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: Actually i don't play at a higher rank, you say measly gold 2 but im only plat 4, and i see no difference between my gold teammates and my plat teammates, almost all my friends are in lower ranks and when I play with them they don't play that different from me, some i would say play far better than I do. there is a difference in skill between each rank obviously but the reason they are so often paired together is because people at lower elo's lack a lot of the major macro skill that is necessary to compete with higher elo's. The only difference between them is the mechanics on the individual champions and the gradual increase in game knowledge. I actually have a smurf in bronze rn, and that is because I am trying to learn how to play other roles other than jg at an elo that matches my skill in those roles. and the only difference between them and my plat teamates is the macro they lack. on individual mechanics I would say they are just as skilled , which is why i suggested to have a new tier separating them because in clash this works differently because macro is the most important skill, team comp is far more important than in solo-queue. I probably should reworded because were talking about 2 different types of skill especially in relation to clash
i get that there is not a whole lot of difference between bronze and gold players, but it is still a dumb idea to have half of the players in tier 4, then 1 rank each for the other 3 tiers Also when your lower in a tier, the people you get in your game are the ones doing promos, so they are just on the verge of being in that rank.
: Did you check to see what the other ranks of the team were?
First game was 2 Silver III, 2 Gold IV, and a Plat IV, Second game was Silver I, silver III, Silver IV, a gold IV and a plat IV. My team was 2 Bronze II, a bronze I and 2 Silver IV.
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