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Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: I see the point completely missed you. EVERYTHING is offensive for people playing this game and especially on those Boards. Back when I played Tribes Vengeance the game itself featured voice commands such as "You idiot!" in a condescending voice and nobody was getting offended by it. In this game the most common response to "Gank please" is "muted", because it's offensive to even consider asking for something WITHOUT being actually negative about it.
The point didn't miss me. I don't understand why you think everything is offensive. That's illogical and clearly, you're being stubborn. If it's possible for other players to communicate without getting banned, it's obvious that it works yet you still stick to your idea of how this community gets offended by every single word. Let's be real here, you're over exaggerating everything you say.
: my account was banned?
Contact Riot Support here: A Rioter probably manually banned you as toxic behavior is usually punished and shows on the in-game reform card.
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: Because it literally says so? "Be honorable 100% of the time or never level up". Considering that EVERY kind of criticism or even praise is "toxic" in this game, the only winning move is not to ~~play~~ use the chat.
If you think that way, good luck. I'm not here to convince you to think the way I think. I just think it's stupid that you find it impossible to communicate with players with 0 negativity. It's pretty simple, don't use words that might offend someone. lmbo?
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: Except the list of "toxic" things is increasing constantly. Especially since allegedly what's getting reported affects the system. Yes, they ARE asking for be perfect human, as the only way to progress is to not use the chat. And believe me, I've seen games where what you now define as "toxic" was being instantly filtered and censored. After a while it reached a point where it was literally impossible to write a proper sentence without censor stars appearing. Listen, that Rioter said that saying ANYTHING negative resets the progress, but at the same time the FAQ says it's PERFECTLY FINE to drop an F-bomb as long as it's not directed at anybody.
> [{quoted}](name=Sraeg2013,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=URd1RGnb,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2017-12-25T21:36:41.414+0000) > Yes, they ARE asking for be perfect human, as the only way to progress is to not use the chat. What makes you think the only way to progress is to not use the chat? The only reason why Riot suggests that is because people don't know how to control themselves resulting in toxic behavior. Riot clearly knows it's impossible to be "perfect" because they themselves aren't and the fact that you're saying it's impossible to go up honor levels using chat is just stupid.
: Banned for not being toxic
Even if it was your friend who was toxic. It is your responsibility of whatever happens to your account if your friend uses your account unless your account was stolen/hacked, then it's a different story. You should probably tell your friend that what he did is wrong. He should have manners. Who does he think he is to cuss people out using someone else's account? Anyways, even if he wasn't toxic, account sharing is an auto ban once Riot finds out so your account would have been banned either way.
: So in other words, be a perfect human being, like Jesus Christ or Mister Spock. Be perfect. Typical draconian society. That's no different than stealing an apple in a Muslim country because you were hungry and poor, and getting your hand chopped off for stealing, as an example to deter other stealers (this is why they have such a low crime rate). Or being executed for having a gram of drugs in your pocket in Singapore or Indonesia or thrown in jail for 5 years for spitting chewing gum. (yes this is complete extreme hyberbole but it drives the point home in as much of a twisted way). Policing the human race has failed for 10,000 years. Why does Riot suddenly think they can succeed at what Human History has failed to achieve? This is no different than a game I think less than 1% of you have ever played --Ultima 5. For the VERY few who have even HEARD of this game, much less played it, you know exactly what I'm talking about here.
They aren't asking players to be perfect. They are simply asking players to control themselves. Toxic players don't care what happens and they let their emotions do anything since it's just a "game". What would happen if someone made fun of you? Would you just hit him right on the spot and get into more trouble or resolve it by alerting an authority or handling the situation like an adult? Most toxic players think it's ok to be toxic since they are doing in-game. Any sort of negative behavior is still unacceptable which I don't understand why they think it's excusable. Riot wants players to control their emotions rather than letting it all out. There is a difference between being perfect and self-control. Being perfect is something nothing in this world can do, however, self-control is a skill people learn and developing when maturing or realizing their faults.
