: Yes. In fact, it already does! If you played Ascension, Poro King, URF, etc at any point back in the day, your MMR just carries over from where it left off last time. ^.^b
: RIP URF April 1st
Right!? I wait all year for the beginning of April. I prepare. I even try to trade away shifts at work and such for the yearly kick off. It was better than Christmas. A couple weeks a year was all we got of URF, so I made sure to never forget about it. It was the best thing, something i always looked forward to. I find out that i had to wait EVEN LONGER to get just this weekend and wait until some other random time that will hopefully be less than a year, depending on what rito thinks needs to be added... Guys, its just Urf and doom bots, that is all. Nothing else is that exciting. How long was dominion supported? It was a complete playable mode any time. Do this with Urf, or rotate urf between every other at least. You know its all we care about. I'm a waitress and I have been waiting all year to find out that too bad, its only going to be active when you are least available. QQ why rito, why?!? DESPITE WHAT YOU MAY THINK FROM READING /ALL CHAT, THERE ARE ALSO ADULTS WHO PLAY THIS GAME AND NEED ACCOMMODATED. Besides, you wanna accommodate the working class more than the kids anyways, we have the money to buy your merch and they do not. Market wisely... plz... sniffle.{{champion:32}}
: Champion Update: Fiora
I hate this. Every time riot completely reworks a champion, they gut them. It's not fixing anything, its senselessly taking a champ we know and love, like Soraka or Sion, and now Fiora, and giving us a new champion with the same name. If riot is going to do this they may as well either make all the champs free, or give us refunds on the champs they destroy. RIP What will remain of our first 40, 80, 100 champions by seasons 6 or 7? Do you have to ruin everything? You're taking a game we love, taking champions we love, and giving us mediocrity in return. #1 complaint, ever, is this crap right here. Every other complain is minor and at least there is some sense and reason behind the decisions, but what really is this accomplishing. Her new ultimate will either work out very well, if she's lucky, but more than likely fail the majority of the time. There was nothing wrong with her. She could be combated and countered. She had balance. Riot wont overhaul Singed because he was the first Champion created, he has sentimental value? If that is the reason than it means you get it, and that makes it more wrong on Riot's part. Some of these champions have sentimental value, and that is the least of the reason not to keep doing this. If you want new champions, create them. Don't take our old ones.
: We actually described him as a used car salesman internally to help the team understand his personality ;) Glad you're catchin' what we were puttin down
it is said: "glad you're pickin up what i'm layin down." js dont mind me
Big Seth (NA)
: Can I get a full time job as a player reform specialist?
I would also like this, there has to be work-from-home jobs available at riot, where can we find out. i love this game so much, i would love a chance to be a bigger part of it!
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petraArk (NA)
: pentakill new album
hopefully they look over this and do it!


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