DJ Lucio (NA)
: You can never make a post about Ahri's broken gameplay
Ahri is a champion who relies on mobility to survive and is actually killable unlike the brokens at the moment (POPPY.) The only reason her winrate is high is because champs with high pick potential naturally have high winrates. Blitzcrank and Anivia are two other examples of that. Ahri's high playrate is due to her being a fan favorite just like Yasuo (who is also a hard counter to Ahri.) The only time she was ever actually broken and could 100 to 0 you without using her full rotation was with her old charm and DFG. She does not explicitly counter any champions other than immobiles (mostly ADCs, but also melees such as Darius and Garen who are easily kited,) but she is easily countered in a 1v1 situation by any champion with point and click burst, the ability to outplay/otherwise mitigate her charm, negate her mobility (cancelling dashes with displacement, Poppy W, apply slows during her Q animation.) Her only targeted abillities are her W (locks onto the closest target) and her R (requires her to dash in rather than use her to use it to reposition for the return of Q, etc.) Before complaining about multiple dashes. A single projectile from one charge of Spirit Rush has a 30% AP ratio. Using all 3 to kill someone leaves her vulnerable to being turned on by their allies. **TLDR:** Has high WR due to pick potential, which can win games even if they individual performed poorly earlier in the game. Her kit is easily outplayed by dodging 1 ability (charm) that enables the rest of her kit. If she uses 3 charges of Spirit Rush to run you down, she leaves herself vulnerable and without escape. She counters easily kited champions and champions with no way around her charm, mostly ADCs like Ashe. She is countered by point and click burst (no outplay from her) and anything that can nullify her charm.
Paroe (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=GrReaper96,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Iso6YUrZ,comment-id=00090001,timestamp=2017-01-10T23:20:31.555+0000) > > The dash scales with MS. He could only jump that far thanks to ghost ghost AND a probably maxed W.
And the playtest stream said he was also on an allied Orianna W in that clip.
: There needs to be a way to demo champions.
You can also demo a champ by using a shard from Hextech, but ya there should be a better demo system. The Hextech demo is too unreliable because you need RNG to get any champion through that.
: Same with Zilean (except for passive), Rammus, Janna, Karthus and Amumu I'm pretty sure A large amount of champions from original release just had changes that made them more in line with Riot's design principles (Zilean point and click stun) rather than entire playstyles that were pretty terrible.
Zilean and Janna have both changed quite a bit. Zilean's Q used to be a clickshot and his W affected the cooldown of his R. His R also stayed on targets for up to 90 seconds. Because of the fact his W reduced his R cd to 30 seconds, he could have R on multiple targets. Janna has changed a bit less. Her passive used to be global and her R used to slow enemies that re-entered the monsoon.
: Even against someone with all of those tools, Anivia basically won lane at level 6. Your only hope was outranging her, because absolutely no one would put up with the instant point-and-click 60% of your HP instant burst harass that she could put out after level 6. I think she's in a good spot mechanics wise now, really, though I'd like to see the E damage nerf reverted since it's harder to land now. Having a shorter cooldown isn't really the same. You can still dash over the wall, btw, you just can't protobelt over it anymore.
It's not instant anymore. You now have to stand in her R for 1.5 seconds. It's not hard to walk out of since the starting size is pretty small compared to how big it gets. Also previously Anivia did have too many good matchups for a "weak" early game champion. Her only real weakness was that she didn't have the pre-20 minute resources to push AND harass. If she uses her R underneath someone for the empowered E damage then that's 6 seconds where she can't clear creeps. Early game she needs about 5 seconds to clear a wave (also consumes her Q) since she doesn't have much AP unless she built GLP over RoA. I think her E damage doesn't really need to be reverted, but it would be nice to have the attack speed slow added back to her ultimate. Riot is encouraging her to keep her R up, but it feels like they're twisting her wing a bit too much. The slow also provides a bit of team utility and can give her a unique option in helping her backline by slowing a diver while reducing their DPS as well.
