: Gold ADC Looking for serious duo partner and team
Add me if you want, I'm a support main in G4.
: How long til the zed nerfs?
> no skill to play in lane. Lol.
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: time ban for dodging
If there wasn't a time ban then no one would ever be able to get into a game because everyone keeps dodging.
Ryosu (NA)
: Looking for Dedicated Support Main for Duo ranked! Gold+
I main Nami and Janna. Add me if you want~
monissa (NA)
: why do people still play ashe?
: Random Skins disapearing
Were those skins gifted to you? If they were gifted to you by a friends account that has been suspended then those skins disappear.
Cyclopes (NA)
: Need a Support Main
Nami/Janna main here. Can play all other supports pretty decently as well. I'm in gold 4, hit me up with a friend request if you want to game~
: Jinx! Fanart made by yours truly
Damn, this is so good. I love your style!
danmarge (NA)
: Yea i think I have nine champs and im lvl 28 =[
Yeah haha it took me forever to get to 16 champs
danmarge (NA)
: Bard pricing
Bard will be 7800 for the first week. His price will be decreased to 6300 after that. Still kind of a lot though :P
: Gold 3 Adc LF duo
G4 Nami/Janna main. Add me if you want!
: Lf duo support main. I main adc
Hey I'd like to play with you :D I'm in gold 5 right now (lost my promos go g4 three times q.q) and I'm a Nami and Janna main. I'll add you on my account!~
: Yeah, the Reddit user wasn't me. But the entire community helped in correcting that as well, which I am grateful for. You should add me and we should play sometime. :D
: Hey there. I remember you. I was against that Gnar. 7/2/11 and lost the game. xD When you said "Hey. J4" at the beginning of the game, I was standing in a spot of vision cancellation. You made me think I was on a ward, so I started recalling like I'd DCed. I was trying to bait that Gnar. Sadly, did not work. But yes, I remember you asking me if I was the DurrHurrDurr on Reddit. I now know of the two different Reddit posts. Were you referring to the Reddit user DurrHurrDurr, or were you referring to the League name, which had the Reddit post that linked back to this topic?
Ah yeah the Vi and the Liss were from my last game and they were really good so I just told my team to focus them. That game got me into silver 1 xD I was referring to the Reddit user because I was browsing Reddit during loading time and noticed that you guys had the same username but guess it wasn't actually you haha
: Wanting to do something special for an awesome friend. Riot, please help? <3
Hey man I played with you earlier today! I was a Nami on your enemy team when you were playing Jarv. Sadly you lost though lol. I was pretty upset when the post on reddit wasn't actually you, but it's great that Kenny has such a wonderful friend like you. c:

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