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: An Open Letter to RIOT
I'd like to start by saying that in no way do I intend for any of my comments to be hostile or in any way degrading, although some may come off that way. First I'd like to adress the second half of your post. The lag and ping issues Riot have been having are serious, and detrimental to any type of serious gameplay. I personally have been plagued with the same issues for over a month and haven't played ranked in season 5 at all because I don't want to get provisioned into bronze due to a crap connection. I've had games with ping spikes of upwards of 3k, 5k, I even had a game where my ping hit 18,500 for quite a few seconds (wish I had a screenshot). Riot has recently put out a sticky post regarding all of these issues. If you believe them and the research done by many of the forums you are in no way at fault, but neither is Riot technically. The cause of these issues according to more technologically sound minds is a bottlenecking of sorts that is happening due to increased internet traffic, bad infrastructure, and ISP based problems ( some isps process data over there connections in large amounts every few seconds, whereas an interactive real time game requires a smaller amount of data to be sent back and forth quickly, some isps are placing certain traffic behind other sorts of data in an attempt to price gouge companies and make larger profits, etc.) Again, if you beleive Riot, which understandably can be hard to swallow at times, they are working on these issues in a very direct manner. They're building there own infrastructure across the US known as a backbone, and interfacing with isps to direct traffic through this backbone instead of across the outdated infrastructure that is currently in place. This will reduce the number of hops your data has to make across different routers substantially, decreasing ping time and packet loss. They're also, supposedly, working on a central location to move there servers so that ping times will be more average across the US instead of low on the west coast and high on the east coast. The backbone is supposed to be in place and taking effect by the end of March if everything works out, which remains to be seen. Now for the first half of your post about the 4/5 surrendering, etc. I am that 5th person, I detest surrendering on so many levels its just... Not something I'm willing to accept in most cases. So hear me out, and this is 90% opinionated and 10% factual at most I'm sure but you invited discussion by posting on the forums, and here I am. Let me start by saying I have surrendered, its not something that I won't do ever just because to be a dick. I've had games where the enemy yi was 18/0 15 minutes in and got a penta and when the 20 min FF showed up I clicked yes just like everyone else. However, in a very large percentage of the games where someone wants to FF I feel like we still have a chance to win. Is it going to be easy? Probably not, you didn't get to this point because the other team has been feeding you kills and they won't start now. But, can we win? The answer to that my friend is usually yes. Winning from a disadvantage has a phenomenal feeling, even trying your hardest and losing 65 minutes in feels good when everyone at the end game lobby is "holy shit that was close" "gg everybody" etc etc. I have come back from what I'm sure you would consider unwinnable games many, many times. I've had one inhib turret when the enemy team had all there inner turrets left and won. You know what it takes? Teamwork and adaptation. On average, a winning team in mid to low ELO will get cocky and make at least minor mistakes, you need to recognize and capitalize on these. Do they keep making the same plays over and over? Figure out how to counter it and ace the bastards. If you keep getting hard cc'd every fight build a merc scimitar and get out of it. If you can never get to there ADC ask your team to position better so they can. Eliminate high priority targets, work together, communicate. Adapt and you will survive. Which leads me to my last point as the person who hates to surrender, and that is that attitude shapes the game. If you died 3 times before 10 minutes don't blame your jungler, don't whine and start gg-ing. Pick yourself up, get back in the game and figure out what you can do better. If you've got no chance to kill your enemy, don't try to. Farm creeps, defend your tower, ping mia's, focus on objectives, do anything, just don't give up. Your attitude affects your team, if you whine more than 5 times, I'm going to mute you because I don't want you bringing me down. In my opinion negative attitudes lose more games than anything else in the entire league world. So next time you want to surrender, instead consider what you can do to change that game for the better. Maybe you'll win, or maybe you'll lose 65 minutes in, but what you will have done is tried your fucking hardest and if that wasn't enough at least you can accept defeat with a GG WP because you just got defeated by someone at least as good as you, probably trying just as hard. As far inputting a surrendering system that allows you to leave games without being punished? Unrealistic and will never happen. It can be abused way way too easily, and the whole point of the game is to play, not win every single time or surrender. Or spam surrender until you can leave and screw all your team mates over. Again, just my opinion, but I find it highly unlikely they will ever implement something like this. TL;DR: Riots attempting to fix the issues that your seeing with lag and ping. Surrendering is only necessary in extreme cases, perhaps you should look at your attitude and gameplay strategy and you won't have that problem. Also, read all that stuff I just typed on my phone, it took forever. Good luck, Have fun. Joseph Another body in the nonexistent crowd
: Jungle Thresh: Will This Theoretically Work?
