: Legal Legend: Interview with a League-playing law professor!
OMG MOAR MOAR MOAR stories like this please.. this is awesome and very interesting.. and with all due respect this was really unexpected like who would've guess that a person like him who's a lawyer with an extensive professional background plays League of Legends.
: However, the point is that this exploit is one of the hardest things to pull off, that even I mess it up most of the time. Players who were able to do this should like it since it just got easier. However, players who can't do it will just faceroll and pull it off, making Riven's skill floor and cap much lower. This might even mean that Riven will get more nerfs in the future too, which is why I'm annoyed.
soo true.. LOL! people will jst exploit this change and it will make non-riven players ask for more unecessary riven nerfs..
Rioter Comments
: I still don't understand why fiddle fear and rammus taunt got nerfed to < 2.5 seconds, but {{champion:45}} 2.5 second aoe stun is perfectly fine. The only thing i can think of is that they are targeted, but really if you're half decent with it, then Veigar's is basically targeted too.
veigar's stun is ok coz his stun is crucial to his kit.. if he doesnt hit it then 90% of the time he cant really burst you down.. compared to a fiddle that does insane dmg with his ult alone as long as your standing on it and its not that easily dodged coz its an AoE that moves around with fid and if fid uses flash then the ability also flashes to you.. now having to add a long fear means that fiddle forces you to stay in his ult for extended periods of time and then soon as the fear ends you get silenced which forces you to eat every last bit of dmg from his ult instead of having a chance to escape death by flashing out or dashing out with a skill.. and if you happen to survive his ult dmg that Drain of his can make him tank out all of your dmg as well and end up finishing you off.. they reduced the fear duration to at least give fiddles enemies a chance to run but still be prevented from flashing out or dashing out coz of the silence..
: played a game earlier today, where a morg shot her q, it was sailing way past me, got fid feared and walked into the binding. I cried.
that is called non-intended SYNERGY.. LMFAO like how a lee sin would unintentionally kick someone to a Jinx ult / Ezreal ult.. LMFAO
: Scarizard said they still intend to have three build paths for Needlessly large rod, so I would wait to see if its replacment is any good.
the item may or may not be good but the question is would it help non popular AP mid lane champs? the whole point i dont agree with them removing dfg is coz there are times where i wanna play champs that are not picked all the time like say {{champion:90}} everyone knows and thinks that malzahar is weak compared to the popular mid laners and almost considered like a niche pick for mid lane but nobody expects a malzahar flash > DFG > ULT and see how malzahar one shots someone.. i agree that DFG does make burst type champs which were made to 100-0 someone more bursty coz hey DFG is meant to help you burst people in the first place.. but if a burst type champ goes for say a deathcap no matter how bursty that champ is, deathcap is not gonna guarantee a 100-0 unlike DFG which will basically make those popular burst champs non-viable as well.. there was a time when {{champion:7}} was being built like a mage where people go athenes and then deathcap and its during those times where i felt leblancs damage was lack luster coz when i have DFG i can 100 - 0 HP someone with just a DFG > Q > R > W combo but when people started building {{champion:7}} like a mage and was rushing dcap on her i found myself using all 4 skills and still cant one shot / kill anyone unlike with a DFG..
: I can't really respond honestly in a way that does not come off as arrogant or garner hatred in some way buuuuuuuut.... Its not much of a learning experience for me cuz I'm out in the jungle My interaction with the enemy team is(for most of the game) a couple seconds every now and then at most and once lane phase is over and theyre 13/2/17, they are beating us not with superior skill but superior items Its not like the enemy is counter jungling me hard, cuz that would atleast give me something to learn I'm only saying I get matched up with people better than me basing on 2 really big assumptions - mmr actually works - enemy laner DESTROYS my laners who are assumed to be about as good as I am
well if your a jungle main and your laner is getting destroyed ask yourself what can you do to help that struggling laner? also you need to know which lane to help snowball so they can carry.. sometimes one gank from the jungler can make or brake a lane.. if your the type of jungler that likes to farm alot then you should still be looking at the minimap the entire time and check out on how your laners are doing and also how about help your lanes out by warding for them? that way if they get ganked and your not there you can say i warded for you if you didnt see the enemy jungler coming in for a gank then thats your fault.. stuff like that.. im not dissing you nor tryna to get into an arguement with you all im trying to do is help and say that if your going on losing streaks like that then there might be something wrong with what your doing.. you cant just blame mmr / other people all the time.. coz you can always have done something to win a game rather than just blame mmr or your laners who keep losing their lanes.. as a jungler your job is to secure jungle objectives but at the same time help your laners and exert map pressure / prescence even in the jungle.. if you know your laner wants to go back to base you can either hold the lane for him / her so that the minions dont jst die to a turret and you guys lose the experience and gold from them.. or if your laner thats losing lane has decent HP, mana and enemy flash is down.. then gank his / her lane coz most of the time the enemy would be over extending especially if your laner is getting zoned out of the minion wave.. and that gank should be successful.. after you kill the enemy laner then ask your laner to help you push out the lanes and shove it to the turret that way you can make the enemy laner lose experience and gold from the turret or you can force the enemy jungler to stop farming or cancel a gank becoz now they gotta hold a lane.. stuff like that..
