: Basically everything from the void had been monstrous {{champion:38}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:121}} Then the first humanoid female representation of it was presented in a skin tight suit with some chest showing and bearing a nice clean face reminiscent of {{champion:39}} in bad lighting Riot said they wanted to show some skin to reinforce that {{champion:145}} was still human, but it ended up making her come off a bit sexier than they were going for. Then everyone lost their minds and started a crusade against others who don't think like them As the boards tends to do...
i agree with you however {{champion:421}} is the first female void champion
: Describe a Champion in one sentence to somebody who doesnt play LoL
: It's not independent. Every time I get "budget" champs, they come in multiples -- other people have also had this experience. While the probability of getting Udyr specifically is low, the main issue is getting multiple shards of the same trash champ, and THAT is highly probable.
Originally, the commentor had just said 3 udyrs. Thats when I made my post, however he later changed it to clarify non independence.
: Woah, lucky! Now you just need 1 more to collect all 4 forms. Also the chance is likely very high since the roll is not independent.
Mathematically speaking, the chance of Udyr 3 times isn't likely. It would be the normal chance of getting Udyr, multiplied by the chance of getting udyr, multiplied by the chance of getting Udyr. If the chance of Udyr is 1/10, 1/10 x 1/10 = 1/100. 1/100 x 1/10 = 1/1000, or .001. (0.1% chance) But the chance of getting Udyr is probably less than 1/10.
: Just broke 200k on Skarner!!
Considering you get virtually no champ mastery when you lose a game, 200K is impressive. Good job :^)
: Having a real good day
You should take this down before Riot sees it and decides your wins/losses needs to balance out :^)
: ms should be 340 like vi
Gotta disagree. Lee Sin doesn't have a guranteed, can-not-fuck-up pass to the backline.
: Nerfing 5 ms on lee literally does fucking nothing jesus christ.
..and here we can see the Hate Boner, indigenous to the Gameplay boards - no matter what happens, their hatred cannot be sated. These players won't be happy until the target of their hate boner is literally removed from the game.
: back in 2016 people were treating s6 like a meme
I see you're from OCE but back when George Bush was in American office, he was a joke. He was the meme from '00 to '08. now, it's Donald Trump. and he's even more of a meme
: Isn't it still that meme? what meme did we move into now ?
MrHaZeYo (NA)
: We should make a 5v5 one laned game mode where everyone plays Singed
: Things like this really inspire me to improve my behavior
Yeah I got one of those. ironically it was just after I lost a game due to an AFK team mate.
: -40% 45s, 36s
{{champion:99}} [_distant laughter_]
: [POLL] Would you enjoy a stream based entirely around the funny, quick gameplay of Bronze?
i voted no because i love "stfu u bronze" but you should totally do the stream
: It's K if you don't put it in his same lane.
: Ya.... I'd rather never see him again. So..... I'm just going to buy a {{item:3512}} and go 5v4 the other team for the next 3 hours. XD
Why would you ever buy a rot against Nasus
Lugg (NA)
: I actually stated the exact opposite of this.
And I disagree with you. You're suggesting making a champ strong through their skill.
Lugg (NA)
: Actually no. When you have a highly mechanical champ at 50%, it's the equivalent of Master Yi being 65%. Highly mechanical champs always have higher outplay potential and therefore always need to have their win rates lower, because once you master them, they will easily be above 50% win rate.
Player skill with a champion should have nothing to do with the champion's balance. Following that logic, the harder a champion is, the stronger they should be. That's not how balance works.
: > [{quoted}](name=plastic cup,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=GAKIiPwE,comment-id=000f,timestamp=2017-04-18T01:43:16.741+0000) > > {{champion:112}} 's last skin was Creator, released October 2013. Its been 4 years. > > Good thing lux got a legendary and ultimate patch to patch though. What? Star Guardian and Elementist Lux are about a Year and half apart. Yeah, Lux didn't NEED another skin (though i'm pretty sure Ultimate skins don't follow the same skin timing), but they were nowhere near patch to patch.
My bad, I said that while I was pretty tired. I meant to say Lux got a legendary and ultimate back to back. Also I think SG was Epic, not Legendary. apologies. The point remains though. Certain champs have 5+ skins (ahri, lux, annie, twisted fate, etc), meanwhile champions like Viktor don't have enough to fill the skin selector in champ select. Seriously. There's an open slot because Viktor doesn't have enough skins to fill it. He has 2 always-available skins and 1 legacy.
: The leaks coming true is cool and all, but...
{{champion:112}} 's last skin was Creator, released October 2013. Its been 4 years. Good thing lux got a legendary and ultimate patch to patch though.
