: I think back when dynamic queue was a thing or sometime after, they did a hard reset (due to a bug, basically a lot of players from high elo got silver somehow but quickly climbed) and it was not a fun experience for the first 2 months. It was for higher elo: bullying people. for lower: even less confidence in climbing as they get stomped. Occasionally carried.
That actually gave me more confidence as a borderline gold player at the time. If I played like shit I knew it was because the difference in skill but if I won lane I felt good about myself and it made me more motivated to play as good as possible.
: well I spent almost 100 dollars on lol and I wont buy dat bunddle
$100? **You gotta get those numbers up! Those are rookie numbers!**
: Dear Riot, Pandering to left wing political bias, and punishing free speech in a medium outside your jurisdiction (ie, Twitter) is, in my opinion, oppressive & petty, and undermines individual expression of opinion, as well as suppresses whimsical, mischievous, and playful humour. Just look at UC Berkley's systematic denunciation of any and all Republican speakers to see the corner you are painting yourself into. Outside of cheating in the game of League of Legends, this Politically Correct nonsense you're enforcing on young male video gamers is appalling at best, and totalitarian at worst. I wholeheartedly condemn your Policies on Free Speech, and I wholeheartedly condemn this punishment as well. -Jacob B. Slade
Logged in to down vote. There is literally no reason to make this into a political mess. Riot is represented by their players, _especially_ now considering they are at an international event. If a player says something that offends a large group of people on a platform that everyone can see, then Riot has every right to punish said player. You must feel like a really good person putting your political beliefs before the treatment of other people. If someone called your wife a whore, would you shake his hand for him exercising his right to Free Speech?
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: {{champion:161}} I see what you...oh never mind.
{{champion:64}} I can't
Triggs (NA)
: /r/theydidthemath
Riot truly is the only company that would joke around with their players as much as they do. Unlike those nerds at Infinity Ward that shit out games each year that are the same exact thing. The Riot employee's are so {{champion:150}} ly
: Patch 4.15 notes
I mean, {{champion:150}} is getting buffed when I already have 2 pentas on him and I got him 5 days ago... I think I will be happy with the changes :3
: Patcher & Landing Page Visual Refresh to PBE
Looks great! We are making the entire game look different with all the recent changes. Twisted Treeline got changed, Summoners Rift change on PBE, Patcher and landing screen changes, then the new modes and maps. I still remember the good old red buff on TT and when Caitlyn ruled the mid lane. Ahh. Times do change...

owo me so ornny

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