: Well, in both games you were flaming the jungler instead of taking any personal responsibility, as junglers can't always or should gank a lane unless a won fight is garunteed (and a fed Tryndamere will only guarantee a double kill if you're both so behind). You were also rude to your teammates in general. Fair for a chat restriction since it's a small punishment for a small issue, but I suggest you think carefully the next time something happens. In any case, the next 10 games will force you to.
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rujitra (NA)
: Just because **you** think it's "intentional" does not make it so. Riot has taken the stance that missing punishing some intentional feeders is better than accidentally punishing innocent players. If Riot was more strict on "intentional" feeding, I can find multiple games in this account's match history that would likely result in punishment for "intentional" feeding. I mean, you should've known better, right?
Ok then answer me this. I was previously in a game where 5 of the players in the game, both on my team and the enemy team said they were reporting X player. This player said IN CHAT that he was intentionally feeding and that because he was "moving around" he wouldn't be targeted by the automated punishment system. He continued to feed and afk at spawn, then reported all of us. One of the people he reported was a friend of mine who literally just asked people on the other team to report this person for intentionally trolling WHICH HE ADMITTED TO IN CHAT. Person gets away with it even after 5 reports as system does not send a message confirming punishment. Though he SUCCEEDS in having chat restriction hammer slam on my friend's account for asking what he did. DOES THIS SEEM FAIR TO YOU? AND IF SO WHAT WORLD DO YOU LIVE IN? Rules aside (bad ones at that) this is just absurd. Riot's policies are a failure. You see posts about it all the time on the forums and it's generally recognized as such. But many of these posts are actually deleted AS YOU SAID YOURSELF MAY HAPPEN TO ME. Garbage community, garbage rules, garbage punishment system. Period.
Aladoron (EUW)
: > cuz it's "offensive" and "negative" to tell the jungler to not afk farm or ask why bot is losing the 1v2 when supp roams top. You mean people should be allowed to criticize the playstyle of somebody else? Who do you think you are? This is not a competitive game, where we are focused on winning! This is a safe refrigerator for all the snowflakes who wants to hear only nice things, no matter what they do...
Couldn't have said it better
rujitra (NA)
: You were punished because you were continually flaming and harassing someone else in your game. Not for the word "idiot" said "once". You were punished for your behavior - not your choice of words. Take that line with "idiot" out and you **still** would've been punished.
Oh give me a break and save your soap box for someone around the age of 10. The fact stands that riot does little to absolutely nothing for the true problem of intentionally feeding or trolling players and takes the easy road of banning or chat restricting "toxic" players
rujitra (NA)
: Calling someone an idiot once in one game does not get you banned. **PERIOD**. Full stop. End of discussion. That is a **blatant** lie. As someone told you before, you were not banned for "calling someone an idiot once". You were punished because: > [{quoted}](name=MagicFlyingLlama,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=IE9kosE7,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-09T01:11:26.990+0000) > > What you got banned for was flaming from start to finish in truly pathetic fashion. Pretty high bar, really. > > You dont get keyword banned, this is not bloody club penguin. Punishments are for intent, and your intent was harassment. Please do not spread misinformation on the boards - it doesn't help anything and the [Universal Rules](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-moderation/ITFIpNUE) prohibit it - I'd hate to see the moderators edit or remove your posts because of it.
Blatant lie? No it isn't. Funny that it happened to me then huh? And reread the post - this was not my initiating post. You can say I'm lying all you want but it happened to my other account, and if the mods ban me for it then that's more reason for me to leave and find a better game that doesn't have such a garbage punishment system. Edit - what I meant by "being banned for calling them an idiot once" was referring to the last straw where I had that tick mark checked due to calling them an idiot once. The prior times to getting disciplined were due to things that were worthy of being punished. But calling someone an idiot? That's just sad. Game is run by snowflakes. Only reason I'm even still around is because something better hasn't come out yet, and when it does hopefully it's not run by a company like this one.
Muatta (NA)
: Now Riot chats bans for one game of chat, but they don't ban the instigator ever. What a joke of a company.
Muatta (NA)
: That isn't a seasonal thing... it is a trash league of legends community thing. It has been going on for years and riot does nothing about them. Riot penalizes the people who get tired of these absolute losers. Riot is the worst company to ever exist.
Y3zi (NA)
: Does Riot ever try to fix trolls and int issues?
Riot is a failure of a company when it comes to their punishment system by taking the easy way out and trying to ban people for "toxic" behaviors (questionable at best in many cases) and not any focus on the true problem of intentionally feeding or trolling players. It's laughable.
Mulan88 (NA)
: Make toxicity more punishable!
I got banned once for calling someone an idiot one time. Their system sucks and if anything it needs to be less punishable with toxicity and more punishable for people who troll and intentionally feed - for which they do little to nothing regularly.
Exoría (EUW)
: Inting teammates in low elo
Many of these people will tell you that reporting them will fix your problem. I'm here to tell you that it won't, 90% of the people who have done the exact same thing to me never get banned even when multiple people on both teams report them (you would know as the system gives you a feedback response if the person you report gets banned or restricted). To be put simply, Riot is an absolute failure when it comes to their punishment system. They take the easy route and ban or chat restrict people who say even slightly negative things that they consider "toxic" and don't ever focus on the real problem of players who intentionally feed or troll you. I doubt that will change any time soon, so you basically have to just focus on getting better and eventually you'll climb. It sucks but I wouldn't put any faith in Riot to fix it for you.
: I Get a Chatban but the person that flames me doesn't?
Welcome to League. The game is run by snowflakes who will ban you for calling someone an idiot once (happened to me) and doesn't ban uber-toxic players regularly, or players that troll you by intentionally feeding. Their system is completely 100% flawed, and it obviously doesn't work either as League is one of the most toxic communities out there. I have zero faith in their system and I doubt it will change as they seem to be incredibly incompetent.
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: You can say almost everything. What you got banned for was flaming from start to finish in truly pathetic fashion. Pretty high bar, really. You dont get keyword banned, this is not bloody club penguin. Punishments are for intent, and your intent was harassment.
I see. Well if this is the state of what league has come to and what y'all honestly think is acceptable for a ban, then I'll just leave now . Yall have fun I'm done with this trash community and this game. Thanks for the input though.
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