: Patch 9.19 notes
FINALLY, a gorgeous Nami skin! <3 I have been waiting forever! The other ones are cool too but im so excited for Nami :D Thanks riot, great choice {{champion:267}} {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
: Proof they took off your ban?
I could screenshot it and get proof however thats not what this DISCUSSION is about. Also it has sensitive info in it so im not going to do that. At the end of the day, i know what happened and I still stand by my statement no matter your opinion.
: The people that work at support are nice generally, the blitz bot is absolute garbage. I asked for information about my punishment (since it bugged out and didn't give me it) and all i got was blitz bot saying "you were reported and here's your chat log." Which solved nothing about my intended reason for being there. Not to mention they like never even do anything ever. One time they even agreed somethin was wrong but said "oh sorry i can't do anything about it." Like wtf? You just said it was a mistake with me and you can't do anything so i have to live out a punishment that was not intended? Great support job... Anyway. The concept is good, the people are usually nice.. but it doesn't help you like ever.
exactly my point! Well said
: They too busy trying to sweep sexist practice under the rug.
No kidding! Plenty of sexists players on here that i report and they dont even get a slap on the wrist. SO lame. literally will say I cant play because im a girl, and that I suck because Im a girl XD But my rank is higher and ive played since season 2
: "They don't care" because he got himself punished and thinks everyone else is the problem.
They took off my ban. I was not wrong. Also I'm a SHE. But thanks for your input .
Kei143 (NA)
: Did you know, all a report does is flag the system to review the game. If no toxicity was found, the report gets thrown out. If the system finds toxicity, then the system calculates how severe the toxicity is and adds it to your account. When you pass a certain threshold, you'll get punished. So while the clarity of the system sucks, the result of dishing out a punishment doesn't suck.
Then tell me why I got a 2 week ban but they ended up lifting it? Exactly. Doesn't always mean you were toxic. You get punished for nothing sometimes because Blitz bot thinks it was appropriate when ITS NOT ALWAYS THE CASE. And most of the Riot supports are very nice, however the last one i talked to was not.
Rioter Comments
: [CRASH] Loading screen stuck at 100% / 0%
Literally same! It's ridiculous. It happens often and there doesn't seem to be a fix
: to climb from bronze 5 to gold 5 takes around 64 games, granted you have a 100% winrate in ranked. If we set every game to roughly 30 minutes, that would take 960 minutes every day (or 16 hours) to climb in two days. bullshit meter is wayyy up high also the post isnt really about a skill curve as to climb that fast you must be pretty skilled, however I started as a shit player and climbed in both skill and lp
LOL you must be low elo or dont win often. You realize you can skip ranks if you do well AND they give you free wins in your series and promos. You can climb very fast and anyone who doesnt agree obviouly hasnt or cant rank as fast as some of us( the better players) youre probably one of those toxic people that get chat banned every other week {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: How and why did Crimson Akali, an homage to Soul Calibur's Taki, become Infernal???
I agree. While i think the new splash art is cool and all, they should have just made it a new skin. This is NOTHING like the crimson skin and definitely NOT what i bought a while back. js
: Why duo q should be removed
Boosting is banable. You probably should asmit that you do it, even on another account.
: I managed to climb from literal bronze 5 to gold 5 in 4 months. Here are some tips on how.
No offense, I did that in a couple days lol also, I didn't read your post, just the title. Gold is too easy to get
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: Ahh, that's good to hear; I haven't had a ribbon for about 2 years now but I had a green ribbon for over a year and a blue one for a few months before that. Was worried I'd just get the 10 honor one.
I got all of the icons and i havent had ribbons for 2-3 years <3 so this is awesome. all of these people are complaining but you had to work for the icons. Dont be mad because you weren't good enough to get a ribbon years ago xD
: All the people who had like 500 honors in each category get no differentiation between people who had 10 total. That is my complaint. I've played this game for a long time, but not long enough to be in the top 10% (which by most people was probably reached by 5 man premade honor spamming) or to get one of the bullshit ribbons that had weird and almost unattainable requirements. I've seen 6 ribbons in my life. I don't give a shit about the actual icons, but it's as if all my honors (close to 2000 total) are not going to be recognized at all. I'm going to have the same reward as somebody who started playing the game a week before the old honor system was retired.
