: TFT/PBE Login Queue... Is this for real?
Just play Dota Uprising until it comes out. At least then you can get the feel for auto chess until the better version comes out.
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: I miss Teambuilder, it's was the most funny thing in League of Legends...
Lol. Now most of the time you always end up with jungle XD
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: or ult the most annoying one just cuz
I don't know about ulting a Rakan. If he plays his W and R right, he might be able to evade your E for 7 seconds. I think it would be better to ult the champion with the least mobility and crowd control for a guaranteed kill.
: Yes please can we keep a skin that does not make him look like the skeleton king from diablo
Actually if you look through the Skin Spotlight trailer, King of Clubs Mordekaiser is probably the closest to Old Morde. He's literally just the King of Clubs skin with added horns.
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: Does Anyone Actually Want Custom Games?
Well yeah, I was talking about a tool like Halo's Forge that would actually allow players to make their own content with weekly contests and stuff.
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: Christmas-Time Pyke
What about Krampus Pyke?
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: They should replace ARAM or Twisted Treeline with it. When you play either of those modes, the lobbies are filled with bots anyways.
I don't think you'll have any luck with that. ARAM's has been a part of the menu for a long time now and Twisted Treeline actually has a ranked mode to it. As much as I loved Nexus Blitz, from the random events to the 17 minute quick games, Riot has put their foot down about it. Which sucks because it would have been a way better alternative game mode than ARAM (which I personally believe was designed for masochists like Mundo).
: Problems I have with Wukong and the technique of "Wuju Style"
Well if you look at their kits you can see the wuju aspect translated from Yi to Wukong. Yi's empowered E translates to Wukong's empowered Q. Yi's sword attack translates to Wukon's E where he attacks multiple enemies as well.
Jøkèr (NA)
: Yuumi is so not fun
A war band would say that... Lol I'm just joking. I was thinking about picking her up but looking at the feedback regarding her it's kind of a hit or miss. I think what everyone is trying to say is that she does what everyone else does just much less of it. Sure, a heat seeking slow is cool, but why not just play Pyke or Bard? Sure her heal is cool but Sona and Nami already do that. A shield is pretty neat but Braum and Rakan arguably do it better. And I suppose a team root is pretty cool but Maokai and even Neeko's E -> R combo does it better. I'm all down for attaching being a cool new gimmick but what does she really bring that is different to the table? If her Q is so cool, why does it do so little damage? And if her E is ok, why not give her a steroid that no other support has, like increasing health regeneration or healing received? Or maybe when you attach to your ADC they not only gain a shield but an empowered attack. I mean heck, Braum makes an ally's attack have the possibility of stunning an enemy. If Yuumi is so ally dependent, why not transfer the power of 2 champions into one champion? What I mean by that is the biggest critique with her concerns her early game. Bot lane becomes a 1v2 until late game and essentially, like you said, you're just an item for your adc. Sure you can make some plays by slowing an enemy with your Q but unless you're on a Vayne your adc is probably going to get hooked (and if it's a Pyke level 6 all he needs to do is get within execute range, limiting your E's outplay), rooted, or stunned and then killed. The enemy team adc pretty much needs to 1v1 your adc and you have to hope the enemy support is either incompetent or weak for you to get a kill. Better yet, her whole thing is being able to open magical portals right? What if her Q had a trail behind it that teleported the enemy to the end of the tail when it hit them, essentially being a heat seeking hook? And then you could make W attach to enemies for a second or two and have it function as a silence or stun so that the enemy support can't just simply follow up and kill your adc while the enemy bot lane laughs at you. She has to have some way of counteracting what most enemy supports do other than just healing. I mean Soraka even has a silence that can root. I mean you could really have fun with this concept. My favorite attaching champion from a MOBA has been IO from Dota 2, and IO was able to consume items and his ally would also consume some of the item if IO was attached to them. But IO also had Aurelion Sol's stars and could function as a champion. I think the problem is people don't know what Yuumi is supposed to be. If she's like Xerath in that she plays around her spells and auto attacks to get mana, why is it her spells do so little damage and so little in terms of overall use? And if she's supposed to go from one champion to the next and be a late game monster, what's the point of playing a 4v5 game until you can start actually doing stuff later on? I'm sure the pros will figure out how to use her to win games, but If she's just that kind of champion I can't see her being picked up in casual play as much.
: > [{quoted}](name=Death by Glamour,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EEqL4h2z,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-21T19:31:57.372+0000) > > Tbf if you play bot, top ends up feeding and if you go mid you get a jungler that just farms I switched to TOP because TOP kept inting. So I thought "hey top is easy, just freeze the lane and farm with a tank, the TP bot for team fights and dragons" Nope. Now bot lane is inting.
