: The thing is, I'd be okay with a champion who could one-shot an opponent, so long as there was this clear process of interaction where said opponent had meaningful options available to outplay the effect, and could then punish the one-shot champion for failing. Zoe is frustrating not simply because she's designed to one-shot, but because she's also designed to eliminate as much interaction as possible from the process, hitting targets from out of nowhere, and retreating to a safe place with a whole bunch of tools that allow her to not only easily disengage, but also one-shot enemies trying to kill her. This, in general, I feel describes the state of burst in League right now, because it's very easy for many champions to lay down burst, and so in a manner that enemies can't really outplay (e.g. any on-hit burst item). This, in turn, leads to the whole first-punch-wins problem, because not only will the first punch win a fight, but often there is _no other choice_ but to throw the first punch, since there are no other viable means of winning a fight. Burst should never be as uninteractive as it is in the current state of League.
It's really telling what's wrong with the game right now when they create a champion that can and will one shot you from the fog of war without needing to flash. Zoe's burst gives you only two options for dealing with it: put her so far behind that she doesn't have the damage (good luck), or play even more passive so she has a harder time killing you. But there's a line that needs to be drawn somewhere when she can CC you from over two walls and then pop you in a spell and an auto. The sad thing is that's probably not too far out of the line when put alongside what every other champion can do lately. It wouldn't be worth it to immediately rework a newer champion cause you missed the mark when everyone else is more or less the same thing now.
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Elohaven (NA)
: That's not an outplay. That's a "should've been smart and you shouldn't have ult'd when in my field of vision"
I've come to accept that no part of League involves outplays. Anything that looks like what you'd call an "outplay" is just the enemy being too stupid to live and you taking advantage.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: "Not gonna suck up to my support so he does job." _I found myself reading that with a Russian accent._ You're not sucking up when giving justified compliments. You get a nice save? Say "thank you" - it's not sucking up, it's common courtesy.
why should someone _have_ to give the support compliments though? if i wanna say nice job or give a thumbs up emote i will but i shouldn't need to be a kiss ass in a community that never gives me a reason to just to make them actually helpful
: If you like ADCs so much...why not just leave the bot lane? You can play Kindred or Graves jungle, Vayne or Quinn top, Lucian or Ezreal mid.
I can give you Kindred and Graves. Quinn's more of an assassin than a normal DPS ADC and that's probably not what they're looking for. Vayne top is... I don't see much of it but it looks more like a counterpick than something you can just play blind or into any matchup you want. Lucian mid probably isn't that good anymore but the only ones I still see are in YouTube videos feeding. Ezreal... would work just fine mid but he's still a viable bot pick and not any of the ones that are weak right now that OP would like to play.
: > [{quoted}](name=Amoc,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xrL3iAfv,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-07-05T19:11:21.916+0000) > > It's more a matter of "Fill" being an almost guaranteed Support role, which is the hardest to carry with. If you're intent on climbing, it's harder to do it from support. Depends on the bracket. I'm in Bronze and people typically don't want either ADC (#1) or Jungle (#2). I'm a support main and the good ol' days of Fill = Support are gone.
It's likely a combination of the jungle change memes, Pyke release, and ADC memes. Thank the heavens that support guarantees you autofill protection cause I do not want to play either of those roles either. But I also don't plan on going back to bronze...
: Veigar's lore should be changed to "The minion that could."
: The main problem with Silver in my opinion is as follows * Riot placing new players in Silver even if they go 0-10 in placements. I'm a strong believer that all new accounts, smurf or not should be forced to start in Bronze 5 by default. Silver is not the "Training Ground", Bronze is. Place new accounts and new players in Bronze. Let them learn the game in Bronze. Silver players should not have to deal with new players who have no clue what they are doing.
To the same effect Bronze players shouldn't have to deal with trying to escape the literal bottom tier against smurfs. It'd likely be too frustrating for the new players to have to deal with since they'll end up B5 no matter where they got placed but they have a better chance of climbing out or learning vs. getting stomped 24/7 at the supposed lowest level of League. If anything placements should be changed to weigh wins and losses more accurately. If you lose every game you need to go to Bronze 5 and if you win every you should be placed ahead of Silver.