I mean, I got all of the icons.. <3 but ive played since season 2 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Rewards for old Honor are out
I actually got all of the icons lol <3
: Rewards for old Honor are out
I got 3 icons so im not complaining <3 but i have been playing since season 2 :D sorry to the rest of you. it is kind of unfair but it makes us who got the icons feel better
: Legacy Client Now Retired
This new client is still trash, but I forgot, you don't care about our playing experience.
: Nidalee Splash Update - This cat’s got new claws
I was literally just talking about how she could use some new art yesterday<3 it looks so nice!
: Suit up for Snowdown with vault-clearing sales
I wish I could... BUY RP FROM THE STORE!! Dumb rito store, too good for my money I suppose >.< {{champion:32}}
: Champion Update: Soraka, the Starchild
RIOT doesn't care enough about us, the players of League, to listen to us. They just reel in the money we spend on the game. If they cared, they wouldn't ruin the game play of our favorite champs, they would want us to stay engaged in the game. Instead, they ignore us and drive us away. Riot, stop being so inconsiderate!
: Champion Update: Soraka, the Starchild
I say we boycott Soraka until they CHANGE HER to herself again! {{champion:16}}
: Champion Update: Soraka, the Starchild
I used to find Soraka fun. Now she is worthless. She cant survive on her own and my adc cant get the needed mana in order to keep up with the opposing adc. Maybe I should go to Dota. At least they don't make stupid drastic changes to the same champs that let alone don't even need changes. I understand, you cant make everyone happy, but I believe, from the comments, and from my experience(I am a raka player), that the majority of players that once loved Soraka, now don't want anything to do with her. You have taken away her one purpose...MANA and ARMOR. What use is she now? We have other healers, other people with stuns. Take Nami for example. She has stuns and heals. Why is Soraka being changed? I loved her how she was. You already changed my Sona. I am running out of support champs I actually enjoy playing. I love being the healer and helper of the team. That is why I love the support role. I don't care about the damage, also why cant she heal herself anymore? What if I am not by an enemy? or I need the health for something? Or what if my teammate needs health, and I have none to give? Just start using your brains. Actually take into consideration hat the people that played Raka had a very good reason to play her. If other teams didn't like the health she brought, then they can get their own Soraka. Or ban her in Ranked games. All I am saying is, is that this was very unnecessary and it would be very much appreciated if Riot would change her back or at the very least, MAKE SORAKA HERSELF AGAIN. Please. As a fellow female player of League, I know my support champs, and Raka was definitely not one who needed changing. She WAS perfect. </3
: ...Riot, I love Soraka to death, but you just got rid of the only reason a lot of people played her. Soraka was the ONLY support, no, only CHAMPION in the game that could give allies mana, which is a huge thing that made her unique. But it's not only just that. Starcall for instance-- I like that you made it so it won't as easily just cs steal or whatever, but *Soraka is not made to do damage.* That's just not her. She is the "support." She doesn't want to hurt people. And especially considering that you now made it so that she cannot heal herself with Astral Blessing-- what's she going to do if there are no champions nearby? She has no way of healing herself now unless champions are nearby, and I doubt that a Kha'zix will let her smack him with a meteor to get back a little heath before he chops off her head. Another thing now is that Soraka's New E (also known as Swain's W+Silence), aside from it being no longer original whatsoever, is COMPLETELY useless against non-caster ADC's. Lucian (mid-late), Vayne, Ashe, Caitlyn, Draven, Jinx, Miss Fortune, Quinn, Teemo, Tristana, and Twitch will not be affected by the silence at all, and all of them except Ashe have the mobility to easily get out of the stun spot. So you pretty much just got rid of Soraka's E in laning phase against most Marksmen/ADC's. The only other thing I have to complain about now is the New version of Astral Blessing. Yes; The lower cooldown is great, even with the range