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Mortdog (NA)
: April Fools VS. Event Mission List
Mission 2b is really unfun. Can you give people who have 2b a chance to do 2a please? These premade team mission doesn't promote anything, if i have to wait to get 4 strangers to play the game, what positive thing can i get instead of queing for blind mode immediately, it's still 4 strangers anyway. Mission 3 could have been choices: 5 man singed, blizt... Or 5 man soraka, sona... Or 5 man cait, vayne...
: Can Executioner's Calling get another build path?
Make morellicon like luden and aa, put hextech glp back to where it was (early version of roa) I like to keep GW in the higher item, but make it more powerful (reduce healing more or include shielding)
: Change or delete spear of shojin.
There are ways to nerft this item: - lower cdr (has to buy 2 more items to complete 40% cdr) - lower health (need more defensive items to survive) - lower trigger duration (unlikely as within 6 sec you may only get 4 sec out of it) - longer cd on passive (maybe 120 sec so it won't trigger with every time they ulti)
GoryRage (NA)
: Rageblade has never been a healthy item.
How about making phantom hit an active that last for 4 sec and have 300 sec cd? It's interesting effect that i want to keep, but it won't be consistently op like it is now.
: I honestly kinda hate new kayle (Lemme explain before auto downvote ty)
I play a tank against her and build Frozen Heart + Randiun + Tabi, thinking the attack speed slow would weaken her but her true damage still able to shred through my defense. Try to go in to get some damage and get out and she still able to chase me with her passive. It's like a Yi on permanent ulti, maybe the difference is that Yi also ignore attack speed slow and she has to reach late game to get that much power. But still, there is not a true weakness when she get to late game. The early set back is just make her somewhat borer to play as. Kayle play style is more like a Nasus now, unlike Ornn and Syndra whom also got more power late game but still interesting to play early.
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: you can't refund things older than 3 months xd
> [{quoted}](name=Who Fed Ru,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zgRK8tuE,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-02-20T17:14:51.518+0000) > > you can't refund things older than 3 months xd Yeah, i think most people overlook this policy. Basically if he bought his braum before december he won't be able to refund it. So give us 1 more refund is kind of useless since a lot of stuff are more than 3 months old. Riot needs to make exception here... Change to 3 years maybe, lol, just for this launch of new policy.
: Kayle's rework in a nutshell
I bought battleborn Kayle because how awesome the armor in the art looks. Now it's the most uninteresting art that kayle has :(
: Elderwood Needs to be introduced again
Change sherwood ashe to elderwood ashe, her ulti would fire a gold crystal arrow..
: > [{quoted}](name=EvilRubberDucky,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EqdWA7Q5,comment-id=00010002000000000001,timestamp=2019-01-23T14:11:47.242+0000) > > That's already wrong, Sylas doesnt have any of that.
> [{quoted}](name=YoRHa 9S,realm=OCE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EqdWA7Q5,comment-id=000100020000000000010000,timestamp=2019-01-24T02:03:35.893+0000) > > That's already wrong, Sylas doesnt have any of that. Though not 100% correct, that list actually in line with a bunch of stuff they just annouce: new nunu, zilean, shaco, ivern skin, new VS skin (highly possible rengar vs khazix), new star guardian skins (it seems syndra will turn dark side). Mordekaiser possible new skin after VGU (like swain, galio). That leaves xerath and skarner still on top of the list. Why it so hard to make a xerath skin :) that guy has so much potential for an ultimate skin (cool taunt, 4 skill shot vfx)
: I Am Carlos asked us what memes to kill for skins
I also think of Star Destroyer Urgot when i wake up this morning, lol, guess many people have same idea. By the way, is dark star skin line in the same universe with star guardian? They could be either be the nemesis or the third force of star universe.
: Ideas for a Potential 4th "Stat Shard" Column
I'm in the opposite. I think we only need 2 shards instead of 3. It could work like this: 1 AS shard give you 9% increase, but 2 AS shards are 22% total. So you need to think about trade off: - focus on what you like most (double AS) - focus on the enemy team (double MR against heavy mage team) - being a hybrid (1 AS for offense, 1 MR for defense) With 3 or more shards it's easier to go hybrid, which may be good ... but less incentive to change build.
- add harrowing theme to nexus blizt map - replace rift herald with vilemaw - make battle royale paranoia as game ending event - add in TT exclusive items There you go, we have a seasonal TT on nexus blizt, like butcher bridge for ARAM.
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations
This thread is more than 50 pages, I wonder if the developer will read my comment, lol. So what is "infinity" in infinity edge? May I suggest this IE version: +AD +Crit chance Passive: consecutive critical strike against a champion add 20% additional critical strike damage (stack indefinitely) to the next critical basic attack against that champion (e.g. 100, 120, 140, 160, 180....) The idea is that: A. critical strike is less upfront burst but more overtime damage, leaving upfront damage to the armor pen line. B. Crit acts adaptive, squishy may need 3 strike to kill, tank 4 but it won't drag out to 6,7 strike if you don't have armor pen. C. fit the name. D. spell crit build up basic attack crit. I see you add stopwatch to hexdrinker, perhaps you want to justify Sterak build path too. However, I think Sterak is not a good design. It is too stat efficient that is good for both offense and defense. I would trade Sterak for this version of Atma Reckoning: +AD +Armor +MR Build from hexdrinker (existing version) + Bramble Vest (without GW) Passive: lifeline + thorn The idea is focus on the early laning item. An AD fighter like Jarvan could go support bot with either hexdrinker or bramble vest and finish with an item that specialize more on the defense side. Lastly, with both version of Stormedge and Stormstrike, you will go into the problem adding too much burst on the single poke (with Duskblade, sheen, muramana, energize, and possible crit). So I suggest revert ER and try this Stormrazer: +AD +AS Passive: stormsurge: energized attack against champion gain you 50% additional AS The item will still support energized line, but don't add more specific damage, gear toward sustain fight and challenge you to hit your energized attack on champion.