: Why Does Storm Razor Feel like doo doo? ( on marksmen )
It's basically meant to carry you until you can just get two zeals and infinity edge anyway (which I thought was the point of something like a vamp scepter). But in practice it's only really good for the build path and the actual item only benefits burst damage champs that are already doing well. Any other ADC doesn't benefit much at all from this item, not even champs like Cait that it seems like it'd be ideal on. You're better off trying to brute force the 100% crit path and if the game ends before you can then at least you tried.
Drawxne (NA)
: Yeah, rally behind the guy who smites everyone indiscriminately. That's a MUCH better option.
: People still buy Berserker's Greaves? I thought it became a noob trap several patches ago?
When Tabi were at their peak, yes, Greaves were a noob trap. But after successive nerfs to them they've become a rare pick so Greaves is usually a better buy. Which is a shame cause I don't really like them.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mucho Autisimo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IK2j8L8A,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-29T20:13:23.157+0000) > > ADCs are in a garbage spot in the meta. Riot's fondness of mages/bruisers/assassins in the bot lane is stupid. They all have their own specific areas to play them in. no we dont. marksmen are legit the only class who have held a monopoly over a lane. fighters, mages, tanks, assassins and even enchanters and marksmen are all interchangable in other lanes. you could even play certain marksman in the fucking support role. stop whining and get used to the new reality. your crit marksmen are lategame champions so youre not going to have early/midgame dominance of season 7 anymore. you have to play like nasus. a champion who has to farm up to scale but has a terrible early game. you cant just braindead rush the same 3 items you always did every game, and have to think about build pathes again. you might want to pick up a single defensive item to survive engages again. yes, there will be melee and mage counter matchups for your marksmen, just like there are ranged counter matchups for us fighters in the top lane. get used to them and learn to play around them. do you think its fun to play a melee champion into fucking teemo, kennen or gnar? we still have to deal with it. i swear, during the entire last year, when marksmen were batshit overtuned, so many people just jumped on the freelo train and switched to marksmen as their primary role. they never really learned how to play the game properly and relied on overpowered item builds, trash assassins not being able to deal with them, and supports shielding them for twice their health bar so they didnt even have to orb walk anymore. now that marksmen are back to pre season 6 status, people just go into the game with the expectation that they can fight anyone with 2 items in their inventory, and can 1v1 a 5/0 top laner when theyre 3/2 on equal farm, or bully anyone around as soon as they hit 2 items. so many people think marksmen are trash now, because they never actually learned to play them. this shit doesnt work anymore. it should never have worked in the first place.
But Nasus is shit in the late game and does much better at mid game when he's not forced to team fight and get kited. ADCs don't have Nasus's damage at that point nor do they have his ability to 1v1 at mid and late, and especially not his sustain that allows him to coast through his bad early game staying under tower. And I can only think of two marksman that were supports ever: Ashe and MF. One was only an ardent meme that wasn't nearly as good as just playing an actual healer or tank and the other only existed to counter Zyra and kept seeing play because lethality damage was broken. ADCs are actually forced to rush the same three items because if they don't their late game gets delayed for too long. You either go Stormrazor > Zeal > IE or Zeal > IE > Zeal; and anything along the way is just too much gold to invest since your core items are now 200 to 400 gold more expensive for less. You end up with two item slots to actually itemize in and unless one is a GA you're not surviving an engage because your damage is too low to make use of lifesteal. Stormrazor itself isn't even that strong of an item, I've only seen and made it work on Jinx and on anyone else it's bought because it has the cheapest build path that still reliably gives damage now that IE's components are too expensive (they're more expensive than the parts for Rabadon's, and most AP champs benefit from raw AP more than ADCs do for just raw AD) and it's relegated to a tank busting item. Yeah I would like to be able to fight anyone with 2 items. Problem is the only person that I can fight is the enemy ADC with half an item. You don't do much of anything mid game unless you have an ability with better range than your autos that you can spam during a siege. Otherwise you're just running away or idling at a side lane farming until a team fight comes up because you have no agency and die the moment you're caught out by virtually anybody. And even then you're not much of a use in team fights with how low the ADC damage output is compared to even supports. Early game is a joke and I can take electrocute or comet on any support I want and take off a third of their health with just autos and one ability. If they survive that they get the fun and exciting AFK farm fest that is mid game until they can finally get to their late game fantasy... that ended up being nerfed too. Because ADCs shouldn't be good early, mid, or late in favor of letting champions that already had other lanes come to the only lane most ADCs have. But it's okay because now I have to get used to it like everybody else as I try to understand how I'm meant to play Tristana or Varus mid or Ashe top. :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Gay 4 Varus UwU,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=w3d0aEqJ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-06-29T09:30:34.366+0000) > > They stopped me by nerfing Varus http://www.op.gg/champion/varus/statistics/adc Ecks dee. Just like "imLS" said on his stream. Why was Rageblade even nerfed? Why not just hit Kai'Sa and Master Yi directly? Why do the rest of the Rageblade champions have to suffer because of 2 abuse cases?
