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Zycker1 (NA)
: my problem is that since I wait so long I don't wanna leave because it wouldve been a waste of time( up to 45 min) right now
Yeah honestly had i known i would be waiting an hour to play and thats just if the que pops while typing this I would of found something else to do, but now im commited because ive already invested an hour. You know what though I wont be requing after till they get the que times to a reasonable enough time.
pryda022 (NA)
: 30 minute ques times are absurd
Well the que times are now in the 42 min plus time range which is honestly just poorly thought out on riots part to implement this. Granted your going to see a huge surge at first because its new but they should of been more prepared then to release it with this long a wait. At this point the que times are going to get to twice the amount of time it takes to play a full game if your lucky to come in first and then if you just get knocked out first it would be a horrible experience.
: Fixing the community is harder than it sounds. Fact is if you severely punish (i.e. ban) anyone who has been toxic ever, that's most of your player base gone.
Lmao... If you want to play with friends you can play a normal game its not necessary to play a ranked game. It actually is a form of cheating whether or not people want to admit to it or not. If rank didn't matter then why bother with them in the first place. Yeah exactly stfu... And quit justifying cheating.


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