Dude. Get to work or get fired. Caught. I friggin knew there was no "7 month disease"...and your name shouldve tipped me off before i even hired you. argh!
: new to the game
Bro, it definitely does not get any better. Haha... I'm sorry but we actually can all relate to how you feel right now, but honestly, I see a lot of positives. #1 You seem to have a level headed reaction to the fact that people are never wrong themselves, and never make mistakes themselves, and that you always do and always blow the game... instead of flaming them back, you seem to have even a light hearted reaction to it (im inferring that from the use of the phrase "geezus" :D #2 You are expressing your feelings in a positive way...and #3 You have positive hopes for the future! ("It's getting better and better") but unfortunately you have the wrong attitude... You haven't even played ranked yet. You suck. Nobody else ever sucks. Losses are always everyone's fault EXCEPT for the person to first criticize ANY action by another player that COULD be linked to a possible turn in the game. (if that person has someone chime in and agree with them in under 25 seconds ((including someone saying ^)) then they are immune to loss-fault for life, obviously. It does not ever get better, even if you mute people or respectfully reply, they will eventually just afk or yank their ethernet cords... Wait till you experience the "..." comments from the passive-agressive-perfect players who think that ellipses are sound advice or even the display of anything constructive... (besides the fact that you're trying to say nothing but let us all know that you're saying nothing, which is like loudly saying nothing...which is confusingly just retarded, attention-seeking and funny...:D) I'd like to see what someone's mouth looks like who replies to someone with a spoken "..." (btw if this describes you, see my writing for the correct (but over-used) syntax of using an ellipse... ...damn ... ...) Bro, the ONLY real solution to this problem in my opinion is to call out these people for that they are...they are pathetic. Anyone who can't stand to lose a game shouldn't even be playing it...an accepted risk of entering into a contest is that you may LOSE. I was onboard with a lot of riots ideas about player modification and the like...and actually wrote a bit about it in the forums when it was newer...(i have a certain interest in the subject as well because I am an elementary school teacher, and I study the minds of young ones as a passion and as an educator.) but there are no positive changes that I have seen. Unfortunately, I think this is a more widespread and actually a deeply serious societal problem and we're only seeing one facet of it here in the gaming world. I believe our youth worldwide (but most especially america and generally "the west") are quickly developing a "surrender" attitude, and a fear of failure that is slowly crippling them. Quitting is actually seen as beneficial (to save time i've heard the argument put...but that just shows a horrible misunderstanding of opportunity cost and basic economics as applied to human psychology), losing is the worst possible pain that you can experience and nothing is gained from it (when actually the exact opposite is shown and proven in educational research and in a cursory look at a grab-bag of "successful people's" life experiences...they've experienced more failures than most actually) and the best defense to bad feelings about a loss is to immediately abandon any responsibility for it. Most people would say to me, no big deal, its just a game... but I see it happening in the classroom as well, on the recess yard, and even on the athletic fields... So in closing, don't join the club. Quitting is never good. People who think they will never lose and who cant lose graciously are cowards. Cowardice is the biggest enabler of an ordinary life...a mundane existence... So the people who are mocking you are either in the middle of a transformative part of puberty where feelings of insecurity, self doubt and tons of other junk make them into monsters, or they've joined the pathetic-parade, and they are 30, in their parents' basement, will never accomplish anything considered remarkable on anyone's standards and most likely will STILL be "yelling at noobs for keeping them in bronze" 10 years from now... bitchslap them for being what they are, call them out on it, and find a group of real men and women who arent afraid to lose and actually ENJOY the game... (im in the club btw... hit me up anytime, nopressure00... im happy to play with you anytime...)
: Sounds tasty. {{champion:223}}
{{champion:41}} "I much prefer Oranges."
: I don't know... If it doesn't become viable, Titanic Hydra might **sink** into obscurity.
I've already seen some people who "Are Tic"ked about its performance...
: {{champion:412}} Do you have any Soul Food?
{{champion:34}} "Most of this stuff looks 'fowl'"... I wouldn't even touch it... {{champion:133}} "Valor said the same thing!"
: What inspired League of Legends? What inspired this fun game? can anyone tell me that?
i think dota had a riot or something
: {{champion:11}} + {{item:3211}} = {{champion:24}}
I think you meant to say: {{champion:11}} + {{item:3211}} + "Hey you, look over here!" -{{summoner:21}} = {{champion:24}}
: Riot. Can you fix Darius's ULT VFX? It just seems like he is cutting a mountain in half...
or if your...{{champion:44}} ...a mountain of man...
Abernum (NA)
: Tired of kill steals? Here's a tip to never be annoyed by them again!
How can you steal something that doesn't belong to you? I thought this was a team-based strategy moba, so effectively, as long as the enemy dies and someone on your team gets stronger, that just helps you...and makes your chance to get the next kill that much more probable.... ?? i dunno, im a bronzie though...
: {{champion:31}} brother?
{{champion:236}} Brotha!!
