Raoul (EUW)
: Why do we always have to change Summoner Icons for the quests?
Pretty sure it's because they coded missions that need icons for Order vs Chaos, and they're re-using the same code without removing the "icon" requirement.
: it seems like no one rly cares, u r at 7 upvotes and nobody even bothered to downvote u back to 4
Clearly they are aiming for sixteen, for the only thing as perfect as four is four fours.
SSJTribe (NA)
: The odds are somewhere around 4%
Nah, closer to four out of four.
Swaid (NA)
: Shit man, even as {{champion:86}} or {{champion:83}} , I grab that shit {{item:3123}} if we need it.
Same. I was against a team with {{champion:122}} and {{champion:16}} . Asked the ADC to build it twice with no response and picked it up myself in the midgame. They finally built {{item:3035}} 5th item - then upgraded to {{item:3036}}. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: I don't think Zac should be a tragic hero
Agreed. Leave bouncy green Superman alone - you've already got Varus as Batman!
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: '' Oh no, the enemy toplaner is teleporting, let me just slowly walk away before the channel finishes ''
IME it's more like "Oh no the enemy toplaner is teleporting, it's too late to run because their jungler is already between me and safety." This even applies when you're already under your tower with reasonable (75%ish) HP., especially on blue side where the jungler can run up through your tribrush or krugs brush to cut you off. At that point the only thing running accomplishes is decreasing the damage you deal to your foes before your inevitable demise.
Quannari (NA)
: I honestly believe that whenever someone mentions the positivity of a great League community, they are referring to those who are fans of Jhin. Everyone here is so polite and generous with pursuing the perfect art that is 4. Stay perfect my friends.{{champion:202}}
Upvoted to express approval, then removed upvote to remain at four.
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: When I have 100% Crit Chance on Gangplank...
That 50 AP for MOAR ORANGES though...
: > [{quoted}](name=Atrushan2,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1MjB9uBe,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2016-05-19T02:34:26.210+0000) > > That would moreso make it easier for them to run over you than for you to run over them. There are times where the bots CAN do some nice things(mainly when they're grouped up on one person). This is my experience from setting up custom games to test builds and whatnot. Bot ganks can be pretty terrifying. I've watched three of them annihilate a diamond ADC, who was just as surprised as we were. Their CC timing is immaculate, their aim is exceptional, and if the game goes long enough (or someone feeds them a lot) they do a surprising amount of damage. They fail at every level strategically and tactically, because they're bots, but mechanically they're surprisingly capable and when you run into a group of them they can do things that surprise you. They show other clever behaviors at times, too - Buy a Sunfire Cape and try to push a tower, half the time one will walk up to you, proc the cape once, then back up and let you eat tower shots. Most people don't remember Doom Bots, where bots had all the advantages and the average League player *couldn't* fight them. They had to resort to split-pushing to win.
I don't think the Sunfire thing is deliberate. I've often seen them get stuck walking back and forth impotently when their towers are going down if you're even slightly ahead of them. Their "protect the tower" goal tells them to walk forward, but they get too close to you and their "flee the strong enemy" goal makes them leave, causing them to walk in circles. The bot probably just changed its mind about fighting you once it actually got close, just like it would have without a Sunfire Cape.
: So I'm guessing chromas have been completely scrapped.
Yeah, next to nobody bought them so they stopped making them. It's not surprising given that their response to feedback that chromas would be too expensive was a "3 for 1 deal!" that's priced even worse if you don't want three skins for one champion.
Asudurga (NA)
: When a Garen tries to all-in a Teemo
Joke's on you - even blind Garen can spin to win.
: Your Top 2 Mastery Ranked Champions Are Being Shipped
{{champion:22}} X {{champion:222}} I guess Ashe complained about her husband's "alone time" near Jinx, and the rest is NSFW.
: Think about what you're saying here. If they're playing anyway, wouldn't they just manually level the account instead of botting it? I've introduced a handful of people to LoL over the years and the behavior you described matches what i've seen completely new players do. They tend to use the same recommended build, not be very good at using their skills without me saying "press W!" constantly, and also walk into turrets without realizing they're being hit. They're also scared of the mean people insulting them and saying they don't know how to play. Try giving them helpful advice and see if they respond to that.
> [{quoted}](name=KillerPenguins,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=EU6fnsXA,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-02-26T21:15:45.890+0000) > > If they're playing anyway, wouldn't they just manually level the account instead of botting it? Ah, but this way they can level two accounts at once - the bot and the bot-sitting smurf. Good points with the rest of your post. I always try to help new players when I can, and most of them respond positively while bots never do or just say "Hi" or something.