You can't plug up all the holes on a sinking ship.
They are, just seasonally. It wasn't popular enough to become a permanent game mode (and yet somehow ARAM still is).
: > [{quoted}](name=nguforever,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dvEZslUA,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-05-20T21:49:13.564+0000) > > Oh wait you play Olaf top. I mean isn't Kai'sa supposed to be able to position well? As long as Fiddle keeps poking and ults right (with Zhonyas) it should be ok. What does what I do with olaf in top lane have to do with watching with nearly 100% of the time, fiddle sucking ass at bot and wrecking the match?
Sorry fam, didn't mean anything by it. I would agree that Fiddle is often a harder champion to play well from the standpoint that he is played like the good version of Teemo support. He isn't intended to be a healer or shielder but what he does provide is reliable poke damage and silences. He also has a fear just in case anyone gets too close. The problem with fiddle that I'm sure you've observed is that people are far too aggressive with him (especially in Silver). Fiddle's Fear is really only meant to be used as an all in once you've done the work poking down both the enemy adc and support to where you and your adc can safely kill both of them. He's much like Zillean in that aspect. If he gets caught, however, he is most certainly dead, which is why he needs to be played well. He needs to be able to dodge skill shots (and honestly he gets a speed boost when he runs toward an enemy after standing still AND after casting an ability so he has that going for him). His ult can either be amazing or a giant sign saying "Come here I will feed you." A smart fiddle can be annoying to play against and hard to counter. A bad fiddle will feed the enemy team.
Saezio (EUNE)
: LOL, picking supportive support chars in low elo means A) you don't have enough confidence that you are better than that elo B) you believe your botlaner is capable of carrying If you wanna climb at support positions in that elo you want brand/zyra/pyke/xerath/velkoz.
Dude, someone before you assume they play that position. He's a toplaner and he's talking about his most recent game where Fiddlesticks was played.
Spotty (NA)
: Still amazed at how many players think Fiddle support is a good idea
Oh wait you play Olaf top. I mean isn't Kai'sa supposed to be able to position well? As long as Fiddle keeps poking and ults right (with Zhonyas) it should be ok.
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: This game isn't enjoyable anymore. And it's the community's fault.
To summarize the entirety of this post: The serious try hard players think are mad at casuals because they are tired of losing games. The casual players think are mad at the serious try hard players because they don't want to be flamed and actually want to enjoy a competitive game with friendly people. The funny thing is that neither group of players are actually mad at the other group. They are actually mad at two other little defined groups. The serious try hard players are actually mad at losing games when they have put so much time and effort into learning the game. This isn't necessarily even because they want to win the game, but because they want feedback from the game that they are actively progressing and getting better at the game. Thus if they aren't getting that instant feedback, they'll turn to the person they see not playing their optimum rather than accepting the fact that they are a good player and are still progressing. Essentially, that one person becomes (to the try hard), a block to the dopamine of winning a game. The person wishes they could remove this perceived obstacle rather than trying to develop team building skills that might better impact the overall performance of the team. In the numerous streams and games I've played, only one type of "flaming" is viable: the get it together we still got this exhortation. And it has to be done prudently (not saying "Come on man, what are you doing?") because most people are already struggling with their identity playing this game. Reaffirming what most people already get from one or many sources (that they suck and are useless) probably will just lead to that person shutting down. But then how should a try hard person react to someone who is actually trolling a game? This is a fairly difficult question, but I think I might have a suggestion. Obviously report the player, but does that affect who you are as a player? Maybe take a norm or two and try to show yourself you are a capable League player. Or maybe even subscribe to a site that tracks your overall performance and see how far you've come. Putting others down may be an easy way of reaffirming your identity, but to what extent? You're just affirming you are better than the Nunu that doesn't know how to play jungle effectively, and thus are always going to be comparing yourself to other players. You will never be good enough. You will never be the best. It's really a lose/lose for all parties involved. You may feel a sense of justice or vengeance but at the end of the day you're still pissed off and carry that into your next game. I'm not saying that the alternative is any easier to swallow: you lose a ranked game because of unexperienced play and maybe get trash talk from the enemy team (just mute them!). But at least if you try your best not to flame and raise the moral of your team you are proving the confidence you already have in your skill and knowledge of the game. Maybe you won't earn the respect of all of your teammates, but those honors are pretty nice and you may even be the one calling the shots for your team throughout that game. It's a delicate balance to be sure but I really don't see anything good coming out of negatively flaming someone. The casual players are actually mad for the same reason. For whatever reason they wanted to test their skills in ranked, perhaps because the champion they were trying to learn was more mechanically demanding and they needed a greater challenge to learn the champion properly. But ultimately, anyone entering ranked is going into it to feel a sort of progression they are not getting from normal games. In their attempt to get this feedback, they are often met with negative feedback because