talk about a 1.5-second shield on a 3.5-second cooldown on a champion with a knock-up and stun (also on only a 3.5 second CD) that leaves you about a .75 window where she is unshielded and not CC'ing you. This shield that has a base stat of 215 (Janna's, for comparison, only shields 210 at max level) with a full 100% bonus AD ratio, meaning that at a minimum it's shielding for 435 (Assuming a cleaver, spear, Hydra, GA build, which is nowhere near the highest AD full CDR build available to her). 435. That's not a small number. Even at just the first two items, she's shielding 315. How are these for facts.
There’s no fucking way Jayce can get dove pre 6 by Riven. A good jayce will just bully Riven the whole laning phase.
Rioter Comments
Xilixer (NA)
: twitch seriously needs some nerfs
Rioter Comments
: In all honesty it's quite astonishing that Lulu still has a point and click ranged hard CC ability
Twisted Fate has a point and click hard cc ability with his gold card
: Riven mains are dense creatures
https://i.imgur.com/dXszfHy.jpg This is the cutest gril Riven main
: I'd be really hesitant about true Spellvamp. The problem about Spellvamp wasn't ONLY that it was available in laning phase. Even if you had kept Will of the Ancients without a Spellvamp component, you still have the problem of having to make the stat interesting for a super wide range of patterns, from Annie and Lux to Vladimir and Ryze. I'm not convinced it would be balanceable, even outside of laning phase.
No one bought b/c there were better options like DFG, Old zhonyias etc.
MagÊ (EUW)
: as a mage main, my wishes: Nerf {{item:3165}} , ap should be reduced to at least 80 if not 70 {{item:3102}} {{item:3157}} remove cdr, increase ap to 100 and tweak the price to adjust the items {{item:3089}} better build path {{item:3116}} buffed while making it healthier {{item:3285}} 3200 gold for this? you must be doing jokes riot, reduce the price to 3000 {{item:3812}} spellvamp would be appreciated the reason spellvamp was a problem is because you could get it during laning phase, making vladimir too broken and other manaless mages like kennen if you make a 3600 gold item that gives sustain to mages, i think it would be balanceable
Making Banshees and Zhonyias to 100 AP doesn't make sense b/c their situational items not must buys. Also making Morellos weaker hurts AP champions more b/c they won't be getting as much dmg while still having to buy it first for mana.
: "You have six days to get a group of 5 together and troll with all melee"
Rioter Comments
: {{item:3508}} Obviously ADCs don't get it cause they don't care about the CDR, but if they *want* it, it *is* there.
Some ADC's buy it like Xayah, Lucian, and Sivir.
: > [{quoted}](name=xelaker,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2svX9zv8,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-09-24T14:35:39.788+0000) > > hand pick those problems mages, gotta look weak so you can get the next cycle of buffs right? > > for fks sake people stop cherry picking items. deathcap isn't the only item you can get. try not building it and find out that there's cheaper items for more utility and understand you don't have to be the most glass cannon of them all. That's the problem. Deathcap is suppose to be the lategame item to get for your late game power spike, but it's so expensive and games are ending so much faster that other items are much better.
Xelaker is saying that the op should have used a different example than Deathcap because no one builds it. Xelaker is saying he purposely chose {{item:3089}} +{{item:3285}} because it's a lot more expensive than {{item:3031}} +{{item:3087}} , but in a reality it doesn't really matter because no one builds deathcap. (sorry for run- on sentence). It would have been better to compare{{item:3087}} +{{item:3031}} to items AP champions actually build. EDIT: Changed og to op
Rioter Comments
: Riot is trying to nudge champions back into contention for worlds, without consider the long term consequences. That sounds horrible, except for the fact that everything pretty much goes out the window during preseason. They don't need to worry about breaking the game, because they're going to break it anyway, and put back together.