: Honor Level 0
Look at a post I did a few minutes ago where I explain everything.
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DOPVegeta (EUW)
: Search Gold Elo Player Kayle/yi or Lulu/Kog
Post this to Player Recruitment.
xJoTE (NA)
: yeah i guess it was dumb, also do you have any idea on how to go back the live chat support, cuz a rioter answer me and he said someone will hop into the chat but i dont know how to to go into the chat Once you get to that link, fill out all the forms and details about your problem and at the very end, there will be a red button called "start live chat" or something. Click that and it will direct you to a live chat with a Rioter.
xJoTE (NA)
: xD just to spread awerness from this player
But why would you need to spread awareness? For what purpose? To let others know how toxic that player is so they could report? If that's the case, 1 report = 9 reports. You shouldn't have repeated the same words the ezreal supposedly said.
: > [{quoted}](name=pizzapants,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ixwqMNXg,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2017-12-23T01:34:36.951+0000) > > Amazing response... now tickle me. When and where?
Tickle me right now also I know you know the spot where I like to get tickled.
: > [{quoted}](name=p3rmaban1nc,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ixwqMNXg,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-12-22T21:22:49.916+0000) > > Read my most recent post. This system is a complete farce. You mean that tinfoil wrapped mess because you can't accept the fact that you being a consistent asshole to random people you meet in game finally caught up to you? Thanks for pointing it out again, I really needed another good laugh.
Amazing response... now tickle me.
: Playing the Game for fun?
There are different reasons why you feel this game is boring. Maybe taking a break would help. I've come back to league after a couple of weeks/months and it helped me play it later on. Also, if you feel as if the champions are boring, try playing a non-meta champ, for example, leona jungle or something like that. Experiment with different builds especially in norms and it could help revive your taste for LoL.
: I have never been punished before and I have played since mid season 3. I did mute her, but I should have muted her about 5 minutes earlier.
: Banning Team Picks
There really isn't. Riot gives us the freedom to pick/ban whatever so if someone decides to ban your champ, good luck with that.
: Can I be banned for this?
I don't think it's ban worthy since you didn't continue the negativity from what you told me. It could depend on what your past punishments were. If you've never gotten punished, chances are you won't. If you did get punished before there is a chance that game adds up to another 2 games so be careful starting from now. You should just mute players like Kalista next time.
Kronik (EUNE)
: Got Ban for for mentioning the K word.
Well, you didn't just get banned for saying the trigger word. Here is what went wrong, HenkeZombie: stfu HenkeZombie: shut the fuc up Riot doesn't care who started it or what happened if you choose to spread negativity amongst your teammates you could get a punishment for it. Telling someone to "stfu" and "shut the fuc up" didn't help the situation you were in, only made it worse. --- Another falt in your part of the chat logs is: HenkeZombie: Enjoy Ban HenkeZombie: reported HenkeZombie: I write a ticket to riot HenkeZombie: and tell that i fell threaten of you HenkeZombie: I report all for making fun of my stats HenkeZombie: Enjoy Ban HenkeZombie: Enjoy Constantly threatening and mocking someone's possible ban is unsportsmanlike so even if you have evidence, don't repeatedly mock someone like that especially since it isn't solving any problems, more so to cause problems. If you can, the 1 thing you should learn from this is to never mock, harass, and repeat. Repeating what someone said could get yourself in trouble although I am positive that the reason you got banned isn't that of the trigger word but the way you were using the chat feature to mock/threaten. Hope you learn your lesson.
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Jezbo (NA)
: The only way to stop a bully is to stand up to them. Clap back.
I find that false. When getting bullied, you need to alert the authorities so they handle the situation. Now, if you still get bullied by the same person, it means the authorities handled it wrongly which in this case Riot takes action to handle the situation well.