Most likely homie-guards if your losing for obvious reasons, otherwise alacrity for overall increased MS to increase gank potential. And I agree, I wouldn't initiate with the hook because its easy to dodge, I feel like its easy to land when someone is running from you so after a flash would be perfect to gap close. His kit lends itself tons of utility, so between Botrk active, chilling smite, hook, and Flay displacement / slow I feel like he has a lot of gank potential. Of course this is all theoretical and every game is different.
: Jungle Thresh: Will This Theoretically Work?
Personally I enjoy playing Thresh as a bruiser top lane in norms, I have no experience jungling but if I were going to jungle him I'd max E first, get mobi boots, and build AD Lifesteal. Example build would be {{item:3707}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3117}} I'd focus on finishing out the jungle item and getting early lifesteal first. Then finish botrk and visage or sunfire, dependent on enemy team comp. A perfect gank would consist of coming into lane behind there team member, initiating with flay and landing the Q for the lockdown, ulting if necessary to secure the kill. If you end up using this build I'd like to know how it goes. Also, I'm posting from my phone and can't see the stats on the jungle item I picked. I beleive I got the one with chilling smite and then armor pen enchant, if not that was my intended item.
Nakawaka (NA)
: Zekes Herald
Used to get it on taric frequently if I had an ad heavy team... But that was s3
: So Morgana's Ulti Works while she is using Zhonya's?
I feel compelled to reply to this post because I main support and have played a ton of Morgana support. The simplest answer to your question is this. Yes, Morgana's ultimate continues to work after she activates Zhonya's. Is it required to build Zhonya's on Morgana? No. Is Zhonya's extremely effective on Morgana? Yes. Is this play overpowered and needing revision by Riot? No. Why? Because the purpose of Zhonya's Hourglass is specifically for plays like this one to be possible. So squishy mage type champions are able to make team fight plays with some survivability. It also allows counterplay in many forms, you can use any type of mobility, flash, dash, etc. to leave the area of effect. You can use a Quicksilver Sash to remove the effects of her ultimate, or even your own Zhonya's or any untargettable ability to become immune to her ultimates secondary effect. I hope you find this information enlightening and learn from it. There aren't many gameplay mechanics in LoL that are truely overpowered because Riot sets up the ability to counterplay almost everything. You only need to analyze how things work in order to discover how to play against them. Goodluck in the future, and don't be afraid to ask questions even if you get jumped on for doing so. Everyone started somewhere and no one got where they are today without asking questions.
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just added you, s4 at the moment, got demoted from s3 earlier today, made me a sad sad man. main support and fill top / jg
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1 Wing (NA)
: Nasus: what do I do against him?
Quinn and Teemo are hard counters for Nasus. Blind whenever he moves in to cs, thus denying him stacks. Never leave Nasus alone top lane to farm. At any point in the game Nasus can go from completely defeated to a big ass problem with one stacked up minion wave and no one to stop him from farming. Also never dive Nasus. Play smart and you can win this lane vs. a first pick Nasus every time.
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: S3 Support Main LF Duo Queue Partner
Alright, will add you as well when i log on. :)
Atraxa (NA)
: Any U.S. Early A.M. players interested in a static group leading into a ranked team?
I actually also fit your description fairly well. I work nights myself and get off at 7 am cst so that directly fits your timing. However, I also main support, but I'm experienced and comfortable in all lanes. My two most common off roles from support are top and jungle. About Me: Summoner name: oDemoniko Current Rank: Silver 3 ~70 LP Experience:Have been playing on and off since S2. Support main since the beginning of S3, started playing other roles because I realized even as support you don't always get your lane. Season 3 Progression: Bronze 5 to Bronze 2. Did not play for most of the season. Season 4 Progression: Bronze 5 to Silver 5. No internet at home, played at a buddies house a few times each week. Pre-Season 5: Silver 5 to Silver 3. Finally have internet! I expect to work into gold+ this season in solo/duo queue. In the meantime it would be nice to join a team on the same time schedule as me. Top 3 Tops:{{champion:86}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:23}} Top 3 Jungles:{{champion:5}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:28}}
: S3 Support Main LF Duo Queue Partner
Alright, i won't be on at my usual time today. Have some errands to run, etc. If I do find time to get on it will probably be later in the day. I'll add you once I do get on.
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