: ours. (NA)
I've heard many people tell me that EU in general is 10x worse than NA.. lol, hard to believe right?
Oglaf (EUNE)
: EUNE, for sure, because it is a hodgepodge of Eastern countries where the majority of players either cannot, or refuse to, speak English and poor Scandinavian countries that were bundled with them because they couldn't fit us all within EUW. We're it not for my IRL buddies all being there, I'd leave in a heartbeat. Especially after the removal of Normal Draft from the region, as that just leaves Ranked and you do NOT want to play Ranked with random people on EUNE.
That's funny, I thought NA was bad. From what i've heard, EUW is up there. I can't tell the accuracy of that statement because I play NA.
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o17o (NA)
: Can't target yoricks minions?!?
What scarlett said. An auto will kill it no matter what. A spell won't ironically.
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Exotíc (NA)
: Looking for Mid Gold to Mid Plat Jungle and Top for Serious Team.
InGameName: o17o Rank: G5 Age: 21 Role: Top Champion Pool(In Role): Kennen, Trundle, I can play just about anything else as well. Time Zone: MT Why do we want you on the team?: Cause i'll put my 100% into every game no matter the odds. Why do we not want you on the team?: My memes aren't dank What are you looking to get out of this team besides experience in a team environment?: Wins homie. Wins Are you willing to do tournaments?: Yea Can you shot call?(We have one just need to know): Yup
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: Looking For A Dedicated Team (Silver+)
Rank: G5 Role: Top main How often can you play: Everyday besides sundays (Walking dead hours lol) Strengths: Very well positioning skills. Weakness: Cs'ing has been pretty poor lately. Voice chat: Skype, Ts, Curse, Discord.
: Need Top lane for my 5's team
I'll add you after my game is over Dillman. Im a top main actually looking for a DEDICATED team. I feel like I can become an asset to your team. My pool is Kennen, Ryze, Trundle, Jax, Cho. Just about anything to be honest. I have a completely open schedule.
: LF Gold+ Ranked 5s
what role is left?
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: Looking for Top Jungle ADC for a long term serious team! Gold
: Looking for active players ranked 5s
IGN: o17o Rank: Gold V Role wanted: Top Mains for role wanted: Jax, Kennen, Trundle (I can flex picks) Voice chat (Discord, Yes/No): Yes, I have all VoiP Why do you want to be part of a team? Lookin for some fun with some new people (solo life is boring) Shotcaller? (Yes/No) Yessir Do you have any experience with ranked teams? A little. I used to play with a ranked team like 3years ago lol. Havent done it since.
: New Team Recruiting Gold +
Ingame Name: o17o Current Solo Queue Rank: Gold 5 Position: Top/Jungle Top 3 Champions: Trundle, Kennen, Jax. Particular Strengths?: High map awareness. Past Team Experience?: N/A Never been in an actual team. Preferred VoiP: TS, Ventrilo, Skype, Discord, Curse. W/e (Am 21y/o, I have a very open schedule. I personally hate putting others at blame if we lose. I see it as a 'what could I have done differently to change the course'.) lets get it rolling hopefully! =)
Cowru (NA)
: Forming Gold-Plat Ranked 5s team {OPEN}
Top lane: Kennen, Trundle, Tryn ADC: MF, Ez, Jinx. Jungle: WW, Trundle, Xin, Jax I can flex around for whatever our team needs. my ign is: o17o
: Looking for people that want to play unusual formations
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: Team Sting | Recruiting | Bronze - Silver | Top, Mid, Support
App: ?? Role: Top best 3 champs in that role: Kennen, Trundle, Irelia. age: 21 Current rank: Gold 5 Last season rank: I was barely active last year, but I was somewhere in silver. skype: chargers.sd ign: o17o why u want to join team: Looking for an active group to play regularly


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