: Hashinshin: MR items are weak, Armor items are too strong
Rather than mr items being weak I just don't think theres enough options as a tanky champion your only options are {{item:3065}} {{item:3194}} and if you're an aggressive ad bruiser maybe{{item:3156}}{{item:3091}} , then if you're manaless you can't optimally use {{item:3001}} Where as for armor you can have a plethora of options {{item:3143}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3075}} and a few more based on whether you're manaless {{item:3110}} {{item:3025}}{{item:3800}} or not. Keep in mind of lot of the magic resist items have pure defensive unique passives where as armor items have a few that aggressively do damage, limit healing, or can offer effective wave clearing. Rather than buffing already staple magic resist items I would rather than add more aggressively minded MR items that build out of stuff like {{item:3751}} and then riot can invent a few more component items for others.
Flarizon (NA)
They never brought hexakill back to summoner's rift even though that was it's debut it was pretty good on release cause it was around all the support items getting released so you had double bruiser top with targons or double junglers. I'd like for them to bring it back to the rift rather than twisted treeline again.
: i havent been on GD in ages, but i saw something that made me nostalgic
: No GP. Even tho they promised it.
GP's win rate recovered to around 48%+ averaged among most of the sites after the ult fix so they thought he didn't need anything since they have upcoming crit itemization changes and essentially core item {{item:3077}} nerf to his most common lane opponents
: Death's dance now heals for ALL damage dealt
I don't see{{champion:24}} building deaths dance when he doesn't even build gunblade anymore {{champion:24}} literally just goes {{item:3078}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3053}} into generally double tank items or {{item:3026}} with a tank item.
: Yay..... Death's Dance......
I find it unlikely its users will increase much or at all, and I don't see any champion going {{item:3146}} with it without compromising their build and becoming useless.
: TIL That Dark Harvest deals FULL damage to a champion affected my Illaoi's E
Dark harvest hit ashe and not the spirit cause ashe was below 50% hp and the spirit was above 50% so when you hit the ghost it dark harvested the ashe. Everything seems to be in order by this interaction to be honest.
Kaluchii (EUW)
: On Hit effects.
Slows haven't stacked for quite a few years anymore, the slow with the strongest value overrides the others
Haze97 (EUW)
: Did Riot just buff damage with the infernal drake changes?
They made it so the 1 drake vs 2 drake wasn't as harsh but also made the a 1 drake vs 0 drake difference is larger its a trade off.
: So when will PBE RP grant finally be fixed?
Theres no reason to grant RP on the pbe anymore since all characters are freenabled and any new content costs 1 essence
: Im so done LOL
If only Garithos was here to stop this
: Black cleaver needs a change
Most garen mains just stopped building cleaver for quite awhile now being replaced by {{item:3078}} since its just a bad item when pen runes were removed also the item has no synergy with Garen's kit as to reach the enemy garen has to use q before using e so he has no damage to capitalize the armor shred from cleaver with once spin is over unless you want to wait for another 7 seconds. Cleaver has also gotten worse just by mages being played more instead of adcs or just adcs doing magic{{champion:145}}
: @Meddler I hope you aren't just gonna buff Garen's stats
I just wish Garen's ult wasn't magic damage he has an armor shred on his kit, but it starts after he has already basically used his entire combo unless you managed to fully e someone without using q so afterwards you can't even capitalize on your opponent's shredded armor since your ult is magic damage.
k wìx (NA)
: "Avoid As Teammate" - I would LOVE this feature for League.
Reminds me of a similar system in Awesomenauts but it was related to the game match making system being linked to steam and not technically part of the game so anyone you ignored/blocked in steam would simultaneously make match making avoid them there wasn't a limit like ow's system though so it could get out of hand
: Riot, Blizzard, And Twitch Are Teaming Up To Fight Toxic Gaming Behavior
Attempting to kill the monsters they themselves have created
GigglesO (NA)
: As a Morde Main I do not approve.
inb4 morde shield doesn't count as a shield cause bugs
Abibyama (EUW)
: Locket changes on the PBE
35% damage reduction on a delayed stationary zone is less frustrating than the adc getting an instant 1k-2k hp shield while kiting you but if they kite out of the zone it becomes useless. Most adcs only have like 1800 base hp and if you include they heal/lifesteal around 1200-1500 hp or so in extreme late game scenarios its worth around 1000ish hp on most squishies who aren't building hp unless their support has even more healing/shields for them. For bruisers/tanks the damage reduction is arguably much better since the shield is decaying and getting minimal usage compared to a long duration damage reduction. Overall this seems like a power shift to make locket more useful for the team overall and less of an carry get out of jail free card.
: A Moment of Silence for Dragon Ball Super (2015-2018)
Didn't Bulma's voice actor die, maybe they're stopping cause of that?