Rikari (NA)
: > When all of their damage is rightclicks lol > {{champion:104}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:6}} Even a fed Draven takes 2-3 shots to kill you,giving time to react. Yi just strolls up to ya and hits one Q,procs Shiv and his E,GG. {{champion:84}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:7}} give what,one second? oh and of course there is {{champion:45}} who right click deletes everything with{{item:3128}} . oh and Katarina is manaless with resets to keep going all night.
{{champion:7}} needs to hit you with W or snare you with E in order to kill which is a skillshot.. ofc if {{champion:7}} comes from fog of war then yeah you wont have enough time to react but if you see a {{champion:7}} coming towards you and you die then half of it is your fault.. coz {{champion:7}} cant one shot with a {{item:3128}} > Q > R combo unless your already below 60% HP to begin with.. now if you have full HP then all you gotta do is dodge the W or E so she cant proc her sigil of malice and dont tell me its hard to dodge coz im pretty sure you got flash / a dash type skill available for use to help you dodge.. the secret to beating {{champion:7}} is to not let her proc her sigil of malice more than once.. coz if you do then yes you'll die.. so a one second window to react and press that flash / dash skill is plenty of time to not get killed by a {{champion:7}} .. so dont think {{champion:7}} is like a {{champion:105}} who can miss ult and use E sub optimally for gap close but still be able to one shot you with jst a {{item:3128}} > Q > W combo..
: "ADCs don't have the same escape tools that most assassins have, so they are much easier to focus in a team fight." I'd say that's complete bullshit, the only Assassins that have reliable escape tools are Katarina and Zed, as Katarina can shunpo to anything that's attackable, outside of turrets, nexus, etc, and Zed can just instagib and R back out across a wall. Talon can kill somebody quite quickly, but then how's he going to escape? Smash your ult? Your E won't help you for shit, it's shorter range then Katarinas shunpo and it only targets enemies, so you're left with your ult to escape half the time. Why do you think you see Flash every game by 9/10 players? Then if you put in the most used ADC's, which are Ezreal, Vayne, Lucian, Jinx, and Tristana, how do you jump onto them? You're saying they don't have the same escape tools, yet Lucian has a mid range dash that cleanses slow and gets reduced CD and ardent blaze (three of his abilities have 1,000+ range) gives him a serious ms steroid, Tristana has so much self peel it's damn near impossible to catch her (900 range leap and 700 range knockback at level 18), Vayne has a 550 range knockback and pretty decent ms, on top of a MAXIMUM 6 second tumble cooldown, Ezreal has a 475 range 11 second teleport without CDR, and Ezreal always builds CDR, and jinx has a 70% slow at level 5 with her W that lasts for two seconds, a 1.5 second root, and 175% ms buff on anything that dies within three seconds of her doing damage to it. They all have pretty good escapes if you ask me, but jinx is the least likely to escape. Not to mention every ADC runs flash, it's a must. But it's on paper, so they aren't as easy to use sometimes, especially in the case of jinx. For me, I play Quinn, and her only escape is either moving PERFECTLY into position so she vaults over a wall, or using your ultimate, which has a TWO MINUTE AND TWENTY SECOND COOLDOWN. But yeah, it can be annoying when some assassins can just spam because their resource is basically non existent. Like, I believe Zed even gets to restore stamina that he's used, does he not? Katarina has pretty low cooldowns and no mana, Akali has stamina and no cost on her ultimate outside of charges, Fizz has high mana costs early game and highish cooldowns, but insane damage with only 150AP, which balance it out somewhat, but he's completely fixed as soon as he gets lichbane at times, Talon has really high mana costs as well and high cooldowns, but he scales really well with lots of AD, and if you're good with him you can do your combo in under a second, which truly makes him an instagibber if he beats his lane opponent, and his early game is pretty annoying to play, overall I find him pretty balanced, especially since his level 6 against Most ap laners is lackluster, considering they can retaliate instantly without his silence now :c
