: UPDATE 1:00AM PACIFIC TIME - The change is now live! We've answered a bunch of questions in the comments here [and on Reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/7lmjs4/skin_rerolls_are_highly_weighted_no_1350_skins/), so check that out if you're curious! _____ Hey folks, I just asked some of our loot guys about this, and while OP’s numbers are a little off (1350s, ultimates, etc. do drop sometimes) it actually does look like there is some unfair weighting on skin rerolls specifically. For now, the devs are going to push out an update to remove ALL weighting for the reroll results. That means all unowned skins (except mythics) will have equal odds of dropping from rerolls—just like how all skin shards (except mythics) currently have equal odds of dropping now from hextech chests. **This change should roll out within the next hour, and we’ll update you once it’s live. **Also, in the longer term we’re looking into other possible solutions. FWIW, the current weighting system made more sense back in the old system (when people only ever rerolled low-value skins) but we’re realizing now we should’ve just updated it to be unweighted when we made all the other loot changes. So, it’s our bad. Will fix ASAP and update once it’s done.
Are the people who have been majorly impacted by this going to get any sort of compensation? Since either money or time was wasted? I have 650+ skins and a reroll is wasted all but maybe 5%. I know others are in this same boat. {{champion:32}}
: 1:08 Huge Dildo has slain Linaewen
I'm surprised they didn't keep that one out
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Zenzah (NA)
: Dear Riot, would you like to either fix your serves, or turn on loss forgiven? I am so bloody damn sick and tired of being just fine when I get into the game, then not even 5 minutes into the game go from 36 ping to over 300+ for the rest of the match and ping pong between 86-820 ping. Either turn on loss forgiven or disable ranked cause this lag spiking is complete and utter bull crap.
That doesn't sound like a Riot issue, it sounds like your computer or ISP (likely ISP).
: NA Server Roadmap Update: Upcoming NA Server Move
Is this phase 1 of a multi part plan that is to get everyone below 40 ping? As a Pacific Northwest resident I've played with 18-22 ping for the last 4 years consistently. Playing on other servers (korea for example) I have 170 ping and it's a completely different game at that point. I think if Riot was able to give all regions a better connection to their games due to closer servers to EVERYONE, that would be a huge improvement. Spreading out the pain doesn't really resolve the problem that has been clearly identified for anyone not playing on the West coast..
: Chat service
Are you hosting any web services (IIS, Apache, etc)? On my developer machine, I had WAMP running and shutting it off fixed this issue for me (I think).
: Extra Bonus RP is coming for a limited time!
Will the Blood Moon Bundle last until the 12th?
: I actually went to the latin america north servers to play XD
Did that work for you? I can't get in any other server (tried EUNE, EUW, LAN, KR)
For Ashe (NA)
: you get it by winning a game on the blue side in Summoner's Rift beta in team builder
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: NA Server Downtime: Scheduled Maintenance 11/19
Can anyone log into EUNE / EUW / LAN? I've been getting the timeout screen since NA maintenance started
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: Here’s when to buy Worlds tickets
Whats the earliest we could pick up our tickets for those who ordered from the US? For the Grand Finals
: The top 20 players at Worlds 2014
Dyrus isn't on here?
Preeti (NA)
: Big Plays Spotlight: WOMBO COMBO
http://youtu.be/7cw-DMKJ1j8?t=23s For those of you that the video doesn't load for (for some reason mine never loads)


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