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: How to get out of bronze/silver *tips*
: It continous to baffle me, this is again amazing! You must really build on this talent of yours here as it will certain open job opportunities if you don't already work in the animation industry.
Ruffman (NA)
: Well that was awesome....
: no problem. Looking forward to whatever one you do next. In case it hasn't been suggest, i want to see if you can pull of a kids movie.
Yeah Ive got that a couple times now. I'd like to make some of my own animations coming up as well
: The music was impressive, but oddly enough, i think your romantic comedy one was the best so far.
Awsome, I liked the Rom Com one too! but thanks for the feedback
: Here's a post where you can ask questions about the stuff I've worked on, and I'll try to answer.
What are some inside jokes that Rioters have in the office. And does anyone talk about reworking Teemo?
: imo, it felt a bit disorganized when the project scene came in, but the music + sona's scenes were amazing the one i loved the most was the romance {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}} , dat one is gold
Thanks! I was trying to make it like a sona concert or something. More focused on the music.
Ixus Zai (NA)
: 'The League of Lengendary Gentlemen'
Im totally going to make this on Unreal Engine. Explore the league world
: This trailer made me imagine a version of League of Legends where, instead of fighting each other, the League's like the Avengers.
Someone needs to make this. In the form of an open world game.
Arakadia (NA)
: Nice job! (Once again...) This one wasn't as good visually, but the music personally was the best of them all so far. Keep em' coming and gl. Your really good at this, something special.
Thanks Broski. Was feelin the music when I made this last night thats for sure.
Ixus Zai (NA)
: How about League of legends as a spy film?
Yeah just did a 007 League one. Its on the Boards!
: I really enjoyed it. I would say that the music was a bit loud and it made it hard to hear, example would be right in the beginning when Jinx is talking about all the things she has to do today, that was hard to hear. I would really like to see a League of Legends Horror movie. :) Keep up the good work though!
Yeah I have a tendency to play my music extremely loud. Especially when I game!
: This was more OP than on-release {{champion:38}} , good job! :D
Thanks! just made another one
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: "Meet Ekko" "He's Bronze V" xD I really enjoyed the second bit. It made me chuckle and smile a few times. I think the video/shot choices at that part were great. Overall... I thought it was... A couple of things to watch moving forward tho... The text at the end goes over Jinx's face. It's a bit distracting. Bring the "The" down with the "impossible" and your golden. Watch the consistency with the fades and text. Jinx had her titles exiting and entering on a beat instantly, while Ekko's had a fade/wipe at the end (For bonus points, add an outline to text!) I would've also liked to see a bit more of Ekko as well towards the end, since the "movie" seemed to be about the both of them. Otherwise, neat idea! I think the songs were better this time around too ^^ Also Also, what program are you using to edit these? :3
Thank You for the tips! Yeah there is definitely some 4am type of mistakes in there ;) I'm just using good old Premiere Pro.
: I am impressed, that turned out better then i expected. Now Riot just needs to make it happen.
Thanks! I was not expecting it to work at all either honestly haha
Arakadia (NA)
: Nice! I thought this wouldn't be that good due to how challanging it would be to make it, but you dun did well!
Yeah that was a bit of a challenge. I was wondering what I got myself into, but at least something came out haha
: I am such a fan of your vids and so glad u responded. I rlly wish maybe u just animate it by yourself... kinda like how they do Helmet Bro but i know you can do it better. I dont care how long it takes but pls just make something close to that
Thank you! I would love to animate something like that. Would take me awhile but I'd love to do it.
: I would like it if you made a long almost movie like video (you know, like 45 minutes long) that had much of the cinemas of LoL in chrono order to make sense of lore
Hmm interesting. I would have to figure out how to do that but it would be awesome to see.
: Add sequel link to op plz
: League already becomes a horror film the second a lonely ADC sees a "!" above their head.
Lol everyone is going on about Rengar. I need to make a spotlight on him
: If league was a war movie ;)
: If League of Legends was a drama :D (Not like it isn't already :P) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Like a cheesy sitcom. Awesome idea actually
: 10/10 would watch
A romance cartoon movie. I dont think that has been done before, excluding anime ;P
: Dude, you seriously need to get your own forum section for these. They are amazing! Also, you should do one of these for every of the theme type skins. Such as elderwood, reaper, battlecast, arcade, zombie and so on.
Thanks broski! So like a spotlight? I wanted to do something with the project yi and yasuo series.
: It baffles me how people are able to make things like this. This is legendary. Great job! Ps. Try one with a rusty violin soundtrack.
Thanks! Whats a rusty violin track it sounds cool, you should send me a link!
: {{champion:19}} im like him in front on this video. _THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME_
: rengar would be featured! you're quietly walking.. WHEN SUDDENLY A HELL SPAWN COMES OUT OF NOWHERE AND BACKSTABS YOU!
: Romantic Comedy. Just do it. Ahri x Leona 5lyf
Alrighty Romantic Comedy is made. Posted on the Board! Sorry its not Ahri and Leona though.
: If league of legends was a romantic comedy. Good luck, your gonna need it.
Alright I made it for you! its posted on the board
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: Romantic Comedy. Just do it. Ahri x Leona 5lyf
Haha that one might be a little tough. RomCom would be good though
: Awesome job! Makes me sad Riot stopped doing Halloween stuff :(.
I Know right. All their character release videos are just voice over now.
: If league was a buddy cop movie :D Can you just imagine Cait and Vi? "Bad Boys" style with Voli and and Trundle as the guys they make fun of :D
haha. Voli and Trundle would be like from The Other Guys.
: is it hard to use ? / wrap head around
Nope just give it a go. Learn from youtube
Arakadia (NA)
: Make this Riot! This is really good! Nice job. Really Like it. Rito would make so much more money if they made more cinemas.
Yeah they should make more champion videos
: but is there more features?
Yeah Premiere Pro is the best id say. And theres a free 30 day trial so give it a shot
Tridem (NA)
: With all the balance issues, It's already a horror film. :p Honestly... Great Job!
: is better than sony vegas?
Theres more tutorials and support for premiere pro so id say so.
: I believe it would be accurate to say that your trailer here is better than anything Riot has put out for the Harrowing in the past 12 months
Hahaha maybe if I upvote Riot will hire me ;)
: what program use
: If league of legends was a romantic comedy. Good luck, your gonna need it.
: What video editor did you use? I'm looking for a good one.
Im using Premiere Pro. its like $8 a month from adobe. What kind of videos are you making?
: Neat! I love the editing. A lot of the beats were spot on, and I'm a sucker for cutting to black and back to footage, especially when done well. ^^ I did get more of an action feel from it, instead of a horror-y one, though. Maybe because of the music?
Thanks for the feedback! Yeah It kinda has a LOTR feel now that you mention it.
: logged in just say that this is amazing, also have my upvote{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thanks so much ! I'm going to make another one probably tonight
Sweetiex (EUW)
: All the scares are shown in the trailer. Classic.
NedTntin (NA)
: Well done~~{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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