Skias (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Axes,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fuEk8jeh,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2017-08-25T02:22:00.953+0000) > > We think the Fiora nerfs did harm. If it was correct to nerf her at all, it should've been a simple damage or base stats tweak. Given the dramatic meta shift immediately after the nerf, and given we were shipping Bramble Vest, it probably wasn't correct to even do that much. This only isn't a total revert because we think we made some small game design gains on not giving the movement speed up front on the R - if this doesn't pan out, we'll likely just do the revert of the nerfs. > > The Ivern nerf was made when his itemization looked quite different. He's doing approximately the kinds of things we expect and he could use a little power, so a tap up here is appropriate. Trying to keep it relatively small, though. > > Jarvan isn't powerful for just one thing - it's how much damage while how tanky. We don't want to see his kill threat go down, particularly not while the meta's still jungle tanks, so we're tapping down the other side of the equation instead. This should still be a net buff as long as he's putting gold into defensive items, relative to before we touched him in patch 7.7. > > Ryze has been horrible for a long time; we're looking for a buff that might get him some spot Worlds play and doesn't do a ton otherwise. We think we need to a pretty meaningful tune-up (we are NOT planning any kind of rework), but it's too risky for pre-Worlds; hoping to ship something between Worlds and preseason. I disagree with the Ivern buff. That champion is absolutely frustrating to jungle against. He just walks up to your buffs and instant smites them. Even if you strike him, he can mash his right click until the camp goes off and takes it anyways. That's provided you get in range in time. He needs fundamental changes. Soon. His counterplay doesn't function well at all.
That's b/c you're bad and don't know how to counter jg him. He can only clear when his smite is up, or after a delayed period of time. This leaves his camps up to be easily counterjungled.
Meeks011 (NA)
: Let's see... - Meditate AP ratio increased to 25% from 15%. - Wuju Style actve bonus true damage increased to 14/23/32/41/50 from 12/19/26/33/40. - Alpha Strike grants vision on bounces and has a minimum untargetability of 0.25 seconds. - If Double Strike's first hit kills a unit, the second now searched from a new target within 300 range. - Channeling Meditate pauses the durations of Wuju Style and Highlander, and also gives one stack of Double Strike per second.
Those buffs weren't reverts of his nerf and they weren't immediately after the nerf. Also the meditate and Q buff were useless b/c Yi doesn't build AP and the Q buff isn't going yo make a difference.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=kargish,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0uWOBIM6,comment-id=00000002,timestamp=2017-08-18T10:37:01.120+0000) > > I don't know how you can say that. The fact that someone can pump out 800 damage every auto with 2.50 attack speed is pretty damn near a oneshot. It's not the fact if he can oneshot as fast as Rengar or not, it's because Twitch has Rengar's ultimate on a basic ability. They do almost the same thing except Twitch's is stronger. Can Twitch oneshot on lvl 6 or with just 1 item? And Twitch needs 2-3 sec to burst someone down with full build. Check those videos where rengar used to oneshot in 0.17 sec. Or those high elo pre nerf rengar getting triple kill in less than a sec. Not to mention that Twitch has bad laning and mid game as a compensation. What was Rengars downside? Good jungle clear. Good lane ganks. Sustain. Safe from invades.
: Do you think Damage should be reduced?
No, because it would be really frustrating when that one chanpion slips away with one health. Also getting kills is one of the most exciting parts if the game. Reducing the likeliness of kills would make the game boring.
: D5 0 LP player who has 35 kills 115 deaths over his last 15 games ends up on my team
Please link his op.gg. He could just be really tilted and the reason why he's not demoting is because of the demotion shield at D5.
: The mission which required 25 assists made me queue up for support
The easy way to do this mission is to just play ARAM
Kloqdq (NA)
: I mean there is a lot of stronger items than rabadons, ie and rageblade. {{item:3102}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3193}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3109}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3074}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3078}} Rageblade is arguably the strongest of the three but it is iffy. Items have just gotten far better over the years and rabadons and IE are frankly just added stats to crit and ap. They are strong but they are outclassed nowadays when you just consider the power of other items.
: How about we compromise? 2% crit rune.
