: "Sorry we were unable to start your game"
Restarting my client seemed to do the trick.
: Bullshit. Learning how to play a champ who can solo carry is absolutely easier than expecting bronze teammates to change their mentality.
I agree. I was speaking in terms of having a cohesive team vs having to solo carry and the odds of success. You certainly can't bank on everyone having an optimal mentality. It hasn't gotten me far x)
: depends, 'cuz if your mechanics are good enough with Riven, Yasuo, or Fiora, you have the potential to solo 1v5 and win by yourself.
True, but that is undoubtedly waaaaay more difficult than simply changing how you approach the game.
Levi8an (NA)
: Thank you! I have definitely noticed that people put too much effort into padding their KDA without actually worrying about objectives. Ask any pro/high level streamer and they will tell you that you should not be fighting unless you are going to translate that victory into an objective. Killing an opponent means you have a player advantage to pressure down a tower. Towers are most important. Having towers down means you are able to press lanes toward the enemy in order to open up control over that portion of the map, and in turn objectives on that side of the river and jungle. Also, pressure on one side of the map also means the enemy team has to dedicate a part of their team to that side of the map, relieving pressure from the opposite side of the map. When they do this, you can gain a number advantage on that side, then you pressure down another tower, or dragon, or baron, or just starve out their jungle. MACRO! Otherwise, just getting kills without pressing objectives will get your team "fed" but when everyone on both sides of the map reaches level 18 and full build, there is no such thing as "fed" without objectives.
Well said! Gotta encourage the team to think this way and pray that they'll listen haha. Very hit and miss, which is super frustrating >_<
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: I'll think about it when i start getting mid and top laners that don't die to every single obvious gank and actually wins lane.
Even if mid or top give up a few deaths early, your impact bottom will more likely than not be enough to deal with the laner that got ahead. Currently, fed ADCs are the main cause of a team losing a game (from my experience). Nullify that, and you'll have the tools to CC/heal up damage from the mid or top laner down the road in most cases. An ADC can nuke everyone in a matter of seconds while staying safe in the back. That is a much harder threat to combat, especially in lower ELOs.
: Supports and assassins are the exact opposite and that's what makes them similar. Assassins benefit most from vision denial while supports create vision itself, so they both play heavily into the vision game with red trinket and duskblade Assassins get rid of carries while supports make sure they aren't gotten rid of, making them more similar in that their actions are based heavily around another, rather than compared to ADCs who focus on whoever is in range But that's not to say it's only those two classes. A lot of utility mages (NOT viktor, annie and syndra) with high CD spells or low range like Anivia and Lissandra tend to do the same, but it's more champion specific than a class trait since it requires those two traits.
: I thought this was going to be about assassins getting cockblocked by supports, so playing as the support you can learn about what they do and their cds and learn to assassinate vs their counters more effectively.
: "Supports are very similar to assassins" I hope you're using a vpn or else the swat team's gonna break in for your cocaine stash.
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: The current ult is really only used to get the heal for your team because realistically, you won't proc all four vitals without absolutely dominating the teamfight. This one is more for dueling people.
Interesting idea, but it's lack of potency in a teamfight would make her more vulnerable than she is now overall. Yes, dueling is important, but champs need to stay relevant throughout all phases of the game with some sort of ability.
: I always thought it would be cool to select one target and gain a bit of damage amp or on hit damage, as well as refund more of Lunge's CD when used against the target.
Hmm, it sounds very similar to the current ult to me.
: Fiora's old ulti was not fun. You pressed it, maybe you got a kill. Her new ulti adds a ton of new things to do. Sure the enemy knows who has your ulti on them, but you can ulti their tank AND kill him because of your %hp true damage. It honestly doesn't matter who you ulti because your going to be doing absurd damage to whoever you put it on. I LOVE her new kit and have been playing her with good success against many top lanners. Her theme makes way more sense now and she has much more mobility.
To each their own about how fun the old ult was, but it was an ability with an entirely different feel from the rest of her kit centered around doing damage. For people who like to frequently play Yasuo, Akali, Zed, etc. like myself, the new ult is a bit of a slap in the face. I gave the rework a chance, and even if I get good enough to constantly find success with it, I won't feel much reward from this style of play. I'm glad you find both joy and success from her rework. I just wish I could say the same.