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: toxic league community
Don't over exaggerate the amount of times you mute all. I mute barely 1 person after every 6-7 games. A game going toxic isn't new. Even in real life, my grandpa used to say his whole town was kind and that if he left a 100 dollar bill, the town would not steal. Reason why the community is so toxic is because so many people started playing without reading the ToS resulting in toxic behavior. --- I REMEMBER when I used to play in S2 specifically, random teammates would gift each other skins if we did well and it was more friendlier. Ever since S4 people started playing a lot more, hence the repeated "report him/her" phrase in every single game.
: Sooo... no ones going to do anything about Miss Fortune?
The champion that needs to be nerfed is Kha'Zix. Lmao
killer7n (NA)
: the art for this looks nice
Get your pizzapants on.
killerteam (EUNE)
: What can get u banned?(Verbal abuse)
Remember that 1 report = 9 reports so as long as you report him after the game or sent a support ticket with pictures he should at least get a chat ban if he didn't have further offenses.
: ♡ ♡ ♡ LF friends to play with!!! ♡ ♡ ♡
If e-girl then yes please add me. Jk {{sticker:vlad-salute}} Diamond player looking for friends. Sounds fishy
Niyume (NA)
: Is there a way to check what's going on with your account?
Riot won't give you the date and time your account will drop down a punishment tier. For all I know, they will just tell you to be sportsmanlike and not repeat the same toxic behavior and if you truly reformed you would be able to play without being paranoid about a possible permaban. 1 thing I do know is that if you truly weren't toxic at all, it takes approximately 3 months or more to drop down a punishment tier. --- As long as you do the following: - Stay positive throughout the game - Never show negative attitude - Don't troll/int (The system will not be able to ban you but if a Rioter decides to manually review the game, there's a chance of getting banned) - Never flame you won't have to worry about getting banned. Pretty sure I missed a few but these things help me not get banned. Got a 14-day ban and ever since then I never got punished. Hope it helps.
: > [{quoted}](name=Winek Chan,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=e8umLqZO,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2017-12-18T10:40:52.642+0000) > > But now it's the present day. And riot's officially made the word clear: Don't harass people into reporting them. Rioters nowadays said it clearly: calling for report is considered harassment. This was like 9 months ago, so really not that far, the guy responded because those people threatening to report those asking for reports, were much more toxic for thinking they can get someone banned for such stupid shit, so probably that's why they had to come clean, here's the post so you don't think I am lying.
I never said I agreed to report players that ask for reports. It's pointless and a waste of time. What I was saying is that I agree that more people should be aware of the 1 report = 9 report situation because it's annoying and a waste of time for them to spam chat "saying report this guy."
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: @Riot 1 report = 9 reports needs to be spread more
I do agree. Before the forums, I didn't know asking for reports was against the rules and it was a bannable offense if followed with a negative attitude. It has to be something players could see and learn not only on the forums as not a lot of the player base is active with the boards.
Legãcy (NA)
: People are mad sensitive in this game, I remember playing Draven and my support Janna, legitimately started trolling and left lane because I pinged the bush 2 times and said "ward the bush pls". Then she just left lane..... It was not an argument or a heated conversation, those were the first words I spoke to her all game too lol Additionally, Players take constructive feedback as you being toxic, I stated above in my essay how players take the simplest, "relax bro and play safe" as "WHY NOT YOU GANK MY LANE?!" or "STOP FLAMING ME" when you are being passive-aggressive about them dying a lot. It's happened to me numerous of times, and those are the players that mute you for that. And then you lose the game, then they report you, and then perma banned... Complete Cycle you know.
I know exactly what you are talking about. I was playing Riven against Darius. Somewhat of a counter so when I leashed Volibear in blue camp I missed 2 cs because this Volibear couldn't play jungle properly. Anyways, I tried going to lane as soon as possible and I made a mistake in fighting him lvl 1 and I died. Then I asked Volibear if he can gank using the pings "I need assistance" he ignored me the whole game and Darius ended up getting 4 ganks from a ww with ghost and the game ended. It's unfortunate that people get offended and don't take criticism well.
