: D4 smurfing on silver
: Give us tempoarily 10 bans until you fixed the shit you created with the juggernaut update and fiora
i have no problems with any of the new champs with lee sin top. guess you guys keep wanna play ap lucian top or something. they all build hydra or black cleaver first and lee sin all in at level 6 is better than any of theirs. assuming you can actually land a skillshot
: I have 2 concerns. Who gets an $11 allowance? And where is this movie theater that only costs $11 a ticket. I can't bring my girl to a movie for under $30 (before snacks)
where do you go to the movie theatres? a movie ticket in times square is $19 for a 3d movie and i believe that's the most expensive movie ticket i've ever bought
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: What is counterplay vs Garen?
: How do you do ADC?
play tristana, easiest and very powerful
Reskk (NA)
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rcSY0ebUk8
more like bronze 4, gangplank doesn't even use his barrels, eve just runs in and dies, orianna building straight mana regen like she's swain or kassadin i don't even know man
Meep Man (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Drunken Yasuo,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Bx93XAbO,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-09-01T07:02:07.186+0000) > > {{champion:60}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:41}}{{champion:131}} need some more? Maybe you should work to harder to understand how to play against these champions and counterpick them. If there is a bunch of OP champions, it begins to bring the question of are they OP (which some are, I agree) or are the champions I play UP?
that requires too much thinking. these kids were raised in na school system where critical thinking is beyond anything ever taught
: I have a friend who's a top lane main It wasn't until he died at level 6 that he asked us what Fiora's passive did
to be fair you could read the patch notes but really have no idea how the actual champion works until you get destroyed by it. nobody really predicted skarner being an absolute monster, strong but not 70% winrate strong
: Gotta love this team...
at least brand isnt farming well
Marenjii (NA)
: Garen forced me to kill him by playing super aggro
ive beaten garen with lee sin many times. max q first, get 2 or 3 points around lvl 8-9 in w rush hydra and just destroy him in by sustaining most of his damage. your all-in at 6 can win if you can consistently hit q's on him while farming. the thing with lee is you can kill him before he even gets off enough damage to ult you. other alternative is do a pseudo all in and do 70-80% of his hp by q auto e auto ult q then w back to a minion and wait for cds to be back up, you should only take like 20-30% hp and then sustain back up
Tritan (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=ponkzy,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=AEXE6UUy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-08-31T17:05:22.604+0000) > > being 3rd is not good as you can be in a group with skt t1, edg, and tsm i thought edg placed fourth though. the team to watch out for is the first seed, i ( i believe) lgd. so im assuming the way it works is worst you do the harder opponents you get?
> [{quoted}](name=liquid piglett,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=AEXE6UUy,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-08-31T17:06:54.882+0000) > > i thought edg placed fourth though. the team to watch out for is the first seed, i ( i believe) lgd. > > so im assuming the way it works is worst you do the harder opponents you get? http://lol.esportspedia.com/wiki/2015_Season/Championship_Points/China edg are 2nd and qg are 3rd. imo all of them are equally skilled, lgd are probably a little better because if imp is on he is on another level from any other adc. but they still have to play the guantlet i think, i'm not sure
Tritan (NA)
: so does 1st 2nd and 3rd place actually give advantages/disadvantages at worlds?
being 3rd is not good as you can be in a group with skt t1, edg, and tsm. #2 is also a lilttle worse than #1, but not that much since #1-3 china are all about the same level
: Victorious Skin Realization
please not kalista
: I'm not saying that buff's weren't needed but there's such a thing as overbuffing
then you nerf them and they are garbage again, you guys are never happy. balance changes every 2 weeks a meta will never develop
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phanDAR (NA)
: Heimerdinger is just cancer early game...
heimer most fun champ to play against because you can alt tab and watch netflix for the first 20 mins
: Why Darius Rework is strong: Zenith's Insight.
i feel like hit ult at level 6 and 11 is god awful in terms of damage
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: When you have a rough game, and the enemy says "gg ez"
i feel bad for people who don't enjoy the experience of a competitive solo q game and only get mad over some internet words. i really wonder why people play this game sometimes
: "Dat","dem","doe".
this thread is sheltered as fk
: "Don't play ranked if you can't play X role"
i play mid and jungle. i hate top, but i still win my lane, i just have no idea when to teleport. actually thinking of taking ignite top and just pushing to nexus with tryndamere or jax. bot lane is easy, usually just play trist and play safe and scale into late game. support i usually lose on but i only play it about 5-10% of my games so i really don't care
: Can people stop overglorifying previous seasons?