: They do have a System in Place to Balance out how much sway someone's reports have in the System. There are still some issues, but Basically, if you didn't get a warning after the match, don't worry, The system took pty upon you because your team was toxic. That being said, I reccomend playing Annie if you're up against Katarina, if you get the chance to pick against her.
Hey thanks for the reply bro. I wasn't worried. :) ...just thought it was important to note that the report option is power. I don't know how it's balanced out, or how much "sway" is needed to make a report valid, but I'd be interested to learn more about that system. For example, say all 4 members did report me, would someone have looked back into the chat log to see whether or not I made any racially charged remarks? They would clearly see the teammate spamming "report fizz for racism" "get him permabanned" and crap like that. And I was first pick fizz, and I'm only a silver player so he's always banned so I grab him whenever I get the chance...he just really fits my playstyle (bonus that hes an epic fish:) )...and I've handled Kat before plenty... this Kat just seemed to be WAY above my level and just straight-up better than me. :) I'll work on my Annie game!
Axxlon (NA)
: Lyte, before you can really do anything, you **NEED** to redesign all of the post-game Report options. Most of that stuff is left over from many seasons ago, back when Riot was a very different company than it is now.
Yes, especially since the report option gives so much power to an already emotionally reacting (they are potentially mad at YOU) person. I had one game where I screwed up badly and it was definitely *mostly my cause for our loss. I did not use the word "fault" on purpose, because it wasn't my "fault"...the opposing midlaner was just an epic Katarina that was better than me and outplayed every adaptation I made to try to even just survive... (I will note though that my team couldn't beat her either, but was happy to blame me for that too, Lol!) But point is, our Vayne began a campaign to "report me for racist/sexist comments" and "having a negative attitude" when neither were true, but he rallied so hard for it I think he convinced the whole rest of the team to report me... for losing. Not even for losing dumbly...just for losing. That's a lot of power to have and I would think it very unfair if something actually came of it, but nothing ever did thankfully...
: See, I disagree. When I'm winning I want to take that base. I want people to fight back, try a little. Beat me when you're down! Rise up and take control back even if we're slaughtering you. I want my wins to be fought for. For me there is nothing more dissatisfying than a win from a surrender. There is nothing more sad than an american not fighting even when they are down. Giving up because it's hard. Stand up for your self. Be the man/woman your children/parents would say, "thats my dad/mom/son/daughter. They never give up. They fight with all they got and if it comes to losing they go out with guns blazing." You can lose gracefully but there is no grace in losing! Be a fighter! Fight for your self and be the America our forefathers fought for; in League and Everything! Never give up! Never surrender! And NEVER stop fighting!!! Muraka!!!
ROAR! Add me in game, brother! I'll play with you any day!
: Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.{{item:3070}}
Lol, trust me bro, I know how I sound. Haha.. and I am able to laugh at myself quite easily, but for some reason this issue really sticks with me... so I am en"tear"ly serious in the points that I made, if a bit dramatic in the way in which I made them. I blame the Spartacus kick I'm on... that show would get anyone pumped up...
: This. I understand where nopressure is coming from, but in certain games, the best way to end the game is to say 'Good job. You win. Time to move on.' You can't realistically win, you know you can't realistically win, and therefore, you're saving everyone time. It's a way of acknowledging your defeat rather than having it forced upon you, which I think is rather more dignified than going out kicking and screaming, which is a great way to bring out the toxicity in players. In a close game, I don't surrender, but when the scores's 50-8 and they're besieging the base, don't waste your time, or, more importantly, everyone else's. The game's over, accept it with some dignity. I recognize that it's tough not to cling to the hope of winning, especially in ranked, but don't think of it as losing faster- think of it as starting a new game more quickly.
Ugh... I don't want to beat a dead horse but I feel the need to reply to you as well my friend. Realistically, if I am in the situation you described, 50-8 and base is besieged, how much time is a surrender *really* going to save the inevitable loss? This is the mistake that I think have led to a culture of surrender. If things are really steamrolling that badly bro, the nexus will collapse in just another minute. It's not a question of acceptance or dignity, because I guess I just see it differently...to me there is no dignity in surrender...it says that even the experience of losing to me isn't worth your time. But as I discussed in other responses, I believe very strongly in the teachings within a defeat. There is never dignity in surrender, in fact the word dignity comes from the Latin dignitas meaning "worthy" and its smallest root, dek- meaning "to accept" so I found it interesting that you asked me to accept accepting. Of course none of this applies when being degraded by the winning team...then I can see someone and I would accept myself surrendering, to end a mockery session. But if you think that because I vote no it means that I'm clinging to a false hope of victory, then of course you are correct...except that it's not false. That is what I will always do, I will cling and fight and scrap and scratch at any chance at victory...isn't that what competition is?? Whether my valuation of the odds against me are 99% certain I will win or 1% certain I will win is a moot point, because surrender is the *only* way for me to turn my chance of winning into 0%...and that is exactly opposite what I am trying to do...it's self-defeating. So I view it as pointless to even focus on how likely victory is, only how to best achieve that victory. (now I can see how this thinking could be misconstrued as hubris in being blind to my own defeat, but i only use this "wartime" strategy thinking during situations that do not have real consequences..of course if real lives were at stake I wouldn't needlessly throw bodies at an immovable force, but that's the point, there is nothing to lose here until my screen says defeat...so why make it say it myself?) I think that I am so concerned about it because of my experiences in the classroom and sensing that this attitude of surrender is seeping into areas of youngsters lives where there are real consequences of refusing to deal with loss...or even to feel it. What if I get a few algebra problems incorrect? Should I abandon studies of Math further because other kids are getting it, but I'm not.. I just cant accept this as being good in any way... much respect brother...