of a lack of skill or knowledge that cannot be developed in normal games alone. Thus they are frustrated they are getting negative feedback rather than positive feedback. My advice for these people is simply to mute all. 9/10 the feedback from teammates is going to be negative and it's important to your growth to develop healthy tendencies rather than negative ones. You also have to stop comparing yourself to other players as well, after all, you need to at least be honest with yourself about your skill level. And if you're just playing for fun, have fun, but realize you may offend those who have much of their identity placed in this game and be prepared for them to call out off picks in ranked (again, just mute all). That being said, I do feel that there could be some ideas that enhance gameplay. -- Lower the surrender limit to the 5 minute mark or at least lower the vote count to 4 players at the 15 minute mark. Significantly reduce the LP lost in early surrender votes; if a team doesn't want to play together, why should they have to drag it out to the 30 minutes? Make games surrendered this way NOT count for promos. If there becomes an abuse to this, treat it as a reroll given to ranked players and limit the amount of times they can reroll before losing lp. -- Make a more expansive tutorial before entering ranked that all players should go through. Each should be an optional tutorial that highlights each of the 5 roles and then give a 6th tutorial on macro and team fighting. Sure all of this can be found online, but having a tutorial right before entering ranked that says something along the lines of "Think You're Ready?" with an optional tutorial may help both the try harder in having more competent teammates and the casual in feeling more prepared for ranked (which can feel like an enormous challenge). -- Make a game mode entitled "community created game modes" and give players the tools to work on a small open map where they can create their own content and play it with friends. I feel like this would be an outlet for many players wanting to try troll builds, giving them opportunities to race, fight in an arena, or 1v1. It would breathe a freshness into the community that would allow idea sharing and popular modes to be developed and become beloved by a casual player base. And who knows, maybe even some of these player created modes could become competitive in time.
: > [{quoted}](name=RyzeTheSmurfMage,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=enxepHlE,comment-id=0000000200000000,timestamp=2019-03-20T15:28:13.124+0000) > > Imo the horns are perfect. They arent too big. Sauron, Witch King and Lich King all have similar sized horns and Morde is heavly inspired in theme from them I know, but I feel like he needs to keep the shape from his current helmet or at least be identical, its everywhere on icons, merch, pentakill everything etc. Malicious Metal confirmed that exclusively for the Pentakill version of Mordekaiser, they will be keeping his helmet. Thus Pentakill will most likely be the closest to Mordekaiser's old look.
: She is shit :( 1,5% playrate and 50% winrate and we´re in a meta where there are plenty of health stacking enemies and early clearing&fighting is great for a jungler.,.......she should be really good but she is pretty dang crap. So instead of playing a more melee build she is forced to use some half assed borderline troll build where she either snowballs hard and wins right away with a extremely uninteractive play pattern(dragon-E-x5 -> go recharge dragon on jungle camp) or she is just useless from start to finish. Shyvana has had times where she has been really good or alright, this isnt it.
Sorry I know that I was just doing it for the meme.
Ðïana (NA)
: Jax I can totally understand, and agree with. Morde, doesn't it put a giant helmet/Morde head over top of you? I always thought that one was extremely obvious, can't really think of much way to make it more obvious. Veigs I'm on the fence about it needing a change. Like you said, it looks very similar to his Q - But at the same time, it's targeted and can't be dodged as well as having a fairly fast projectile speed. If he's cast it, it's basically too late. Morg/Sivir/Noct(?) have that split second to try to nullify it with a spellshield, or you have a split second to try to hourglass, but in general I don't see it making much difference or being particularly worth the design team resources. If they were touching him up again anyway, I'd totally support making it slightly more obvious of what it is. Just not sure I'd support specifically putting the time into it if they aren't already messing with him. I'd think just changing the color of it would be the most obvious solution and require the least work, but then they have to think about it thematically - Not very many colors would fit Veigar other than dark colors that won't be super easily discernible from his current spell colors(Particularly for those of us who are colorblind.), making it kind of a waste to spend time on it when it won't really be any more clear. Changing the entire projectile animation is possible, but even then there isn't much to thematically make it - An arrow or something that is VERY obviously different from his Q wouldn't really fit the Veigar theme properly. It's a goofy situation. Maybe just leaving the particles in a line behind it would help? You'd know immediately "The line goes from Veig to the spell - That's his R coming at me", and the particles already exist it would just be a matter of making them not instantly fade as it travels. Not to say I don't support making them more clear - I'm just not sure that two of them really need it in general. Veigar's you get used to over time(Especially if you play him and pay attention to the abilities as you use them - You'll learn the difference quite well.), and Morde's I really think is already super obvious. If they can change them to make them more clear to more players without spending resources better spent elsewhere, that'd be great. If not, they're at least "Okay" as it is. Jax though I agree 100%. The little circles around his core are super easy to miss in a hectic battle or if he activates it before he's in your vision. It really could use some form of indicator that is significantly more noticeable.