: I think that it does after watching my own placements over multiple accounts doing different things for Flex Queue. In the past no, but for Flex queue I believe so.
You're one person with anecdotal evidence. Riot has stated that individual performance doesn't affect how you place. Based on the ranked play FAQ, placement is based on whether you win or lose, your MMR vs that of your opponents, and your rank from previous seasons where applicable. Now please stop misleading people. I wish a red would comment confirmation so there wouldn't be so much back and forth. Source: 1. Ranked play FAQ:
: Eh, she was honestly really cancerous before, too - you got to 6 and just auto won every lane. TLD did make it so much worse though.
Every champion capable of killing someone is capable of being cancer tbh. Just depends on the matchup. Even if it's not a counter, if you're someone without gapclosers, ranged CC, or damage/CC mitigation against Anivia it's going to be a bad time. Doesn't help that in previous seasons Anivia's bad matchups were just champs who forced a Zhonya's from her or mages that outranged her. All of my frustration about Anivia currently just comes from the fact that she can't hit backline without using her wall to single them out anymore. Previously she could get a Q from fog of war, set up her R on a stunned team, use wall to pick off backline/separate the initiators from their team when they go in. It's not that bad but it's not someone that I wanted to happen. Lol. At least champs/items can't dash or knock things back through the wall anymore.
: That's not true if you CS well get towers and win 8 of them you could be placed in high gold if you're silver. I'd be super pissed if someone trolled my placements.
That's.... not how it works. Placements are 100% based on your MMR and your individual performance has no impact on where you're placed. This isn't Overwatch lol.
: Seriously 50% of this games balance issues would be clear if we just removed keystone masteries
Agreed. Anivia was fine balance-wise and was hardly touched until Keystones were introduced. Then she gets nerfed over and over because of how well she synergizes with TLD. And then she gets a fuckton of band-aid fixes like the MYMU and another mini-rework last patch (which was overall a buff but doesn't feel like one because of how clunky she is to play now.)
Faie (NA)
: I'm excited to learn the metas of this mode and try it!
This website is a really good resource that I used when I did 3v3 teams for fun. I'm not sure how it'll work with the new flex queue since there are a lot of new people playing who don't understand what's most effective on the map. Just keep in mind that the map isn't balanced as well as Rift. There aren't any mindblowingly powerful champions, but the viable champion pool is a lot smaller and mostly restricted to long ranged waveclear mages, tanks, bruisers, and tank support champions. ADCs are practically nonexistent on teams that are experienced with the map because of how snowbally the map is. There just isn't enough time for them to scale up.
14for14 (NA)
: You actually get the same rewards for flex as solo queue and if u finish gold at end of s7 in both, you get bonus rewards.
I think I was unclear about what I meant when I said it wasn't a serious ranked queue. I meant that being plat on the flex queue ladder will mean a lot less than being plat solo/duo. And more than likely pros will only play solo/duo. Streamers might go to flex queue, but that's because they're entertainers. Also I'd be impressed if the unique reward was anything more than a tier icon that was a little different from the others (like how there's the differentiation between the solo, 3v3, and 5v5 icons.) Honestly preseason is always chaotic enough that I just avoid ranked altogether. The only reason I'd play ranked is when solo/duo comes back so I can pad my MMR for placements so I'm not placed absurdly low.
14for14 (NA)
: Flex Queue Matchmaking Doe....
An account playing ranked for the first time has roughly silver 3 MMR. Since flex queue is an entirely new ranked queue, that applies to EVERYONE on the flex ladder right now. I haven't played it yet but after looking at the matches my friends have played, there is usually at least one bronze player in the game while there's also a platinum or higher player on their team or the other team. It's a trainwreck that I hope will sort itself out after people have placed. Good thing it's not a serious ranked queue.