Can you imagine being a Kayle player after they already removed scaling CDR and now they nerf your champion indirectly in order to lazily nerf an ADC and a jungler?
: Low levels suck: Awful tutorials, shit XP "Quests" awful "rewards" no wonder nobody wants to stay
level grind in bots so you can skip blind pick, there's nothing of value in there anymore and once you start getting matched with smurfs and people who have flash when you're still using ghost and heal you might as well run it down.
: Yea, but even the absolute best silver players are terrible at playing the map which makes it incredibly easy to get far enough ahead in gold to just 1v9.
: > [{quoted}](name=Pika Fox,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xu4XAYjw,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-06-26T15:45:40.486+0000) > > You can play literally anything that isnt AP garen and at least reach high diamond. So you are saying you can play the following and at least reach diamond? Ap Kennan Jungle Ap Rumble Jungle ADC Ivern ADC Shaco
I used to be in a Discord server with someone who managed to get 5 accounts to at least Plat playing Lee Sin in every role, one per account. I'd say at least two of those are probably possible but you'd either have to be exceptionally good and/or lucky or your champ has to be in a favorable position, which isn't likely for all four of them.
: Just as a mention, for Rakan, he's only full AP of you go mid. Tank Rakan or full support Rakan is still completely viable
Oh, okay good to know. I was confused cause it was an actual support Rakan but the only item they had was the spellthiefs. Aside from that it was stuff like deathcap and luden's. I can't remember where or why but it was on stream for a high elo player. Might have been trolling though.
: Ok so it's called a different game
: I'll recommend my favorite 2 champs for each role. Hopefully you like at least one: Top: {{champion:240}} {{champion:516}} Kled, both in voice lines and lore, is a crazy yordle. The only time you should be playing safe on other champs is when you go ham on Kled. Fight, get dismounted, fight, get Skaarl back, win. He's an awesome rollercoaster of a champion. Ornn, on the other hand, is a very calm champion to play. He's extremely good right now, and he's not difficult to play. QEW auto is a surprisingly bursty combo, and his ultimate can instantly win fights. Jungle: {{champion:48}} {{champion:6}} Trundle is one of the premier junglers right now, but that doesn't mean he isn't super fun to play. His voice lines are goofy ("yOu'Re RuInInG mY gOoD mOoOoD!!") and his skirmishing ability is very good as well. His ultimate makes him surprisingly tanky, which is good when team fighting or split pushing, of which he can do both. Urgot DEFINITELY seems like a troll, but people overlook what he can do. His clear speed is CRAZY fast when you optimize his passive and W, he can skirmish early, he has a slow and displacement for ganks, and his ult allows you to kill low health enemies even if they're under tower. Mid: {{champion:101}} {{champion:42}} Xerath is the perfect champ for learning how to utilize skillshots, and he's a blast to play when you get the hang of things. He can poke from a mile away, his E gives time for a full combo, and his ultimate turns you into a living artillery cannon, which is so satisfying when cleaning up a fight. Corki, while not great right now due to being a late game champ, is fun in his feel, and brings a different ADC feel to mid lane. And believe me, if you manage to reach late game with Corki? He's an absolute monster that will shred through anything in his path. Bot (ADC): {{champion:498}} {{champion:429}} Xayah and Kalista both carry one of my favorite themes with any champions: using positioning to outplay opponents. With Xayah, keeping track