Zac x Me (NA)
: Always use different passwords and e-mails when registering on several sites, always.
> [{quoted}](name=Zac x Me,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=mtWszWcw,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-09-25T20:40:47.728+0000) > > Always use different passwords and e-mails when registering on several sites, always. I DO have multiple passwords across everything i use. My league one is unique only to league
: 3rd party software ban?
Okay i dunno which one of these people on this game hacked my account just to win me 2 games of twitch and kogma only to get me banned, but i hope you know that as much as i enjoy this game (and how much i hate it sometimes) you gain nothing in life for being a high rank in league of legends. It will take you nowhere.
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: Well thats just what the guy says. I think their are certin things you can only do with her with a low ping. Before we could que up combos, high ping meant Alistar for example couldnt do his headbutt knockup combo.
My ping is usually 25-30
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: If this is every game then stop playing GP play {{champion:122}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:83}} Some of these guys can carry but they can get the job done at top lane and carry your teammates.
Darius get kited too easily, tryn is god aweful boring (i wanna atleast enjoy the champion im playing), im shit a yorick, and as for cho, well....bork. Then only other to i have played decentally is illaoi and renekton, but playing these two just foces a camp top lane from the enemy jungler which just screws my laning up
Eunson (NA)
: Stop blaming and focus on your own gameplay 1. You're using Teir 2 runes 2. You're stacking CDR on your items and reach 40% but you're also buying CDR boots for no reason - invest in ninja/merc 3. Your CS is very low 4. You claim to be a GP main but it is one of your lowest played champs. You have barely put any time into this champ and most likely are messing the combos and your contribution to team fights. Do not bait yourself to go into melee range. Use your barrels to 1 shot the adc/mage 5. Your masteries are a bit off. You've invested in attack speed and life steal (you have ur W) This is all just by looking at your match history not even your gameplay.
Recent gp main. Ive only been playing league for a little over a year and have played every champ in the game and have settled on gp. So the statemebt may have seemed broad, but true none the less. As for the runes. Im not buying anymore dude to the revamp they are doing for runes and masteries in november so i figured id just save it up. As for everything else, you are correct and thank you for the constructive advice. Csing has never been my strong suit in tge game but i have improved from say 3 months ago where it was utterly pathetic. I do practice every now and then when i get bored just csing in customs
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: I think you don't fully appreciate his passive. It actually allows him some versatility when poking and hard engaging by allowing him to live long enough to blow people up or taking much less damage as he continuously pokes enemies down. Besides, he already has another execute passive and high damage ratios
Yeah but when it comes down to it you only get 1 free auto dodge that can be poped by anyone. The the taric can walk up and pop it while the adc proceeds to lay waste to you. Its not really the best in team fights where you cant keep it up often. It may been good in laning and small skirmishes but even then its just not as good as it could be
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: thing is, this is only effective if their team is tank heavy. i used to think it was op too, until I realized you could burst people down with crit even faster if they were mostly squishy.
Well it does a very good amount of damage to squishes. Crit well always be a staple for adcs but i like to think of this build as well rounded
: No {{item:3124}}? That's sacrilege....but yes, Kog'Maw's on-hit can get totally crazy, you can actually build hybrid Kog (core={{item:3115}}+{{item:3124}}+{{item:3146}}) full AP (get Nashor's but otherwise full AP), full crit ADC (pure AA dps build), or AS+on-hit style builds (most common; often hybridized with ADC style builds) on him.
im not a fan of hybrid builds. no real reason. i have no doubt that some can oneshot a squishy in a second but ive never really liked them. the only person i build hybrid on is like jax. and even then thats only like a gun blade and a rageblade
: > [{quoted}](name=BrokenxParadox,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ii5w8TAu,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-11T04:03:19.758+0000) > > So i just had a game where i played kogmaw jungle in normals. My teammates were completely okay with this since we all just wanted to have a bit fun. > > I wanted to talk about how much damage that kog can do with this build. Is completely absurd and shouldent work but it does. > > The build consisted of blood razor for 4% health on hit, bork for another 8% which combined with kogs w will give you a whopping 19% health on hit. I hit people like an atom bomb just got dropped on their face. The remainder of the build was rather simple. Berserker boots, runans hurrican, infinity edge, and a lord dominics. > > The amount of pure damage this build pumps out is outright bonkers. I was able to 3 hit the full build braum. > > I beg for the people who read this to not do this in ranked unless you know what you are doing. > > But for the people who have some friends on league and wanna do some dumb off meta stuff. I reccommend this. It is amazing. > > Start red and work you way to blue. i really wouldent cobsider ganking until youve finished bloodrazor as you dont have much sustain in the jungle. > > Tell me what you guys think. Thanks for reading :D You can do the same by getting smite on lane kog'maw. Use it to heal up every now and then too during lane. Works like a charm.
i dont really like lane kog with smite because heal is so strong in bot lane. that and it dosent really give as much health.