LOL and dont forget how ADC's hate leblanc as well when leblanc needs to go in **MELEE** form despite being a ranged champ for a kill.. aka her Q > R > W combo and the only way she escapes is porting back to where her w was and thats it no more mobility for her for a few more secs unless she has flash up.. and since leblanc's silence is gone you can easily jump away from leblanc's W and pretty much survive her burst and then fight back.. of course im not forgetting about leblanc's W > Q > R > E combo.. lets be honest here tho.. if you get killed by that leblanc combo as an adc then your an idiot.. reason is again her silence is gone which means you can avoid her E with your mobility skill and once you do that leblanc cant burst you down.. what if you dont have your mobility skill up? then go and fight leblanc or make sure she cant proc the 2nd part of her chain which is a snare.. coz this combo wont really 100 - 0 HP anyone even with dfg since ethereal chains are maxed out last and leblanc needs to be able to proc the snare in order to actually 100 - 0 HP / kill you with this combo.. the only time a leblanc would use this combo is if your already low enough to begin with.. then there's her W > R > Q - E / E - Q combo which again is used by leblancs when your already low enough.. and to counter this is to basically dodge her R dash with your mobility skill and you wont get bursted from 100 - 0 by leblanc..
: Why are ADC's complaining? It's the APC that has to lane against them.
ADC's are complaining how they always get one shotted by mobile and bursty mid laners who has to mash 4-5 buttons to kill em not to mention land skillshots.. but they never complain when the ADC one shots or two shots a squishy assassin / non mobile AP mage like say an orianna with an auto attack that crits and does over 2k dmg..
: > [{quoted}](name=junglerboy16,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Fdf9Q3KE,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2015-01-12T22:57:18.987+0000) > > Tell that to Lucian, or Tristana, or Corki, or Vayne and watch them laugh in your face. > > ADCs *should* be easier to target in a fight outside of their range, but Riot basically said, "Screw that, the game looks cooler when EVERYONE can dash!", so now any real ADC that is competitive can jump around just as well as an assassin, who therefore need more burst, and so mages needed more utility on top of burst, and so bruisers neaded... All this to say that basically only tanks haven't benefitted from mobility in the meta. Case closed. And then you remembered that the only reason ADC's need MORE mobility it because every new champion released has loaded kits and its GENERALLY true that the mindset of every team is "KILL THE ENEMY ADC, WIN THE TEAM FIGHT". Do when you combine these facts with the generally lack of team play in solo queue, you find an environment where the ADC must play perfectly or die, every time. Which is only made worse by the fact that most assassins can with little to no effort just jump on and erase the ADC if they step a toe out of line, generally speaking while running for our lives because solo queue means no peels. There are a lot of factors to every argument and you probably will find that unless you look at all of them, you can make anything sound true. People don't like that ADC's can fight back late game, and want us to be totally reliant on our team for peels. Which is ironic because people always say if you want to win in solo queue you have to carry. Which is very difficult to do if your a slow moving immobile rock in a game full of Lee Sin, Khazix, LB, Zed, Akali etc etc and must rely on some 12 year old play first time maokai support to peel for you.
ok.. like you said no one peels for anybody on solo q.. how about you position yourself in such a way that it will look as if the tanks diving the enemy back line is peeling for you? LOL i play mid and support and i play squishy champs for the most part.. i've played non mobile champs like orianna on mid alot and becoz i know how to position myself correctly that i was able to use a malphite once as a meat shield the entire game.. mind you the malphite had no intention of peeling for me at all.. especially when he uses his ult which makes him dash away from me.. so i had to be the one to figure out which spot should i be standing and at the same time be able to control my ball around to do dmg.. so yes if i was able to position myself well as orianna who has no dash then you as an adc player should also know how to position yourself properly in teamfights especially since most adc's have some sort of dash..