Yeah, as a Morde player I can definitely confirm that a helmet appears above the enemy champ. Plus, you don't have to worry about that for long because he's getting reworked! HUE HUE HUE
: If Fiddlesticks gets Reworked like This, he has so Much More Potential for Skins!!!
They should totally do this to Nocturne! Oh wait... {{champion:28}}
: Kingdom Hearts players would never vote for Nocturne. We are the warriors of light, we are supposed to destroy the darkness, not help it getting stronger.
"But once again you have it all wrong, Eraqus. Darkness is a beginning, you see, not an end. At birth, every one of us emerges from darkness into a world of light, do we not?"
Marlusia (NA)
: Cant you come up with something that's a little more original?
Saevum (NA)
: VU like Mor'du now that riot its copying disney. With arrows, swords axes and sht stuck in his pelt.
Ok, I will admit I would like some sort of VU for Voli. This is taken directly from Silence for the Damned speaking of Volibear: "In the forest behind Najak, the great black-leaf trees cracked and shook. Taller than a mammoth, it stepped out of the woods. Walls of muscle, each limb larger than a man, propelled the beast forward. Its broken, ancient armor of dark, metal plates was caked brown by the dried gore of a hundreds of battles. Broken weapons, rusted with age, jutted from its back and shoulders. One half of its face had been stripped of flesh, revealing oily bone, teeth, and horns. From its mouth, an unnatural, black blood dripped. Its four eyes, impossibly ancient, alien, and pitiless, looked over Sejuani and Udyr." That doesn't sound like a regular polar bear.
: [Rework release is imminent.](
> [{quoted}](name=Glaricion,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Vo7Ui65g,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2019-05-10T20:17:57.804+0000) > > [Rework release is imminent.]( I'm so excited!
: So if you really want the run down on how this AP works. Nashors does take care of the atkspd and CDR for her kit. You OFTEN want to avoid using it in a team fight. Getting more Es off is better than going in for a few AA and dying. Nahsors allows her to take close up trades along with linch bane and DH you can do a "scare Q" that allows you to decimate and nearly 1 shot a team if you land it all. Nashors can be replaced with other non atkspd items if AA are not a real possibility for the match. For instance, I may be forced to nahsors by them having Irelia, but if they have Ashe/Jayce/Raka/Xerath/Grags You are not landing aa. Nahsors is useless out side of clear speed/CDR and last resort damage. Faster clear speed after nashors for not only camps, but dragons/barons is valuable for timings.
Shyvanna is perfectly balanced... just as all things should be.
: Dang. Old memes are old.
So graves can have a cigar but Fiddlesticks can't have a gun?
: Vote Fiddlesticks so That They Can Give Fiddlesticks the One Thing he TRULY Needs...
: bu-but.. Spiders with guns! Zombies with guns!.. Edward gunnerhands! Being buried alive... inside a gun!
Don't worry fam I got your high quality heresy--I mean content right here.
: Not to Bright are ya? Jk gl with that.
I'm not too bright but Lux is.
: no u
I already did. Can't wait for them to get her back into the meta.
HentaiKami (EUNE)
: Are you drunk my friend? Lux has a ton of skins and is op. She doesn't need anything but deletion from LoL
Name one skin that Lux has and I'll revise this post.
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: This is heresy.
No totally original idea I promise. A Kayle came down from heaven while I was riding on the back of my camel on the way to Mt. Targon.
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: One For All
It's time for Riot to surpass their limits.
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: If anything, Nocturne and Mundo are the two champions that need a VGU
Yes but do they need it more than Fiddlesticks needing a gun?
: Ranked exam
Also, they should have a vision score map. It would ask players where the best places to put wards are at a certain time in the game. If they do not get at least a 60% passing rate, they cannot enter ranked and must take the test again.
: Vote Fiddlesticks so That They Can Give Fiddlesticks the One Thing he TRULY Needs...
So fiddlesticks can have a gun but Graves still can't have his cigar?
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: Vote for Volibear
But he's already really cool. He can throw people behind him and heal when he gets low. I've seen people dominate with him playing jungle and although he isn't meta he still can dominate team fights if he's played right.
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