of your feathers to land a crispy E root can make her have crazy burst damage that scares enemies out of lane. Kalista is the queen of kite. Hop hop hoppity hop around and dodge every skillshot they throw your way. At the end of it all, rip all of your spears from them and watch their health drop. Plus, they're both awesome at taking neutral objectives, as Xayah's feathers can do a lot of damage when stacked, and Kalista's E can do upwards of 3000 damage to objective when the spears starts adding up on the baron or dragon. Bot (non ADC): {{champion:99}} {{champion:8}} Lux has been the poster child burst mage for quite some time. Her poke in lane is good, her sunny disposition is fun to play with, and her QER combo does crazy damage and resets quickly on kills. Vladimir, on the other hand, is very strong right now. He's calming to play, and he doesn't get pushed out of lane easily. His vampiric theme makes him very fun, and his ultimate makes him a team fighting god. Supports: {{champion:497}} {{champion:12}} Rakan and Alistar share the theme of "Get in and stop what they're doing." Rakan has such consistent engage after level 6, and his E makes him hard to punish. Couple that with his uplifting personality and dialogue, he's incredibly fun to play. Alistar, however, likes to stay in the fight. While his dialogue could use an update, his combos and choosing when to use each ability makes Alistar a fun decision making champion. His ultimate also makes him extremely tanky, allowing for him to not get blown up after engaging. I hope you like at least some of these champs. I love a lot of the characters, and I hope you find a champ you love too. Good luck!
I have interest in more than a few of these, so props to you. I remember one of the earliest champs I did want was Kled but it took me ages to get him and my first few games weren't all that great, but I do like the feel of an insane yordle riding a lizard. I played him more recently but only once against a very new to the champ Irelia. It was nice to figure out how to lane with him but after the first two kills I sorta realized how unfair that was. I'll put him on the list. Jungle Urgot does sound like fun but I feel like I'll get invaded. Then again, it's probably easy to figure out when and where I will so I could try to avoid it. Losing buffs might be a big hit for a non-meta jungler but I'd see for myself. If they just walk in for kills or camps I could just not be there and go clear raptors or something similarly easy. Worth a shot. I played a bit of Corki before this season and I can't remember but I think he was my highest KDA champ out of the way too many I played in ranked. I have more games on him than usual but I feel like he'd suffer way too hard in the current mid meta so I'd only get to pick him if the enemy doesn't pick an assassin. I don't really like Xayah or Kalista, they've both been unpleasant to try to play and learn and weren't very fun when they did work. I could try Lux bot since she's a free champ for new accounts now (and you get put in smurf elo by level 5 from what I've gathered so I could get _some_ decent knowledge.) There was one point when I got a Rakan shard and played him so much it was absurd. Like I queued for support and played like 25 games straight of him in normals and ranked and loved it. Though I hear he's a full AP champ now so I don't know if I'd still like him since part of my satisfaction was buying all the weird support items to buff my teammates while I'm engaging. If it's just doing damage now that's not as interesting but it doesn't compromise his identity much. Alistar though... one game total and I don't remember a thing of it. It was back when I was really new to this game too. Thank you for the recommendations!
Toppien (NA)
: go play fornite league is not fun anymore.