Junkο (EUNE)
: > An auto attack will deal max 300 dmg late game Yeah no, that's total bullshit
i completely agree.. LOL i have had experiences where an adc flash auto'd me and i died instantly despite me having 75% of my HP intact which makes 300 max dmg from an auto attack complete BS coz no champion would have less than 300 HP even at lvl 1 coz as far as i know Anivia holds the lowest HP at lvl 1 and she's sitting at around 490 something HP i believe.. but anyways if auto's really only do a max of 300dmg then explain how i die with a flash auto if i have more than 300HP? rofl
: It also depend on some ADCs. For instance, I won't complain about 1 second instagib burst if I'm playing Graves. Simply because if I see a LeBlanc coming, she's dead. Graves can 100-0 almost anyone whens he ahead, and he usually wins lane due to being the best lane bully in the game alongside Corki imo. On Vayne or Twitch though, they're AS oriented ADCs who needs a fight to last awhile for them to be effective, and are prime targets for assassins because they're so squishy. That's a case where I'm going to be asking my team to peel like mad because if they don't I'm dead.
you can be {{champion:104}} or be a {{champion:119}} with an IE and SHIV that one shots a {{champion:7}} with an auto attack that crits and does like over 2k dmg.. LOL.. at least that {{champion:7}} has to mash 4-5 buttons to burst someone or you down.. but its nothing compared to getting killed by that one auto that crits and you cant even dodge it! LOOL
: I just find it funny how ADC mains complain about assassins having targeted (often manaless) skills
LOOOL.. not to mention GETTING KILLED BY ONE / TWO AUTO ATTACK THAT CRITS or if you dont get killed it takes out more than HALF of your HP bar.. ADC's complain so much "that i cant beat that assassin thats jumping on my face all the time to kill me".. well at least that assassin have to mash alot of buttons maybe land skillshots to kill u.. while they as an adc when they get ahead / fed / get to late game.. they can literally flash auto a leblanc and kill leblanc with that one auto attack coz they got soo much crit.. and you know how leblanc's mobility is soo much useful to dodging your one shotting auto attack anyways right? *sarcasm*
: I swear somethings wrong with matchmaking
LOL im kind of in the same boat as you are but i dont go on losing streaks as much as you do.. im silver 5 and whenever i play ranked i would always notice that the enemy would have silver 3 - gold 2/3 players while my team would be consisted of bronze 2 - silver 1 maybe gold 5 if im lucky.. on normals hell i get matched with gold 3 - plat 1 maybe diamond 5 players all the time.. hence of course i'd lose lane, feed and then lose the game or sometimes do really bad but ends up getting carried.. rofl.. so i understand how disappointed you are with the match making system.. but just think of it this way.. if your getting matched up against people that are better than you then take it as a learning experience.. for example i play mid lane on a normal game and im laning against a plat what i do is i accept that im gonna lose lane so what i do is i play passive but goes aggro whenever i feel its safe to be aggro and then basically watch how my enemy lanes against me.. and observe what he does and ask myself why did he do that? and if i find out why he did such thing then hey i just learned a strategy on mid lane even the little things that your enemy does ask yourself why did he do that? why did my enemy went in to kill me when i used this skill to cs and while it was on cooldown? ask yourself stuff like that.. and then apply what you've learned next game that way one day you'll reach a point where you now know so much about the game that you carry yourself to winning games.. this is also why i find recording my games helpful coz i get to rewatch the game i had and see for myself what i did wrong and how my enemy punished / capitalized on that mistake..
: Now that DFG is being removed, Mordekaiser will be nerfed even more
Lets be honest tho.. if they do end up removing DFG.. it will basically make all AP Champs trash tier / non-viable.. the mana regen nerfs already hurts alot of mana reliant AP champs becoz now they can no longer spam abilities unlike before and the whole point of playing mana reliant AP champs is to use your skills in the first place right? but anyways if they do end up going through with this change FIZZ, ANNIE, SYNDRA, KATARINA, LB and ALL other AP CHAMPS will never be played.. coz if im gonna play mid when dfg gets removed then tell me why should i go for an AP champ when i can jst play non mana reliant AD mid laners and just shit on my enemy? as if zed and yasuo isnt being played at all and needs more buffs coz they get shitted on all the time by AP mids [sarcasm] and furthermore we'll end up seeing more unorthodox picks for mid aka riven, vladimir maybe even lee or garen? just coz AP champs are not gonna be as good as they used too..