: I petition that typing "notice," "baka," or "Senpai" brings up Shen.
And Shenpai (even though you already had to type Shen to get there).
: You still have {{item:3050}} on SR :3. It gives armor and AP... While we are at it... WHERE IS THE AD ARMOR ITEMS?! I need some of those for when i play a squishy adc
Riot stopped making them and removed the existing ones because when they're good they're too good at snowballing AD vs AD lanes.
: Uh... reread? I know what the critical slow is. > The strength of each independent one increases depending on if it crits and the crit damage amplifier but all in all slows regardless.
Sorry, I missed that. The first two sentences made me think you thought that her guaranteed crits also procced her full slow, which they do not. You're right that her slows are much more reliable in the mid to late game where she has 50+ % crit chance though.
: Unreliable? It's guaranteed. Did you forget all her attacks after the first crit? The strength of each independent one increases depending on if it crits and the crit damage amplifier but all in all slows regardless. She becomes a kite champ lategame when her crits are reliable and for the early she uses her crit slows as a tool for judging when to pound her opponent with Q.
Nope, the critical slow only procs <Crit Chance> % of the time, and only her critical slows proc Warlord's Bloodlust. They did that to stop her from constantly healing. (Meanwhile, {{champion:23}} and {{champion:157}} ...).
: Blitzcrank, the Champ that can zone an entire bot lane alone because he exists
Yup. He can even zone people while shopping if he backs in an unwarded bush because getting close enough to ward it is a death sentence.
Sordani (NA)
: The new champion select ban system. first pick is countered every single game, and losing our bans we cant ban our hard counters anymore. it isnt even logical. not to mention we dont know what pick we are until the game starts, so we cant take the hit and go support.
Riot's logic was that the first couple picks can help secure champs your planned teamcomp needs. Consider asking to secure a pick and trade with someone lower down.
: funny how a couple days ago these boards were full of people who hated the dynamic que.
I'm sure just as many people would prefer Teambuilder, but since that's not coming back we have to settle for New Champion Select.
: Being the last one alive from both teams after a massive teamfight
: {{champion:432}} and when they do take them, they don't wait till it's fully charged :(
{{champion:432}} And they're full health while I'm at 10HP to boot.
Zullar (NA)
: MMR Manipulation to Have ~100% Win Rate
I'd report them for Unsportsmanlike Conduct with a note about how they seem to be gaming the system.
: > One thing I noticed while testing Ashe this preseason is that her Q stacks are now granted on-attack instead of on-hit. She used to be able to stack Q faster by purchasing Runaan's Hurricane, but now she only gets one stack per auto-attack instead of one stack per bolt. Was that an intentional change due to the no-cooldown Q? Being able to buy Hurricane on Ashe without missing stats was one of the things I was really looking forward to, but this change has made it less amazing than I had hoped. Still fun though! This is currently intended. I originally thought about letting Hurricane act as you're describing, but I decided against it because I assumed it would become a mandatory purchase. I'd still be interested in trying it out, honestly... > Another thing I found was that Ashe is again able to use her Q-empowered auto-attacks on turrets. It's currently intended. We could cut it if we had to, but I always thought it was fun, and now that spells don't stack Focus, doing so in many situations would require her to not actually attack the turret for 4 straight attacks, so it really only comes into play when she's pushed her opponent up to the turret, which I think is a nice payout.
: Here's a post where you can ask questions about the stuff I've worked on, and I'll try to answer.
Hello RiotRepertoir, I've got a couple questions about the changes to Ashe in the preseason. I'm mostly wondering whether a couple of interactions were intentional or if these are bugs. One thing I noticed while testing Ashe this preseason is that her Q stacks are now granted on-attack instead of on-hit. She used to be able to stack Q faster by purchasing Runaan's Hurricane, but now she only gets one stack per auto-attack instead of one stack per bolt. Was that an intentional change due to the no-cooldown Q? Being able to buy Hurricane on Ashe without missing stats was one of the things I was really looking forward to, but this change has made it less amazing than I had hoped. Still fun though! Another thing I found was that Ashe is again able to use her Q-empowered auto-attacks on turrets. She doesn't gain stacks when attacking turrets, but if she shoots some minions first she can unleash the full 5-shot barrage. This interaction had been removed in a previous patch, so I was surprised to see it back without being featured in the patch notes.
: wat is dis cute thingie?
