: Aurelion needs nerfs
Delete this post before you get incredibly embarrassed
: Why is Nasus so broken?
Don't push nasus under turret. He can easily last hit and get stacks under turret, punish him by freezing the lane in a position optimal for you but safe as well.
: Ban Appeal
If you were banned for a good reason, there is no unban. Wish there was a program to show if a player has reformed, like monitor another account of theirs and if they are honor 3 or higher, get unbanned. But for now, permanent is permanent
: "After going on a loss streak", you need to boost your fragile ego by stomping lower elo players. Why dont you stop being so fucking selfish and deal with your insecurities without ruining the game for 9 other players?
I mean everyone goes on a lose streak. Instead of taking a break from the game like others do, I chose to play on a lower elo account. They are all accounts that I leveled up by hand, why should I not get that privilege Edit: Also I don't hard stomp those games. I just play a role I want to learn or get better at so I don't troll players who are high elo. I wanna get better at jg, so I made an account for jgling. It's currently gold 2. This way I can practice off roles of mine to improve
Moody P (NA)
: Raptor Cloak could use an aggressive upgrade path
Both zz and ohm are aggressive as hell. Ohmwrecker allows you to tower dive much easier, item sucks but still And zz allows you to be very offensive in the lanning phase giving you huge tower damage. Seems pretty aggressive to me lmfao
Checo (NA)
: ^ this is the problem and forever will be a problem with this game. I honestly don't know a way Riot can fix this permanently. Its too easy to keep creating new accounts. I have found this problem to of gotten worse lately more than ever. Makes playing ranked very frustrating.
I mean, I have multiple smurf accounts, this being one. Smurfing is relaxing for a high elo player such as myself After going on a lose streak, or not having any fun, its refreshing to go into low play, or gold w.e and just play whatever I want. I used to be low elo, matter of fact I was silver 4 years ago. Now im diamond 2 on my main. There is no way to prevent this. Smurfing isnt breaking any rules. Deal with it, move on. ***If you don't belong in the elo you are in, you wont be in it.*** if you're stuck in an elo, that's where you belong until you improve.
ooNerOoo (NA)
: Inting player in LoL
https://imgur.com/rAqv2Cy ...
SSmotzer (NA)
: Seems fine to me.
watch the replay look where he died In chat he typed "I int now"
: Can we finally get a teenage kid Champion?
: dude, move the hell on did you report him postgame? did you submit a support ticket if it was an egregious offense? if yes to both, then your job is done. MOVE ON you are wasting your time ON ONE RANDOM TROLL ON THE INTERNET this is like trying to trim every blade of grass on the planet by hand
Right. I guess inting is allowed because this is straight up ridiculous. of course, I want to get this guy banned he straight inted 4 games in a row, one of those games happened to be with me. But whatever, I guess inting like this is completely tolerated.
: You expected a troll to get banned LoL :D I just hope you didn't say anything to him in chat, since then the banhammer would smash your skull... Sadly you can not to anything else, this is how Rito works.
^ so sad that this is the reality.
: Inter getting away with it
the same thing happened to me man. had a brand go 1/20 sold his items, went attack speed and literally inted Made a post, people downvoted for no reason the troll continues to play and ruin others games {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
ooNerOoo (NA)
: Inting player in LoL
quick update this player is still active and playing why the hell is this slipping through the cracks watch the reply on the brand game he straight inted into them 20 fucking times in a row It disgusts me that players like this get to get away with this kinda shit
: > why am I getting random downvotes without any comments? Because sometimes it's easy to tell what kind of replies an OP is going to make to certain comments. You shouldn't be concerned with the meaningless internet arrows. People (myself included) use them to agree or disagree with a post when we have nothing better to contribute.
Yeah, but how could someone disagree with this post. I don't understand how going 1/20 isn't intentionally feeding. Also, they sell all of their items almost every single game.
ooNerOoo (NA)
: Inting player in LoL
why am I getting random downvotes without any comments? This person is straight up inting in peoples ranked games including mine and is not getting banned xdd
Rioter Comments
: I Got Chat Banned and would like to repeal.
