: Lucian was the very first ADC I mastered and got 7 with. The best go to item you should try and get first by far is BORK. It gives you lifesteal, countermeasures to tanks, it has a great active on it that is useful in engages and escapes and it's overall a good tool for him to have. Boots you can either go for berserkers or ionians for the cd it grants (necessary for e in some instances). Third item is either rapid fire or static. Both are necessary farming/harassment tools for Lucian and grant him some fun stuff to play with in lane. Optional items are Guinso's, Black Cleaver, Essence Reaver, and Trinity (if you can even farm enough for it). Your last 2 items are very dependant on what you're in need of. Do you need more HP? Do you need more CD? Do you need more damage output? You could even go for something like a Maw or a Mortal Reminder if you really need that armor pen and grievous wounds. But the core will always be BORK, Boot item, and either static or rapid fire. I highly suggest duoing with a Thresh player for added versatility and "Wifesteal" wombo-combos. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thanks! What about Stormrazor?
: I go BoRK Cleaver RFC for the first three. Nashor's Tooth on Lucian is only good if you're trying to build around W for some reason? But it's not good for what he wants to do. You don't need attack speed on him when you're constantly proccing his passive. Plus, the phage bonus is good for his kiting and the armor reduction works incredibly well with him. You don't want TForce because you DEFINITELY want Cleaver and the double Phage is useless and certainly not cost efficient.
Ok thanks, this makes sense. Follow-up question: After BORK / TBC / RFC, what then? I was thinking Stormrazor or Statikk Shiv. Any preference? Or go "Big Boy" and get a Bloodthirster or Infinity Edge? I was thinking Bloodthirster over IE, b/c RFC already provides good Critical Damage. Any thoughts?
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