: Haha, I also like to play "Support" {{champion:99}} {{champion:42}} "Lux, why are you building Mejais?" {{champion:99}} "Shhhh....." *CONTINUES TO R SNIPE*
{{champion:99}} "I'm charging my laser."
: the main problem with all these items and the entire ad-item rework is that they basically made all these items the exact same with different passives. really bad design choice and impossible to balance because one of them will ALWAYS be better.
As opposed to before, where just about everyone always built Phantom Dancer because it had the best stats? At least we have a choice of passives now.
: TL;DR - There needs to be a better warning system beyond the report warning windows because they can be triggered by false reports. At the very least, chat restrictions need to be the "warning punishment" before chat-related bans are imposed. I was 2-week banned about 2 years ago. I had not been punished in any way prior to that 2-week ban. No chat restrictions, nothing. Just banned out of the blue. Took me 3 weeks to get my chat logs to see what I did wrong because Riot's Player Support refused to give me anything besides the generic copy-paste responses that bots give. When I got my chat logs, I did realize I was toxic. However, the kicker is that my behavior wasn't insulting people ("lol noob" "fuck off %%%got"), I wasn't issuing death threats, I wasn't exhibiting racism or homophobia. I was retaliating against players who were toxic to me first, and I wouldn't shut up or let them have the last word. Honestly, I should have gotten a chat restriction as a warning, like "chill out dude. here's what you're doing, now cut it out, show us you can change". And my 2-week ban could have been avoided. Now, you could say "the report warnings you get should be warning enough", but the problem with that is, you get those report warnings EVEN IF they are false reports. Sure, Riot says the system filters/disregards those false reports (and I trust that), but you still get the warning. So when I say "ggez" for a game that I LOST and I get the report warning for "Offensive Language", I'm automatically gonna assume it was a false report and move on. Or by the pattern of my punished toxic behavior, when a viciously toxic player lashed out at me in-game, and I responded to them, when I get a report warning for "Verbal Harassment", I automatically think it was the instigator who is trying to get back at me with a bogus report. 'Course, the other players on my team probably reported me too for ruining the game in chat, but that doesn't cross my mind when someone who is toxic in the first place lashes out at me. In any case, I think there are ways to improve the Player Behavior system. -Chat restrictions SHOULD ALWAYS precursor 2-week or permanent bans (if those punishments are chat-related). -The reported player should be able to look at the reports sent in against them, exactly as the players who submitted the reports filled them out. And be able to read them IMMEDIATELY in order to actually understand what was wrong, to eliminate the idea of it being a false report. -Maybe the reported player should know WHO reported them from that game, so that when the player was disputing with another toxic player, they could know if it was the other toxic player who "retribution-reported" or if it was a report from someone else on the team. And it's not like the reported player can harass the others after end-game lobby. Deny friend requests that the reported player sends, or just leave the request hanging so that you are not spammed with them. Just my two-cents.
I agree that chat restrictions should almost always precede chat-related bans (maybe with a few exceptions for repeated, vigorous death threats and the like), but there's a reason they keep reports anonymous. They don't want people who really are toxic knowing exactly who reported them and harassing the reporters in retaliation.
: I definitely agree that his passive is completely useless. The uptime is so short that any CC or kiting at all renders it meaningless. It does practically nothing unless you die right on top of someone and they're lacking either mobility or cc. This may be too far in the other direction, but I think Sion should be either Untoppable or have a huge, like 75%, amount of Tenacity during his passive. Just so it has a meaningful practical impact when triggered. Decimating Smash is very team reliant. If you can work as an organized team to keep enemies held in the zone, it's a huge addition to the team's CC Chain. So not sure how I feel about that suggestion. It would probably need the CC nerfed if it became more quick-castable. I think the manual shield detonation is a counterplay thing. Your enemy can avoid the %HP damage chunk by diving hard on you to burst the shield down wen it pops. If it detonated upon being burst by enemy damage, Sion's enemies would have no options to avoid that %HP damage except to run away, which isn't really a fun champion interaction for them. Fight or Flee is healthier and gives the opponent more options than Flee And Wait.
The biggest thing Sion's passive does is stop people from charging over his dead body to reach the squishy carries behind him. Any CC you used on him is CC you didn't use on his carries. if you kite backwards away from him, you give his carries time to reposition. If you try to run past him, you're going to take a lot of damage - which might save his carries. One on one it's not great, but dealing or soaking that extra damage in a teamfight means a lot.