: The Nunu and Singed cases are exceptions because of what happened. They left lane and basically played double jg and forced that decision on team mates. Leaving their adc alone who was not okay with it. Yes, it is different then when a support roams.
You still aren't answering my question. The smite nunu got banned for not communicating with his team although he was. According to a Rioter, if your team doesn't approve of your off meta pick, you shouldn't pick it. Thing is, this Xin went Xin support even when the adc didn't approve of it so him not communicating should get him banned then right? Even if the Nunu's ban was dropped, the reason why he was banned in the first place is that he wasn't communicating with his team. The only reason they unbanned him was that people were calling the ban unjustified and bs.
: The Nunu and Singed cases are exceptions because of what happened. They left lane and basically played double jg and forced that decision on team mates. Leaving their adc alone who was not okay with it. Yes, it is different then when a support roams.
The thing is, smite nunu left bot lane to invade the enemy team's jungle and set the jungler behind. Chermorg even stated > [{quoted}](name=Chermorg,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=cGZxhnrH,comment-id=0002000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-12-11T15:09:01.692+0000) > > If they are playing the game to win, they are not required to one anyone's personal opinion on what champion, item, or strategy is good. So smite nunu shouldn't have been punished then according to Chermorg since he tried to win. Same with this Xin's case according to Chermorg as long as you try to win, you don't have to follow anyone's opinions or rules.
Chermorg (NA)
: No, as was said before, it is the support's job to **support**. They need gold and items too, and taking CS is a way to get gold. Nobody in League owns any CS/monster/minion/etc. Nobody's "job" involves a specific minion/monster/camp/etc aside from the jungler whose job it is to maintain control over vision in their jungle and attempt to maintain control over the two jungle objectives.
Thing I don't understand is that a smite support nunu got banned for going smite support nunu and was warned to communicate with his teammates. So if a Xin takes an adc cs and the adc tells him to stop, you still think it's justified that the support takes cs?
Jo0o (NA)
: I don't think the .006% figure is accurate either, but that's just a hunch. I don't think we have the tools to actually dispute it with any reasonable certainty. It's VERY hard to get banned in League. If you're on the border of Riot's view of acceptable behavior and cross that line, you get three distinct punishment tiers before reaching the perma stage, which is plenty of time to figure out where the disconnect is and to correct one's behavior. Even somebody who thought overt hate speech and death threats was acceptable gets a 14-day ban before a perma. I don't accept that behavioral bans just "happen". If you're meeting multiple university students that have been banned... maybe they're not nearly as mature as they present themselves to you.
Actually depends on the severity of your case. You could skip a punishment tier and go right into a 2-week temp ban.
: Is it reportable(verbal abuse?) when someone threatens to report others for inting when they aren't?
You could report someone for inting but then again they most likely won't be punished because it might have been their bad game. Also, you can't be banned for off meta picks and 1 report = 9 reports so if someone continuously asks for reports, you can report him for harassment.
Padawan (NA)
: You got 3 warnings???? I got 1 before perma!
Depends on the severity. If it's severe, you will end up skipping punishment tiers.
