: Prepare for people to scream and accuse you of being noskill. Despite every lux ability being a well-telegraphed skillshot, people _will_ get hit by it and blame you for it. Some similar long-range noob-destroyers to try: {{champion:161}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:25}}
I have Morgana and her sister so I'll try her out next. I don't know what champions the first two are :/ I mainly just...shield my team and use her hold ability to make the other team's champions hold still long enough for one of the tanks to punish them.
: Lux just finished getting nerfed for being intolerable as a support. Also, you are lv7 (according to your profile), down there people suck, dont know how to dodge, and lux exists to punish people who dont dodge.
yea I'm a little noob. I've gotten 4 of the people on the other team in her ult beam....multiple times. That, and popping a fully upgraded shield when ever someone on the other team ults is also fun when I can pull it off. Lux has a lot of aimming required for her kit.
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