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Rewt (NA)
: uhhhhh........ u wot? The damage went up. You lose 40 flat damage at level 5 E. You gained AD scaling. Shyv has a base AD at 18 of 122. You get .3 scaling. That equals 36.6 which rounds in the game to 37 damage. Now if you add in Titanic Hydra (which is core to shyv) You gain another 10 damage. This means you get 7 Additional Damage on your E with just a titanic Hydra and no additional AD items.
i main shyv and found her fine to play before the patch yesterday when the patch cam eout tho the dmg was inconsitant and was for sure lacking you wouldnt know if you dont play her alot but something wasnt procking or something today it seems fine and alot better idk whats up with that but it is decent now
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: katarina
i did use it for the dmg tho it was nice haveing the extra i mean i couldnt even kill alux with two 120 abilite power items which put me up to around 350 ish ap it helped with the poke and they nerf kat but not the champs that actually need nerfing along with she was also pretty balenced and now shes to weak earlie game is really really hard now
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: Hexakill’s heading back to the Twisted Treeline!
so you guys bring back hexakill but not dont make urf perma :( both are fine a guess
: The ultra rapid fire is winding down
: The Featured Game Modes of 2014
but are they coming out with urf permanent that is honestly what live been waiting for i been wanting them to come out with urf permanent addition to the game itd mean alot to alot of people and it took the tension off of the normal game i loved urf
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