: Assassins left you no time to react and this is why we at rito games (I wanna kms) have nerfed assassins. {{champion:103}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:254}} But these champions are totally fine! they can't one shot and they are useless! Wait what? They can 1 shot in less time than assassins now? Hold up MEDDLER YO WUKONG NEEDS A NERF OK? Back to the topic we will touch on some of these champs in the next diver update! Stay tuned!!!!!
Anivia has been slated for changes for more than a month. She had a change to how her chill mechanic works and it was originally split into two different debuffs that affected the damage modifier of frostbite. It overall reduced her damage output and she had zero oneshot potential unless people were standing in her R or she landed both instances of her Q, even against targets that weren't building magic resist. Now she has another update on PBE that (again) reduces her damage. Anivia was fine until Thunderlord's came out. And even now she's sitting at a very low playrate. Vi, Ahri, and Twitch also seem fine, but I don't play those champions enough to know.
Vistha (EUNE)
: If you can queue up in a premade of Silver and Plat, then it seems the "Dynamic Queue" ranking has become "Solo/Duo Queue" ranking instead of "Flex pick". Basically a Plat can queue with Silver, because in the "Flex" queue they are both unranked. At least that's how it looks like in my profile. My old rating is labeled as "Solo/Duo", while my "Flex" rating is unranked. As for the starting ELO. Historically the ELO people started with was 1200 which in the current system would be around Silver 3 or so. At the beginning of the season there is going to be a soft reset, which will put people closer to that ELO. The higher you are, the more ELO you are going to lose.
Thanks. I knew about the past starter elo and starting MMR. Was just curious that since this is a new ranked system I wanted to see if MMR was skewed up or down based on the solo/duo ladder.
: I'll take my best shot at answering these questions. Here goes nothing! 1. Flex Queue is designed to allow 1, 2 3, or 5 players who are within one ranked-tier of each other to queue up for ranked games together. Starting MMR is not something I can be specific on, but as with this year, your placement for the 2017 season will be lower than the 2016 season. 2. Not sure what you mean by tier restrictions, but the highest rank you can land after completing your placements is Plat 1. 3. Any ranked play during the preseason can have a *slight impact* with your placements in the 2017 season, but we'll still be performing a *soft reset* of ranked at the start of the 2017 Season. 4. Ranked Team information is not in the Alpha Client at the moment, but we're adding new features all the time, so this may come pretty soon. 5. Not sure, but we'll have to see what comes out during the preseason. It's going to be a very exciting ranked season in 2017! I hope this helps out a bit and clarified things for you. For places where I may not have been perfectly clear, we have a [Ranked 2017 breakdown]( that should supplement this pretty well. ^.^
Thank you for getting back to me. When I mentioned tier restrictions, I was referring to platinum players only being able to queue with players Gold 5 through Diamond 3, Silver players only being able to queue with players Bronze 5 through Gold 1, etc. I know that with the regular ranked ladder that's a hard rule, but I was unsure of what the case would be with the new flex queue.
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: sarcasmo?
I wish When he was doing soloq NA he switched to Aatrox because that's top of the client for us.
: He was banned by faker in soloq
Faker has never cared about bans in soloq. Back when one person was responsible for team bans he'd type in a character and ban in the first three champions that showed up. When he was in NA he just banned Aatrox because he was at the top of the list. Pretty funny.
MercX (NA)
: Its the turret itself. All turrets get electrified and you have to be at the outer edge of said turret. It's occurence is all random as is all the other non bot abilities like Burning Brush, Ryze ults (rifts on the ground), blinding missiles etc.
The field was still invisible while taking the true damage from the debuff. The reason my screenshots included don't have me near the turret is because I was trying to show that it was affecting more than just one turret where the chaos storm was invisible.
psieks (NA)
: Invisible Chaos Storm (doom bots)
Happening again (doom bots Galio, Blitzcrank, Annie, Malzahar, and Heimerdinger.)