: OK GD, what's your top game for best soundtrack?
Thats really hard to answer but I'm stuck between awesomenauts and final fantasy tactics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bW1wUHPpSw awesomenaut's is really good cause it plays their theme song when you go on killing sprees https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqKcvq0XxNs or their main theme song if your whole team goes legendary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85UaGuCx0aM
WolfChases (EUNE)
: Riot are you really buffing Kha'Zix and nerfing Kayle???
The Kayle changes are actually a buff since before the keystones she ran runes to get 45% and have permanent uptime on E cdr with only nashors however after the changes she'd be a bit off unless she bought a 2nd cdr item so they compensated and made her early game very slightly weaker
Salron (NA)
: Am I reading this wrong or did they just increase sunfire's damage by 127%
the main thing is that they nerfed the wave minion damage at later levels quite a bit which means tanks who had no innate wave clear to begin with will struggle to clear waves unless they get another aoe item mainly {{champion:98}} is the only one who comes to mind though and he builds {{item:3748}}
: [0.4] Boards Enhancement Kit - May 7
Its that time of the year again https://i.imgur.com/MIcy39A.png
: The Ultimate Hat Rune
ultimate hat has multiplicative diminishing returns
: After Anivia Hits 6 She Controls the Entire Game with Little to No Interaction
just build {{item:3060}} first item and you're guaranteed her first 2 towers
Seen (NA)
: Is halloween dying?
I haven't had someone knock on my door for halloween in 7 years
: Arcane Comet on Mordekaiser.
If you're against a heavy tank top (stuff like sion/ornn/shen/malph) you can actually run grasp then use them as an hp battery I manage to get consistently get +800-900 hp from just grasp & overgrowth in most 24-30 minute games For any other opponent I'd just suggest phase rush with celerity(4% MS) since proccing phase rush as mordekaiser is actually a lot easier than stormraiders considering you can actually proc it with just 1 aa and w start + end proc as the ending damage/heal and the damage over time count as seperate abilities alternatively e + r + gunblade and proc it from 650 range
Salron (NA)
: Wait Warlords isn't getting deleted in the preseason
fleet footwork is weaker but they basically split warlords into 2 masteries with the other half being taste for blood. However they have base heals numbers for laning along with hybrid ratios now so maybe gunblade abusers will ruin the game.
: @Riot - I'm not sure these changes to Janna and Ardent Censor make sense...
The ardent change makes ardent rushing a very strong all in tool for aoe heals/shield{{champion:497}}{{champion:37}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:44}} since you can apply it to both laners giving them a ton of bonus damage. I thought they wanted to make ardent supports not dominate the meta but these changes aren't helping.
: "Monopoly takes too long"
hearts of iron 4 multiplayer games often last 8-10 hours with half of it basically doing nothing but building your economy or doing research projects for 3 hours until ww2 kicks off.
MysterQ (NA)
: I don't think that would solve 5 man mid dives when you team is desperately trying to hold turret, even though the game decides it is a better idea to abandon.
> [{quoted}](name=MysterQ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rtMWqIGA,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-09-06T05:42:26.172+0000) > > I don't think that would solve 5 man mid dives when you team is desperately trying to hold turret, even though the game decides it is a better idea to abandon. Nothing will or _should_ solve 5 man mid dives other than proper team cooperation unless riot makes towers so overpowered that it kills everything in 5 shots or less
: So why not just make towers do % health damage?
Just make turrets do half magic and physical damage this prevents super tanking with huge amounts of armor that people dislike so much and makes it so when tanks are against magic damage dealers they can still tank properly with magic resistance items in the early game when diving.
: Ornn : Brittle question.
It says magic damage right on the tooltip
: Garen and Darius mains, I have two questions...
As a Garen main the Darius match up is a thing of patience generally you avoid fighting Darius and instead only retaliate when hes on you. The latest changes to {{item:1054}} making Darius bleed a lot less harmful and Garen's w change makes shrugging off harass a lot easier as you can easily negate Darius's telegraphed q or w. MS quints can go a long way for Garen in skirmishing around Darius especially along with stormraiders letting you flee away from Darius after you retaliate against him. The real main issue is that Garen cannot be the aggressor against Darius unless he is significantly ahead. When Darius is attacking you I recommend not autoing him and instead spinning this means he is taking minion aggro and you're not then use q at the end to silence him and zip away before he can do anymore. If he doesn't respect minions too much he can easily die to an ignite all in later or a lvl 6 spike. By level 11 Garen can effectively do hit and run tactics against Darius if for some reason the laning phase isn't over with his ranked up passive. Garen is actually fairly good against Darius in a team fight scenario since you can reduce his armor by 43% with E & {{item:3071}} silencing him can hamper his ability to do anything quite a bit. A last note is that this match up is generally up to Darius outplaying himself.
