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Shahamut (NA)
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Shahamut (NA)
: agreed, especially since it is usually coupled on ranged attackers that can hit very fast or multiple targets... Rangers and GunSlingers are way too strong with this item.
rangers are strong, but gunslingers with the gunslinger buff with this item are just god tier.... Not that I would EVER do that though *coughs*
Kazamaru (NA)
: To everyone here with this problem, I've dealt with it 3 times by restarting my computer. Nothing else has worked, but this has worked for me.(And most recently I won a game after missing only 6 rounds of play because I instantly restarted my computer.)
Appreciate the reply, but this is happening to a lot of people around the same time. I did try that already though and it did not work.
TheGrot (NA)
: Shrink Item too OP
It's 25% chance last i checked which in my opinion is still too high for the power it brings to the fight.
: Im getting the same thing in my draft match where it kicked me and my duo partner after like 3 minutes in, and we can't even reconnect cause it keeps giving an unable to reconnect. It still thinks we are in the game too and its been going for 40+ minutes.
Yup! Mine has been like that for over an hour now.
: Loading Screen Doesn’t Load (Black Screen) FYI everyone is seeing the same thing. You try to reconnect to the game and it just gives "failed to connect to server"
: I was just kicked from a Ranked Summoners Rift game. Im receiving a " Failed to connect . Unable to connect to the server" .
From my understanding that is what everyone is seeing both in ranked and draft. We log in and get a "reconnect" button, but then it fails to connect to server when we try.
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