reduction. BUT, Soraka lost her passive that made Wish and Astral Blessing so helpful-- that targets with lower health get healed more. This gets rid of those clutch heal saves, as that tiny bit of health won't help if Kha'zix/Shaco/Rengar/Any Assassin jumps on you. This really gets rid of Soraka's effectiveness against.... ~78% of the champion pool. She has a really weak heal now (except her ult, but that's a really long cd), no mana restore, an easily avoidable by every ADC or mobile champion root, and no way to heal herself without enemy champions nearby. That's another thing; this new rework will get rid of Soraka's entire lane sustain. Considering that Astral Blessing takes both health AND mana, she'll be using her health and mana to heal her teammates. Okay, now she needs to heal? Try hitting the enemy a few times with starcall. Oh look, Soraka's mana pool is now entirely gone and she can't do... anything but throw bananas. I don't want to sound mean Riot, but you always say that you try to keep a champion close to their theme and adapt them to the current meta. This is entirely breaking Soraka's theme, and while it may adapt to the new meta, I honestly feel that you didn't really think this through too much, especially considering how you've been borrowing abilities from other champions for a while now, including Soraka's new Equinox. (Which was taken from Swain's Nevermove. Some other borrowed things lately are such as Gnar Taking Vayne's Silver Bolts and Sivir's Boomerang Blade, Xerath's ENTIRE new kit (Q is Varus's Arrow, W is Leona's Ult, E is shorter range Ashe ult), and Skarner's New Passive. (Which is just a slightly different version of Braum's)) I really wish that you would keep to Soraka's true theme, Riot. And I know that you probably won't read this, unfortunately, as you don't have time to browse every single comment on here. But truly, as a person who loves to play Soraka, please... if you're going to rework her, try to stay closer to her theme. Because Rooting, having a truly damaging Q, etc... is not Soraka. Soraka tells you how she should be when she's walking, "To Heal and Protect." To harm and to hurt is not Soraka. Soraka is the truly purest support there is right now, and you're reworking a lot of these supports to be Zyra/Annie copies who have CC and fair damage. I don't want that for Soraka, and I'm sure many others don't either. Please, please.... Try to think this through more before you release it. Please.
I hope they read this! They need to change all of this rework they just did on her. Soraka is Soraka, stop trying to change her into another champ that we already own. She's pretty much useless now, {{champion:16}} is dead to me now. I main support, and you keep ruining my mains. STOP IT RITO!
: Champion Update: Soraka, the Starchild
I wish Soraka could still give mana D: that's why I played her. If I wanted someone with a stun, I would have chosen Nami. Why does she give her own health now? SIGH. I guess this is somewhat better than the last work done on Soraka. Looks like she's going to be more about getting health rather than mana.
: Sona Update
I'm actually very upset about all of the changes, especially to sona, I used to play Soraka, but then I stopped after she was changed...now sona? WHY? Don't make me fall in love with champions and then make them too weak to fight other champions. That isn't fair. Change sona back!! I didn't buy her skin to not play her.
: Sona Update
I do like the new textures though on sona, maybe my skin will look better :3
: Sona Update
Stop it, stop killing all of my champions D: ruining the game
: Patch 4.8 notes
pshh guess I wont be playing {{champion:16}} anymore, I was going to buy a skin for her too. :/
: Oh my apologies by "just finished a game" I meant before all of this, lol {{champion:48}} {{champion:35}}
Oh haha ok I was like what!? :)
: it is a league error and I just finished a game, I doubt there is anythignt o worry about and we just gotta wait a while longer lol ^.^
Wait, how did you log on?? lol I cant
: ***
It is not your end, don't worry. And mine lags out sometimes like that, but not usually. That could be your end.
: Login Error
How long is this going to take? Even people on FB are talking about it. IM BORED lol and obviously have no social life >.< haha jk but no seriously this is taking foreverrr. :P sincerely ~ Cheyenne :3 ahem and every other LoL user


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