: It would be nice, with this new change about lowering how many champions are in the pool for the game to add a tooltip. Say I have Garen, Darius, Lucian, Elise, and Warwick come up on 1-2. If I already 2 Garens, in the top left it will show me a symbol for Garen that lets me know he will promote if I purchase that 3rd. Garen. Somewhere around there, they could put a number that would indicate how many of this champ is either in play on someone else's board or that they are holding. Tft already has a lot going on, to try to scout all 7 other players plus do everything I need to do on my own board is a bit much. Please find a way to simplify us getting the information of how many of each champ is on a board somewhere now, to help with this change.
There's already an indicator that something upgrades
: It seems simply decreasing the number of champs in each pool will simply give preference to whoever builds the OP meta comp first. Unless I misunderstand things greatly. Of course, if the game was balanced perfectly that wouldn’t be the case, but no game is, so I think my confusion stands. I hope it’s fun tho
You misunderstand things greatly. Even in the absolute worse case scenario where the meta comp is hyper roll 1 costs (which to be fair it is right now), one player having ALL 9 units only makes it 33% less of that unit instead of 25%. But that hardly ever happens - what is much more likely is 2-3 players with 3-5 vayne/nasus at krugs, and in that case even the first person to hit 3* on average is worse off than before. The changes are even less significant for higher cost units, especially since 3 starring them is rare.
: Mid Season Tanks Update - Sejuani
I feel like you're just abandoning tanks in the traditional sense entirely. If you define tank as absorbing damage for your team, Braum is pretty much the only real "tank" in the game in that he soaks damage for his allies, with Knight's Vow being the only real "tank" item. Of course, winning the game by absorbing damage feels kinda mediocre to the player, but it'd be cool if you could make it feel less bad - say, by making the item active give a shield that costs you HP, or something else visible. That way you won't have to make tanks into unkillable CC bots.
: > [{quoted}](name=heathenscum,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=7qotAEYW,comment-id=0028,timestamp=2016-05-18T19:13:25.931+0000) > > If a player logs back in within 5 minutes of the game ending they shouldn't get hit by leavebuster. Let them lose LP but not risk a ban. This game is so finicky at times that its not fair to punish someone with a ban because the game crashed. 3 minutes really isn't enough time when you sometimes have to wait longer than that in the loading screen. One word: Abuse
You still lose LP. Leaverbuster is supposed to hit people who leave, not people who DC and try to reconnect. If something tilts you so hard in minutes 0-3, are you going to spend your time trying to DC, then game the system and avoid a ban by reconnecting (and potentially being forced to play, if the game was remade)? I'd think you're just going to DC and leave, or just play the game.
: Reread that. Cocoa asked "how many games WITHOUT first blood?" So my comment reads as 70% of my games there isn't first blood by 3 minutes. So that ends up as a little over 7% ~~Idk why you are complaining. It is literally: this may not happen a lot, but it happens, so we took measures to prevent it. There really isn't any reason NOT to have it or complain.~~ Mb, ignore that. Seems I miss read that time ;P
You should probably reread too - Despite the language ("actually arises"), he says "this [remake] catching one match for me is more than worth it per week". So we're all in agreement here, I think: Remake is a positive step in the right direction.
: I'd rather have something along of lines of: if someone dc's or afks for a certain amount of time, such as, maybe like 5-10 minutes, then your team may surrender early and face no LP loss, but the enemy still wins. This way, the enemy team gets something and isn't wasting time because it's not their fault the enemy had an afk. Also, sometimes dc's are legit dcs and they may need some time to reconnect, for example if their PC decides to restart. I think that this is more fair to both teams because one gets a win and other loses nothing so they'd be less irritated as they would be if they lost LP. 3 minutes into the game is a very short amount of time to get that option and the first blood rule just seems pointless.
That's super abusable though - You play, if you're losing, someone DC's, surrender and you take no loss. Also, that creates a huge imbalance of LP, since one team is getting LP while the other is not losing much or any. I'd say that's more of a problem than wasting like 5 minutes of someone's time in queue, or the niche case where someone takes longer than 3 minutes to reconnect - especially since if you only reconnect after 3 minutes, you're going to be super behind anyway.
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Cassiopeia Direction
Give Noxious Blast a damage debuff, encouraging her to use it as a dueling tool. Cast it quickly and make it a conic AoE for better use against assassins (or even an entire team) jumping on her. Keep Miasma as a wave clearing tool that slowly eats the entire minion wave, perhaps giving it a longer duration to give it a more distinct identity as a zoning/clearing tool, instead of "put circle on enemy, they take some damage".
: But what if someone attaches their phone to a dog? So many extra steps! {{champion:19}} We will be adding and iterating on features that help you better connect with friends. Spectating is not in our plans but we really like hearing how you want to interact with League on your phone!
Or a fan. I did that with a pokewalker. So many steps.
: Evolution of a Dragon Champion
An idea for Ao Shin kit, because why not: Passive: Eternal Flight Ao Shin is always moving towards your cursor and ignores unit collision (think Sion but with more turning and no explosion on collision). His autoattacks are executed as he moves. Q - Thunderous Roar (CD 10/9/8/7/6, Mana Cost 60/70/80/90/100, Range 200) Ao Shin looses a cacophonus roar in a small radius around his head, dealing (high base, low AP) damage and silencing victims for (1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2.5) seconds. W - Lightning Charge (CD 20 sec, Mana Cost 70, Range 600) Ao Shin immediately turns and charges in a line, dealing (low base, high AP) damage to those nearby. Anyone directly in his way is knocked back instead. (Doesn't go over walls, instead is redirected). E - Shocking Scales (CD 18/16.5/15/13.5/12, Mana Cost 80, Range 200) Ao Shin's body becomes charged with electricity, dealing (high base, %health) damage to nearby enemies and slowing them (20/25/30/35/40%) for 6 seconds. R - Heaven's Ascent (CD 180/160/140, Mana Cost 100, Range 600/radius 300) Ao Shin quickly flies to a target area, circling for (1.4/1.7/2) seconds as lightning courses from the sky, dealing (high base, high AP) damage and stunning victims. A support who specializes in hitting a target and sticking to them, either to peel or to chase. After dashing in with W, Q prevents them from flashing or dashing away as his E slows. His ult is great for team-fighting but is relatively easy to dodge, encouraging him to use it after engaging. His build will tend towards tanky items due to the necessity of being in close quarters and low escape potential, but AP can be built for good burst damage. Build: Relic Shield + Pots Essential: Eye of the Equinox, Merc Treads/Swifties, Frozen Heart Aggressive: Righteous, Zeke's, Iceborn Damage: Abyssal, Liandry's, Deathcap Defensive: Randuin's, Banshee's, Locket His solo lane potential is lowered by high mana costs and lack of range. His jungle is pretty decent due to % health dots and good ganks, though he needs blue or will quickly run out of mana. Eh :P
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