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: Hey Paradoxiq! This is a silly question but do you ever think that there will be a chance to revitalize the story or is that also in EAs vault? I personally was really looking forward to Viridians story and more of Freia (my personal favorite character in game and in Lore).
: Sorry, I guess I misread your post as trying to provide a reason why Riot was falling short on their lore. I don't feel its necessary especially since you guys at Dawngate seemed to be on the right track of integrating moba gameplay with interesting and engaging storytelling. While you guys set a high standard to reach, Riot should be already there and trying to exceed it. Riot obviously had issues that they seem to be turning around on (slowly). And they seem to be trying to provide more on the lore front. They just haven't found their own voice yet. And all the faltering and slow progress is frustrating as a fan of both games, esp. since dawngate is gone now and League has all the potential to fill that void. Well, here's hoping league can meet my expectations but at this point its slim. And best of luck to you guys to your new game studio, I'm eagerly waiting to see what you guys put out.
They're a smart bunch there at Riot, but I get where you're at. I'm optimistic they'll continue to explore and find ways forward that are right for them and for their game.
: I don't agree that gameplay should be "paramount". I would argue that games are a spectrum and that not all games have or need stories but others are all about story and are the better for it. Moba's are certainly more difficult genre of games trying to find that balance but you guys were definitely close. Perhaps the closest so far. But just because something is difficult doesn't mean it doesn't deserve to be explored to its fullest. Dismissing story just feels lazy and the easy way out.
We certainly didn't dismiss story, which was the point of my post. Acknowledging difficulty and sharing the development challenge was the goal there. Sorry if we missed each other on that! :) For us, gameplay _is_ paramount, and for Dawngate (and I'd argue, for the modern experience of MOBA as a genre), it needs to be. That was simply one of our values at Waystone, just as it is at our new studio. So the challenge was: how do we honor that and find a way to equally honor good storytelling.
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: Should League have an Official Webcomic?
Hi League ppls! I was Dawngate's EP. Just got pointed here by the twitters and wanted to write a thing ... Story is ironically challenging in this genre: MOBAs are games defined by characters, yet the gameplay can't afford the moments required to develop those characters beyond their mechanics. Nor should it: games are _not_ stories, and in MOBA, the expression of skill through the character is not only paramount, it's really all that matters. Gameplay first. No time for cut-scenes in a 10 player pvp game! But good stories and the characters that bring them to life are fucking beautiful, and they make the expression of the character through those mechanics so much more meaningful and fun! Somehow, games _are_ stories, or they want to be ... they certainly share something core with them through agency and the resulting connection we all have as players. So while gameplay was always paramount, we also invested in deep world-building for Dawngate, and in funny ideas like match-up specific VO between characters, and in vehicles like the Dawngate Chronicles web comic to explore how to could bring characters to life. To be honest, It was all for science. We did it because we dug it and believed in it and we wanted to bring gameplay and story closer together: some of it worked, some of it didn't. So on behalf of the crew who brought the Dawngate Chronicles to life: so glad you guys dug it ... we all loved making it! "Splash of color!" :)


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