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: 2018 Ranked Placements Venting post!
What is this Riot? What is this? Huh? _What is this?_ WHAT. IS. THIS?!
: is dyrus having fun with league anymore?
I mean seeing as how League is just a time killer now with how dumbed down everything is, it's easy to understand even Vets like him throwing in the towel.
: 2018 Ranked Placements Venting post!
Why do I have to start off my placement with an actual disabled vegetable in my jungle? Is it so hard to start a new season off right Riot? Can I NOT get a fucktard who only knows how to farm and splitpush at the worst possible times?
: I love being pitted against platinum players as an unranked prior bronze III
I mean it can't be as bad as getting a downie Tryndamere in your Jg that just farms jungle all game and doesn't even splitpush right.
: Play around bot so your Botlane gets ahead, if bots the problem.
And leave top unguarded? Genius plan buddy, let me just let toplane get a free tower because I have to babysit the losers in bot.
Canonic (NA)
: The sooner you realize it's not your teammates but you, the sooner you'll get out of silver. Please do go on.
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: The thing is, if you play consistantly better than people in your elo you will climb, period. You also don't have more feeders than others. Statisticly you have 4 Randoms in your game that could feed and 5 randoms in the enemie team that could feed. So it's on you to play on your advantage. For me the worst elo to play was D5, but I'm already burning to improve and climb higher than ever this season. Even in this shit meta. Peace and out o/
The thing is, it doesn't matter if I play better than the people on my team if I'm outnumbered by shit on that same team. How the hell am I supposed to carry a collective 7/22 botlane? Hope and pray the enemy throws and just lets me kill them?
: All gaming fandom are like that.
> [{quoted}](name=Bael the Riser,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=lhKbYbO3,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-01-15T01:01:36.247+0000) > > All gaming fandom are like that. The dying ones at least.
: Dissatisfied/disgruntled veterans, what stops you from quitting?
: It's true that if you really were better than Silver, you'd be out of Silver. I had the same problem, but the problem is the attitude. You will find that, yes, one person can truly carry a game in Silver. If you pick smart champs and learn what to prioritize and learn to ignore/stop playing around teammates, you will find that it is possible to climb out of Silver. HOWEVER, I agree that Silver is probably the hardest ELO to climb in if you're an average skill player. Think of it this way- In Bronze, everyone is trash. Seriously. Anyone can roll into a Bronze game krunk out of their mind and with their monitor off and still 1v9. Stomping is easy regardless of feeders, trolls, etc. In Gold, you can finally start looking at your teammates as cavemen instead of monkeys- still not great, but impressionable and have a basic understanding of what's happening. Gold is the place where people start to think "Hey, I'm actually not horrible at this." If you truly are good, then after showing your teammates that you are mechanically inclined, they will follow your calls more, play off you more, and generally rage less. If you can make Gold, you can make Plat. Plat sucks. If you hate ragers than just quit when you hit Plat V. In Silver, I agree. While it is true that for anyone above average skill it is a cakewalk, matchmaking makes it generally harder to climb than in Gold. You have people who are still new who just finished their placements, to players in Plat who just got re-placed, to Bronze players who got lucky and Gold players who went on a losing streak. It is a huge mixing pot of skill, so it often feels very one sided. It is absolutely true that it is harder to climb here- I find that a lot of success comes down to attitude. So, TL;DR if you're still in Silver, you probably belong in Silver. You can have super amazing mechanics but if your attitude sucks you won't go anywhere. My advice is to take your skills and learn how to just take over a game regardless of teammates. Change that perspective around, find a one-trick, and good luck. Please do go on
: If not for my teammates
Let me drop some knowledge on you pal, you have to click those in order to see the game and those teammates I mentioned. Try it out and maybe take your pics then.
: If you think garbage teammates suddenly stop happening at Gold, I have some very bad news for you.
And that always makes me wonder why people rag on others for struggling to climb
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: Describe a Champion in one sentence to somebody who doesnt play LoL
{{champion:17}} Poisonous Shroom dealer with PTSD
: > so their ADC can gorge themselves on the free gold with a skillful {{item:3094}} auto. i think you mean{{item:3087}}
The {{item:3094}} is what makes it so skillful with that well deserved extended Range
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Cinaed (NA)
: ***
Yep, poor them getting a competent player, what a pain it must be siting in that cushioned backpack.
: But, knowing when to surrender requires GAMESENSE! {{sticker:sg-janna}} Why do you think your team lost?
Gelmous (NA)
: you have a really crappy attitude you might want to fix that
Please re-read the OP. I can see reading comprehension is not a strong point for many on these boards.
: Funny.. because I hate getting teamed up with players like you. I can't count how many times I've had one person that whines constantly since champ select and spams the surrender button just because their lane lost, only for us to come back because we aren't playing against pros and people throw. Don't Q up for ranked if you don't enjoy the spirit of competition, that includes playing it out at your best even when the odds are stacked against you, because those are the most satisfying wins. People don't realize the "let's just surrender" mindset is a self-fulfilling prophecy. You will lose winnable games because of that poor attitude
"Because their lane lost" Please re-read the OP. I can see reading comprehension is not a strong point for many on these boards.
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