: Is riot who permaban accounts? Or it´s automatically because the number of reports?? Or maybe the tribunal ?? (tribunal means rat kids spamings "YES" Cause they want IP) I mean, I have a friend who was banned and I know how he is, he writes a lot, he is like "Team, IMO we should group and peel for the ADC", and he has been permabaned, I saw the logs... Pathetic... Like: -MyFriend: Eh guys, we must stop split and go mid, grouped we can win -Random1: do u think u are better than us? do u think u know more than us?... Get a life, u are reported. -Random2: I hate people like u, do u think u are the best player in the world cause u steal kills... Idc about this game. -MyFriend: ... Comeon, stick together we can win yet, we just need do teamfights, we have a combo team, we must use this fucking combo. -Random2: U are reported. Imagine, each chat logs after the permaban like this... My friend writes a lot, he cares about comunication and teamplay, but after 20 matches in a row like this... He maybe flame something like: "Pls guy, stop go alone without ward, if u keep feeding we wont can win this" <----" F L A M E ". the answer: /ALL Report X, Is flaming me, Im afk, thanks. ... I understand that there is a lot of players and riot cant handle this...
Most bans are handled by an automated system. However, permanent bans are always reviewed by a member of Riot's staff.
7 Fires (NA)
: {{champion:28}} I am permanently invisible. I already have that v-v
Correction: permanently invisible _when nobody is looking_.
Alywan (EUNE)
: Chroma packs ? What happened to them ?
When they first floated the idea of chromas, they sent out a survey about whether people would be interested in buying them and how much they'd pay. Many people looked at the suggested price points and said "LOL NO." Riot's response was to sell chromas in 3-packs and claim it was a bulk discount. The problem with that is that many people who'd buy a recolour want _one_ recolour, so they're effectively being charged more than the prices the community already laughed out of the room. If they sold individual chromas at a lower price point, I'd probably buy a few. Heck, the current price point would be fine if we could get one recolour of three champions instead of three recolours of one champion. Nobody likes paying full skin price for one recolour and nobody likes being told they're getting a bargain when they clearly aren't.
Sharjo (EUW)
: Well I'll ask you this: if there was only one human in League that was noteworthy enough to be a champion, you'd scratch your head a bit wouldn't you? Fantasy races aren't individual tribes with a couple of no-name dudes, they're species with a culture and society. Having one representative for an entire _species_ feels weird, especially considering yordles, a League exclusive fantasy race, has a ton more representatives than the vast majority of other sentient races in the game. There can't be just _one_ note worthy member of each of these fantasy races; that actually makes the world seem super small and kinda uninteresting. Plus it's not like they'd just be carbon copies of the other named guy of their species, they can do other things. These races will have a society of their own with their own beliefs and practices, so it's not like they're all pigeonholed in to one thing. If you need an example just look at all the races of WoW, where they have metric crap tons of races, but a bunch of characters in each one, and many of them manage to stand out from the crowd even among their own kind. I mean we can go case by case on this: - Three of the five remaining Darkin are known to human history in some way, including Aatrox, which means there's at least _two_ Darkin who're important to history and would probably make good characters for exploration and being playable. - Trundle's the Troll King and he doesn't have any trusted soldiers among his own kind? No rivals? Nothing else notable standing at the apex of Frost Troll society (as primitive as it is)? - I ask the same question of Volibear as I do Trundle; no Ursine warriors he'd have at his side? No rivals among his people? - Alistar can't be the only Minotaur who has had any kind of noteworthy history right? - Skarner, Nami and Fizz are understandable, but there's still room there to have another of their kind show up. Gameplay and silhouette isn't even as issue because those can change on the whim of the creator. They can have two Brackern and have them incredibly different, I mean look at the Ascended. Look at the Yordles. It just makes more logical sense to have multiple members of a race represented as major characters, if at least one of them _is_ a major character, which is clearly evident given the fact we have champions from those races. For some it makes sense why they're the only ones, like Skarner, Nami and Fizz. For others it doesn't, like Trolls, Darkin or Ursine. If they can make multiple and varied humans, yordles, voidborn and ascendants, then the same should be true for the other races of the League universe. Hopefully I explained that clearly. Definetly not concisely, because I suck at being concise, but whatever. Message is out there!
On Yordles specifically, I'd say there's so many of them _because_ they're a League-exclusive fantasy species. They help keep Runetarra distinct from fantasy kitchen sink setting #143.
