: When your jungler ignores your lane but flames you for getting camped
TBH gotta downvote this, most of the toxicity from lane/jungle relatiopnships comes from the laner side. Also if you ward well and play around your vision. play to your champs strengths and play against enemies' weaknesses/ around cooldowns you should be fine. IF your strong early or a good player, abuse your enemy early then freeze and denny the enemy. When the jungler paths towards your side of the map, ask for gank and start shoving so that jungler can get priority and yall can make plays together(if you wanna play the team-way). But it's solo queue, don't depend on anyone else but yourself. learn to respect the teammates you have and the enemies you have and how they are playing.---ull see this if your decent elo and then start smurfing. lets say you are a support main and u decide to smurf. ull see the low elo adc's play safe thinking its the best they can do. And by playing too safe they don't contest farm/ trade/ poke, which will generaly put them behind, but it can be worse to expect them to or try to get them to play aggressive since they are not used to that playstyle, so you just have to find a way to make the best of their safe playstyle, and incorporate that into your future planning for the lane/game.
: We shouldn't be forced to unlock rerolled skins we don't want.
Its hard to caculate how many rerolls are 'useless' because its impossible to know what skin(skins) a player wants, gaming 'loot' systems are about to become regulated. Since you can get a lot of loot in this game for free and good behavior. I doubt league of legend's loot system will be different after some law/regulation changes.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 19
Hi Meddler. Sorry to be bothersome, but i believe the wukong rework is very self limiting. Reworked wukong has a kit that doesnt allow him to effeciently-maximize-his-damage-output, not consistently and not without introducing harsh and easy counterplay. Ill simplify the reason, His W clone is stationary and very easy to counterplay and ignore(but holds a good amount of his damage potential). Ill give the fix--Allow his W clone to dash to target on E cast. It wont give his clone full mobility so it wont be overpowered, and will still be counterable with a dash or flash or good pathing. Now ill explain. How does one effeciently play the new wukong(without the change id like) for max damage output? Well you cant W-SNEAK IN AA E AA Q like before, because a good amount of his damage have been shifted into AA resets and his clone and stacking damage over time. Starting with W or E will drastically reduce your damage potential. You only have two options, both of which introduces even more counterplay. 1) The best option: Walk into aa range of enemy. AA W AA E AA Q AA... full utilization of all damage potential. But no surprise factor and in the end most champions have dashes and when combined with flashes easy to counter. Let alone it'll still be easy to avoid the W by just walking or 1 dash. So no real need for enemies to burn flash. 2) The more viable option: Walk into E range AA(if possible)-E-AA-W-AA-Q-AA Why is it more viable? tiny bit less counterplay. Let's face it who's gonna let a wukong walk right into them, unstealthed. And lets face it who will burn a dash to avoid his damage? Heck in this more viable option he might not even get to AA before casting E. Missing 1 AA Reset- and 1 full AA damage worth. And his Clone will not benefit from his E attack speed. This is the More viable option, but even then the best option already had alot of counterplay, and this one is still just bad because it misses out on one AA, and the AA reset, and his clone wont get E attack speed added. Again the fix:: Allow wukong's W clone to dash to his E target. What the fix will do when added:: It'll allow me on new wukong to. W sneak in get on top of them AA Q AA-[keep AA'ing and wait for them to dash then]- E, W clone will dash to target with E attack speed buff and... guess what. Thats the most viable option on that wukong. Does it miss an AA yes. does it miss 1 AA reset potential? Yes. But does it allow wukong to feel well rounded and give him more consistent options? Yes And fully utilize his W clone that has a good portion of his power? Yes. The consistency this change brings to his kit shouldnt be dismissed. Id much rather have you guys balance him with this change added, than something like lets say he seems too weak so yall revert the Q damage to be AD. Allowing him to be an assasin again which is what you guys dont want. Or to give him actual healing on his Q+A better W clone cooldown that'll leave him at a decent place winrate-wise but he'll still stay clunky and self limiting. This wholesome QOL change would be much appreciated. Thank you. The next best thing would be to allow New wukong to Dismiss his W clone early(like right after casting) so that the W timer for a new clone starts sooner, but this'll increase his skill cieling, and he'll have to wait for his 2nd set of E and Q to utilize his W again for max potential, but even then its still stationary and counterable. And may introduce CDR builds that abuse this feature for semi-perma W stealth, and then we'll have an akali 2.0(Jk true sight would have revealed the monkey)
Meddler (NA)
: Should be fixed today. I pulled the Wukong update off the PBE build late last week but missed some stuff so there were some buggy interactions between old and new data in yesterday's build. For anyone wondering we are going ahead with the update, doesn't need further PBE testing at present though. Timeframe is dependent on when artists are available in particular which isn't clear yet.