: General Discussion: War of The Lions
I'm currently playing the chaos randomizer for the ps1 version of tactics for my first fight at the church the enemy squires were 3 thieves and a mystic. The knight was a lucavi The knights with me happened to be a lancer(with no weapon) and a mage with a sword. The squire you normally get was actually zalbaag While I was still a squire as a class I had arc knight abilities as a secondary. Gaffgarion had a harp instead of sword but this didn't appear to halt his slaughter
: Riven vs Garen
riven usually beats garen in lane unless she horribly misplays. Whenever he uses Q and leaps into the air just use your shield(E) to dash away absorbing all the damage then for the next 8s hes vulnerable to taking damage. You don't have to worry about spin early game as your abilities can out-trade the damage most of Garen's early game damage is loaded into Q
: There is no point in playing more than one MOBA game.
I generally main league and let loose by playing/rotating to other mobas monthly when I get bored of league for the day. First it was awesomenauts which actually helped me with paying attention to the minimap since I mained a character with a global basic damaging ability. I honestly had a blast with it when I reached the top 230 players but then I got burnt out. Thankfully. HOTS came around and I've been fairly infatuated with the game since especially after Cho'Galls release afterwards I hit #1 MMR NA until I started getting super target banned since enemy names aren't blanked out in hero select like in league.
: milk or cereal first in the bowl
P4 I don't use bowls for cereal I put it into a glass, cereal first always though.
: Is it possible for GP to lose lane against Darius mid, if both players are equally skilled?
Darius effectively has full control over the lane since he can zone Gangplank away from the wave especially once he has phage. If Gangplank is pulled he will likely have to blow a summoner spell or die.
: 2nd Chance vs Riot Gradius 5v5 GD Custom stream thread - starting 7pm EST
: Looks like Gragas's E hitbox is buggy again.
Again? Its always been this way its huge.
Malza (NA)
: Cho'Gath over 50% winrate vs every jungler
Cho'Gaths rank 1 e does more damage than shen's rank 5 q along and slowing with every auto. Hes a menace in top lane as well.
: Kayn has a 42% winrate in Plat atm
If they wanted to make him more stream lined he could just transform at 6 still based around what types of champions he has damaged. Right now theres huge variance in the times he changes forms in games. It can be anywhere from like 10 minutes to over 20. I've seen kayn in the top lane get rhaast at lvl 5 and other times players transform at 23 minutes cause they had to wait for so long. I don't really believe he needs number buffs.
: Advice on how to play Kayn and build paths please
for Rhaast I suggest {{item:1400}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3065}} as general a itemization idea with your prefered boots and armor item. If you're trying to get the shadow assassin icon I suggest using {{item:3071}} {{item:1400}} along with the newly buffed lethality like {{item:3147}} since his passive turns it into bonus magic damage. Additionally armor pen actually increases his magic damage done since its calculated after post mitigation.
Salron (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=BlueVestGuy,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=hxarY9Kn,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-07-14T07:53:14.427+0000) > > the buffs were like 3 more lethality on items and it now scales with your level instead of the ennemy's, right? Duskblade is nutty as fuck right now, it no longer scales with lethality and instead just scales with your level for retarded amounts of true damage Dirk also got it's passive changed to give 40 dmg to your next spell after killing something(30s CD)
> [{quoted}](name=Face The Win,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=hxarY9Kn,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-07-14T08:02:36.978+0000) > > Duskblade is nutty as fuck right now, it no longer scales with lethality and instead just scales with your level for retarded amounts of true damage > > Dirk also got it's passive changed to give 40 dmg to your next spell after killing something(30s CD) new duskblade is physical damage but I suppose its still true damage vs carries anyway with all the armor pen.
: Deathfire Touch and Gangplank
Barrels and ult proc it. I used to run it a lot until thunderlords became the meta keystone since it makes ult a global execute I actually liked deathfire since it made ult do insane damage in super ad heavy builds but then the ratio got smashed so its better to stick with thunderlords
Tyvan (NA)
: GD map thread
Osseo, Minnesota
Arduno (NA)
: You can delete something popular from the world
: More PBE Garen changes
The e ratio buff encourages maxing w second after q to use the new changes
: "Just kite him xd" Feel like those buffs will make him become relevant in the lategame now but I hope they'll nerf his lane bullying a bit Or his passive
> [{quoted}](name=BlueVestGuy,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=B8iX7x4E,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-06-29T23:22:58.633+0000) > > "Just kite him xd" > Feel like those buffs will make him become relevant in the lategame now but I hope they'll nerf his lane bullying a bit > Or his passive Garen in his current state is not a lane bully he loses early trades to more than 80% the top lane roster garen is not the lane bully he once was in 2014
: Behold
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