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67chrome (NA)
: > Fiora: Ult Change Too Extreme of a Change? I'm going with yes and no. ----------- On one side, it does make her feel more like a fencer, a fighter, and a duelist. And it has counter-play and a clear route for skill growth. ------------ On the other side - She's a totally different champion. {{champion:23}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:157}} are already on the long-end for applying their whole combo as melee glass, and with getting anything out of Fiora's kit: I don't see how she can work without building like {{champion:266}} {{champion:39}} and going in the tanky DPS direction. You don't get to be a glass-cannon by sort of pulling it off. You need a ridiculous kit like {{champion:92}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} that addresses every issue with that play style to pull it off. Which changes her itemization, changes her archetype, changes her play-pattern, changes her aesthetics. She's no longer a lean and agile oppertunistic assassin, she's a bulky tanky DPS. The skill difference also changes her gameplay a substantial amount, and I feel this is much more a flavor issue than right or wrong. Not everyone is going to resonate with champions that require {{champion:64}} mechanics. Some people want to play champions like {{champion:86}} {{champion:37}} . And playing someone like Garen where you can adequately perform their combo by slamming your face into the keyboard doesn't exactly make them an easy champion to play - Packman and Donkey Kong are both very simple games mechanically, but beating the 40 odd levels of Packman was such a feat you'd wind up in the newspaper from doing so. It just means you aren't fighting with the controls and when you want to do a thing, you get to do a thing. Sometimes it results in eating an explosive barrel. The {{champion:61}} {{champion:64}} direction is more fighting with the controls themselves, but once you get them down - it's more like pokemon where you always have a move or creature to take advantage of your opponent's weaknesses. It's a different type of difficulty, and with the potential power of Riposte and a fairly potent AoE heal, less difficult to use reliably and well at higher levels. -------- Anyways - Fiora is essentially a completely different champion now. More likely than not one that's going to be competitively viable, but she's pretty much on the opposite end of the fighter spectrum from where she was before, her itemization is rapidly shifted, her play-pattern, her signiture flashy omi-slash has been removed. I really wish Riot could have kept more of her there in the rework. And I'm having a little trouble understanding why they thought such a radical change was necissary: especially with {{champion:105}} being allowed to be a tournament pick for 2 years in a row with his kit.
Yes, that's what I was trying to get at as well. My absolute most favorite champions to play are Yasuo, Ekko, Akali, and the like. Glass cannons, assassins. This is why I spent my IP on Fiora. With the rework, it is nearly impossible to play Fiora like this against your average player.
Azteryz (NA)
: riot made the original ult because back then they wernt as good as they are now in terms of balance and making a champ feel thematic winning a duel and being rewarded with a heal=thematic a duelist doing an omnislash= not thematic i too agree that it looked cool but that isnt a valid reason to keep something that was cancerous and unhealthy in my opinion im glad they changed the ult into something with more skill and counterplay maybe a champion down the line can have an omnislash ult like fioras old one thats more thematic to their kit perhaps a teleporter but you can be targetable for healthy gameplays sake
Hmm, you raise really good points. As far as a fantasy game goes, the omnislash didn't clash with the theme all too much if you see it as a champion with superior speed slashing at the opposing team one by one. But yes, being untargetable while dealing tons of damage wasn't healthy for the game.
: I love the new fiora :D she is not a point and clicker anymore it feels so much more rewarding to play her
I'm glad you do! :) I like almost everything about her, just not the ult so much. The crazy heal is sort of a bland and uncharacteristic way to make Fiora a "grand duelist", but that's just me :p
Dracid (NA)
: it needed to be changed but the new one really hurts her laning. she's not that great a duelest. It doesn't really add a whole lot of damage. Its pretty much just a heal now which in a 1v1 situation, isnt going to help that often
> [{quoted}](name=Dracid,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PHuE00Ic,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-08-08T18:55:47.494+0000) > > it needed to be changed but the new one really hurts her laning. she's not that great a duelest. It doesn't really add a whole lot of damage. Its pretty much just a heal now which in a 1v1 situation, isnt going to help that often I don't believe it's that bad in laning. It does a significant amount of damage, but if you go top, your usually taking tp instead of an offensive summoner. That makes it tough to execute opponents since getting more than 2 procs without busting flash is a bit difficult. But yea, in 1v1, the heal is pretty irrelevant unless you get all procs off and the enemy is still alive.
: It needed to be changed, imo. But honestly, her new ult doesn't reward her for hitting all 4 vitals. She pretty much uses it for killing really really low health enemies. But riot always stated that once they were working on Fiora, her old ult would be the first thing to go.
> [{quoted}](name=OverpoweredSoap,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PHuE00Ic,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-08-08T18:45:44.570+0000) > > It needed to be changed, imo. > > But honestly, her new ult doesn't reward her for hitting all 4 vitals. She pretty much uses it for killing really really low health enemies. > > But riot always stated that once they were working on Fiora, her old ult would be the first thing to go. Yes I can see where you are coming from. Her old one took little to no skill to use, but it looked so good! Her new ultimate doesn't do that for me. I believe they still could've took a different approach, but maybe it was the best direction for balance in the game.
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: Fiora
I have to agree with you on this one. Her new splash is completely inferior to the old one as well as her in game model. She barely came out so I'm not sure how good she will end up being, but her kit is much more bland. It is basically just hitting the vital points and parrying at an opportune time. With the old Fiora, at least you were very sticky and the Blade Waltz looked totally badass. While I do appreciate that she feels like a fencer now rather than simply chopping mofos to pieces, the thrill is gone and her added features don't do much to compensate.
: Champion Update: Tristana
New Trist gives me a Keira vibe from Jax and Daxter...you know, if she was blue and transformed into a yordle.
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