Doesnt deserve any punishment. Saying "screw you" isnt punishable at all This guy was getting flamed all game Just remember next time to mute toxic players as they have nothing useful to say
: > [{quoted}](name=ooNerOoo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EsKN36xo,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2019-01-11T00:15:12.614+0000) > > Please just quit this shit stain excuse for a game. > I occasionally pop on to see what's poppin, but id rather just play games like pubg, fallout 4, etc. > You'd honestly be doing your self a favor as I dont see League climbing out of this 100 foot deep hole they dug themselevs Yet you comeback... this "shit stain excuse of a game" is making you comeback time and time again. So guess what? You haven't quit therefore you aren't following your own advice so why should we listen to you? You would be better off actually doing what you suggest others to do instead of telling others what to do.
You must have your head so far up your ass if you think that the game is good because I keep "coming back". Like I said I very rarely come on just to see if they fix anything, meaning that I go to forums, like I am now, and look at the posts. And by quit, I used to play this game every single day for hours, now I might get on league once every 2 weeks or so to see if anything changed, and usually nothing happened. So yes ive quit, and yes you're an asshat
: Why cant Riot turn AFK players into Bots?
Please just quit this shit stain excuse for a game. I occasionally pop on to see what's poppin, but id rather just play games like pubg, fallout 4, etc. You'd honestly be doing your self a favor as I dont see League climbing out of this 100 foot deep hole they dug themselevs
: Perma bans for being TOXIC should be removed
Stop trying to find ways around the banning system, its there to remove toxic players indefinitely. Just play other games that are much more fun, have a great community and a company that actually listens to player feedback.
: Regardless of how true your statements about the **past** are, I still prefer to keep hope for the future. I think the Preseason changes so far have all been good.
> [{quoted}](name=JustDonnyy,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=zAc0qmFK,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-31T23:14:01.171+0000) > > Regardless of how true your statements about the **past** are, I still prefer to keep hope for the future. I think the Preseason changes so far have all been good. lol.
: Best game you've played in 2018
Used to be this pile of shit. After I quit playing it, I found interest in games I used to play like Fallout 4, and doom Both 10 times better then league
: Would you recommend this game to people?
This game fucking sucks ass. I wouldnt put this game on my worst enemy Honestly confused if you meant to post this on april fools orrrrr....
pogcorn (NA)
: Conqueror needs to go
: the hardest top laner in LOL has 51.5% winrate and #1 pickrate by double the next champion
When people complain about top lane but completely avoid jg mid and adc Ohhhhhh {{champion:236}} WHERE ARE YOUR NERFS ....{{champion:121}} !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!{{champion:119}} {{champion:69}}
Chewedon (OCE)
: Made the splash art for you buddy (see above link). Merry Christmas.
Little early for April fools....
: Why is there no mic option for games?
For all the people saying people could say hate speech, etc. People still do that in chat. If someone wants to say something, they will say it regardless. This is a team game, and I'm sick and tried being a tank in solo q and being useless as shit, yet that same tank in LCS broken because they have voice communication. Every single moba I have ever played has had voice coms, but then again, this is the first moba I've played where the game has been broken, bugged, unbalanced and just unfun.
: y boards so toxic + negative
This game sucks lol!
ooNerOoo (NA)
: Riot Killed League
Love the downvotes with no comments or criticism{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Rioter Comments
: Proposal: 1 year chat restriction.
Why give toxic players another chance. It honestly boggles my mind how many people come on the forums with these "new" ideas when they are just the same, regurgitated thought, posted over, and over again
JulzFTW (NA)
: A 14 day suspension is way too long and unneeded.
I'm assuming you got punished with chat restrictions before, have you not? even if you haven't, you used hate speech. What did you expect to happen?
: PSA: If Illaoi hits you with her E, fight her.
Is this a joke, little early for April fools?
Andicus (NA)
: Account status has improved from less AFK and Leaving?
Who actually cares, Was your honor dropped? no. Was your account anyway affected? no. The league client is buggy, I get bug splats every day. my friend for some reason has riot unlocked and has all champs and skins for free. Nothing will surprise me when it comes to the LoL client.