Laura ß (NA)
: You are asking too much, most meta champions are very boring to play and some of the most fun champions have been kept weak for a long time by RIOT or have a high ban rate But well here is my list of the most fun champions to main, totally can carry a game if fed but also can change a game even from behind and they require dedication toplay correctly because they have so many combos and their outplay potential is endless. {{champion:55}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:266}} Aatrox because he is soon going to be riven 2.0
I like Kat a lot, she's probably the only mid laner I can think of that straight up felt good to play. Flashy, good clean up, decent damage, makes my blood pump faster when I win a risky all-in, sounds good to me. Lee's... something. I never learned how to play him when he was on free rotation, I just played him bot lane with varying results. I think he's interesting but it makes my hands freeze up when I play him jungle during a gank. Yasuo gets banned so much I doubt I could ever learn him. He seemed alright when I could play him but the problem is the games were too one-sided for me to even think of anything else about him. It's... a maybe. Ekko's hard, too hard even. I don't like his lane phase in the slightest and any time I want to roam with him it takes too long to shove the wave. Maybe I should stop trying to care about my tower though, it'll fall soon enough regardless of what I try. Only played Riven in bot games but she looks like a lot of fun to play. Is her lethality build for anything other than destroying bad players like me or should I just use whatever's standard on her? rip aatrox
: {{champion:62}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:23}}
I hate Wukong with a vengeance, no offense. Every game I see him in he pops off immediately and then end the game with 4 items and oneshots everyone in the vicinity. I couldn't respect myself to play that even if it does work. Fizz I always feed with cause I don't really understand how he works early game but I guess I could give him a shot. How does he get his damage in lane pre-6? Do you just walk up or do you like... Q-AA-W-E? It feels like he'd just die trying to get the proc off unless the damage isn't worth the risk which I'd be fine with. I still want to throw a big shark at someone someday. I tried to like MF but it boiled down to playing the same thing every game and more often than not my games revolved around trying not to get screwed over by my support. It's too stressful, really. Haven't played Fiddle in a long time but I remember having a good laugh when I did, it might be worth it. He is a champ I remember winning games even with like 10 deaths cause of his ult and fear. Though, I don't think he'd last very long in this jungle since he looks like invade bait and I wouldn't even be able to get my items by then but I'll try anyway, definitely. Talon, Olaf, and Tryndamere have never felt enjoyable but I can't recall why...
: Taliyah. She's my all time favorite champ, for sure. Landing a full rotation with Luden's is **suuuuper **satisfying. There is a little bit of a learning curve and until you get used to it her W might feel a little clunky to cast, but once you learn her ranges and everything becomes second nature she is an absolute blast. Definitely recommend.
I got out of a game as her wondering why my Q has to suck so much after the first cast when it's not doing much for me in lane. She reminded me too much of Ryze, just waiting for a good time to use my ult but never having it and being too short range. Her W didn't feel clunky at all, I like the vector cast on it more than I did on Rumble. Though it didn't help that I was fighting against LeBlanc and made the foolish mistake of taking barrier. I never got my first item.
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: Things only Supports feel
: The entire game has always, and will always be pointless. Why don't you spend your gaming time at a soup kitchen, or cure fucking cancer? Now it's a little different if it's been a long slugfest and someone really has to go to work in the morning. Then, it's a matter of courtesy and it could happen to anyone. But my team has pulled comebacks from games where we WERE two inhib down, and enemy fed....the enemy team doesn't know how to close. This 30 kill Brand in one of my games was so mad when his team unknowingly threw. Those are the best games, but they're _rare_. That's what makes them special and awesome. Even when you're losing, and you have a score of 30:72 with a 47 kill Kat it can still take 80 minutes because the enemy team doesn't know how to close. Sometimes someone on the enemy team will say "Jeeze when is this gonna be over?! Why are we still in this?" I say "Yeah I know. Why don't you surrender first?" The thing is that once you reach FULL build. You can't get any further ahead of your opponent in terms of raw power outside of Dagon/Baron. At that point you need to end it because every minute that goes by without ending means your enemy is getting closer to full build. Once both teams are full build, the only thing that can put you ahead is major objectives or map control. But....you can still lose any teamfight. And with respawn timers, that could be enough to throw the game.
I won a ranked game wherein I had a Kayle support flaming me for existing and I spent a collective 20 minutes just in base as Jhin trying to waveclear against super minions. We lost every tower but maybe one and were clinging to our nexus. It got to the point where all three inhibitors were down at once and we had the waves of six super minions flowing in. We won that game after an hour of surrender attempts, frustrating one shots because people insist on going into the unwarded jungle for camps, and bitter flaming. That's not saying I'm ever gonna advocate for this shit. These games are a bitter, unfun hell and the uphill battle just doesn't matter when you only won because the enemy team decided to suck a bit too much on one fight. And if it's ranked, the validation can be undone by an even more unlucky next game where you definitely lose and should surrender.
: Don't worry, Riot has got you covered with their newest turret change. Demolish: 375 + 20% Your max health after staying 4 seconds under tower. New runes baby.