@Meddler before going through with the current changes I would like you to consider the following so you can balance him after the change I suggest. His whole Assasin QOL got deleted, and they also nerfed a good amount of his base and scaling damage; In order to make him into a bruiser. He has some extra trickiness, but its all lacking unless you **let the W clone dash to E target with Wu**. The change im suggesting will make him more of a trickster and allow wukong to be more consistent. It is so easy for someone to avoid PBE Wukongs clone(and its a decent percent of his damage), His clone needs to be allowed to be dragged a couple of times during fights and skirmishes. I feel like with the bad numbers and him lacking this simple QOL buff you guys will have a harder time balancing him. Might aswell let him keep bad numbers and with a good consistency QOL[that will make him feel whole] than to give him good numbers which will allow him to 100-0 more often[and just be a even lamer version of current live wukong]
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Meddler (NA)
: Prototype Wukong Changes on PBE Context
@Meddler After some pbe gameplay research, I found out that maybe he is a little too powerful with the current numbers, but is still lacking something. I recommend two editions before fixing the numbers, that may make It easier to balance him. Make the damage & healing of his active Q, spread amongst his passive Q's aswell. This will increase the skill-floor a tiny bit & allow for some counterplay because the damage/healing will be spread out. OFC full use of active and passive q's will prob allow for a tiny bit more damage/healing overall, but over a longer period. Allow his W clone to teleport to his e target or to dash with his e to the target.--- he wont feel like a full-fledged trickster otherwise
: Okey Meddler, after i tried Wukong on PBE can we rush with his rework on live, please?
I hope they keep the changes, they will prob move the numbers around. What I see they can do is they will prob think he is too op. But that he is still lacking something. I got the solution for that allow his Q damage/healing to be spread out to his passive q's aswell so it can be more of a skill thing and with some little skill can actually get a tiny bit more healing and damage in but over a longer duration. > allowing tiny bit more counterplay. Allow his W clone to teleport by his e target after animation(or dash with e animation).
: I like the Wukong mini rework.
Lol don't worry they will fix the numbers dude. But I hope they keep the playstyle changes and maybe add something --allow his W clone to teleport by his e target at end of e animation(or dash with the e animation)
Żelk (NA)
: Wukong Rework Suggestions
His rework is currently pretty good, a lot of people are complaining or doing bad at him because they are not using his auto attack resets correctly and efficiently. You can still get relatively similar burst, it just wont be 100-0 in one frame. Maybe 2-5 frames now. You see him being bursty 100-0 within a few frames is a problem in competitive play, since he can be such a sneaky consistent assassin. He was and is currently a tier 5 jg and top in live servers. I do believe that Wukong never had a consistent or great pro scene(especially compared to kha/j4/rengar) to begin with tho… Anyhow riot thinks otherwise and the playerbase wanted him buffed/reworked anyhow. They have pleased many people especially me personally. The one other change that would make his pbe kit feel fuller is allow his W clone to teleport to E target after animation(or the clone movement could be blended in with the e decoy animations).
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Meddler (NA)
: Prototype Wukong Changes on PBE Context
I feel like his Q healing on the active AA should also be applied to the passive procs. Also whenever u have a W clone up, it should be able to teleport next to the target wukong E's to.
: Can you please considerer keep shredding the target's Armor on Q? With new Q's passive, Wukong seems to make better use of Trinity Force than Black Cleaver, so having natural armor penetration should help more in combat against tanks than having minimal magic damage in only 1aa.
He will have a lot more aa resets because his q passive will give you a large range aa reset after casting w and e too. so if your spell and aa weave right ud get the black cleaver stacks in faster.