: Since DFG is being removed
if DFG gets removed.. LOL then dont R.I.P to all the AP mages / assassins on mid lane as well.. as if the mana regen nerfs weren't enough to kill some mana reliant AP champs. Now they plan to kill AP champs in general when DFG gets taken out.. LOOOL veigar, kat, morde. annie are only a few champs who benefits from this item, one even has it as a core item.. and those champs are barely played nowadays.. wonder what will happen if they took it out? might as well erase AP champs in the game right?
: They're removing DFG
LOL if anything it will **KILL MORE MID LANE CHAMPS** when DFG gets removed coz DFG makes some non popular AP champs playable.. Mana reliant mid laners are kind of getting unpopular as well lately coz the mana regen hurts quite a bit.. and when DFG gets removed.. LOL everyone would play jst Zed, Yasuo, Akali mid lane coz those champs dont need dfg and mana.. Kat may not use mana but DFG is good on her so she may or may not be played, mordekaiser is on the same situation other than that i cant think of any more mid laners that dont use mana.. if this happens we'll we're gonna end up seeing more vladimir / riven / lee mid or some other unorthodox pick on mid lane coz riot has nerfed mid lane soo much in general that they should just erase the lane completely and remake the map with jst top, jungle and bot lane.. LOL
: Deathfire Grasp has been removed from Summoner's Rift on the PBE
LOL Riot really** HATES MID LANE** in general imo.. first the **MANA REGEN NERFS**.. mana reliant mid lane champs are slowly getting non popular and not played becoz of the mana issues.. especially Mages who heavily rely on mana to even be significant.. at least ADC's dont really have to use skills to have a purpose and tanks / bruisers are there to soak up dmg or maybe jst split push all day so they dont also have to rely too much on mana to be of use and now they're taking out DFG which will also **KILL** more mid lane champs even those non mana reliant champs and make them trash tier.. LOL i can literally see the meta shifting to **NON MANA RELIANT AD CHAMPS ONLY** coz if you play any champ that uses MANA and is AP you'll just lose..
: You nerfed everything about {{champion:25}} that didn't matter... nerf that stupid binding already >:O
you gotta take into consideration.. {{champion:25}} is ORIGINALLY a MID LANE Champ.. So nerfing her binding would hurt her very badly when she's on mid.. the ult nerf already hurts mid lane morg too.. the shield nerf basically riot is saying you need to burst down that shield if you wanna CC someone.. all in all I say riot nerfed Morgana Mid and pushed her to be a Full Time Support..
: You nerfed everything about {{champion:25}} that didn't matter... nerf that stupid binding already >:O
you gotta take into consideration.. {{champion:25}} is ORIGINALLY a MID LANE Champ.. So nerfing her binding would hurt her very badly when she's on mid.. the ult nerf already hurts mid lane morg too.. the shield nerf basically riot is saying you need to burst down that shield if you wanna CC someone..
: Building a better Team Builder
bssenobz (NA)
: No Sir your premise is flawed. Akali is absolutely the EASIEST champ to completely shut down. You can shut akali down within 5 minutes of play with a good jungler. And this 0/3 then 9/3 is a complete crock. Im sorry bro, but an akali who is outleveled 2 or 3 levels and no cs is not killing anyone. #facts. Im not saying she needs a end game buff, jus a pre-6 buff.