Rainboom (NA)
: Questions For Reformed Players
- Did it take multiple punishments from the Tribunal to be effective? It took me 3 punishments; a 10 game chat ban, 25 game chat ban, and a 2-week temp ban. - Was there a distinct moment, without the push of the Tribunal, that you noticed you went "overboard" on a teammate/opponent? Did it bother you? No there was no distinct moment. For me, I was just arguing with other teammates but I never said anything overboard but the negativity I spread got me punished. - Has a teammate ever explained to you that you flaming them was hurting/tilting them? Did it make you stop? Nobody told me to stop because most of the players I got into arguments with were trolls, inters, and flamers. - Was being toxic in-game used as an outlet to real-life's stress? Sort of... at times I'd feel really stressed out about the existence of my life and I would get mad and tilt easily from the slightest of things. - When you flamed, how often (if any) did you end up tilting yourself and performing worse? I never got tilted because of myself. I got tilted when others spam pinged me or flamed me so I flamed them back which caused me to lose focus on the game. - What made you decide to take action and change your ways (reform)? When I browsed the player behavior section of the forums and realized how I can prevent myself from getting permabanned. - After being reformed, are there any steps or practices that really help you exercise control over your emotions? I try to at least respond to 1 or more discussions in the player behavior section that way it gets me to think about being sportsmanlike. - Are your games more enjoyable now? Not that much of an increase but I am performing well and have won more games that I would have lost if I flamed my team. Of course, there are still feeders in my games which stress me out but I don't blame them and do my best which will give me a better chance of winning. - Do you encourage your teammates at all? Do you remain relatively quiet (aside from shot calling)? I do encourage my teammates if they aren't tilted. I've come across players that die 2 times then spam ping me (I play the jungle or top), they usually tilt more when I tell them to play a certain way so I stay quiet in those situations. - Is there something you learned from experience or simply just want to say to players who are currently toxic to help deter them from being so? Perhaps some effective measures that work for you to maintain control or some words of encouragement. Mute people and don't argue or flame. It won't help you win at all and it won't solve any problems going on amongst your teammates.
: And where there "live chat?" I can not find
Hmmm, It might be down for now. Try checking in another time and it may be open.
Prandine (NA)
: Account sharing of any kind is not allowed and is subject to an instant permaban once found out. If you wish to try out Viktor without actually buying him then wait for the free rotation, wait to get his shard to rent him for a week or try him out on the PTR. All three of these things will not result in the loss of you and your friends accounts.
I have asked a Rioter about this. They just warned me when I told them I was account sharing. I don't do it anymore but before I didn't know it was against ToS so I think they warn you first before permaban.
: I tried in 3 sections .. nowhere did not respond easily .. I DO NOT KNOW WHY THEY DO NOT ANSWER
Try their live chat system. Go here: after filling the support form, click "live chat" and it will take you to a Rioter. You might need to wait a few minutes because there aren't enough Rioters for every single live chat session. Hope you find your answer.
: Alright, lets see this, I want you to fabricate an entire game, to match the history on the RIOT api and put my voice over top of it. Let me know how easy that is.
I mean the whole keybinding part sounds fishy to me. It doesn't make sense that you changed the keybindings in-game unless you're replacing flash with another summoner spell, you won't need to change it at all. If you play with flash on D you would need to only change the summoner spell on F so why did you change flash in the first place? Also, you do realize Riot can check Ip addresses and has bots that record your play style so if it changes in a day or so it red flags it.
Waiƒu (NA)
: here are two links to the pics _<Removed by Moderation -- no name and shame, you may edit this out if you have censored versions of the images>_
It's best to remove the names in the picture as you are name shaming and it is against the board's universal rules.
: Honor wont go back up even though it says it has.
Might be a bug. Try submitting a ticket to Riot Support.
: Honor Capsule in Season 8
It's still preseason, not season 8. Season 8 begins on January 16th. For more information you can read this :
: > [{quoted}](name=pizzapants,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=pnFWAxU6,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-07T04:22:38.071+0000) > > You don&#x27;t get banned for arguing. wrong" Gunny may have said you couldn't argue because it's usually negative or turns negative. However, if it doesn't get heated and doesn't affect the game in a negative way, you can argue and give constructive feedback to the other person.
verysalt (EUW)
: What's wrong with climbing to Gold 3 ? On different account from silver 4 I climbed to Gold 2 in a matter of weeks, with one instance even jumping by 2 leagues after promo game. How is that suppose to be "elo boosting" ? Pretty much anyone has 2 or 3 LOL accounts, where some of them haven't been played for long time. Since when it is punishable to boost your own alternative account ?
Riot has more data like the ip where you log in from and your playstyle. They have a lot of detailed info to determine who is smurfing and who is mmr boosting.
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