: #Assessment on NEW Wukong Changes for the Wu Community and Meddler{{champion:62}} Ok so as a Wu-Main for god knows how long and with 2.1 million mastery in Plat.... I have to say this looks very promising and I'm glad at most of the work done so far. I openly realize that this is still under development and also more testing, experimenting, balancing, etc. needs to be done, plus....I still need to play it on PBE, but I'm gonna give my first impressions based on what I read. Also to those that read this pls understand I have good and bad to say and I say it because I care alot about this champion and I want to see him in a healthier, more fun spot. Thank You! ___ #Passive: **What I LIKE** - The split in that you get increased damage (upto 20%) while staying in the fight and if you are around 3+ enemies you gain alot of defenses and more if you build it. Makes tank-kong more viable while allowing bruiser Wu to remain a choice as well. Also the stacking damage increase nerfs assassin Wu since he cant get all that damage at once like old Q. **What I Would Change** - Honestly I would keep the secondary passive where he gains defenses(thats scales) the same, I really like this alot, but I would change the damage increase back to armor reduction per stack since it allows you to still build against it with just armor rather than trying to mix armor and magic resist together, more on that later. Also I would increase the percent per stack to something like 7-8%. Right now bruiser damage is decided by how fast you can apply it, how much of it you can apply, and/or if it can shred/deal true damage. *** #Q: **What I LIKE** - The passive that incentives spell weaving, kind of like LeBlanc. and the heal. **What I Would Change** - Most of the skill tho. If you are going to incentive a spell weaving passive you might as well go all the way and add an effect that when hitting your Q on a champion reduces the CD of your Q, W, or E (maybe a mix of abilities, like W and E, idk) pushing you to either fight more or outplay more, depending on which CD it would reduce. Also make the range increase affect not only AA/Q range but also the range of your E, the the push distance of your W, the radius of the R, while giving it an internal CD so its not abusable. Also I would make ability deal something like 20-100(+20% AD)(+20% AP) **PHYSICAL** damage since, assumably, the decoy would/should be doing the magic damage of your kit. (AP is there cause the **Ryui Jing Bang** used magic to increase Wukong's power in JTTW and also cause it could give Wu more fun hybrid builds....maybe) *** #W: **What I LIKE** - Mostly everything, it looks fun to play, offers more builds to Wu, on-hit fun (assuming it deals magic damage from autos), quality of life changes ..... mostly everything is great about this new ability. Good Job Meddler! **What I Would Change** - Allow us to move the decoy, which in turn would make this ability mixed with S juking one of the trickiest abilities in league, and that sounds like fun that takes some skills. It would also allow us to stick to the target and reactively block skill shots. Pls Meddler! *** #E: **What I LIKE** - Pretty Good with this one also, mostly ideal and no qualms. Decouples assassin Wu and allows for lil more skill. **What I Would Change** - This is just a fleeting dream, but I really wish this was reworked to be a skill shot itself, that spawned the clones to nearby enemies. One can always dream. *** #R: **What I LIKE** - The skill. Now auto cancels if you use an ability, Thank you Thank you Thank you! **What I Would Change** - Nothing really, good skill. Maybe make him unstoppable during it????? *** Anyway thank you all for reading and Meddler for looking at our monkey, I do enjoy these views into updating champs....always loved the practice of game design and seeing what can work, what cant work, whats fun, how creative you can get without over stepping a boundary, very interesting!!! once I play him on PBE I'll see if I stay the same on these opinions/suggestions. Thank You Medder.
The changes are already going to make him op, and he'll prob still be pretty damn busrty especially if u aa and spell weave correctly. plus he's going to be a lot more fun. your asking for too much
: IT doesn't work right, having all those auto attack resets in bulk, its better to have it spread out
so there two combos I see with this new wukong. E aa Q AA Q AA R-[R cancel] AA-continue combo. you r cancel to start of the aa that will be reset right after casting another e or q. or you can walk up and aa e aa q aa... so on. these are ofcourse for max damage output for playstyle combos that can be more tricky im not sure maybe some moving around and pressing 'S' and moving in and out of bushes inbetween spells or after a trade
Defiants (NA)
: Can we get the auto range passive to stack on multiple ability casts, I think it would add to the the thematics of the character since his staff already has the ability to grow
IT doesn't work right, having all those auto attack resets in bulk, its better to have it spread out
Grazedd (NA)
: I've been a Wukong otp for a while, and I don't like this direction. I want the skill expression and everything else he has, but I don't want him to go in the bruiser direction like this. I'd rather riot embrace his assassin identity.