: #Please Riot, make a skin inspire on theses images... http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/tacticsogre/images/e/e4/Dragoon_Male.png/revision/latest?cb=20140410151159 http://orig15.deviantart.net/493e/f/2015/341/c/4/golden_knight_by_jasontn-d9jctzr.jpg http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/bloodrealm/images/d/dc/Golden_Knight.png/revision/latest?cb=20140611235527 # Actually you could make a whole set of Champions with closed hemets. {{champion:122}} http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/warhammer40k/images/8/82/Araghast.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20120807164514 https://1d4chan.org/images/thumb/f/fe/Cr_csm_araghast_movie.jpg/500px-Cr_csm_araghast_movie.jpg http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/warhammer40k/images/0/04/Chaos_Lord_Arghast.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20120414173225 {{champion:86}} https://medalgame.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/knight.jpg http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/assassinscreed/images/8/88/DVD-Knight.png/revision/latest?cb=20120629122150 https://a2ua.com/knight/knight-004.jpg {{champion:5}} http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lzhq4eFrzx1qad16go1_500.jpg _____________________________ #A Leona main..
Crusader Garen legendary. All taunts, jokes, and laughs are replaced with "Deus vult"
Tomosima (EUNE)
: {{champion:64}} 10% lifesteal,spellvamp and a shield takes 0 damage
Lee still ends up with about half health after the first 3 camps.
: So what's the counterplay when lee comes to your lane with red and ward jumps ?
Wards, CC, game knowledge. I recognize Lee is stronger than he should be but the Lee circlejerk is just getting ridiculous. Ward your lane, you'll see him coming and you can leave. Use your CC. Use your brain. You know Lee is looking to gank, and in most cases you know you can't 1v2. So why are you shoving lane without wards? Unless he's at melee range, his Q isn't hard to dodge.
: I can't really tell what's going on with this comment, TBH. Care to elaborate for me?
Derfel is (poorly) annotating the League of Legends community's opinion on Fiora and Malzahar as a method of reasoning for Malzahar's current condition. Derfel asserts that Fiora's balance is disregarded by the League of Legends community due to her role and title (The Grand Duelist). Derfel also uses hyperbole in a flawed description of Fiora's abilities in order to invalidate the community's reasons for supposedly disliking Malzahar ("100% hp true damage"). The user then gives an equally flawed and downplayed description of Malzahar's ultimate. With Fiora's abilities exaggerated and Malzahar's ultimate downplayed, Derfel proceeds to suggest that the League of Legends community believes Malzahar is both over-tuned and unfair due to his ultimate ("OMG SO OP MAN FUCK"). By comparing Fiora's exaggerated ultimate and Malzahar's downplayed ultimate to the community's supposed amity toward Fiora and their distaste toward Malzahar, Derfel has shared his negative opinion on both the League of Legends community and the state of Malzahar in the game. Finally, Derfel states that Malzahar is in his poor state due to the previously given reasons. He suggests that Malzahar could only be viewed as balanced to Riot when he receives changes that align with Derfel's perceived view on Riot's balance-work. He insults Riot's ideal balance by suggesting that it could only be achieved through abilities that are clearly over-tuned ("Just give him 10 dashes and turn his ult into a skillshot that does true damage"). In conclusion, Derfel made a poor and inaccurate attempt to explain why Malzahar is in the condition that he is through hyperbole, blatant misinformation and several logical fallacies. Additionally, he added no significant points of discussion aligning to the original post.
: and azir, fiora, jayce
doesn't really count but Riot's refusal to get rid of Dynamic/Flex Queue
: Your LP gain/loss is different when facing higher ranks. If you lose to Plats you don't lose as much LP, if you win you get a shit ton.
Actually, no. Not in my experience. I'm Silver 1 right now (in promos, wish me luck), earlier I played against a plat 5 and 4 mid-golds and won 18 LP. I lost the next game against 4 low-golds, and 1 mid-gold. I lost 20LP. According to op.gg my MMR is trash - afaik your LP changes are solely based on your MMR respective to your rank.
Rioter Comments
: Not entirely true. The letter grade system is based on performance in each respective role and champion, so a Zed would require a better KDA to get an S than a Singed would require for the same letter grade. The same formula could be applied to the ranking system. Even so, Riot feels that it would change the way people play, and they'd focus more on KDA and other ranking factors instead of focusing on winning. (I don't represent the opinion of Riot. This is just what I have gathered from their replies to similar posts)
The grading system is /almost/ entirely based on CS. I've gone 4/9/15 on Lee but farmed hard and got an S-
: Yeah OP is basically asking "why play any one champion when i could just main FOTM"
Except at this point its more just flavor of the year.
: They almost certainly use KDA and stats like gold income to calculate MMR.
They don't. As far as I know, it's entirely based on win/loss and the MMR of the opponents you won/lost to. If they used stats like gold/kda, supports would be fucked even harder by the system. Also Singed mains would literally never climb.