Now you too can live out your dreams of being a Rift Herald.
: Unusual counterpicks.
Recently discovered {{champion:25}} into {{champion:105}} mid. I doubt Fizz ever wins this, or at least the ones who aren't aware of it. Instant cast shield to prevent ult from tagging you, shield to avoid E slow, wait until either E or Q to bind him, and R is unavoidable except by leaving its range which usually forces flash if you beat him in damage. Just passively W farm until you hurt him more than he's going to hurt you without ult.
: I had a weird idea: Remove crit from every item other than {{item:3031}}, but boost the effects on the "old" crit items, examples:{{item:3508}} Make it restore 6% max mana instead(Obviously will need tweaks), {{item:3087}} the damage from the lighting can have some number changes, the crit enhanced version deals significantly more damage since you only have 20% crit {{item:3085}} Make the bolts deal more on-hit damage since they can also crit, but you only have a 20% to, assuming you grab an {{item:3031}} (Also the damage/ attack speed on these items could be increased) Of course that leaves{{item:1051}} and{{item:1018}} which would do nothing. Possibly give {{item:1051}} move speed or something since it only builds into {{item:3086}} which gives move speed and give {{item:1018}} damage or a small buff to crit damage since it's now an {{item:3031}} only item (Or just flat out give it damage)
That's... seriously toxic to play around. It's a 1 in 5 chance that one of these autos will straight heck you up but only after you buy a massive gambling stick. It might even make crit as a concept just outright trolling and Runaan's seems to be the only good thing left out of here.
: What, so the problem is itemization? I don't think it's that at all. It's the fact that viable mid lane mages are currently characters that have reasonably large cooldowns on their spells, whereas an ADC has no cooldown on a basic attack. There's also a reason Lucian and Corki of all people are viable in mid, because they bring mobility that most mages apparently can't deal with. Dunno, I think you'd be very pleased to try Annie against mobile mid ADCs. Get them fucked up with your Auto-hit stun, then follow up with an ignite W R combo. I would complain about Midlane ADCs if they were actually OP, but it's not their fault that their opposing laner picks shitpicks against a mobile ADC, like Orianna and Syndra.
I thought the entire point of Lucian mid was that it countered Syndra. I doubt he's seriously shitting on every mage when not all of them are like that. You could probably pick Malz into it with some success.
: i mean she can miss her e and q and still kill you with just r w and ignite
> [{quoted}](name=Celestial Lion12,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=HJ19PwaL,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-09-26T00:20:39.054+0000) > > i mean she can miss her e and q and still kill you with just r w and ignite That's a dice roll since fun auto targeting abilities that reduce their damage for hitting targets they're not guarantEEEEED TO HIIIIT.
: My man the video is about twitch lol? So me asking about twitch isnt something that should be hard understand or comprehend. Yes my post is about specifically about twitch which, and it has alot to do with the fact that ie and shiv make adc's, twitch being one of them, to much. The video not only points out twitchs kit but the items he has too.
: My post about twitch being op and then stating why he was op wasnt relevant..what? My whole point was that twitch's kit is really not ok, the video has faults but it doesnt change the fact that twitch is clearly not ok. The video literally was point out what the post was talking about how adc's with shiv and ie become clearly to much. And guess what twitch had shiv and ie, and if you dont understand that the post was literally specifically targeting twitch, along with others, you probably dont play the game. I dont understand how you can't say it wasn't relevant? Also I was talking specifically about twitches kit because it also adds to the problem.
What? The first two posts by you are only about Twitch, not "literally specifically Twitch along with others." And your points were made in reply to a post. If it was in your first post replying to the video there would be no issue. But you're asking someone who wasn't trying to make any statement on Twitch's kit about Twitch's kit.
