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Jagyr (NA)
: Same happened to me, got a leaverbuster for it too... *sigh. The funny thing is, is that I could log on to my other account and spectate the game I just got DCed from... so I was able to watch the enemy team stomp us before I went back to attempt to reconnect on the account that was in the game. Rito please
i got a leaverbuster also, 20 minutes to play a game is more broken than riven because of the error message rito pls
pee sack (NA)
: low priority q
btw this was my ranked promos for gold 3 so first one is lost gg
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: [Client] "Logging onto chat service"
a solution for me was that i just played in a game and in game i logged back on so maybe that will work

pee sack

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