: Mr. Castle, the following kits you listed became healthier. {{champion:51}} Unique and has counterplay. Poorly balanced but well executed. {{champion:122}} People already explained this to you. More balanced, more counterplay, good mid game champion with some good matchups for laning. {{champion:104}} Made unique from 2nd Lucian. {{champion:55}} Viable in every tier of play, counterplay enabled, only problem is infinite gap closing. {{champion:121}} Less 1 shot and more 2-3 shot. Still was broken but had more counterplay. {{champion:107}} While poorly balanced and still broken as fuck, the new Rengar is definitely more viable and healthy in all tiers of play. {{champion:8}} is less feast famine than he used to be. {{champion:29}} His Q was nerfed, his W buffed. ??? The following reworks just didn't do anything: {{champion:90}} Press R {{champion:7}} Same shit but with waveclear {{champion:133}} Same shit but actually viable
>{{champion:51}} Unique and has counterplay. https://media.tenor.co/images/824548a44c37fc8984c7c2090ff22f52/tenor.gif
Ralanr (NA)
: Squishy people, do you think you should just facetank a tank?
{{champion:254}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:154}} "gg adc facetanking, open mid"
: You are rewarded with the fact that your lp cannot be negatively affected 5 games in row after defeating it
Yes it can, you just can't be demoted. If you win a game, you can still lose the 20LP you won after promos.
: How it feels when you don't give a shit about meta, and just play who you want
>how it feels when you don't give a shit about meta, and just play what you want http://image.prntscr.com/image/1ad585d3c6d84a93aa147f664235a6b6.png FTFY :-)
Lugg (NA)
: Lee Sin needs a major nerf
I don't know man. Lee is definitely strong but he's not stupid broken like a certain _entire_ class right now. People say his damage is too high without building damage are just wrong. There are champions tankier than Lee, who build less damage than Lee, who can also execute a squishy with 3 abilities. Removing wardhopping, while would remove a lot of fun for the Lee player, isn't a bad idea. Wardhopping is already dying on Lee - previous to season 6, he had twice as many wards available. I've seen some ideas saying that Lee should only be able to jump to vision wards, also a pretty good idea. I understand, Lee is annoying, but these QQ threads are really so common they should just sticky one QQ thread and clear up the forums.
: Lol I got flamed for saying we should take inhib before baron. We pushed the wave up to their turret then they all left me to take Baron. I was support so I couldn't do anything to take the dumb tower/inhib and then my team all died right after taking baron because the enemy revived. I got out and had baron buff still but they were too busy flaming me instead of grouping so the buff expired and we lost after another 10 or so minutes "The baron buff will help us take the inhib bronze noob" It's the other way around :[
Yeah you probably made the right call of pushing first, but since your team decided to do baron you probably should have gone with them. Since you didn't take tower/inhib you were kind of wasting time when you could have done more somewhere else. It's a different game, but in CS:GO, its normally better just to follow a call than to argue over a call you know is better - teamwork is key
: Hey Riot can I have my series back?
While we're at it, can we do something about finishing a game with 99 LP? http://prntscr.com/e7cof5
: Well, you just want a mage who sits there and you can just walk away from? I mean, she has a much healthier game pattern than Ryze, people can just gapclose onto Cass and fuck her up, she doesn't have a shield, a point and click hard CC and a ridiculous speed boost.
: do you think 'being extremely obnoxious' is a viable niche
Well, it's definitely a niche. {{champion:27}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:35}} and {{champion:92}} make me wanna tear my hair out
gchrome (NA)
: If Towers have Less Than 100 Health...
At this point, towers are so weak it would make sense for janna to just kill it at 2000.
: Add true damage to every champ without true damage
ZeeWolfZ (NA)
: Petition to make Pantheon's Spear a Skillshot
I'm just downvoting because of your bias in the poll options
: This is not beauty.
>9 >7 im triggered
: Count to 4: Jhin is still pretty popular in pro play.
Counterstrike: Riot catering to pro play instead of its playerbase is like a farmer feeding one 10 year old cow with leukemia instead of 10 young calves, because the single cow has tastier milk.
League of Legends Season VII: A Metagolem Awakens
: Sometimes I wonder why the ADC is seen as the toxic one
I mean, they're pretty stupid moves if I understood what you said correctly. Still not a reason to be toxic though.
: How about... a Slumber Party skin line!
dominusx (EUNE)
: For how long does heca need ot be the most broken jungler for you to tone him the fkn down?
: Never have I ever, league edition!
Never have I ever met a nice Vayne.
: just gonna point out in 6 days it will be 2000 days since yorick last got a skin
{{champion:112}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:6}} I can't remember the last time any of these guys got skins. But Lux can have around 10 skins so, hey, no biggie. i'm pretty biased on the Viktor part too because he hasn't had a skin in forever and he only has one aesthetically pleasing skin.
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