: Ashe Q changes completely worthless
The biggest thing I dislike with it is that Hurricane bolts no longer grant stacks - it's on-attack instead of on-hit like it used to be.
yogozin (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Stars Shaper,realm=EUW,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=wp2xAdfb,comment-id=0014,timestamp=2015-12-02T19:45:40.431+0000) > > {{champion:101}} I don't see drawbacks. Well, you'd be wearing chains and a crest instead of actual upper-wear, and your legs only covered on the outside. and mind you it's still about 3 3/4 months to go in the cold season.
Beats Varus, who wears nothing but a sash with evil magic for pants. Assuming that evil magic is part of his abilities rather than his clothing... NOPE.JPG
: I agree, they should just nerf DFT, or better yet give us our old masteries back until they have the entire thing fixed.
They won't know if they have the entire thing fixed if everyone uses the old masteries. Testing these kind of large-scale changes before they "count" in the next season proper is exactly what the preseason is for.
GigaPube (OCE)
: the damage increases over time and the shield doesnt so no he doesnt heal off of turrets
He still can for the first couple seconds before the damage ramps up enough.
Count Zubat (EUNE)
: I wonder if Morde can reset the bounty for him that way if he is on killing spree, similar to if he just got executed by tower.
Stiv1234 (EUW)
: Is it that hard to make Mastery Pages be able to be reordered?
Mandatory upvote engaged. I have sworn to upvote every thread I see on this topic until it is implemented.
: I'll go into some elements of our approach. As an individual contributor to the marksmen updates, it will only reflect my perspective, but hopefully it will be helpful: 1) Winrate data is heavily skewed at the moment due to three factors. First, a couple of champions are way too strong (e.g., Graves). They will naturally lower the win rate of all other marksmen. Second, champions with new mechanics ought to go down in win rate as people learn to use them. This includes itemization changes (e.g., we are confused as to why players aren't trying Essence Reaver on Sivir). Third, not every champion will have a 50% win rate at balance. For example, as we differentiate marksmen, you'll have to pick them in the right circumstances - If you pick Vayne on a team that desperately needs wave clear, you'll probably be worse off than if you'd picked Sivir. Champs that have well defined niches will tend to be more powerful than their win rate suggests. 2) We aren't sure where every champion sits. Obviously we have our own internal assessments of champion power, but they actually differ markedly from a lot of players' perspectives. Unless we take the time to carefully watch and play the champions on Live for a while, we risk just playing musical chairs, shifting a new set of marksmen from apparently weak to actually overpowered. Further, we can't just balance champs. We need to listen to you, the player base, about how you want to use champs in order to get the _right _changes in place. Technically, we could just balance any champ just through changing their base HP and HP per level, but it wouldn't lead to a satisfying experience. 3) That is all very nebulous. So here are some specific answers. * We're hotfixing Graves and Kog'Maw today (nerf and buff respectively). * I'd look some obvious changes in 5.23 and a substantial amount of fine tuning in 5.24. * Caitlyn's Q is indeed too weak. Even if we had to nerf other elements of her, it would be worth buffing the ability to let her actually reach towers and make skillfully avoiding it matter when playing against. * I believe duo bot Twitch is very powerful and that players who are routinely failing with him are probably not good at the champion or are fixated on a strategy that is now less effective (teamfight AoE) as opposed to opportunistic assassination. Even the data supports this. His win rate is almost 50% when played in his best role. He's not doing well in the jungle, and we'll have to assess how much we can support him there. * I don't have a good sense for Sivir and Ashe's balance right now, so perhaps someone else can reply to that. Anecdotally, they feel effective given their utility.
On Ashe specifically, I'm pretty sure the upcoming bugfixes will help a lot. The new Hurricane *should* be her dream item right now, but because of the Q bugs it's pretty lackluster. I'm looking forward to playing her more when 5.23 hits.
: [GAMEPLAY] Ashe's flurry attacks with runaans
I've reproduced this in a custom game. She's also only getting one stack of Focus per attack instead of one per bolt.
: The Darkins, when fully grouped, should be the most powerful. {{champion:266}} is the Darkin Blade, a being of war. What if the other Darkins are beings of love, insanity, or something else. Aatrox can turn the tides of war at will, so imagine what the other ones could do. And what would happen when they all came together? It only seems that {{champion:432}} or maybe even {{champion:16}} could contest them as they are demonic beings, and might be vulnerable to light or goodness. Also, you can't beat {{champion:203}} (death itself). As far as magic goes, it would have to be either {{champion:134}} , {{champion:1}} , or maybe {{champion:101}} . Imagine how powerful Annie would be when she grows up? What if Syndra's power just keeps increasing exponentially into infinity? What if Xerath's seal thing is broken? The other Ascended couldn't really contest Xerath, and I'm still confused about the lore, so I'm excluding them. {{champion:429}} might be a contender. She never doesn't fulfill a pledge, but she can only do stuff to you if you've betrayed someone before, leaving a few people pretty much immune to her. What about {{champion:56}} ? Isn't he like the embodiment of fear or something? That's pretty powerful.
