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: They seem to be rotating what series is available to buy Which honestly is bullshit because its either using the lootbox model to promote a ton of spending for a lv3 legend during a limited period, or its their "legacy" thing where they'll bring them back periodically but for some reason just won't let us buy older legends.
yep, i saw someone did math about if someone wants to get a spesific rank3 little legend, the possibility is 1.666%. it's so rediculous
: Patch 9.22 will be the death of Teamfight Tactics.
For the topic "element", can you call "demon" a element?? or make it become a class?
Ztoka (NA)
: The mode needs more builds that can win.. Sadly, there are a few comps that are just op and everyone goes for them, thus the heavy rng factor. I get being able to adapt is a big part of the mode, but even then, you heavily rely on rng to stand a chance. So many games I don't see certain 2 cost units (though no one else is building them) which I feel is in a big part, too many champs w/ too few available per roll. Would be nice to have 2 more champs avail per roll. They should really implement this, especially as the game is around longer and more champs are added, chances of getting something are so flippin random. Honestly making the mode less fun. I can deal w/ no items and gold instead, but gold does no good when you re roll a ton and still don't get what you are looking for.
Idk you, but for me, sometimes I forgot what champ I need to take due to their similar skins/ too many of them. I think they should also think how to differ them from each other
: Ivern
same, I was scared by him when I first time use him for the team
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