: Surrendering isn't about giving up to not take responsibility for being beaten by superior players or a more organized team. It's giving recognition that you've been beaten and being respectful enough to acknowledge that and keep both sides from wasting any more time so they can move on to another match.
Bro I respectfully disagree with your call here. While I very much agree with what you say, that *your* definition of surrender is a nod to the superior opponent, I do not agree that this is how it is largely seen within my experience in the League. I think that its in part this culture of surrender that has caused you to reply to me in fact. You consider a losing match a loss and that it "keep[s] both sides from wasting any more time..." That is what I was suggesting part of the problem was...a loss is never a waste of time if you use it correctly. In fact, most professional athletes, successful politicians, CEOs, and military strategists would say that it was their greatest defeats where they learned their biggest lesson, not their victories. It's the rush to surrender that I so despise. The only way I can really describe it is like a fear of loss...people just cant face it in this League. I don't profess to have all the answers either my man, I just am passionate about games and don't like the way it feels to be ripped apart by your teammates just because someone is better than me. Finally, consider this: perhaps it is actually a greater honor to give a superior opponent your best effort and actually more respectful to keep getting up even when it seems hopeless or foolish because we are in a sense warriors, and that's what warriors do, we fight, we don't roll over and die. I certainly don't like the feeling of a team surrendering to me, way before the games been decided...whatever happened to the come behind victory? If we ever meet on the rift and my team happens to surrender to you...just know that it was my "no" vote and *that* is my sign of respect for your play. (Now, I know that I got a bit melodramatic here...but I just got done watching 3 episodes of Spartucus on the SyFy network bro...I feel like I could give a better speech than William Wallace... :) )
Phalanix (NA)
: LOTRD... was that the one with Violet? Thanks for the trip down memory lane! lol
You could go far with Violet my friend...if you played your daily flirt right. :)
: Exploring Player Behavior Design Values
I am very interested in this topic. I'm an older gamer... I'm 33 years young. I have an extensive gaming history and I'd say I've earned my stripes... I've been playing games with other players before the internet was fully structured (remember local Bulletin Board Systems running MajorMUD or LOTRD anyone? ...I ran a Half-Ogre Thief FYI and these games had NO PICTURES.) We read all of the descriptions of what happened and typed our responses to it...but it was the fact that the players could type out messages to *each other* that made me fight and fight for my 2400 baud rate modem to dial into that house and hopefully catch one of their 12 lines available to login and play. As I grew, gaming grew, and changed, and I changed with it. I have a pretty extensive resume in online gaming...both PC and (don't tell anyone) console. I've got to say though, this is the first gaming community where I have felt totally out of place sometimes. The way that "teammates" talk to each other... the defeatist attitudes, the unwillingness to help, the "kill-steal" (how do you steal something that benefits a team? the team owns it, not any one person...), the culture of surrender that seems to plague this League, in my humble opinion, is really scary. Maybe I'm blowing it out of proportion, (and don't get me wrong, I know better than most that this is just a game and I'm not all upset anytime some little kid calls me a name.. thats not what this post is about... lol...) What upsets me is that I am a teacher, and have taught 3-6th grade for the past 7 years... and I see this attitude leaking into real life. Especially the culture of surrender. I hate the games where one little thing swings the tide toward the opponent and instantly, 2 people are pinging /surrender whenever they can and have totally given up. It's as if people are afraid to lose... do they think that everyone wins all the time? I hate to see us getting away from appreciating a loss and learning from it (although it doesn't feel good necessarily... but that's how it is)...and moving toward just trying to insta-forget any bad experience in a game, immediately shift blame to whoever is considered the weakest link, divorce ourselves from any responsibility in the loss, and quit and restart. "Maybe this time I'll pull that dream-team where everyone is perfect and we'll win!" ...I dunno... I just would hate to see this become the norm in society... because I remember when we would fight to the death no matter what because the match wasn't over until the screen said defeat, and I remember when a team knew that it was only as strong as its weakest member, so rather than just say "X fed" (what's with that anyway? Since when is another player's skill being *good* verbalized as the weaker one doing something wrong...they didn't "feed"... it's called getting *beat*...it'll happen to you too one day and I'm sure you didnt do it on purpose...), say "Try this strategy, or whatever...) I guess my message here today is simply this: games weren't always like this folks. We're all gamers... we may fight against our own kind..but let's not resort to killing our own...


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