TBH bruh... you can prob still play him as an assassin but now be more of a trickster assassin= more fun= more LOLS
Meddler (NA)
: Prototype Wukong Changes on PBE Context
First thing first, this is obviously very well done. It will actually increase the skill ceiling by a ton, but the skill floor should be about the same. Im sure its going to get nerfed a couple times by just imagining in my head the outplay potential of having clones be less distinguishable, and pressing 'S' here and there to top it off. My big question is does all the extra range attacks empowered by wukongs Q, are they all auto attack reset? Isn't stated but probably implied.
: I admire your intelligence but lets be real. He carries easily iron-gold but its not Yi the reason that carries this hard. Its his playstyle and high risk factor. Facing bad low rank players makes it low risk high reward from high risk high reward. That's why. and no he is a low elo stomper for this reason only nerfs that reck his identity as a skirmisher can change this very fact.
Well the main thing they are doing to him is giving him a QOL nerf, to slightly increase the outplay potential and make it more obvious how to outplay him. He will still be a low elo stomper afterwards don't worry
: Jungle - I can't start Blue buff now.
What they shoulda done is have the scuttled come up at 3:15 but lower experience, and put some experience back to lvl 1 jg camps, but still make the 2nd scuttle spawn vital by having the experience that can get someone to level 6 faster.
: How to play yasuo better? (Tips/Tricks)
MY best advice is learn how to not shove every wave as yasuo. This is more of a universal rule but... Only shove when you have a plan to roam/ ward/ back/enemy laner is elsewhere/invade jg. By learning to freeze or keep lane middle with yas it opens up more trading and safer lane opportunities. by keeping the wave in the middle u can easily engage/disengage with the minions. Freezing is also a very good thing on yasuo, because normally you only want to freeze a lane when your ahead, but your yasuo...your ahead cuz he wasn't banned and u picked him. Besides this just watch more general/advance yasuo tips and tricks on youtube, maybe see if he has any animation cancels that can make ur micro go smoother? Ohhhh and since ur going to be learning how to freeze might aswell learn to to avoid the wave crashing into your tower/ how to farm under tower. research every lane matchup you encounter. Learn your strengths learn their strengths learn your weakness learn theirs. learn your cooldowns, learn theirs. besides all that you are yasuo so you are strong early so you will want to shove hard for first wave because you will be trading to get the lead, so you quickly get rid of their first wave as much as you can while you trade them, allowing you to hopefully level up before them but decreasing the amount of minion damage when you trade them, two birds one stone. If you early game goes well you can later just keep the enemy laner zoned out of farm gold and experience, further pushing your lead. and then you can look forward to roaming/ jg invading--so you shove out first.
Taloola (NA)
: The solution to matchmaking accurately.
xUnRavelx (OCE)
: gorilla champion concept - gorilla
: You should not nerf rageblade for Yi or melee(he's a beginner champ)(he needs late game)
This is why im actually pissed. Riot is going to waste extra time nerfing champs, items, changing the game. When in the end. The main problem is conqueror. conquerer can have a limited run after max stack, and a cd inbetween max stack end and new stack. But no yi does deserve a nerf. Why? there's plenty on non lcs champs that get nerfed and plenty of god tier champs that get buffed. Yi shouldn't be an exception. He shoulnt be able to hard carry every iron-high gold game.
: Riven "Nerfs" lol. Still a permaban for me chief cuz this ain't it.
They mentioned her in a small rework list of champs. Riven mains got mad. They are not compensating for the nerfs, they are doing damage control for pissing of the riven main community.
Rioter Comments
: Top Lane Balance Changes
I believe conqueror should be put on cooldown ,0 stacks 0 benefits, after maxed and use for 3 seconds. the cooldown duration? Anywhere from 4-10 seconds.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 27
Kingdor (NA)
: Wukong
: Can we make Wukong a good champion?
: Wukong
Calavera (OCE)
: Wukong Rework/Update Recommendations - Visual Reference
Telebro (NA)
: Wukong has been left out to die.
: Wukong kit update concepts
Rylalei (EUNE)
: Um...I think you got half the facts there wrong. Conqueror is already only stacking on champions, they removed the creep stacking when they reworked it. As for Yi, it's not crits reduce the cooldown by 1, but any and all basic attacks, including the extra one from his passive. So with this in mind, I do agree that Yi needs a nerf, but Irelia is fine atm Tho in the future, try to research how stuff works, we already have enough Iron Analysts on the boards who don't know how half the stuff works but comment.