: it was during the marskmen class update... they reworked him a bit... and then reverted the rework a bit later
no i remember the rework. i ment i never saw people playing him in jungle
: lol this isnt new... jungle kog was all the craze earlier this season with his over buff of attack speed ... he power farm til lvl 6/7 come out and flat out shred tanks. and blow up anything but he wasnt ideal in lane... but being safe in jungle with no one smart enough to camp his jungle and kill him he became a fed master yi with half map range lol
i had never seen it earlier in the season. i guess it was just a hit or miss kinda thing
: ***
i had thought about it and decided against it. even on people rageblade is ment for i never liked it as an item.
: The enemy team must have run into you because it's just not worth the risk at higher elo.
not realy not they ran away more than they did run at me, but i had redbuff for the on hit slow. besides they were still able to kill me, i can pump out the damage but i cant take any of it
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: Bronze isnt about making calls or strategic decisions, but about picking a champion you are comfortable with and stomping lane over and over again until you are 10-0 and can 1v5. Mobile assassins are specially good for this. If any of your higher elo friends is at least gold he should be able to teach you enough lane mechanics for you to win lane consistently in bronze. Once you are fed just dont suicide (<--- IMPORTANT, focus on not dying in stupid ways like every bronze ever) and you are ready to climb. If someone flames just ignore him, there are flamers in every elo.
Well i enjoy playing hyper carries ie: jax, yasuo, vayne.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: It's the same in Silver if that helps you ;)
honestly if i could just get to silver id be happy if i were stuck there. atleast then id get a shiny border at the end of the season
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: Which she only achieves through poor positioning on your part. It's obvious which minions she'll end up Qing, as they are going to be the ones she last hits. Are you also not running any armor runes at all? I'm too lazy to check your stuff.
Everyone is kinda missing the point here. Yes i got hit, yes my positioning was ass. The point wasent my gameplay it was the damage. But yes i was running armor. For ez i run 14 ad 5.4 attack speed and 9 armor
: because you sat behind a minion that was low against mf learn how to play mf she has no mobility tons of early pressure tons of lategame dont feed her or shell snowball dont stand behind minions she has high mana costs she cant 1v1 for shit
The point of the discussion has nothing to do with me playing against mf. Its about the damage on her q with nothing but starting items
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scazzman (NA)
: NEVER ban peoples champs. It's pretty much holding a sign over your head saying "troll me please"
Yeah i had to learn that the hard way.
: Practice practice practice. It's the best and only reliable advice you will get. Start slow and just practice weaving autos until you can do it 100 times out of 100. Don't worry about canceling any animation. Start with the basics. Then move up and work on doing it faster. Build a rune page 9 flat cdr blues. 9 armor yellows 9 ad reds. I think 2 ad quint's and 1 flat cdr quint. I suggest not changing them as different as and such change your combo speed. So wait until you get comfortable. Don't be afraid to spend a few hours a day practicing in the practice tool. If your interested feel free to add me in game. I am always willing to help out people looking to pick up riven. Also don't worry about learning any 1shot combos until you learn how to combo correctly with her in the first place. Start with the basics.
Ill take you up on that :D my user is as shown above. I already sent a request.
: 1. You usually don't need the fast combo (q auto move q auto move q auto move) for much, or atleast I don't. Just auto in between each q, you don't need to move. 2. Use your e before your first cast of your ultimate to cancel the animation. 3. You can use your r then flash, this is kinda like lux's q flash or ahri's charm flash. 4. You can click hydra then w right after to make them go at the same time. 5. Go ghostblade first. 6. I usually always use e to cancel my r when chasing or engaging. 7. The best skin is Arcade
lol i have arcade and thank you for the reply i think i might go practice this. also why specifically ghostblade first? dont you need the 20% cdr from black cleaver?
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Zielmann (NA)
: FYI - They just added ping muting in the patch that came out this week. If you hit Tab, there's another button next to where the mute button in that menu is.
I read that in the patch notes and checked it a few mins ago while i was heading to lane and saw no mute ping icon of any sort. I dont know if my game was gliched in some way or if im even more blind than i thought. Ill check again later
: You probably shouldn't have banned that guys Darius. In Bronze, virtually any champion in any role can work. Your team shouldn't try to dictate what he can or cannot play.
You do have a point. I suppose i was just so hell bent on winning and keeping my streak going that i dident think about the reprecussions. Though at the very least he could have been more mature about it and not throw the game for us. The game ended at 15 mins. Because i couldent provide any jungle pressure for my lanes due to this kench following me through my jungle leaving our tristana to 2v1. Guess how that went? But i do agree with you. I simply wish to point out these issues and better the community.
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