JulzFTW (NA)
: Riot Games should not skip directly to a 14 day ban A step by step system should have been implemented to ensure the player is getting banned for a good reason and have got multiple reasons
I actually got a 14-day suspension as my first offense, and I merely called my teammates monkeys, It was a false-true ban and got uplifted within a few days. This is well deserved, stop complaining, take a break and think about how next time you slip up, your account will be gone forever.
JulzFTW (NA)
: My 14 day ban seems unfair
> JulzFTW: reatrded ass shen JulzFTW: shut up JulzFTW: braindead %%%% Re-read the summoner code, hate speech isn't tolerated, period. It doesn't matter that you never got a warning, it doesn't matter if this is your first offense You used hate speech, called someone brain-dead and constantly harassed other players, Enjoy vacation without league bud!
: Error Code: 999 Store
I have this bug almost every single day, I just restart it and eventually it works.
Eedat (NA)
: <Removed by Moderation>The enemy team on average has about 8300 gold each. OP had 10,900 gold. Now what is double 8300? 16600. So no, OP did not have "***almost double***" their gold. He had 2600 more gold than the enemies average. So no, he didn't have "ALMOST DOUBLE" thier gold. He had about 30% more gold. <Removed by Moderation>
<Removed by Moderation> That still doesn't change the fact that he had more gold than almost all the members on the enemy team, thus having a shutdown gold. <Removed by Moderation>
: You remove chat by dragging off screen right?
No. I went into the game files and made the chat scale -345266562623/something similar to that. then I unbinded my enter key in-game lol. It took about 10 minutes and keeps me on the rift.
6Alkite9 (NA)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=6Alkite9,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ooAbiUum,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-12-16T00:31:56.323+0000) > > <Removed by Moderation> Agreed.
: I got banned. Please help.
Better yet, just remove chat. Its easy, effective and non-harmful to anybody No matter what people say, chat is useless and holds no meaningful value in determining whether you win or lose a game. I've done it, and it works fantastically
Eedat (NA)
: Its not even "almost" though?
what the fuck are you talking about? Almost, meaning he has **almost** double the gold of the enemy team. https://www.google.com/search?q=almost&oq=almost&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l5.689j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 <Removed by Moderation> he has nearly double the gold of 3 enemy members, that's almost the entire team as it is above half, is it not?
: Smurfs are completely ruining this game
Eedat (NA)
: No he didn't? He literally posted the gold values lol. He was 1400 gold ahead of the enemy Fiora and 800 gold behind Irelia. Either way, being actively punished for literally just farming while not dying isn't just a comeback mechanic. Its actively punishing people for playing well. Imagine you are playing top lane your lane opponent roams mid and dies. You get a 20 CS lead on them for it. Fast forward 10 minutes and you have a 1000g bounty for literally no reason other than not dying while they have none and you still only have a 20 cs lead. How is that in any way fair?
Eedat (NA)
: Playing safe and farming properly shouldn't legitimately be punished. A 1000g shutdown for farming and not dying is extremely ridiculous
he had double the gold on almost everybody on the enemy team he was just as fed as lissandra and irelia, why shouldn't he be shutdown?
: That doesn't mean you're ahead. That just means they aren't csing as well as you. They could still be ahead but last hitting like shit.
: God I hate those bounty system, 0/0/0 Kayle has a 1000gold bounty.
League isnt about k/da, its about gold income. You had a shit ton of gold, thus have a shutdown bounty. remember that 20 cs roughly equals a kill. You had 240 cs, a kill, and 0 deaths. You are fed, not k/da wise, but gold wise you were just as fed as your lissandra or irelia....
: he IS balanced the whole point of this post is about this buff, its so unnecessary
Did you not read the comment I replied to????????????
: Yeah boys i need some help understanding this
You harrassed Yasuo all game. Harassment is punishable, thus you got punished.
: my account was banned permanently
as a once toxic player myself, you need to understand that trolls aren't worth your account, and simply put, you didn't realize or care about that. In my eyes, this is a deserved ban as you have had many warnings such as, chat suspensions, the 14 day being your last chance, and you still didn't reform.
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