Rioter Comments
: This is how mage/ap mid vs ad mids has been addressed?
eyeguy (NA)
: Or they just bring Hai back
Hai can't play pro anymore because of his wrist. I think he's still part of C9, just not as a player.
: irrelevant, this buff helps vayne, screws eve.
If anything then Eve is unaffected by stealth changes. Her current stealth is the basis for camouflage. Unless there's something that Eve mains hate about her current stealth then I don't see the problem (or I missed something else in her kit.)
: Nah g yellowstar left so TSM can actually start winning xdxd (banter)
LOL. I think Biofrost is much better for TSM than YS was, just because of how poor his synergy was with Doublelift. He's still got my respect just because he's one of the pros that has remained relevant to the pro scene in League from the beginning.
darknuke (NA)
: Can someone explain to me how this new pink ward thing works? I can't find any info on it. Do they work like scanners now, just showing the outline?
Nothing is really confirmed yet outside of that pinks will no longer reveal combat stealth (now called invisibility.) Examples are Kha'Zix's ultimate, Akali's shroud, Talon's ultimate, Shaco's Q (his boxes can still be revealed by pink wards,) and LeBlanc's passive. We do not know if red trinket will allow you to track them with a delay. I'm pretty sure Riot is also unclear about how the proximity stealth (camouflage) will interact with pink wards. Just in case somebody wonders after reading this, Riot stated in their original post that they are unsure about what to classify Twitch's stealth as. I think they're also unsure of Wukong to a lesser degree (he's the only non-assassin champion to have a stealth ability but the update will definitely affect him.)
: They lost to the tourny favorites and a surprizingly great team in ANX. CLG even defied their region's expectations (their own casters putting them in 3rd). The real (j/ch)oke is G2. What happened to EU? They were much better than this, and even have some of their star players in fanatic still there.
This is what happens at Worlds when YellOwStaR and Dyrus aren't there. Wildcards strike, EU fails, and TSM looks like it has a chance. (I love Dyrus but I love him so much more now that he's a full-time streamer. Pls don't kill me.)
: Anyone who doesn't have dashes/blinks/50 passives is healthy. When was the last time an immobile mage was complained about more than an AD melee hypermobile champion?
People were QQing about Anivia during patch 6.18 over a gif of her oneshotting an Ashe with her E>R combo.
: Hello Darkness, my old friend...
Ye. I hate posting too much because ~spoilers~ but that was one of the highlights in terms of picks. Brand also got picked as a support. It was pretty meh to watch if it weren't for the fact that my favorite champion got picked for the first (and probably only) time at worlds this year.
: Oh yea, forgot that Fizz is a Turquoise square right now o.o
Did anybody ever figure out WHY he's a blue square?
: @Riot Any chance you'll look at summoner spells in the future?
Clarity isn't a spell on Rift anymore so that one doesn't really count. I think that spells are actually not in that bad of a place. There are obligatory ghost and/or flash (unless you're Evelynn or Shaco) for champions but most roles have the freedom to choose their other spell with the exception of the AD and jungler. Supports go Exhaust (v assassins) or Ignite (v healing teams) for the team utility. Midlaners have the most freedom. Top usually goes TP just because of how isolated it is relative to where the early game objectives are and how well it scales for split pushing (better than ignite.) Considering that the best spell for each player isn't the same for everyone else I think it's fine. The only one that I really think has an issue is Barrier since it seems so underwhelming compared to the rest. As a note, (not sure how related this is but I was thinking about it the entire time I was typing this) I am one of those people who doesn't like keystones and feels like the old masteries system was more balanced and had more of a skill curve than the current trees. Summoner spells, runes, and masteries are all a relic of older seasons when I think the game might be easier to balance if every champion every game had the same stats as someone else playing the same champion. * As an example, Anivia can take Thunderlord's, Stormraider's, or Deathfire Touch. She is balanced around Thunderlord's because it is the most popular mastery on her and thus made the other two weaker due to her nerfs across this season. The nerfs due to mastery abuse crowded out diversity. She had hardly been touched prior to keystones and most of her changes had to do with changes to how her ultimate works, bugfixes, and the projectile speed on her autoattacks. Regarding summoner spells again, EVERY champion is balanced around having access to flash. The examples I mentioned earlier who take neither ghost nor flash as well as those who take ghost are excluded from this. I'm not sure what effect removing flash from the game would do, but I've seen speculation on what would happen if summoner spells were reduced to one option and flash was an innate ability that had a cooldown similar to what it is now. This wouldn't affect most champions, but some such as Olaf, Hecarim, Shaco, and Singed would all suffer due to being locked into having flash over Ghost or another summoner. I don't think that summoner spells need to be looked at as there are worse problems in the games (keystones.) TLDR: I am super tired and if anyone actually cares (low probability) I can probably edit and clarify after I've gotten some sleep.
