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: If you're not willing to build vs the problem, don't complain about it.
My favorite is when my mid rushes Luden's and gets 1 shot by Zed 5 times in a row, then blames me for being the jungler. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Can there be an ACTUAL Low Spec mode for the client?
Lmao low spec mode lags even on my Gaming PC....
: The thing that really pisses me off about zed isnt his high burst.
I mean if you go 4-0 and don't buy Zhonyas, you deserve to lose the next 1v1. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Kirika (EUW)
: If you touch my Lux I break your neck- After that beeing said I can start using real arguments. Her ultimate CD was reduced because they wanted to make Lux mid a character able to carry a team in need. Let's be fair the whole oneshot thing only works if you land three skillshots in a short time and your opponent is dumb enough to have no MR, QSS or support with the ability to save someone. She is highly skill reliant and I dont see why her initiate Q should be a high cd if every assassns engage is low cd. (Talon Q, Zed E [okay was nerfed at last but still you get the point]). Most champs played mid have high mobility and easily dodge the snare and thus make all her other ability aside from her E poke pretty hard to hit. Her ultimate CD can go down to 7 seconds if you REALLY want it. Still she can in a TF only take out two people if she is really, really good and thus gain this kind of CD. If she needs to Carry a team thats the only way to do it. By the way the hard nerf on her E is never mentioned because only those who really play her see how frustrating slow it is now. You throw it on the mid fo the enemy and with brownboots they just walk out...
Land 3 skill shots in a row? LOL. You land one Q and the next 2 skills are impossible to miss. Delusional.
: Ya, matchmaking is aimed more at forcing players to play more games instead of giving fair games for climbing. It is better to take a break, play normals or play other games. Play with duo if you want to play after sometime or play next season directly.
Agree, the game is literally balanced around 50% winrate (which is a joke). The only way to climb is to: -Get lucky -Play 100s of games I speak from experience, I have one account with 70% winrate and one account with 55% winrate, both in the same elo. Tell me if that makes sense.... I play well 95% of my games (because I'm still climbing to my actual elo), on one account I got better teammates.
: Quitting ranked this season, matchmaking isn't working in my favour and feels rigged.
Lol you should see my OP.GG, I play poorly maybe 10% of my games but I lost 50% of them. In the last 20 games: my average KDA is 3.28 with 54% KP but my winrate is 46%. This video helped make sense of it all:
: Fuck Jungle
Jungle is literally the worst role in the game. You have the most responsibility, you have to worry about farming, 3 lanes and 2 objectives at all times. Most botlanes don't give a fuck about helping you with drakes or rift, it's actually sad. 9 out of 10 games my ADC ignores my pings for a free unwarded dragon... It's also stupid that I'm behind 1 level (2 if my laner fed) every single game....
: Camp your best laners and take their turret. Now this/these laners will go mid/top, follow them, take the turret again. Be a second support for your best laner.
You must be above gold, every time me and my bot lane takes tower they push to tier 2 and die lmao.
stoyo8 (NA)
: being autofilled jungle is miserable
Jungling in general is miserable, you could be solo carrying the game and you'll still get blamed by your teammates who lost lane... Welcome to the club.
CLG ear (NA)
: im happy even though he can get on another account and still stream :)
I agree Nightblue was being toxic as fuck but let's not ignore context.... 2 of his teammates afked before he did, are you supposed to play a 3v5 in high elo (literally 0 chance of winning)? Or just open and let it end?

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