honestly, anything works in solo q up to like mid diamond. there are a lot more people playing now than in season 2/3, so obviously you're gonna have people who suck complete balls at the game and complain
: Need 1 for ARAM
Salron (NA)
: Can we go back to Top lane Ignite meta yet
blem still takes ignite top and he's like challenjour
Pengrin (NA)
: You probably weren't here during season 1 and 2. Those seasons were the absolute best of this game. HoG, FoN, Philo Stone, Madred's Bloodrazer, etc. Man. I miss it so much you don't even know. I would bet that at least 70% or more of the people who played back then have already quit by now. This game cannot even hold a light to how it was prior years. If anything, the game was slowly dying (in terms of balance) right when Darius was released. Everyone knew that this champion was an atrocity at the start. Then, more and more champions with obviously overpowered kits compared to the current released champions were being released shortly afterwards (i.e. Jayce at the time and Rengar). I assure you that every person who played in those days would definitely agree. Now, the game is getting worse and worse at an accelerating rate and it saddens me as well to see how this game is turning out to be. It really feels like Riot isn't trying anymore. The good designers (like Guinsoo and Ezreal) are now gone, now we are stuck with idiots like CertainlyT who are practically ruining the game by literally powercreeping everything (why else would we need all of these "reworks"?). I have stopped playing this game since around March, and I am happy I did because I am finding games like DotA and CSGO to be more refreshing and not absolutely stupidly unbalanced like it has been since season 4 / late season 3. The only remotely good release in my opinion was Bard in the past 2 years that doesn't have an extremely stupidly broken kit or anything. (I guarantee if CertianlyT designed Bard, enemies wouldn't be able to go through his tunnel.) If you ever showed Yasuo or Kalista's kit to anyone in the pre-Darius days, the GD at the time would go ballistic and try to force Riot from doing anything near as stupid as releasing those champions. Now, people are nonchalant about these kinds of champions and it is sad for me to see. Edit: To everyone downvoting me, you obviously haven't played this game for 2+ years. Ever since Season 3 with Renekton + Shyvana top forever, Ziggs stalling + Leblanc one shotting mid, and Thresh Thresh Thresh Thresh and Thresh bot lane (did I mention Thresh was picked?), the number of picks have been at an absolute minimum. The fact that less than half the roster (around 50 total) was chosen last worlds (did I mention Thresh was most picked support?), this shows that this game is disgustingly unbalanced. If Riot doesn't pull up their pants and start NERFING rather than REWORKING, they would actually get something done. Don't give me the "ohhhh they are all balanced, they just arent picked!!!!" bullshit, they are not picked plainly because they are straight up weaker than the other champions. Why isn't Trundle picked? Because he will get out-jungled, he will get out-top laned (*cough*Gnar*cough*) and he will increase your chances of losing. I am plainly ashamed of what this game and how accepting this community is to everything Riot is doing. If you feel something is wrong, say it as soon as possible, because Riot will think what they are doing is correct. Oh, but, don't try to critique CertainlyT, he will be a crybaby and sink back into his corner designing some overpowered piece of crap, or just ruin some classic champion for no reason at all, then he will just not look at the forums.
you only miss it because it was new. i miss wc3, cs 1.5/1.6, and quake 3 cpma. all those games were fun and competitive, but nobody plays them anymore or they just got old (wc3 was such a shit show at the end). even if all those games were to make some revival in their peak times they wouldn't be that fun because you already powergamed the fk outta those games so there really isn't anything new about them
: {{champion:122}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3035}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3083}} Wait until he gets 5 stacks. You'll see the true definition of "**_Taste your own blood_**".
scrub lord not even 100% crit or boots kited for days
LaceUp23 (NA)
: No no no no. {{item:3006}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3035}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3172}} As long as this doesn't go over the AS cap lol.
rip season 3 {{item:3072}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3031}}
: {{champion:266}} why cant this guy get is % max HP damage back... :(
he needs a rework honestly
: Lolz the only reason why they are good is because they have the **TOP KOREANS for SSW and SSB **
godv is one of the best mids in the world and clearlove is argubly the best jungler in the world. pyl and meiko are also top 3 supports, its not only koreans man
Dasdi96 (NA)
: This champion gets a free bf sword on a basic ability.
Lazer (EUNE)
: watching pob and feb made me realise that you dont have to be mechanically good (forg1ven) as much as be a teamplayer (pob) to be in the lcs. teamplayer as in wards map awarness and teamfighting. i might be wrong but thats what i saw so far.