Paroe (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=pixelvoxel,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=shJMWBMI,comment-id=00050001,timestamp=2017-09-22T00:24:29.279+0000) > > I like the sound of the AP changes and especially adding Moonflair, but why up the costs of every damage item and lower tank costs? Wouldn't that just start a heavy tank meta and force everyone to play even more late game carries? Just build enough armor for your lane or ganking and then rush the best MR item for countering the mage and cheese the entire mid game fantasy that Riot wants. Its a well known fact that marksman itemization is WAY to strong compared to everyone else. The average mage item costs more than the average crit item by at least 300g in most cases. By using cold income (and snowballing!) to gate late-game champions you create longer games in which "the mid game" isnt 5 minutes because the marksman got IE/hurricane/vamp scepter at 15~25 minutes. If you want a specific CLASS of champion to shine at a SPECIFIC TIME (in this case, the mid game) then that class needs to have their "core" earlier than late-game classes and scale earlier, but less, than the late-game classes. the last mage update (which didnt update the whole class, just a handful, including my poor malzahar who was change for the sake of change...) tried to do that but failed miserably because mages need to COMPETE with marksman on a 1:1 level, not become glorified meat sheilds with 500AP and 3000HP.
But... they wouldn't have their items earlier? Unless Marksman items cost 5k gold now, mages would have their new 3k gold AP items at similar times and wouldn't really do much more mid game. And tank items would be in the range of support prices.
: K If you genuinely think twitch is ok then you're delusional, you insult my grammar and dont even talk or refute my points because you can't. It is true that twitch is not ok rn regardless of the video or not.
I didn't state any opinion on Twitch whatsoever and there's no reason for anyone here to refute your points because they weren't relevant to the post you replied to. At all. The video clip provided nothing to the discussion and that's what Demaina was pointing out. You tried to disregard that and shift the discussion to complaining about Twitch's kit.
Synnx7 (EUNE)
: My wish? Blizzard buying this game because Riot don't know what to do with their game.
imagine ten straight years of maokai being the only tank you should have and blind pick being the ranked mode
: Ok then besides the fact that twitch is so far ahead, do you deny the fact that twitch has a abnormally good engage to fights, abnormally good range for the amount of dmg and true dmg he does, the fact that twitch is literally a better assassin then most other assassins, the fact that twitch is literally the same as pre reworked rengar was except he is a ranged version, not just in the sense that his dmg is unavoidable but he can oneshot squishies obviously not as fas but close. You can say this video doesnt show twitches full potential and his real blatant opness, but its literally fact that twitch is to much rn.
They have no reason to confirm or deny this since the entire point of their post is that the clip doesn't prove any point except bad players are bad and fed players tend to get kills. You just posted a huge run-on sentence to bait them into agreeing with you.
: Buy {{item:3512}} . Roam. The game is now 4v5 in your team's favor. ;p (Just don't forget to keep Zz'Rot up.)
The Zz'Rot is a stack for either him or {{champion:45}}.
: honestly, playing anything other than ADC or Support means you're putting the game in the hands of others to win for you, Bottom is the only relevant lane, doesn't matter what happens top, mid, or in the jungle. As long as your bot lane is ahead, you win. What a enjoyable meta.
The only exception is it seems if you're below like... I can't remember since I've never been there but it looks like maybe Diamond 3? If mid feeds then it causes huge problems for the bot lane or even if they go even it can still make it equally as unwinnable but with two less players involved. Though that could just be because whenever I go bot I can't get any huge snowballs going unless I play Soraka and land eight Qs in a row.
Paroe (NA)
: @thread {{item:3285}} = -20AP +200g {{item:3116}} = - 25AP -200GP -800g {{item:3157}} = -30AP -600g {{item:3027}} = -20AP -300g All told we lost over 100AP in base stats total and our build paths became a LOT more generalized. These arent even the only items nerfed... ______________________________________________________ One of riots big things was that they wanted mages to be "mid game" but then didnt actually give them the ability to scale into the late-game damage wise and buffed AD options. The whole "MAGES HAVE 3000HP LOLWTF!" Was a result of MUCH lower AP in general and health items being added to compensate so mages wouldnt simply be deleted in the late game. tbh the base AP amount for items should be 80, the upper spectrum should be 120, and all AP items above 100AP should have something which increases damage where all AP items below 100AP should have some form of utility. With that being said.... {{item:3003}} = 120AP {{item:3152}} = 80AP {{item:3115}} = 100AP {{item:3041}} = does not lose AP at max stacks (But max stacks increased) {{item:3157}} = 80AP {{item:3027}} = 80AP {{item:3151}} = 100AP {{item:3285}} = 120AP {{item:3170}} = 80AP and added to the rift. Further, ALL AP ITEMS should be in the 3200~2800g mark. Rabadans should be 3200 for example... You would do this by reducing the combine cost across the boar for AP items. ... Marksman items, likewise, need to be more expensive. If riot wants mages to be mid-game (and they do) their items need to be cheaper than marksmen items. Just like tanks who riot wants to reach their peak effectiveness at 3 items, those items need to be just as good as they are now but CHEAPER.