i've read all of your comments.. and all im saying is that akali doesnt need a pre-6 buff.. why? coz her end game is jst her facerolling everyone.. thats why laning should be the time to shut down an akali.. and if you dnt like getting sh*t on while its lane phase then you should know when to go in for a kill on your enemy laner as an akali.. if u dnt see the enemy jungler then why would you even think of going in for a kill..?!? the fact you dnt know when the proper time to go in and try to 1 v 1 your enemy laner makes you seem like a noob even if you are smurfing.. and the reason i say this is coz you kept saying that when the enemy jungler comes while your tryna kill someone means your dead.. how bout jst dnt go in at all for a kill if you dnt know where the enemy jungler is at and another thing.. if you already know your behind why would you even keep trying to 1 v 1 anyone..?!? you shouldnt be the one engaging if you know your behind and isnt that strong to 100%-0%HP someone.. how bout wait for a teamfight to happen and jst let your team soak up dmg / chunk the enemies down before you burn all your cooldowns to finish off an enemy then go shroud to wait for your cd's to come back up then go finish off another enemy.. thats how akali is meant to be played anyways and soon as you get a couple of kills that should snowball you coz akali dont really need much to snowball.. all it takes is that one kill for a good akali to snowball and end a game from 0-3 to a 9-3..
: I like how {{champion:89}} dies..... oh wait she didn't, because she is a fking beast!
ACTUALLY what really happened was {{champion:89}} dies and then respawns back up and re-joins the teamfight.. xD
: morgana is another that I think is a problem. theres a reason you see her banned or played almost every match (or at least I do)
LOL.. what..?!? {{champion:25}} and {{champion:89}} arent that big of a problem imo.. as both champs rely on skillshots to be able to do anything.. coz morgana needs to land her binding for her to be useful / be able to do anything and same goes with leona she needs to land that zenith blade for a good engage otherwise leona has to walk-up or {{summoner:4}} q to you for a stun or maybe even use her ult which is another skillshot that can easily be dodged.. if you can dodge their skillshots these champs wont even be scary.. and if your the one playing these champs.. then landing your skillshots should be rewarded with good damage or a kill to the enemy coz you deserve it..
9Lives (NA)
: Essence Reaver will probably become my new favorite item
and ardent censer for me coz im a support main.. xD
: RIP {{champion:76}} u will be missed.
not really.. if anything she's more fun to play and belongs in the assassins list rather than mage.. spears will still hurt but wont hurt as much as before.. and that hunt debuff jst gives her alot of buffs so she can cougar in for the kill.. :3
: R.I.P B.T
what..?!? if anything bt got more op.. getting that shield prevents you from getting deleted immediately by like lets say a dfg {{champion:7}} especially in teamfights.. as long as your auto attacking..
: Why not make ranked "Pay for Play" It would get rid of 80% of the constant trolling making hundreds if not thousands of players quit on a daily basis. Simply charge $5-15 a mo/ for ranked play and have harsher penalties for AFK's, etc. Much more competitive and fun that way. Just a thought...
i like your idea.. but 5 bucks is kinda too much.. i think 2-3 bucks should do.. coz for me.. i shure wont waste 2-3 bucks jst to troll 9 people i dnt even know..
: Hahaha LeBitch....sorry... i really dislike her
leblanc being my fave champ when im on mid.. i'd still play her.. leblanc will still instagib but you have the chance to flash away or dash away but if your dash / flash is down your still pretty much dead.. :b
Popuri (NA)
: * GG LeBlanc's EQRW users. You will be missed. {{champion:7}}
that combo i use mainly to burst down tanky champs early / mid game tho.. i dnt use it on squishy targets coz alot of the squishy champs are pretty much dead with a QRW or WQRE combo.. especially if you built dfg.. and not having to use e to burst someone down gives you a chance to escape coz you can e someone while you wait for w to come back up..
PhöKing (NA)
: Does Soraka/Sona Heals give the attack speed buff as well?
Olabamba (NA)
: R.I.P Leblanc~ The black rose shall bloom NO more.{{champion:7}}
i'll still play her.. xD she's still the same assassin that can instagib someone.. jst no silence so it means leblanc players would have to be careful about their positioning and when to do it.. plus it ultimately force leblanc players to learn how to juke in multiple ways.. instead of jst burst somoeone then jst keep dashing away while u silence the closest champ chasing you..