> [{quoted}](name=Colonel,realm=EUNE,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=E4ElZhNw,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-08-26T20:04:53.180+0000) > > watching pob and feb made me realise that you dont have to be mechanically good (forg1ven) as much as be a teamplayer (pob) to be in the lcs. teamplayer as in wards map awarness and teamfighting. i might be wrong but thats what i saw so far. pobelter? he mechanically outplayed bjergsen in teamfights
: I want to make a before/after ping chart that is state by state
NY long island Before: 90-100 After: 35-40
: Prefer option while you Q
technology is not there
: Bard has been out for almost an entire year.
it's too bad he's garbage in solo q because he's one of the most fun champions in the game.
Auryiel (NA)
: Today is my birthday
im happy for the free na transfers. my account in lan with 5k rp, i can actually gift it all to my main na account
: list of champs that need a nerf or a rework
i play like most of those no wonder people complain because they don't like playing good solo q champs
: If you ever feel down GD, remember this advice.
dam didn't realize i was gonna be my entire life, shit got real
: I'm going to post about my lower ping until I get upvoted.
: What NA team do you think is going to drop first at worlds?
atm the top 3 korean and chinese teams are better than all of na teams
planters (NA)
: What the hell are you talking about? A lot of what you said makes sense but your criteria for "Best NA" is illogical. Please note, in season 4 worlds yasuo was pick or ban and the team with him was almost always guaranteed a victory. VIctor has been noted as being ridiculously OP for a while now. His champion pool wasn't so much exploited as their confidence in yasuo as a counter to victor was. The matchup itself is really tumultuous as one mistake from a yasuo can just as easily give a kill to victor as vice versa. This isn't your garen vs riven hard counter where the opponent can only run away. They basically said "Bjerg is the best NA so he can def win a lane against victor if he has 1 a champion of equal complexity and greater utility, orianna, or 2 a straight counter that kills him before he can do anything, yasuo, and with yasuo deemed balanced and Victor OP how can you say it was a fair matchup? Pobelter basically had a handicap. Pobelter did make a case for being a top tier player thanks to his beautiful maneuvering and brilliant risk assessment and roaming. However, in no way does this take away from bjergsen's own brilliance as a player. You have to realize EVERYONE on CLG was on fire that series. Doublelift got a freaking PENTAKILL and still didnt get MVP of the series. What happened was really simple, CLG outplayed and outperformed TSM throughout the entirety of the series. Not just on an individual level, but at pick and ban as well. If nothing else, Bjergsen has been able to keep his play at peak level for so long its incredible and can't be compared to by anyone else in NA right now.
if by peak level you mean mediocre and zero impact the last half of the season and these playoffs then yeah i guess he is the best mid na. rip na at worlds. i bet you 100% bjergsen wanted yasuo game 3 and told everyone he'd carry. he's a cocky person that wants to show off how good he is but it ended up backfiring because he isn't as nearly as good on yasuo as he thinks he is. he should've picked kassadin and scaled up and played safe since thats what tsm is good at, not making plays and taking zero risks. yasuo is a champion you have to make plays on and have to take risks, it's the exact opposite of what tsm does
: How does LCS players cs so perfectly
they give all the farm to mids and adcs in pro matches, that doesn't happen in yolo q
: Bro do you even watch League of Legends, Koreans are like the best in the **GAME! **
i'd say chinese are better lgd, edg, and qg are all amazing. all three of them could take out skt. koo doesn't look good at all and cj/najin/kt are inconsistent as hell
Sydelle (NA)
: Watching HotshotGG grow from an arrogant prick to a humble stand-up guy.
not gonna lie but he's got one of the most punchable faces in pro league of legends
: He is the best in NA but most of the champions he got famous on we're nerfed hard. They keep forcing the jungles in TSM to be supporters, non gankinh. Swap santorim with rush and bjerg will be better
rush can't help bjergsen's terrible teamfighting with orianna, viktor, and yasuo. clg banned out his azir (which isn't really that good honestly) and he was hopeless all game in teamfights. at least try something different third game like varus or kassadin, even ahri woulda been a good pick up. his champion pool was exploited super hard that series and he better learn how to play orianna or he's going to get stomped at worlds by actual mid laners. if you get beat down by the same champion 3 times in a row and have no idea how to counter it then you shouldn't be deemed best mid in NA. i think it's a tie between fenix, bjerg, and pobelter now
: I know why my tooth randomly started hurting
i thought i had to get my wisdom teeth taken out when i was like 19 but didn't have insurance. i went to the dentist and it would be over 2k to get them all removed, being a poor college kid i couldn't take the hit. they hurt bad for a while and got infected a lot (kept eating garlic to keep the infection at bay). they all came in 5 years later and i'm fine. moral of the story: don't act cool and tell your parents you don't need them
: Who would win in war, Demacia or Noxus
let me know what champions are in each side and i'll tell you
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