I like the sound of the AP changes and especially adding Moonflair, but why up the costs of every damage item and lower tank costs? Wouldn't that just start a heavy tank meta and force everyone to play even more late game carries? Just build enough armor for your lane or ganking and then rush the best MR item for countering the mage and cheese the entire mid game fantasy that Riot wants.
: {{item:3031}} {{item:3087}} gives you more damage output than {{item:3089}} {{item:3285}} And the crit items are cheaper Why would you ever build AP items if you are not getting anything out of them?
Because last I checked LeBlanc's Q doesn't scale with critical strike chance.
Laura ß (NA)
: And maybe it would be fine if twitch was actualy weak in the early game, when in reality 2 auto attacks at level 1-3 can drain almost halfh health thanks to he's passive, RIDICULUS BALANCING. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
yeah cause it's the damage of two or three auto attacks. try just throwing the venom cask alone and see how much damage that does. if somehow a light breeze is that painful for you just buy dshield and let it heal you.
: I´ve been trying to say that those items together are OP ever since static was buffed like 2 patches before RFC was even changed >.< Then i went around writing about it even more after the changes but no one cared back then :( Then caitlyn got gutted because of static+rfc. And Trist, jinx and MF are also looking like they are approaching the chopping board, maybe even Xayah and Sivir. Please do not gut all my marksmen :( I´ll be left with only {{champion:22}} to play against {{champion:119}} and {{champion:29}} .
And then I hope you're up for like 60 threads a week whining about {{champion:22}} permaslow and that ADC should still be nerfed. I hope you like being a {{champion:67}} one trick.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Idea is simple, no AOE adcs with busted range. It's that hard?
It doesn't matter how simple the idea is when that's already proposed in every thread. It's still the same problem: nothing new is being added to this circlejerk and every day you need to complain about Twitch existing when it's not going to become any less of a problem for several patches, hell maybe even the entire remainder of the season. And why is this thread even about the Shiv IE combo when Twitch builds hurricane? It's not promoting any new thoughts on it because it's all salt and rage, no matter how justified. "xd burst per second remove crit lmao"
Kloqdq (NA)
: Play GP then Ult bot to steal everything because you are the pirate king BABE {{item:3902}} {{item:3902}} {{item:3902}} BIG MONEY{{item:3902}} {{item:3902}} {{item:3902}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:41}}
Loadsa loadsa loadsa... {{item:3901}} {{item:3901}} {{item:3901}}
: Or just take {{summoner:14}} top. {{champion:23}}
{{champion:75}} There's no winning scenario ever.
: Whatever happened to the whole have at least 3 champs in every role/lane?
Sub-optimal performance is still bad and it'd be best avoided. Just because you have the champions doesn't mean you have enough understanding on what to do well in a role beyond the base level.
: Everyone needs something to blame other than themselves. Except {{champion:114}} getting completely reverted. Play her while you can.
I don't know, Fiora doesn't look too bad lately. Maybe I'm just getting jaded but it feels like there's stuff you can do against her if you decide against sending 3 people to 1v1 her each.
: Get with it TOP: {{champion:17}} JUNGLE: {{champion:17}} MID: {{champion:17}} ADC: {{champion:17}} SUPPORT: {{champion:17}}
: Janna, who has nothing sword-based about her kit, gets a sword-themed skin, which, once again, has no sword imagery besides her "staff". It's like when they gave the Boxer skin to Lee instead of the actual fisty champion, {{champion:254}} . Seriously, Yi and Janna already got skins this year. Give champions like Tryndamere or Jax this skin instead of Janna, or even Yi.
Jax with a sword sounds really good right about now.
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