OOOPSIE DOOPSIE WOOOPSIES But current conqueror does make ire too strong
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: 70% of Jungler's are clowns
seeing as 70% of junglers are below silver. yea sure.
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: I will just say this DAMN that wall of text. But also you are wrong on some parts that Riot doesn't listen to us. People bitched Tanks too strong they are nerfed into the ground. People bitched Caitlyn too strong. She was nerfed into the ground. People said ADC's were too weak to do anything. Now they are the sole deciders on what team wins. Player base bitched about games being too long now games on average are 15-23 minutes. The problem is Riot listens to the player base, but people will always find something to complain about. I like Evelynn she is my favorite Hybrid Jungler. But even I know she needed something to happen to her. I don't like her zed style of play, but I am willing to try it out before I say she is garbage.
I understand. I will say they act to slow at times. They had actually buffed Caitlyn while she was a meta adc and the community was getting tired of her, only to way later on eventually see a nerf that was done badly and made Caitlyn pretty trashy. She'll become a problem again eventually her kit and playstyle allow for it.
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: Cheaters in other games are tantamount to trolls and feeders in LOL. Other companies deal with then.
They say there is no cheater island, but i can guarantee you its there. i used to script, and i recognized really fast that i was soon placed in the environment. So you do not have to worry there. My concern is that im on a new account and dont cheat and wont ever cheat, lesson learned. But the punishment is still being applied to me. Why would riot do such a thing you ask? because if im reeled in to toxicity and they manage to break me and get me to cheat. Riot reeks the profit of me spending more money across more accounts. But im not going to buy into that, im just going to accept that im "bad." You are either in the same shoes im in, or your the average joe thats gets placed into the environment occasionally by riot, so that you can be reeled in and be a part of a vicious cycle.
: Cheaters
Same money making scheme applies if you have scripted before or are known for past extreme toxicity. If you dont change ur macc adress/ ip adress, and do a complete uninstall/reinstall of league or make a new account(with a new email/way different ign and password) you are screwed, especially if you have reformed. Matchmaking will be rigged on that account to lure you into toxicity/scripting. i.e you'll be in a very toxic environment, or be in a high cheat environment. ull be given the lesser teamates or make the team lesser bc ur the one not cheating. Practically riot is trying to break you, you'll either end up toxic or cheating. and RIot will reel-in all the benefits because chances are you spend $$$ on that account and will spend $$$ on the next.
: This instant feedback system still bans scripters, but they are banned in waves. This is so that they won't discover what triggered the system, ie if they installed multiple scipts, but only one was caught, they won't know which one was the one they got caught from.
As genuine as that sounds... I am sure riot banns in wave more for the reason to let the scripters "thrive" for a while, so they can feel secure and maybe spend some $$$. From buying accounts/xp boosts/skins. In the end Riot benefits alot from cheaters.
UNC Otto (NA)
: Team Synthesis - Looking for Coaching Staff and Players
Peak Rank: GOld III Current Rank: gold V Role: JUNGLE/mid/top/support/adc respectively List of past team experience: no Competitive team experience, but i am confident that i can be considered a "natural" Would you prefer to shot-call: Yes, there is a depth to my game knowledge and im great at warning teamates of what im planning and what it looks like the enemy is trying to do. I keep track of certain cc spells and long cd spells(ofc this includes summs) so that the team can keep it in mind for planning and outplaying. I tend to lead teams into great rotations and map control Do you have a microphone: Yes Top five champions (Not mastery points, actual comfort - ALL WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED): Evelynn, wukong, nidalee, lucian, and karthus. In no respective order i can play them all pretty well. But i will add that evelynn and wukongs are my best for the jungle because of the invisibility, outplay, and teamfight potentiol that i intregate very well into the games. And that my karthus pocket pick for mid/top is my highest winrate in solo/duo ranked. Notes: I am very eager to be a part of competitive play. I will blend in easily and and show great results.
Carlyle (NA)
: Team of 4 looking for one for flex
what the average mmr in the team?
f4te (NA)
: Bang (BNG) Recruitment
your not accepting friend requests >.<
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