: I'm fine with it either way... though we would need to change the color of {{item:3010}} since it wouldn't be a mix of blue and red anymore... which would pretty much make it this color: So Turquoise?
I think you mean {{champion:105}}
: Skin Balance
Outside of champion popularity, some champions are just hard to make skins for due to the nature of their design. One example is Kha'Zix. His ultimate causes him to undergo multiple model changes and that means more work is required to make a skin for him. Therefore it's harder to make a reasonably priced skin for him. Most of the oldest champions actually have a boatload of skins. Relative to other champions, Rek'Sai is very new (she's existed for about a quarter of the time that League has existed) and has two skins (pool party and eternum.)
: Krepo does everything he can to avoid eye contacts with the white hairy girl and her spikes
She's filling the void that Montecristo left. /s TBH I with they'd put her on the experience stream and give Zirene her current position. He's a much better caster. Also this is totally irrelevant but she sticks out like a sore thumb relative to literally anybody else at the desk and it actually pisses me off because I'm used to everybody looking so much more similar outside of occasional silly outfits (ex: Deficio in the top hat with the moustache.)
: Nidalee is 100% pick/ban again in competitive.
Nidalee was reworked because she had issues similar to Xerath where she'd just stay back using her long ranged poke and not interacting. TBH I don't give a shit about champion interactivity but if you want pure poke Nidalee with a bigger spear hitbox be my guest.
Slythion (NA)
: oh, I didn't know that. How strange that Anivia Egg isn't treated the same
It's probably to leave some sort of uniqueness between revive passives. There are pros and cons to each. Anivia can channel TP before going into egg and getting egged won't cancel it. As a bonus, the egg can't be CC'd (only displaced) so you can't cancel her channel after she's in her egg. Zac can't do that but an ally can channel TP on his blob to make it invulnerable and guarantee a revive. Aatrox just gets to be guaranteed his revive.
: Seems lame. They aren't gonna get new players by boasting a huge roster when they're showcasing that only 1/3 are good in competitions. Very good job though.
We're not even halfway through groups lol. Also Nocturne got picked last night for the first time since 2013.
LankPants (OCE)
: >IMO the jungle pool is bigger than usual this worlds. Last year we only saw **Elise,** Gragas, **Nid, Lee, Rek'Sai.** >This year we've seen **Elise, Nid, Lee, Rek'Sai,** Zac, Nocturne, Skarner, Olaf, and Hecarim. And that is why people hate the jungle champ pool. They're pretty much the top tier now, and they were a year ago, similar champs were two years ago, and three. Hell Lee alone has been played in almost every tournament since S2.
That's less than half of the jungle pool that's been picked so far. IMO there aren't a whole lot of jungle champions who can't do a better job as solo laners or supports so that's why it doesn't bug me. Examples are Diana (better as a midlaner,) Aatrox (who has his own obvious flaws but is better top IMO,) Trundle (top,) Maokai (top,) Nautilus (top, support,) etc. I could also talk about the Hunt rework 2 years ago removing her from lanes, but I don't know enough about the game then as I had JUST started playing a little while before her rework. and I played her top because I didn't understand the game very well at all (first MOBA, bad tutorial, no friends to teach me, etc.)