>Also, you can't beat {{champion:203}} (death itself). The Shadow Isles would like a word with you.
lord4571 (NA)
: does ruanans huricane have its own range or is this a bug?
Runaan's has a set range of 325 from your target to each secondary target. It's currently bugged and won't fire bolts at targets outside your auto-attack range.
hahaer (NA)
: 1. Probably working as intended, I don't see why not since other ADCs have ways of dealing damage to turrets (ex. Tristana, Graves). 2. Ranger's Focus probably now gains stacks as an on-attack effect. Not seeing this documented is pretty bad in any case. They also removed the barrage of bolts that would occur if you had Q up, which was probably deserved. 3. Bug. Secondary bolts are likely dealing 6.75% AD (27% AD from Q * 25% AD from Runaan's), instead of Ashe's full AD against Runaan's, or even Ashe's amplified AD from Q against Runaan's. Here's a screenshot from when I reproduced it myself: http://imgur.com/7fX4w6O Even more strange, my autos normally deal 194 damage to ranged creeps (disregard the large number in the screenshot), but it only dealt 10 from a Q-buffed Runaan's bolt. You can confirm the damage in the unit status box in the top left (adding 16 damage from Runaan's onhit effect). It should have dealt 13 damage? So even if this ratio is intended, its _still_ dealing less damage than expected.
I'd say #1 was intended too if they hadn't deliberately removed that ability in the patch immediately after her rework. Giving it back without mentioning it in the patch notes is fishy. The barrage of bolts on Q was called out as a cool thing you could do when her rework launched, so I don't see why they'd remove it now that Hurricane isn't a niche/troll item on her. I think #3 is probably a side-effect of breaking/removing the barrage of bolts. Having the bolts pick up her lower modified AD when firing was fine when up to ten bolts spawned, but knocking that down to two per attack makes it worthless.
La Bello (NA)
: urrrgh I ask this everytime and never get a answer ARE THERE ANY PLANS FOR RUNES? CRIT DAMAGE/ENERGY REGEN/TIME SPENT DEAD/HYBRID PEN? Riot PLS.
Technically the longer death timers are a buff to Time Spent Dead runes...
: Caitlyn Headshot Scaling [GAMEPLAY]
if it's like Ashe's damage, it scales with crit damage multiplied by crit chance. Unless you have critical hit chance the crit damage won't do anything, but as soon as you pick up a crit item the crit damage portion will be added as well.
: Preseason Open Forum [day 3]
Copy and paste of an unanswered question from yesterday. I've noticed a few undocumented changes to Ashe's Q and Runaan's Hurricane. I've already posted a bug report about it but I'd like some clarification to see if these were intentional. First, Ashe is able to use Ranger's Focus on structures again. Previously she gained the attack speed boost but not the bonus damage because she was pushing turrets too quickly with it. She can't gain Focus stacks by shooting turrets, but shooting other units and then popping Q lets her deal extra damage again. Second, Ashe no longers gains stacks of Focus from Runaan's Hurricane secondary bolts. Gaining stacks was previously an on-hit effect, but it seems to have been changed to an on-attack effect. There's also a probable bug where her Runaan's bolts deal less damage instead of more damage when Q is up. Which of these are intentional changes, and which are bugs? (Nothing in the patch notes about any of them).
Omninaut (NA)
: It's definitely intentional for it to no longer stack. Since Q has no cooldown anymore, you could reactivate after 2 attacks! LOL
That's how it worked before (except the cooldown) which is why I'd like to see it in the patch notes if they deliberately changed that interaction. Changing it makes sense because otherwise Hurricane is *the* item to get on Ashe, but it should have been listed with the other Q changes.
Stacona (NA)
: I explained how it is SUPPOSE to work in the main post- and I know cause I was like the only person that used Hurricane before-- but your attack range is not suppose to be factored in unless you are less than 400 then it doesnt work cause you are 'melee' --- it should and suppose to be around the main basic attack target, so it can artificially increase one's range
Sorry, yes. I am agreeing with you.
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