Broheen (NA)
: The spears still hurt a lot, and cougar form is even stronger now after you land one. 700 jump range to an affected target is really, really long. I don't play a lot of {{champion:76}} but I think it's really fun.
yaas..!! nidalee is now an official assassin after this rework.. spears will still hurt but wont get someone below 40% health with jst one hit.. and the most interesting part of it is that if u get the hunt debuff on someone jst go into cougar > run towards them coz u get a massive move speed boost when your approaching a hunted target > then when in range use your w which makes you jump double the distance if you click on a hunted target > then q > then e so u can use the cdr effect if you hit a target with e > then possibly q again coz of the cdr given by hitting your e > turn around and step one then w away to safety.. :3
Shuri (NA)
: Ardent Censor is gonna make Alistar Support so fun <3
..- true that.. xD im kinda excited about being able to use {{champion:40}} as well since this item would really change the support meta.. and make the old sustain supports back in the scene.. :3
Gethog14 (NA)
: RIP Leblanc :'(
I LOVE LEBLANC.. but the nerf isnt too bad.. her burst is still the same and everything is pretty much the same.. jst no silence.. although i wish riot gave her the same type of treatment with kassadin's q.. instead of a silence.. they should've given leblanc's q the ability to "interupt" channeled skills as well when activated.. not having an interupt skill is prolly the only thing i dont like about the re-work.. her chains takes a while to activate a stun so it doesnt really count.. :3
: this comment reminds me of kassadin's nerf DX RIP kass's silence{{champion:38}} {{item:3070}}
LOLz.. i read a pbe patch note where they gave the reason why {{champion:7}} 's silence was removed.. and i believe i read that riot said they're ultimately removing silence from assassins or maybe even from the game.. i dnt remember clearly.. but anyways.. someone asked if {{champion:91}} 's silence was gonna get removed too since riot did say they're removing silence from assassins and riot jst said they're looking unto it but its not "priority".. the reason i immediately thought of is becoz THE COMMUNITY has not cried about how talon is OP and stuff and riot needs to nerf him.. imagine leblanc wasnt being used alot during season 3 so she wasnt nerfed.. but the moment she got popular and people cried about her so much.. she immediately became "priority" in the nerfing list.. so imo when people start using talon and people recognize how OP talon can be and start crying "nerf talon".. im pretty sure riot will immediately have him in the "priority" list for nerfing as well.. xD
: *Thats okay, {{champion:14}} can wait till another patch, or two, or three. Its not like he needs a rework or anything ya know?* (sarcasm text)
..- its kinda hard to re-work a champ if they're planning to completely change "almost" everything about him.. and even if they get the results they want.. riot would always want to test it out themselves first then the community.. and if riot finds something that needs fixing after testing the results for themselves then they go back to day 1 again and restart everything.. coz im pretty shure riot wouldnt wanna hear the words.. "SION OP.. NERF HIM! RITO PLS" the moment riot releases the newly re-worked sion.. idk if u know but this happened to sivir.. people where saying that her base damage was very high after her re-work.. so riot had to nerf her after 2 weeks from the release date of the re-worked sivir..
Sykar24 (NA)
: That Nidalee gut was well overdue {{champion:76}}
i dnt know.. i dnt believe they actually ruined nidalee.. in fact imo they actually made her more interesting to play.. as she now becomes an assassin.. the spear wont hurt as much as they do from before but they will still hurt.. and the moment she gets the hunt debuff on you things get really interesting..
: {{champion:4}} has so many skins now, more than {{champion:17}} I think
imho.. tf nor teemo doesnt need a new skin.. there are champs out there with 1-3 skins available.. they should've jst tried their best to make this type of skins to those champs.. rather than champs who has an overflowing list of skins already.. {{champion:236}} and {{champion:119}} are the only champs who actually needed a skin out of all the champs who got a new soccer skin..
: Damn right low blow. {{champion:84}} c=======3 {{champion:55}}
well.. some ppl do say.. "rito take my money pls!" when new / awesome skins come out.. so now they are taking your money.. LMAO.. xD
: Soo if I choose the Red Card TF skin, am I automatically banned from the game? {{champion:115}}
no.. i think tf's w will only let you lock in his red card.. so say bye to your gold and blue cards.. xD
: I'm in the store and I cant find the new skins. When are they available?
you might wanna log out of the league client then log back in.. to give your client a chance to patch.. :3
: Doublelift plays with locked camera lol.
he only locks his cam during teamfights to help him dodge incoming skillshots directed towards him.. other than that he doesnt play locked.. and IMHO if you play locked.. it only means one thing.. NO MAP AWARENESS.. you wont know wth is going on and stuff on the map if you cant move your cam to a certain area where your team might be clumping up with the enemy team.. getting ready to team fight and stuff..
: Update to Summoner’s Rift headed to PBE

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