: RIP Nurse Akali splashart
maybe they could rename the new skin PA Akali and give a us a throw back Traditional Nurse Akali :)
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: Play Like the Pros 4 bugged
i play xin zhao in summoner rift and rakan in ARAM, still don't get it
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: I don't want to be salty, but...why again did we remove dominion??? We don't have the resources to maintain an established mode that took 0 resources for balanceing(though it wouldn't have hurt to put some more into it -,-) and the only thing on the tech side was the capture mechanic that got used in serveral rgm-modes anyway, leaving only server maintenance.... ...but we can have rgm aswell as a experimental mode that offers modes "designed to deliver a different kind of experience distinct from Summoner’s Rift, Twisted Treeline, or ARAM." and "something that could last a while—maybe even as a permanent addition to League." - which is exactly what dominon was?!? Don't get me wrong, i really like the idea of rapid prototyping modes with community acces and feedback, but why the hell do we not get dominon back? You apparently want another permanent game mode that offers a differnt experience to aram, TT and SR, **and Dominion was just that. ** ------------------------------ ------------------------------ About Blitz: YEs please, go ham on it, make it a chaotic casual madness and get it permanent asap. And once that happened, **give back SR it's dignety**, bring it back to it's former well balanced holy trinity of strategy, tactics and mechanics and end the current madness on SR. You don't need to keep it fast and flashy, spiced with random bullshit, you then have BLITZ for all that, so you can return SR to the roots that made this game great, return it to beeing a somewhat slowpaced game with strategic and tactical deph rather than the current mechanical focuse instagib mode.
Just want to chime in to agree that we should bring back dominion or ascension as permanent map. There are ways to encourage people to play different map like adding to the daily mission that you can get the bonus by winning first game on SR, or simply play a game in TT, ARAM or Dominion. If they need more servers then maybe remove draft SR or blind TT queue? I'm not sure how big those queues are currently.
: Azir’s lore contained his family which had more then one cause for a death
I would love if they made Amumu as Azir's son. That may means the mummy wake up with uncontrollable sadness because he misses his family while in fact his father left him behind to find the source of power to save him. I would love that Amumu wake up as a result of a delayed Zilean's ulti while Zil visitted Shurima.
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Fearless (NA)
: Runes, Expectation, and the FUTUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURE!
I suggest an anti shield rune. I know you are working on anti shield items, but I think the current item pool is enough, adding anti shield fuction on rune would be more appropriate than items.
MeowGath (NA)
: did you have the worlds icon equipped during that game?
Yes, i did. I got the mission done yesterday with a remake from enemy team, however still think the mission should work like it describes.
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: So Xin Zhao mini rework is being shown any thoughts on it?
I want to see the new animations but on paper the rework does not give him better identity to break apart from other champ. New W is like Sejuani, E is like Camille, R is like Braum shield, even his quote "To the arena" match better to Camille and Jarvan ulti. I think one of his cool concept is how he got armor/mr by knocking back other champs, it makes him looks better to be a battlefield fighter than a duelist.
: Nasus buffs were too much
Nasus needs a rework rather than tuning. At this rate, Riot is buffing everyway to make him relevant, but hasn't presented a clear weakness to play against him. He has health, armor/mr to counter burst, lifesteal to counter poking, attack slow to counter sustain damage, armor shed to counter thornmall... so what is effective agaisnt him? And he is not so mana thristy like the old poppy. There should be more decision making in his playstyle. Think veigar passive, he can increase his scaling by hitting spell to champion, provide a more active way rather than just farming minion. Or annie q, miss timing Q and you see your mana goes fast and longer cd to farm.
: Taking another look at subclasses
Still no subclass for markmen >. < one for auto-attacker (draven) and one for skill shooter (ezreal)
: Xin Zhao rework ideas
Login to upvote this thread as I think this is very interesting idea. Hopefully get Riot attention for Xin Zhao rework. A few suggestion, his Charge could get some damage as he dashes through, then another physical damage as he sweep around. Ulti: final challenge: target an enemy champion, gain movement speed when moving toward them. His next basic attack will apply all stack of Challenge and gain him addition attack speed. Every third basic attack against this target will critical strike. This utility seems loaded at first but with proper stat i think this will work.
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Heimerdinger Changes for 7.10 (Request for Comment)
How about when he W, his turrets will fire a long beam to that direction, and when he E, the turrets will shock nearby area with damage?
Statikk (NA)
: Champion Subclass List
Some suggestions: Why don't you divide marksman into 2 sub-classes: - sharpshooter (rely more on skillshot): jayce, ezreal, corki, varus, jhin - hyper carry (rely more on basic attack): kayle, jinx, tristana, vayne, sivir Artillery mage is a small group, could have been tied into battle mage Singed, blizt, cho are disruptors (they are annoying) Kennen, fid are battle mage Not sure what you gonna rework urgot into, graves has been a good definition for medium range, tanky marksman.
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: Pool party Aram silvers
Vioforte (NA)
: 5-man ARAM


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