: Nothing feels better
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Subdue (NA)
: This Yasuo died 3 times in the first 8 minutes at Platinum
Pretty impressive that Yas didn't flame his team for dying. In Plat people do that 24/7.
: Xin's eventual rework should make him feel like a polearm-user
What if Riot made his Q increase his aa range or something like that? I'm thinking it would be something like this: Xin lunges out with his spear dealing physical damage to the target. The target is now marked allowing Xin to auto attack the target with increased attack range and also resets his aa timer. So his basic combo in lane would be aa Q aa. Edit: Q should have the aa reset not the auto attack afterwards.
: Wasn't Jinx also really strong up until the patch of Star Guardian as well?
She was never strong when in all of season 6 and 7.
Rainfall (EUNE)
: So.....When Are You Going To Release A New Draven Skin?
FIDGET SPINNER DRAVEN!!! Just wait till April Fools for this skin
Dr Poro (EUW)
: I just have problems with his E (combined with the poke of his Q and the zoning with his 3rd Q). Usually you want to sit near your minions in the toplane so when the opponent attacks you, the minions aggro on them. But vs Yasuo, those minions are just free dashes. I really loved the change on the PBE where the dash CD was higher on early levels. So sad that didn't make it through.
It's just so frustrating when trying to all in him when he spams his dash 24/7 so u can't chase him.
: Your top 3 '' wtf why did rito make him ? '' champions ?
{{champion:114}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:17}} He snuck on my list ^
: I wouldn't really say from the after-game grades because these grades do not only judge from your KDA but from ur cs and ur ward numbers. Sometimes its just not good there are many cases in which a player has done 12/2 and he got a grade of A+. Sounds BS right? That's why I didn't recommend it.
Grades don't matter . All because you got an S- from 1v9'ing, but you still lost doesn't mean you gain LP. For example, if I'm 15/0/2 and late game I decide it's a smart idea to facecheck a brush near baron and die, which costs me the game I don't deserve that win. Also having stats determine whether or not you gain LP would influence your decisions to not win. For example, people would be more likely go for kills and not engage so they don't damage their KDA's cuz it would influnce whether or not they gain LP even though the right decision to fight will increase your chance of winning.
: "We buffed Sivir, not because she's weak, but because we want to see her at worlds"
Sivir's pretty bad compared to most other adc's. For example, Ashe, Cait, Corki, Draven, Jhin, Kalista, Lucian, MF, Trist, Twitch and probably a lot more Adc's. The main reason is because her laning phase isn't that strong and she doesn't have range, which leaves her vulnerable to be getting engage from J4, Gragas, Sej and other meta tanks. Spellshield won't do too much either. True the buff's going to be enough to put her in the meta, but it's not like the buff was for no reason. The main ADC who actually needs a buff (his Q buff was a joke) is Ezreal becauae he's the only ADC that doesn't build crit, which basically makes his mid and late game garbage compared to other ADC's and he has no Utility, which has been meta for ages. He legit needed a damage buff to his Q. Something like a 30 AD increase at rank 1 that scales up to 50 AD at max rank. Edit: Kalista and Kog'maw don't really build crit except for Runnasn but they still have decent scaling (Kalista Rend) (Kog'maw W on hit + Q armor shred).
Tohob (NA)
: you answered your own complaint in your title. "with no counterplay" how to counter {{champion:31}} in 1 easy step: walk away from {{champion:31}} and because someone's going to respond "how do you walk away when you're knocked up" here's a bonus tip how to counter {{champion:31}}'s knockup in 1 easy step: walk away from the circular indicator when {{champion:31}} activates his knockup.
In theory ya that's what you're supposed to do, but you can't kite him forever due to his inane tankyness.
: A lot of people agree she was hit too hard last nerf.
Darshan popped off on her vs. Immortals. I thinks she's in a pretty decent spot.
: Things You Miss About The Game But You Know Will Never Come Back?
Brutalizer Old Last Whisper Old Ionian boots (15% CDR) Old Bloodthirster Old Mastery that was in the Sorcery slot that gave 5% CDR instead of 2 % spell damage.
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