: Taliyah has been, get with the times.
????? I literally just went through the match history for the 18 games that have been played so far and Taliyah wasn't picked or banned in any of them just in case I was wrong. I didn't say it in my original comment but even if those 10 champs weren't banned frequently by pros, those 10 champions don't even make 2 complete comps (hell there isn't even 1 complete comp.) Out of those 10 champs listed. 1. There are four tops. 2. There are two junglers. 3. There is one mid. 4. There are ZERO AD carries. 5. There are two supports. So far at worlds there's been a lot of diversity. Group stages in general have always been very diverse (last year the Riven and Rengar picks in groups, blind pick Anivia by Origen, etc. Last year 74 champions were picked out of 125 available (even though Kindred had just been released, they were disabled due to how new they were.) This year there have already been several unique picks that have proven to be successful. Hell, Nocturne was picked for the first time since 2013. So far there have been 47 champions either picked and/or banned out of 131 (Yorick being disabled.) We're not even halfway into the group stage and people losing their shit over lack of diversity need to tone it down. There is still a LOT of room for new picks to be made, especially with several teams having several comps built around Aurelion Sol and him having been disabled for the last few days (rip Huhi.)
: {{champion:126}}
Kassadin has gotten banned at Worlds. That may not be popular but it does mean people are keeping an eye on him and they know he's a viable pick against certain comps.
Fazor (NA)
: To be honest, i want to see someone play {{champion:56}} , It would be awesome if he was played mid but then people would know how broken he is.
Slythion (NA)
: same with Zac's blobs too please :3
You can already consume Zac blobs (and smite them) because they're coded as minions.
: I think anivia's egg should be able to be eaten by Nunu
Anivia's passive is coded as a champion. Nunu can't consume her for the same reason he can't consume other characters. Syndra can't throw her for the same reason she can't throw other characters. The only reason that you can use those abilities on Zac passive is that it's coded as a minion. There are benefits to both. Anivia passive can TP to safety as long as she starts the channel before being egged and can also take Thresh lanterns. Zac passive can have an ally TP on it so that he is guaranteed a respawn. Also Anivia's egg has reduced armor and MR before level 12 (starting at -40 from base to -10) before finally being equal or better to her stats while alive.
: If we had 10 bans we might see more junglers. Or top Laners. But I'm not really speaking in depth.
Nocturne was picked for the first time in awhile. Skarner has been picked three times but played twice. Hecarim has also been picked. IMO the jungle pool is bigger than usual this worlds. Last year we only saw Elise, Gragas, Nid, Lee, Rek'Sai. This year we've seen Elise, Nid, Lee, Rek'Sai, Zac, Nocturne, Skarner, Olaf, and Hecarim. I think the reason people think the jungle pool is so restricted is just because of how powerful Elise, Nidalee, and Rek'Sai are with a coordinated team relative to other champions that are just individually powerful.
Veltox (NA)
: I wonder what they would play if in one match {{champion:421}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:150}} got banned.
Morgana hasn't been picked or banned yet at Worlds... Same goes for Taliyah and GP.
: Why? What happened last night? Or was it just my game?
I've got no clue what happened. I just know it happened to my housemate's ranked game and my normal game.
: Getting horrible LP gains for beating way higher MMR teams
If the 8 LP was just now it's because Loss Prevented is turned on. Winning teams still receive LP but it is significantly reduced relative to what you'd normally get.
: That feel when
Loss prevented OP.
: You can already tell Ivern is going to be LCS Pick/Ban status
He's going to be like Kindred was last year. Since Kindred wasn't released until the season was basically over pros didn't actually realize how strong they were until pretty well into preseason. I feel like that's going to be how Ivern is.
Ýisus (NA)
: Suggested Change For Season 7
That would just lead to people trying to farm KDA.
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